Mind Games

Aralık 31, 2020 0 Yazar: admin

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It’s been a long day. I walk through the door and sigh heavily before I begin peeling the rain slicked clothes from my body. The rain had felt good, cooling my heated skin, but even the icy rain had no effect on the pulsing heat between my thighs that has plagued me since this morning. I smirk at that, the odd looks I’ve been getting from people aren’t surprising. My eyes must have looked so distant to them, my attention drifting as my mind would torment me, even now the images come hard and fast and I have to bite my lip to keep from moaning out loud.

I continue to pull off my wet clothes, grasping the bottom of my shirt I pull it up and over my head, gasping as the fabric runs against sensitive skin. I remove my bra quickly and then slide my pants down my legs, enjoying the feel of the cool air as it nips at my freshly exposed flesh. Finally, I slide my underwear down over my hips and let them drop to floor with the rest of my clothing.

Stepping into the bathroom I turn on the shower and step under the hot stream of water, moaning softly as the water touches my naked skin, setting fire to my already aroused body. Under the current my mind brings more images, fantasies of canlı bahis what it could be like, your skin to mine, lips to flesh, tongue to tongue. I moan and run my hand down over my breast, teasing my nipple as I picture your mouth there, sucking, nipping, hungry, and insistent.

I lean against the shower wall moaning softly as my other hand slides over my stomach to the inside of my thigh and then up, I arch my back as my fingers brush against my warm, wet clit. The images are clearer, more insistent, you sucking and nipping at my neck, my nails biting into your shoulder. You run your hands up my arms and pin them above my head as your body pins mine to the wall behind me. One hand holds mine as the other traces down over my breast and down my stomach, teasing as you play with the sensitive skin of my sides. My body rocks against yours of its own accord, begging you to move lower. You comply, your hand moves lower skimming me, moving to the inside of my thigh then back up, circling me, teasing, wanting me to beg. I moan in frustration and arch against you, “please,” I whimper. You smirk and kiss me, biting my lower lip as your finger slides in slowly, I gasp against your mouth, my hands still bahis siteleri held above my head.

These images continue to run through my head as I slide my own finger in, seeking some relief from the tension racking my body. In my fantasy you slide another finger in, reaching deeper as I moan and arch against you; I slide my second finger in as well using my thumb to rub my clit, slowly as I want the sensation to last. You pull your fingers away and I whimper in protest. Your lips silence mine before you leave my mouth to kiss down my neck to my chest. Your hand starts to leave mine and I begin to lower my arms, you pull them back up, shaking your head slightly before running your hands down my arms, grinning as I don’t attempt to move them.

You kiss down my chest to my stomach dropping slowly to your knees you kiss around my naval, swirling your tongue against my skin and biting gently before dropping your head to kiss the inside of my thigh. I shiver as you run your tongue across my skin biting my lip in an effort to stay focused with reality. Your tongue brushes against my clit as you circle it and that line with reality snaps, I moan as you take me into your mouth, sucking bahis şirketleri hard. You lift one of my legs and rest it on your shoulder as you continue to suck and nibble. One hand moves to slide a finger in and my mind spins out of control, I moan again, your name escaping my lips. You drive me farther and farther, right to the brink before you pull away. I’m gasping and moaning, barely feeling the water running down my body, my own fingers speed up as you stand and allow me to drop my hands to your shoulders as you poise yourself at my entrance. “Open your eyes,” you demand and I comply, having not realized they were closed, my eyes find yours, “what do you want?” you ask.

“You, now, please,” I whimper, my eyes hold yours as you slowly slide into me, allowing me to get used to the feel of you. My body screams in delight and my muscles clench around you as you start off with an agonizingly slow pace, “faster,” I moan, my nails biting into your back, I kiss to your shoulder and bite, “harder.” You thrust harder and faster. My breathing comes harder and my moans louder as you carry me higher and higher, with one final thrust I clench around you as you cum inside me, one final moan and I scream your name.

I clench around my own fingers, sighing softly as I get a small release from the tension that plaques me, I lean against the shower wall and catch my breath, “John…” is all I whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32