Moonlight On My Skin

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NOTE: ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS STORY ARE OVER 18. NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY DESCRIBED HEREIN INVOLVES PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. There are scenes of cousin-on-cousin lesbian incest, so stop right here if that doesn’t float your boat.

* * * * *

“Wanna get high?”

Those were the first words my cousin Melanie had spoken to me besides Nice To Meet You and Good Morning.

For two days, since my parents and I had arrived at the home of the extended family’s Colorado branch, I had been absolutely mesmerized by my older cousin. Melanie’s undeniable beauty was accessorized by an extreme yet sophisticated punk aesthetic, including a half-shaven head (long, wavy brown hair occupying the other half), exotic piercings in her ears and eyebrows, and liberally distributed tattoos. She moved with grace, swagger and attitude. She had a sharp wit and a sharper tongue and seemed like she wouldn’t take shit from anyone.

And she was…college. So college. A senior at UCLA, cool and smart and hip. Light years beyond me, poor little 18 year old high school grad Jasmine.

She was everythng I wanted to be…but that’s not all there was to it. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Those dazzling blue eyes, those pouty lips, those long, athletic legs…

…those boobs…

I yearned for her. I wanted to touch her smooth, tanned skin and trace her tattoos with my fingers. I wanted to feel those soft, sexy lips open for my eager tongue. I wanted to feel those nipples harden under my caress. I wanted her to strip me and spread me and do magical things with with my nubile body…

Unfortunately, I didn’t KNOW that I wanted those things. Sexually, I was tragically naive and inexperienced. I hadn’t been with a girl before. I hadn’t been with a boy either. Truthfully, I was terrified of boys. I’d been on a few dates, and they had been horrible and awkward and difficult, up until each boy decided he’d done his Dating Duty and it was time for his payoff. That’s when it got worse. Groping, sweaty hands; wet, hairy lips and bad breath. Other girls I knew seemed boy-obsessed, but being with guys never felt good or even felt quite right. At best, boys made me feel….nothing.

Did it worry me? Fuck yes. I felt like a freak. And to make matters worse…I WAS feeling something for the girls…those sexy, wet, athletic, gorgeous, naked bodies of my track teammates when we hit the showers after practice. I struggled not to stare openly, and I was filled with guilt and shame and terror that someone would FIGURE IT OUT and I would be busted and humiliated and ruined.

I didn’t yet think of myself as lesbian or bisexual. I just thought…what? I was going through a phase? I wasn’t trying hard enough? I was just being too emotional? I just wasn’t mature yet? It felt like I could somehow fix this if I just put my mind to it. If I just calmed down. If I just fucking grew up and acted like a normal horny 18 year old.

And sure enough, toward the end of my senior year, things seemed to fall into place for me. I rigidly clamped down on my natural desire to ogle gorgeous females. I took a few beauty tips and rolled out a more feminine look. I went on a date with a guy who didn’t try to maul me, and we went out again, and he seemed to enjoy just hanging out with me, and I was so relieved that we went out a few more times and I called him my boyfriend and refused to feel any suspicion that he never tried to maul me or kiss me or even touch me.

Then the school year was over, and we all went our separate ways, and I was happy to be spending a nice boring summer travelling with my family. Until Sexy Cousin Melanie blew up my world.

* * * * *

“Well, how about it?” she asked, giving me a puzzled look while I just gawked. It was about 1:00 am, all the grownups fast asleep. She must have seen my light still on, so she knocked lightly and slipped into my room.

Gawked. Yeah, I admit it. How could I not? She was just standing there looking gorgeous…short black Ramones tank top, leaving her tight abs and pierced navel exposed to my view, and…oh my god, tiny pink panties showing off those long tanned legs and not quite covering her bush.

…a sexy, throaty giggle…

“Earth to Jasmine. Wanna get high?”

“Fuck YEAH,” I said.

* * * * *

It was deliciously naughty. We snuck out through a back window, barely held in our giggles as we snuck around the side of the house, then gathered ourselves behind a hedge near the sidewalk.

“Ummm…here?” I asked. I don’t think it had occurred to me yet that she wasn’t carrying any drugs or paraphernalia or anything else for that matter.

“No,” she whispered. “It’s a hot night, everyone has their windows open, someone will smell it.”

“Oh. Okay. Where then?”

“There’s a park down the street. Nobody there at this hour. That’s where I usually go.”

I felt a crushing wave of nerves and fear and anticipation rising in my stomach, a swarm of dainty little piranha butterflies trying to chew me up from the inside bizimkent escort out. I swallowed hard and they settled down a bit.

“Lead the way,” I said, hoping to sound fearless and grown up.

“Okay,” she said, “but first…”

…and then she started stripping. At a slow, sensuous pace, she grabbed the bottom of her hot little Ramones tank and began sliding it up her body. She seemed to hesitate for an eternity at her mesmerizing breasts, and then treated me to a boob drop that will be etched in my mind forever.

They were perfect. Full, firm C’s, lots of sass and bounce…long stiff nipples jutting proudly, twinkling under the light of the full moon…

Yeah, I said twinkling. First time I’d seen nipple piercings live and in person. A pair of pretty little rings with dazzling little stones.

I started to get dizzy and realized I was holding my breath. She stashed her top in a little opening in the hedge, then hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and slid them down a couple inches before stopping and staring into me eyes.

“You too, precious,” she said with a smirk and a wink. Flummoxed, I think would describe me at that point.

“But..what…me? Why?”

“You don’t wanna get the smell on you,” she said. “My parents have noses like bloodhounds. Trust me on this.”

Hmmm. Sketchy as fuck, right? Surely naive little Jasmine, bursting with newly discovered sapphic lust and confronted by a dazzling nude college beauty, saw right through that one? Or not.

“Okay,” I squeaked, hesitantly lifting the hem of my oversized t-shirt while I alternately stared and looked away as she stepped gracefully out of her panties.

“Let me give you a hand,” she said. “Lift up your arms.” Her fingertips tickled my waist, my ribs, my underarms as she lifted my top away from me and stashed it in the hedge. Then she peeled down my shorts, leaving me standing in baby blue bikini panties.

“Wow,” she said. “You have a beautiful body.” She circled around me, stalking me, viewing me from every angle. I shivered in the warm night air.

“Gorgeous,” she said, and although I was far too self-conscious at that age to agree, she was right. I had already reached my full adult height at neatly six feet, with ridiculous legs designed for the high hurdles. My boobs had started to bulge away from my slender body about a year earlier, and youthful hormones kept my nipples in a state of constant arousal.

The way she stared at me was tying me in knots. Painfully self-conscious, nakedly embarrassed, throbbing pulse, aching nipples and squishy-tingly feelings down below. I took a deep breath and held it before dropping my panties, stepping out of them and handing them to my goddess-cousin.

I nearly passed out when she playfully sniffed them before stashing them with the rest of our clothes.

“Come on,” she giggled, grabbing my hand. She took off down the sidewalk, and I had to follow to avoid being dragged.

I don’t know if I have words to describe the exhiliaration I felt as ran naked in the warm summer breeze, my bare skin on fire, my head spinning with excitement, hand in hand with most desirable girl I’d ever seen. Just down the street? It seemed like we ran for blocks and blocks as the wind tickled and teased us.

The residential side streets were mostly deserted at that hour. Twice we saw cars coming and ducked into little hiding places. The second time our nude bodies were jammed together and I could feel her breathless body moving against me.

At last we arrived at our destination. She still held my hand as she led me deep into the park. It was empty and silent except for insect noises and wind in the trees. Now she slowed us to a walk. The wild rush of running naked the streets was replaced with a different type of nervous anticipation that I was too inexperienced to understand.

She led me into a sheltered space among large trees. There was a large blanket on the ground, some bottled water and a little wooden box. She sat us down on the blanket and silently offered me a water bottle. She opened the box and brought out a joint and a lighter.

We sat close enough for our knees to touch. She handed me the joint and sparked the lighter. I had smoked before, but only twice, so not surprisingly I hit it way too hard and launched into an embarrassing coughing fit.

“Shhh baby, it’s okay,” she said, slipping an arm over my shoulder and pulling my naked body into hers. She took a hit, then another, giving me a chance to drink some water and recover. We quietly settled into a rhythm and passed it back and forth for a few more hits. She broke the silence first.

“You’re so hot,” she said. “You must have guys all over you.”

The weed chose that moment to hit me with a massive head rush which, combined with my failures in the “guys” department, left me speechless and deeply embarrassed. I looked away and felt my entire body blush. Melanie probably couldn’t see my blush in bostancı escort the darkness, but she picked up my body language.

“What’s wrong baby?” she asked, pulling me closer again. I remained silent, struggling with the combination of humiliation and intoxicated confusion.

“Ohhhh,” she said. “Maybe…not so great with guys?” I nodded, still not meeting her eyes. She waited me out.

“It’s just complicated,” I said finally. “Guys are just so….weird and grabby and gropy.”

“I thought your mom said you had a really nice boyfriend,” she said. Yeah, I thought. Really nice. Maybe too nice. Maybe….

“I think he’s gay,” I blurted out. “Oh god. I shouldn’t say that. I don’t know.”

“So he’s not the one who’s grabby and gropy.”

“No. He never touches me. It’s more like we’re just friends. I dated some other guys before him. They just…they were all over me. It always got to the point where I had to get angry and tell them to stop.”

She stared at me for a minute. Lit the joint again, passed it to me. I felt like she could see into me. I was afraid she was going to guess my secret. Sitting there alone with her, naked, she was suddenly going to realize that deep down inside I was…I was….oh god….


…but apparently she didn’t…

“Cuz,” she said, “let me tell you the secret to guys. High school guys. You wanna hear the secret?”

“Okay, I guess so.”

“They don’t know how to kiss,” she said. “That’s their biggest problem. When the making out starts, they don’t know how to kiss, so they mess it up, then they get anxious, and their stupid hormones take over, and they just start grabbing.”

“Huh?” I replied. It sounded oversimplified, but I was stoned enough that it sort of made sense.

“So how do you take control?” she asked. “You just have to show them how to kiss. Just start kissing them with skill and passion and then you’ve got them wrapped around your finger. It’s easy, girls are always better kissers than guys.”

“Ummm…we are?”

“Of course we are. For one simple reason. We can practice, they can’t.”

I stared at her. She stared back. I had no idea what she was talking about.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “How do you practice, except with guys?”

“With other girls, silly. Duh. Guys can’t kiss other guys. Well, not straight guys. Because they’re so pathetically homophobic, they’d never consider it. But we do it all the time, right?”

Crickets. Literally. I stared at her in amazement, in silence, except for the crickets chirping throughout the park.

“Oh wait,” she said, “You don’t kiss other girls?”

“No,” I said. Which was true. Mostly. I kissed plenty of girls in the privacy of my own mind. Allison Carver, our gorgeous middle distance runner…Cassie Shay, our all-state sprinter…even Coach Claire….

I shook my head, trying to cut through the confusion and weed haze, even as she passed me a freshly lit joint and I took a big hit. Sexy Cousin Melanie started giggling.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I thought all girls did it…or most girls…I mean, how else are you supposed to learn? Oh you poor thing. Now wonder you’re having such a hard time with boys.”

“I…I don’t know. I guess. Maybe,”

“Well hey, we could, I could, ummm,” she said. Her voice caught and broke a little as she stumbled over the words. Where was her college confidence? She looked away for a second, took a deep breath, then looked back.

“I’m sorry, I…” she began.

“Okay,” I said. It surprised even me.

“Okay? You mean like….okay you want to practice? With me?”

Our eyes were locked. I hadn’t realized our lips were only maybe a foot apart. My heart was pounding. My lips parted and my tongue circled them. I couldn’t speak, but oh my god I wanted so badly for her to kiss me.

And she did. Just like that. Just leaned in and her lips pressed into mine. I closed my eyes and the feelings intensified. She tasted sweet and fresh, like she must have snuck a breath mint within the last half hour. I held my breath. I felt her lips go wider, and then her tongue gently slid forward. I was too afraid to reach out, but she just kept pushing forward till our tongues met. I felt a bomb go off somewhere deep inside my soul.

Her tongue circled mine, pushed deeper, exploring me. Her hands were on my shoulders, then one behind my head. I felt myself just yielding to her in every way. Her tongue could go wherever she wanted, her hands could hold me, control me, restrain me.

And the she pulled away, releasing me. I opened my eyes, she was watching me carefully. I’d been holding my breath all that time, and I started to get dizzy again. I started breathing, then gasping, then panicking.

“Oh my god, no, I’m not…I’m not a …”

Her lips were on mine again, and the panic receded. Warm, wet pleasure blanketed me. Spreading from my mouth into my head, down through my body, into my pussy, and I felt sloshy and wet. büyükçekmece escort Her hands caressed my bare skin, and a gentle, warm breeze caressed us both. Her hands moved me, gently pushing me onto my back on the blanket. She pulled her mouth away again, and lay on her side next to me, the entire length of her against the entire length of me. She smiled down at me.

“How was that?” she asked. Her fingers traced sensitive parts of my neck, my shoulders, my tummy. She moved to my breasts and circled my diamond-hard nipples. I moaned and gasped when her fingertips closed and gently pinched. Her fingers slide back down my tummy, and lower. When she found my pussy, I was so wet that she slide inside a little ways before pulling out. She raised her fingers up near her face, and I could see my juice glistening in the moonlight before her lips opened and she tasted me.

At that point, she stopped playing her little seduction games and just took me. Not fast, not violent, just decisive. She rolled on top of me and pressed her weight down. One hand pushed my legs further apart, then her thigh pressed in, settling onto my soaking pussy and grinding my tingling clit. I felt a slippery wetness high on my thigh as she began pleasuring herself on me.

Her breasts pushed into mine, and I could feel her piercings scraping my nipples. I moaned, but then her mouth was on mine and her earlier gentle, exploratory kissed were replaced by intense insistence. Her tongue invaded my mouth, exerting control and dominance. Her hands were in my hair, locking my head in place to so she could use me however she pleased.

Any resistance I might have had was quickly obliterated by her grinding thigh. She was hitting my clit exactly the right way. Her body moved in a sensuous twist up and down me, almost reptilian. Her thigh moved on me and I heard a wet squelch as my body surrendered to her onslaught. I wanted to tell her that I was hers and she could do whatever she wanted but her tongue was so far down into me that I could barely manage a desperate whimper. My hands found her ass and gripped her hard, trying to pull her entire body into my gushing, gaping pussy.

As my pleasure mounted, a gusting wind whipped the trees and tore at both our quivering bodies. The branches opened above us and moonlight danced on our nude, sweaty bodies like a spotlight. Her teeth closed on my lip, I tasted blood. Her hands found my nipples and squeezed hard. It was too much, the sensations were overwhelming me. I felt like my body was going to explode…

…and then it did…

My muscles spasmed. My legs got free and wrapped around her waist, and my arms gripped her upper body. I tore my mouth loose and screamed at the trees, the moon, the stars. I trembled and shook and I felt liquid gushing out of me. Lights flashed in my eyes, bombs exploded way down inside of me. My finger nails scraped her back, drawing blood as I would later discover. She gasped and growled and bit my shoulder and as lost as I was, I sensed her orgasm releasing and flowing and crashing with mine.

I screamed again and then her hand was over my mouth and she was whispering in my ear, shhhh baby, shhhhh, calm down baby, calm down.

I lay in her arms shivering…no, trembling, my body still trying to manage the aftershocks following the tectonic explosion that had nearly torn my body apart. Gradually, I drifted back down to her, as she caressed my skin and held me and whispered to me.

She was on her back now, I was lying facedown, halfway on top of her. Her left arm held me close, while her right scrounged up and lit another joint. Still inside her embrace, I rolled onto my back, my head resting on her shoulder. She passed me the joint, and I hit it hard. We smoked the rest of it in silence as I stared up through the trees into stars and the nighttime sky.

* * * * *

Later, after we drank several bottles of water and smoked another joint, she lay me back down and started kissing me. All of me. When her lips first reached my drenched pussy, I had to suppress another scream. She pushed deep, fucking me with her long, talented tongue, bringing me into the skies with her, reaching for another release. It came when she sucked my clit up between her lips, gently closed her teeth around the base and then lashed me with her tongue. I felt almost embarrassed by how much liquid love welled up out of me, but she drank it with the desperation of a lost soul stumbling onto a desert oasis. She kissed me, and I tasted myself, making me want to taste her. At first, I was nervous and overeager to please, but she was patient and taught me how my mouth could bring her to a delicious, quaking orgasm.

* * * * *

We were at my house, in my bed, and I was licking her and making her cum and she was shivering and shaking and the bed was shaking and the house was shaking and she was saying Jasmine, oh Jasmine…

“Jasmine! Jasmine! Wake up baby!” She was shaking me and I was trying to shake off the dream and open my eyes and then I did and there was sunlight shining down through the trees and…

“Oh shit!” I sat up. It was daylight. Probably still early morning, but I could hear cars rushing by on a nearby road, and a lawnmower in the middle distance. Fuck! We had fallen asleep naked in the park, our clothes half a mile away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32