Modern Feminist Misunderstandings Ch. 03

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I never thought that the most nervous I’d ever be was because I was about to meet my professor for coffee and possibly discuss having sex with him. Scratch the “possibly”; we already had sex and there was no doubt in my mind we’d be talking it over. Rick may apologize profusely and tell me it’s never going to happen again, but he also might go full English-professor on me and analyze the situation.

Northstar Coffee and Brew on Banks street was pretty cute, to be fair. It was a classic hipster coffee shop with a beer list posted next to the espresso menu. I ordered a mocha, the safest option on the menu, and stood in the waiting area. Anxiously, I scanned the coffee shop for my professor. I almost gave up and left, thinking this was a bad idea until I spotted him sitting in the back in between two bookcases. His blond hair was messed up and he looked kind of tired, rubbing his eyes every now and then and yawning. I pitied the guy, knowing full well that finals week was a sleepless hell for both the students and professors. Rick was pouring over essays and occasionally taking long sips from the biggest coffee cup I’d seen in a while.

“Medium mocha for Gen?” The barista called, snapping me out of my daze. I grabbed the cup and was half-amused to find they had misspelled my name (Jen with a J instead of a G, though they had no way of knowing how to spell it anyway). When I turned back to Rick, it became apparent that the barista had unintentionally called attention to me. Rick analyzed me from across the room. I suddenly became self-conscious of myself, trying to smooth out my wrinkled flannel and not look him in the eye. Striding over, I took the seat in front of him and set my bag down.

“Rick,” I greeted him, putting my coffee on the table.

He shuffled his papers together and straightened them out. “Genevieve.”

I snorted, taking a long drink of coffee. It wasn’t overly sweet, but it definitely wasn’t my standard Dunn Brothers mocha. Trying not to make a face, I said, “I didn’t realize we were on a full name basis, Richard.”

Rick sighed. “Sorry, I’m just exhausted.” He patted the pile of essays next to him. “Your fellow classmates have a real knack for droning on uselessly about English literature.”

“They learned from the best,” I joked, trying to put a smile on his face. It was the least I could do for a guy who looked like he had lost all his humor to a pile full of Dickinson essays.

He chuckled, the levity returning to his face for a second. “Thanks for the vote of confidence, Gen. Though, I did finish yours a minute or so ago. I can’t really reveal anything, but I am impressed.”

Shrugging off his praise (and pretending it didn’t excite me a little), I said, “Thanks, I guess. I have a lot of experience with erotica.” My professor threw me an amused smirk and I groaned. My blind honesty got ahead of me sometimes. “Christ, everyone my age reads porn. Don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what?” He laughed. Something flashed on his face—nerves, no doubt—but it passed quickly enough to be replaced by something else. Rick gave me a shit-eating grin and asked, “Does it make you nervous?”

Okay, that one did get me. I burst out laughing, shocking Rick as I almost choking on my coffee. “Me? Nervous?” I wiped my mouth with a napkin, drops of coffee scattered across the table. “I’ve got nothing to be nervous about babe,” I chortled, the last part slipping out before I could stop myself. I didn’t care, though, seeing as the implication of my statement hit Rick. He did, in all fairness, have the most on the line here.

“Right,” Rick frowned. “We should, uh, probably talk about that.” He took a long sip of coffee before speaking again. “You haven’t said anything to anyone, right?”

“Of course not.” I had hoped he had at least some faith in me. “And you definitely haven’t.”

Rick nodded. “I have a reputation to uphold.”

I resisted the urge to scoff at his reputation and instead nodded. “So I would think it’s safe to assume it’s over,” I replied.

True to his nature, Rick raised an eyebrow when he caught on to my phrasing. “What do you mean ‘you would think’? Is there something preventing you from believing that?”

Shrugging, I attempted to look casual as I drank more of my mocha. “I kind of assumed that you’d want to sweep it under the rug, you know? But then you emailed me and, I don’t know, I got a little confused.” Hopeful was the word I wanted to use. I couldn’t read Rick though, so I didn’t say anything.

“I just thought you’d want to clear things up.” Rick defended himself. “You don’t seem like the kind of person who would want that hanging in the air.”

I shrugged again, hoping to not come off as disappointed. “Fair enough.”

We sat there in a thick, uncomfortable silence. Disheartened, I gave up. That was that. No thrilling third act, no sex behind a bookcase, I should’ve just left a long time ago. Damn my idealistic mind for allowing myself to get my hopes up about a spineless professor who bahis siteleri couldn’t even get a pile of papers in order without messing them up.

“Gen,” Rick spoke. His voice was softer, deeper, but still demanding my attention. I looked at him and caught a glimpse of something I couldn’t really place in his eyes. “Were you hoping there was more to this?” He leaned forward, resting one of his hands over my free, non-coffee holding hand. “Do you want more?”

Now he got the picture. I nodded slowly, not sure if I should break eye contact or not. There was this look on his face that almost took my breath away; it was a mix of pure desire and lust, yet a subtle gentleness that made me feel…safe? Was that the way to put it?

The way he stroked his thumb over my hand, safe began to feel right. “I won’t pretend that this isn’t unorthodox,” Rick said, his voice low. “But the moment you walked into my office last week, I wanted to have you. And I did.”

“And now?” I asked, too distracted by the feeling of his warmth on my hand to notice the foot tracing the inside of my calf.

“I believe,” he said slowly, “that I want more.”

My breath hitched. This was one thing to fantasize about, but the fact that it was all becoming real made my body shake. Rick’s foot traveled up and down my leg, and I shivered at the touch. There was a warmth in my core that I’m sure resulted in a wet spot in my underwear.

“Genevieve, would you like to come home with me?” He asked me. I couldn’t say yes fast enough.


If Gen was nervous about this at all, it didn’t show. The walk back to my house she was nothing but wise-cracks and sharp grins, with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes every time I looked at her. She often had this presence about her, though I doubt that her true self was like that all the time. I had seen it, briefly, when we had sex in my office. A quiet desire and need for someone to take care of her that conflicted with her every day, no-nonsense attitude.

“Earth to Rick,” she nudged me. “You still there?”

I glanced down at her. Gen met my gaze with her big brown eyes and I nearly melted on the spot. “I’m fine,” I lied. I didn’t know what else to tell her. It was too public of a place for me to say, ‘Wow Gen, I just want to fuck you right on the spot’. My eyes trailed down from her face to her chest. From my height, I could see just a hint of her cleavage.

“You’re not subtle,” Gen grinned. Pulling her open flannel around her chest, she hid the undershirt. “If you’re going to stare openly–“

“Put it back,” I said suddenly as we stopped at a crosswalk. Gen looked at me, wide-eyed. “You heard me,” I lowered my voice, trying not to draw any more attention.

She bit her lip and flicked the flannel shirt away from her chest. “I see how it is,” she replied, “Are you trying to take charge?”

My gaze hung on her chest before turning away. “I’ve always been in charge. You just haven’t been respecting me.” It wasn’t like she was expected to. I was the young, cooler professor. I made my students comfortable by not being the overt authority figure in the room. I wanted them to come in, unafraid to be vulnerable. Maybe that openness put me at risk of being the hot professor of my department (though a recently hired young poet might put me to the test). I didn’t mind the extra attention when it lead to having students like Gen around.

I knew she was special the moment we met. It just took me a semester to understand why.

As we walked back in silence, I realized I didn’t have a plan for what we would do at my house. I didn’t think we were going to get that far. If I really needed to, I could let her take the lead and show me what she needs.

But then we arrived at my front door. When we came to a full stop, Gen glanced up at me, her warm, adoring gaze silently asking me whether or not I was going to take the lead. Take control.

“If you step inside, you’re agreeing to something that could end your academic career at SU,” I said to her. “Are you sure?”

She nodded to the door. “Come on,” Gen encouraged me. “I don’t have all day.”

Two things happened when I opened the door. The first of which was Gen and I both dumped our bags on the floor, her personal coffee mug clattering on the wood. The second thing that happened was that we turned at the same time, walking straight into each other. Gen sputtered, her face planted in my chest. On instinct, I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her against me.

Gen stilled. “Can we stay here, just for one moment?”

I nodded, resting my chin on the top of her head. “Whatever you want,” I promised. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Well,” she mumbled against my chest, “maybe you can hurt me a little.”

A grin spread across my face. Leaning back, I lifted her face up. “You want me to hurt you?” I chuckled.

That familiar, wry smirk returned to Gen’s lips. “I have a high tolerance for pain.” She stood up on her toes and asked, “Do you?”
That girl drove me crazy. canlı bahis siteleri I crashed my lips against hers, trying to kiss the sass out of her. Gen only reacted with more fire. She bit my lower lip, letting go only to nip at me once more. Her tongue fought against mine. Gen was absolutely a submissive, but that didn’t mean she was giving in that easily. Every time I pushed her, bit her, dug my nails into her skin, she retaliated tenfold. I shoved her backward against my dining room wall and kissed her until she needed to breathe again. When Gen pulled away to gasp for air, I slipped a hand around her throat and kept her pinned to the wall.

“Not until I say so,” I murmured. My knee pressed into her core and Gen squirmed, rubbing her clothed cunt against it in a desperate need for release. “Are you wet?” I asked her, easing my grip on her throat so she could breathe.

“Since the coffeeshop,” she gasped.

I pressed into her, my cock hard against her jeans. “You made me like this,” I murmured, grinding on her. “What are you going to do about it?” I undid the top button of her jeans, snaking my fingers beneath her underwear. Stroking was too good of a word for what I did to her cunt; I attacked her clit, rubbing it in circles until she started to squirm. My thumb continued stimulating her while I hooked my pointer finger into her vagina, thrusting in and out with abandon. “I could make you cum right here,” I growled in her ear.

Gen looked up at me, her cloudy gaze daring me to do it. She clung to my body, a hand grasping a fist full of hair and tugging my head back to hers. I nudged her head to the side, irritating her further by straying kisses down her neck. With every kiss, I thrust my fingers into her cunt. Her walls tightened around me, her clit quivered against my thumb, and her heart pounded so hard I felt it in my own chest. Even with our clothes between us I felt my cock burn with arousal. I had to get into her, somehow. But not without forcing her to cum in her own clothes. I added a second finger, sinking my teeth into her neck as I did so. I felt my teeth break skin as she cried out.

“Oh, fuck da—” Her voice broke in a moan. I pounded her furiously, not stopping until I felt her shake in an orgasm. She squeezed me, a slick liquid flowing out of her and onto my hands. Gen fell forward and rested her head on my chest. “I’m not done,” she panted.

Withdrawing my hand from her, I slowly licked her cum off my fingers. “What were you about to call me?” I asked her. She shook her head, reaching for my pants zipper. I backed a step away. “No,” I scolded her. “Tell me what you wanted to call me, and you can suck my cock.”

Such a strange bargain to make. But Gen bit her lip, rubbing at the growing bruise on her neck. That would leave a mark. “Daddy,” she admitted. “I was going to call you Daddy.”

Precum oozed from the tip of my cock. “God, Genevieve,” I moaned. I wanted her now, right there on my dining table. But Gen didn’t deserve that. I wanted to give her the world, right after I gave her the best orgasm of her life. Grabbing her arm, I pulled her out of the dining room and down the hall. I’d left my bedroom a mess this morning, too worried she wouldn’t show to actually clean up.

Gen didn’t mind. She stumbled into my room and stared openly at the clothing scattered across my bed. Perhaps it was the realization that her professor was in fact a real person, not just a mythological figure who taught her theory class twice a week.

“Makes sense,” she mumbled to herself. “You’ve never been able to stay organized.”

I pushed her toward the bed. “Is this really the time to tease me, Genevieve?”

She spun and fell on her back, her breasts bouncing as she hit the plush surface. “I will never stop teasing you,” she snorted. Gen hooked her foot around the back of my leg, pulling me toward her. As I collapsed onto her, pinning her to the bed with my body, she whispered, “Daddy.”

Growling, I straddled her and ground my hips against her waist. She was provoking me, goading me into unleashing something I’d felt inside for a long time. “You’ve been teasing me all semester,” I snarled, “with no punishment.”

I stripped Gen of her flannel and shirt, grinning at the lacy black bra that awaited me. Before, neither of us were sure we were going to happen. But the more I dug into Gen—Genevieve—the more I realized she wanted this. I toyed with her waistband, unsurprised to find her panties matched. Genevieve needed me to put her in her place.

Leaning forward, I stroked down sides of her breasts. I kissed the nook just below her ear and whispered, “After we fucked, did you touch yourself to the memory?” I pinched a nipple and felt her gasp. Genevieve tried to touch me but I slammed her hands into the bed. Her bra left quickly after, and I threw it to the side. It landed next to a discarded neck tie. Stopping, I snagged the tie and quickly bound Gen’s wrists up behind her back. “Answer my question, little girl,” I commanded.

“Yes,” she canlı bahis gasped. “I did.” Genevieve bucked her hips up, trying to get herself off again.

“What did you do?” I slid down, robbing her of the feeling of my cock. I took her jeans with me, stripping them off one leg at a time. Then, placing one kiss on each side of her thigh, I moved closer to her cunt. Her arousal was so powerful I smelled it since the dining room. A thick coat of cum lined the inside of her legs, soaking through the crotch of her panties. I nipped her skin just next to her pussy. “Did you fuck yourself nice and slow, or did you take your cunt hard?”

“Hard,” Genevieve gasped. “You wouldn’t let me breathe. You—I—fucked me hard and fast and I only came be-c-cause,” I ripped her panties down and licked the outside of her lips, “because you said I could!” My tongue dove beneath her folds, eliciting a sharp yelp from her. Genevieve tried to squeeze my head closer but I separated her legs, pushing them far to the side. “And I, oh fuck, Rick—”

I withdrew a hand and spanked her clit. Genevieve squeaked. “What’s my name?”

From above, she swallowed audibly. “Christ, Daddy,” she mewled, “I need to feel you inside me.”

The last shred of my academic sanity faded away. I sprang up, flipping Genevieve over onto her stomach. On instinct, she hoisted her ass up into the air. With her arms restrained behind her, there was little she could do to fight back. It was now down to her base, animal desires.

At long last, I let my cock spring free of my pants. I stripped everything away and stood behind her, cock erect and at the ready. “A masterpiece[FO1],” I muttered as I ran my hands over her ass. I took each cheek in my hands, squeezing and kneading until I heard her moan. “You’re not allowed to hide this from me anymore.” I spanked her, hard, my dick twitching when she cried out. “You want me to hurt you, Genevieve?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she panted. “Punish me.”

This is what she needed. This, getting fucked breathless on my bed, is what she deserved. I lined my cock up with her sopping pussy, and with another warning slap on her ass, I thrust in. Genevieve squealed, adjusting to the sensation of having me inside her. “Is this better than your fingers?” I asked, withdrawing and slamming in once more. Her only reply was another weak moan. She pushed back, trying to impale herself on me. No longer content with just teasing her, I responded by shoving my cock into her vulnerable cunt to the hilt.

Something—an animalistic growl—came out of my mouth. I couldn’t just be in her, I had to own her, too. My thrusting increased, fucking her harder into the bed. One hand snaked around to her clit and began to flick it, hitting just the spot that made her squirm. My other hand fell on her back, pushing her further into the plush blankets. Genevieve shook with every movement, the only sounds coming from her mouth soft and labored moans. I stroked her clit with every thrust, groaning as I felt her tighten around me.

“Are you going to cum for me babygirl?” I asked, pulling her up by her hair. “Tell me you want to cum for me.” Genevieve tried to fuck me back and I slipped out of her cunt, leaving the head of my cock to rub against her lips.

“No, no, no,” she repeated, “I need you there. Please, Daddy? Can you fuck me?”

“Beg me.”

“I—fuck—” She squealed. “Fuck me. Use me. I’ve spent the entire semester watching and waiting and just hoping you’ll fuck me like the slut that I am for you. Okay?”

“Say it again,” I panted.

“I’m your slut. Yours. I’ll only cum for you if you let me.”

I leaned forward, my face hot on the back of her neck. “Promise you’ll be Daddy’s little slut?” She nodded, breasts heaving with arousal. Genevieve turned around and tried to kiss me, only making contact with my jaw. I tilted her head and kissed her back, slipping my cock back into her cunt once more. With her in my arms I pounded her pussy, my balls slapping against her clit with every sharp thrust. “Cum for me, babygirl,” I whispered.

Genevieve came undone in my arms. Her hot cunt squeezed my cock as I continued to fuck her, the orgasm shaking her body so hard I began to quiver. She squirted on my prick and I groaned; something in her sent me off. As I fucked her, I came. I unloaded my cum inside her. I claimed her as mine, and mine alone. I didn’t slow, either, thrusting into her pussy until I was sure every drop was gone. “You’re mine,” I murmured in her ear. “Do you feel that? That’s my ownership of you.”

In that moment, she collapsed against the bed.

“Genevieve? Fuck, Gen,” I pulled out of her and jumped onto the bed, taking her face in my hands. “God, I’m sorry, I—”

Gen started to laugh. “Rick,” she giggled, “don’t apologize for a good fuck.”

I relaxed immediately. Laying down, I pulled her on top of me. I loosened the tie around her wrists, freeing her from her bindings. Gen rested her chin on my chest, tracing the outline of my nipple. “Don’t scare me like that,” I said.

“Now I’m sorry.” She kissed up my sternum, pacing herself so agonizingly slow that I wanted to just grab her and kiss her then. “That was more energy than I expected,” she explained. “And I didn’t even do anything.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32