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Chapter 3

Monday morning, fuck, I hate Monday”s. Oh well, not much that can be done about them, they are but another day of the week I suppose, no better or worse than any other day of the week, I suppose, but now that I get to have such amazing weekends, I wish they could last forever.

I got up, removed my soggy diaper, sucked almost half the piss from it, showered, got diapered and dressed, brushed my hair and teeth, and then headed down for breakfast. As per usual, Dad has already left for work, so I am all alone. When it is time to do so, I head to school, and as soon as I make it, Trent finds me.

“Fuck I missed you last night.” Trent whispered happily.

“And I missed you more.”

“Doubt that. As soon as I got home, my bitch, I mean my mother asked where I was all weekend. I”m shocked she actually noticed. I lied and said I told her Friday that I was spending the weekend at a friends place, but that she”d already been a bottle down by that time. She got a puzzled look on her face, and said, oh, yeah, I remember. Wow, how drunk do you haveta be to actually be able to plant false memories in someone. Anyway, I told her that we were outta food again, and that she needsta go shopping. She was too drunk, so asked me to go for her instead, so, yeah, I went and got what forty bucks would get me, “cause that”s all the money she had on her. At least I ate at your place last night, so I”m good.”

“At least she gave you money this time. The way you make it sounds, that”s rare.”

“Yeah, but about fifty fifty.”

Just then, the vice principal of our school came up and got our attention.

“I”d like you boys to come to my office please?” He said, and he looks a little green.

“What”s wrong.” I asked.

“Not here, it”ll come out later, but you boys needta hear it first.”

We followed him to his office, and as soon as we are all seated, he gets started.

“This weekend, early Saturday morning to be precise, two boys from this school attempted suicide. They were together, one died, the other is still alive.”

“Who Sir?” Trent asked.

I have a pretty good idea one of them.

“Jason Richards and his best friend and co rapist, Blake Matthews. Blake did not survive, Jason is currently in hospital, he”ll live, they were able to get his stomach pumped in time, though they have him on full suicide watch. After you boys left Friday, I called both boys in, and told them flat out that I”ve been hearing disturbing rumors of their fun and games, and that if I hear of one substantiated accusation, that I would ensure that they never left jail. Of course they tried to deny it, and I said that I accept that, but that if and when I catch them, they are going to jail.”

“I”m sorry Sir. I hope you don”t feel guilty for it.” Trent said.

“No, I don”t. I”m not the reason they did so. No, it sounds like they finally admitted to each other who and what they truly are, Jason”s dad caught them getting really friendly, and from the sounds of it, pretty much told his son that he”s dead to him. The boys apparently talked each other into just ending it all, and then they did it the next morning. They broke into a pharmacy, though how is anyone”s guess, the police of course found them first, the ambulances were called, and yeah, the rest you know. Blake died in hospital, Jason is still alive. I happen to know that Blake”s dad and Jason”s dad are not only good friends, but cut from the same cloth, so I”m certain that if Jason”s dad said anything to Blake”s dad, that he would”ve done the same thing to Blake, which might just be the reason that they both felt it necessary. This is currently all that I know.”

“Fuck.” I said.

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly.”

“We should go to the hospital Sir, we might be a couple of the only people that can help him now.”

“I was hoping that you”d feel the same way I do. Even though this is in no way either of your fault, it was the events of Friday afternoon that finally tilted the scales for them, and Jason”s gonna need to hear you forgive him Trent in order to heal. Otherwise he too will die. It shouldn”t affect you in any way, yet I know that it will if he dies and you had even the tiniest of reasons for it. Again, it”s not in any way your fault, but I think you are possibly one of the only people who can help him now, you and Heath.”

“I will, even though I don”t and won”t feel guilty because of it. Jason”s been a rather large bully to me for years, but you”re right, I might be one of the few people who can help him now.”

“Good on you boys. Heath, call your dad, Trent, there”s zero point of you calling your mom. I”ll take you to the hospital myself. Mr. Werner has already said that he”ll handle the assembly. I already told him all that we”ve talked about this morning, so he agrees.”

I called my dad right away from the phone on the desk and gave him the brief description of what is happening, and he said that he agrees, and to go help that boy. As soon as that was done, we head right out, just as the announcement came over the PA system of the assembly.

When we made it to the hospital, we were told that Jason”s dad had just arrived as well and is in to see him. Well, that surprised me, and the look on our vice principal”s face said that he was more shocked than I. We went to the room that we were told he is in, and when we came to the door, we heard his dad.

“Wake up you useless piece of shit?” We heard a harsh voice, so, I grabbed my cell phone instantly and started recording, aiming the video camera right at his back as best I could, so that he cannot see me.

“Dad, what are you doing here?” We heard Jason ask, he sounds pitiful, very hoarse sounding even.

“I”m not your dad, you”re no son of mine. I came to find out how you could possibly shame me even more, you can”t even fucking kill yourself properly. You”ve always been a right little fuckup, a useless bitch, just like your mother. I never shoulda defended you, I never shoulda acted all proud of you, I shoulda disowned you and thrown you out when you were six, when I started seeing that you were a right little fairy. At least your useless piece of shit mother was able to kill herself properly.”

“She killed herself?” Jason asked in shock, though it shocked me that that is all he had to say to what he had just been told.

“Yeah, told her she should so that she didn”t haveta live through the shame of doing what she did. I told her otherwise I”d drag her name through the mud. She was diaper fucking a little fucking girl. She was disgusting, she hadta go. Bitch used a gun though and made a real fucking mess of my house, least she coulda done is gone and drove off a cliff or something, woulda been much cleaner.”

“You”re a monster.”

“Less so than you”re a fucking freak. It”s bad enough I caught you two having sex, it”s worse that you were wearing soggy fucking diapers too. You”re so fucking disgusting, just like your mother. I never shoulda raped the bitch and made her have my kid, figures you”d turn out just as fucked up as her. Where”d you even get diapers from anyway?”

“I”ve been buying them for years, I was so fucking sick of you beating me every morning I woke up wet, I bought diapers. You”re the reason I”m a fucking diaper lover now, you useless fucking piece of shit. You acted so proud of me to everyone else, but you”ve treated me like a piece of shit stuck to your shoes since I was a kid. You say you hate me, well, I”ve hated you so fucking much since I was five years old. I”ve dreamed of fucking killing you so many times over the years, and you know why I never. I wasn”t afraid of going to jail, I was afraid you really were a monster and that you wouldn”t die, that you”d make me suffer even more. I thought about running away, but I knew you”d find me and make me suffer even more. You say I”m no son of yours, good, that”s the nicest fucking thing you”ve ever said to me, because you”ve never been my father. Now I know why, you raped my mother, and I hope that some day soon, you get raped just as much, if not more, and if I have my way, I”ll make sure you go to jail and you get raped by the biggest blackest man there. You”re a homophobe, a racist, and a hater, and the first time you call a black man there nigger, I hope that someone records what he does to you, and lets me watch it, because I”ll watch it every fucking day, and cheer too. The same thing”ll likely happen the first time you call a gay man there a faggot, and I hope he rapes your pussy good and hard.”

“You couldn”t touch me even if you had unequivocal proof, I”m too big in this fucking town, I own the entire fucking place, and you”re just a useless little fairy faggot diaper lover. If you were smart, you”d try again, kill yourself good and proper this time, so that I don”t haveta shame you like I woulda done to your mother.”

“No, you know what, I”m not gonna die, just to make you fucking happy. I shouldn”ta let Blake talk me into it, but I was real low after last night, instead, I”m gonna make it my life”s mission to erase you. You”re a monster, and monsters needta be taken out.”

Just then Jason”s dad went to reach for him, and once more, I acted without thinking.

“Oh no you don”t. You get away from him right fucking now.”

“Don”t. I”ve already called the cops.” Our vice principal said.

“Who the fuck are you?” He snarled looking at me. “And as for you, if you”ve called the cops, you”re as good as fired. You can”t do nothin” to me.”

“Ah, me and my video camera have a very different opinion of that.”

“Wouldn”t help you in the least.” He grinned brightly.

“Wow, you”re way stupider than I thought your son was, but now I see why.” I giggled.

He went to hit me.

“I wouldn”t do that if I were you.” I said, waving the phone in his face.

He grabbed my phone, and threw it against the far wall, shattering it into a few bajillion pieces.

“Now what are you gonna do, punk.”

“You honestly think I was stupid enough to save that direct to my phone. I uploaded it direct to my cloud account, and guess what, I”m with Jason, I”m gonna ensure that you”re bubba”s bitch in prison real soon.” I grinned.

Then he punched me in the stomach, thankfully he hit me there and not my face.

“Wow, you punch even weaker than Jason hit me the other day. And here I am, just a sissy little gay baby boy, and I took what looked like your hardest punch without so much as flinching. Now, keep going, my dad would loveta sue you even more than he already is. And just so you know, you may think you”re rich and powerful, but my daddy”s more so.” And yes, I know I am going to have to go down to emergency as soon as we are done to get scanned, that was a really hard fucking hit, and I am sure that he did damage.

“How, how”d you take that hit, I”ve killed people with a hit that hard.”

“Oh, so you admit to killing before then.”

“Nothing sticks, it was self defense.” He said smugly.

“Yeah, well, this time you”re going to jail. Jason, how many times did he beat you as a child?” I called in and asked.

“Hundreds, maybe thousands of times?”

“And how many times did you beat your wife, and how many times did she complain.”


“Oh, she knew better than to complain.” He grinned brightly.

“Poor lady, no wonder she killed herself then. The fact that she loved young girls in diapers had nothing to do with it. Jason”s right, you really are a monster, and here are the police.”

“Howdy gentlemen, would you please arrest these three, they”ve been making threats against me.” He said sweetly to them.

“Hi James, that”s not how we heard it.” The police officer who is clearly in command said.

“Now, Steve, we”ve known each other for years, you know as well as I do, that you”re not taking me anywhere, we”ve played this song and dance before.”

“Yes, we have, and every time we do, you call in your lawyer, and he finds some way to get you off, just because you”re rich.”

“And don”t forget powerful. I know your bosses.”

“Yes, I know.” He said to him, and then turned to our vice principal. “You said you have proof?”

“Yeah, at least we did, until James took Heath”s phone and shattered it against that wall.” He said, pointing to my phone currently in pieces against the far wall.

“However, like I told this thing, I wasn”t stupid enough to keep it only on my phone, so, if someone would loan me their phone for just a few moments, you”re welcome to watch the entire transaction.”

“That”s gone on far enough, now, you guys, go back to the station where you belong, and as for you, you”re to delete any information that you may or may not have recorded.” He snarled.

“Oh, really?” The one named Steve said. “You don”t actually have any authority to dismiss me, now, young man, please go ahead and pull up on my phone what you were wishing to show us.” He said, and then passed the phone to me.

Jason”s dad took it too, and threw it against the far wall.

“Oh, um, that there is considering assaulting an officer. Would you gentlemen please cuff this guy for me, because if I touch him right now, he might have grounds to accuse me of police brutality.” He said, though I can see just how mad he really is.

Through at least four or five minutes of really loud yelling, screaming, swearing, and resisting, the two other officers managed to get him cuffed.

“Now, may we borrow one of your phones.” He asked.

One of the other officers handed me his phone, and I logged into my account, pulled up the latest video, saved it to his phone, so that he can have it for evidence, and then passed it to the officer in charge.

“There, I saved it to this phone, so that I don”t haveta give you my account information, which”ll make it way easier I”m certain.” I said happily.

“Thanks.” He said, and then proceeded to watch the entire video, even the part where Jason”s dad grabbed and threw my phone, and it ends exactly when my phone dies.

“Oh, you really are a bad person, aren”t you. Good, I”m glad I finally get to arrest you.” He said, and then proceeded to read him his rights, all the while, he screamed and yelled, saying that it would never stick.

We had to answer a few more questions, give our names and all that, and then the police were gone. As soon as they were, we went into the room, shutting the door.

“So, Jason, interesting day so far, huh.” Trent said.

“Yeah, you can sure say that. Look, I”m really sorry for the way I”ve acted towards you all these years, and especially for what I did Friday. I”ve learned a lot over the past couple days, and realized who and what I am.”

“You already know Blake didn”t make it, don”t you?”

“Yeah, I asked last night when I was awake enough. That was a bit of a bad hit, and I admit, I wanted to die even more, but now, you know what, instead I wanna live to see my father in jail. And just to spite him too, I”m gonna go to the jail he”s in to visit him and ask him how he”s enjoying his time there as often as I can.”

“Good. So, you”re a diaper lover too huh, that”s awesome, “cause so are we!”

“Yeah, was so ashamed before, but now not so much.”

“Have you asked them to keep you in diapers?”

“Yeah, but the nurse refused, said they”re keeping a catheter in me instead.”

“Oh, sorry to hear that.”

“Me too, and with my arms strapped to the bed like they are, I can”t even pull it out and make them diaper me anyway.” He said, flapping his hands for effect, jiggling the straps holding them.

“Yeah, well, they thought that you”d try and off yourself again, so they kinda hadta do it.” Trent said.

“Yeah, I know. The shrink”s been here a few times already, tried telling me that I needed to survive, but, like I told him, what have I got left to live for, my dad hates me, my best friend”s dead, but, now I do have a new lease on life, I”m gonna spite that dirty rat bastard and make certain that he gets everything that he deserves.”

“I”m glad to hear you say that. I think now maybe we can release you from your shackles.” Someone said from behind us.

“Oh, hi Doctor.”

“Hi there Jason. I understand you”ve had a bit of an interesting morning so far.”

“Yeah, you could say that. If you have a phone that Heath can borrow, he can maybe show you.”


When he took out his phone and passed it toward us, I put up my hand and he gave it to me, and so, I once more downloaded the video to his phone, so that he could watch it as well. As soon as I passed it over, he did watch it, and of course we can hear everything.

“Hmm, interesting. Me thinks your dad”s gonna be in jail for a long time, and he also indirectly insinuates that the police have been helping him to stay out of jail. How very interesting. Also, he told your mom to commit suicide, that”s actually accessory, so he”ll be charged for that too. His lawyer”s also likely to get in trouble, though he”ll likely escape any real punishment, because he”s legally bound to protect your father, which is too bad.”

“Good, I hope he rots in jail.”

“I”m sure he will. So, full on gay baby boy diaper lover, huh, had a few of you sitting across from me over the years, and sad to say, there were more that didn”t get my help and died instead. I know why you boys did what you did, I understand how it feels to be that low, hence the reason I do what I do now, I try and ensure that no one gets as low as I too did, and I was once in your very same position, and, oddly enough, for the same reasons, yes, I too am a gay baby boy diaper lover.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yep.” He grinned. “I”ll ensure that your file”s adjusted so that the catheter is removed and that you”re kept diapered for the entire time you”re here. Now that I”ve taken you off suicide watch, you should only needta stay another day or so. Do you have any family or friends that you can live with though, or will you turn yourself over to foster care. You”re old enough to make requests.”

“Thanks, I”d really appreciate that, but I now officially have no one, no friends, no family, no one, so I guess I”ll haveta go to a foster home.” He said, sounding a little saddened.

I do not know what made me do it, but I stepped forth. “I”ll ask my dad to take you in. I”m a gay diaper lover, and he”s okay with it, and he”s bi too, so he understands things.”

“I can”t ask you to do that.” Jason said.

“You didn”t though, I offered. I guarantee you that if you live with us, you”ll be way happier than you”ve ever been before.”

“Thanks.” He said, and then burst into tears.

“You”re welcome, now, I needta call my dad and have him come here to take me to the emergency room to get checked out?”

“Why.” The doctor asked, and so I told him everything, including why I do not feel anything. Jason laughed when he heard this and said, it figures, no wonder you took my hardest hit.

“Go ahead and use my phone to call him, then I”ll take you down personally and ensure that they get you looked after right away.”

“Thanks. Jason, if Trent comes with me, will you be okay by yourself for a few hours or so?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

“Good. I”ll explain everything to my dad when he gets here, and have him come up and introduce himself to you and arrange everything with you. I”ll ask him to bring a few things for you to kill the time as well.”

“Oh, um, thanks. You don”t haveta do that though.”

“Sure I do. I know what it”s like to be in the hospital, and if you have nothing to do, you”re gonna go nuts just doing nothing.”

“Yeah, I already was, and it was worse “cause I couldn”t even move very much.”

“Like I said, I”ll make sure that they come and unstrap you, get you diapered up like you deserve, and they”ll let you walk around a little as well, which you”re gonna needta do anyway, so that all that crap can get worked outta your body.” The doctor said.

“You”re not gonna tell them that I just want diapers, are you?”

“Yes, but I”m also gonna tell them that you need them, just not why, and that you prefer diapers to catheters. You never haveta tell anyone that you”re simply a diaper lover if you don”t wanna.”

“Except I suggest you tell my dad, I won”t tell him, I think you should, same with being gay, though I assure you, he”ll probably know it instantly anyway from hearing what you did on Friday.”

“Oh, okay.”

Me, Trent, and the doctor headed down to the emergency room, and as we went, I called my dad and told him what is currently happening and what I need for him to do. He said that he will be here as soon as he is able to, hopefully he does not speed again, any time I am in trouble, he tends to panic a bit, he almost got a speeding ticket the last time I called him for being hit, thankfully the officer was understanding and let him go with a warning to slow down.

The first thing the ER doctor did was ask me to strip down to my diaper, and he opened it up, and checked to see if there was any blood in my urine, thankfully there is not, but that means absolutely nothing. He then changed me into a fresh diaper, gave me a gown, and then we went right to the imaging department, where he ordered the full gamut of scans to be done. I was in there for nearly an hour by the time they were done. When we got back to the room we were in, my dad was already there and waiting.

“You didn”t almost get another speeding ticket coming here, did you?”

“No, after the last verbal lashing you gave me for doing something so stupid and endangering countless others just because I was scared for you, I know better now.” He laughed, because I really did lay into him and told him how stupid he was being. Of course I told him I love him for it, but that he is not allowed to endanger any more lives just because of me.

“Good, and did you bring everything I asked you to bring?”


“Good. Now, go up and introduce yourself to Jason, he”s super nervous right now, not knowing anything, but I told him we”d take him in, and we really should. We can be a huge help to him.”

“Are you sure you”re okay down here?”

“Yeah, I”m fine, and even though I don”t wanna stay in the hospital, I”m already certain they”re gonna keep me in overnight for observation. I”ll ask that they put izmit escort bayan me in Jason”s room as well, since it”s a two person room, and he”s currently alone.”

“And you”re right.” My doctor laughed. “And yes, I can probably get that arranged, unless it”s already given away before I get to book it.”

“I”ll go check now and get it arranged.” Jason”s doctor said, because for some reason, he had stayed with us.

“I guess that”s why you had me bring the dual screen DVD player huh, you pretty much already knew.” My dad laughed.

A few seconds later, my dad was gone, and it is just me, Trent, our vice principal, and my doctor. “So, how”s it all look?” I asked.

“Other than you”re pretty wickedly bruised, it appears as of this moment that you may have fared well through getting hit by an adult, most don”t fare so well. Of course, we”ll keep you anyway to ensure nothing”s wrong, because there still could be. If you”re already as bruised on the outside as you are, then I”m reasonably certain your insides are every bit as bad.”

“Yeah, pretty much what I figured.”

“Well Trent, you and I should probably be heading back now.” Our vice principal said.

“I”d really rather stay with Heath though.”

“I know, but we don”t belong here right now. I imagine that Heath will be able to help Jason out from here.”

“I suppose so.” He said, and then came and gave me a deep kiss.

“Goodbye Baby, have a good night.” He said.

“You too Baby.” I smiled warmly to him.

As soon as they were gone, I was put back into the wheelchair, and my doctor called Jason”s doctor and asked him if it is all arranged, and all he said was good. He then passed me over to an orderly and asked that I been moved up to Jason”s room, he gave him the chart with all my information on it, and then wished me a good life.

When we made it to our room, I saw dad sitting on Jason”s bed, hugging the scared and scarred boy tightly, while Jason sobbed out what sounds like fourteen years worth of pain and loneliness. I do not know when his mother died, but it sounds as if Jason never knew her.

Dad and Jason never even noticed I was there, even though the orderly did help me into bed, and gave me a few instructions, so on and so forth. It was probably five or so minutes after he left, that Jason finally stopped crying and relaxed, and Dad let him go.

“There, feel better now?”

“Yeah, I do, I”ve never felt that before, at least as far as I know.”

“Yeah, I know, just like I told you. Now, how”s it feel to have admitted that you”re a gay baby boy diaper lover?”

“It was amongst the scariest things I”ve ever done, but Heath told me that you”d understand, and he made me tell you myself, said he wouldn”t do it.”

“Good. You”ve grown a lot over these past few days, learned a lot, and I”ll happily help you to learn and grow more.”

“Congratulations Jason, I”m happy for you.” I whispered.

“Oh, hi.” He said.

“Hi Heath. So, you”re getting a new brother. We always agreed that if someone came along that needed our help that we”d adopt him, and it finally happened.”

“He”ll be my baby brother.” I grinned brightly to him.

“I”m older than you.” He pouted.

“Was my house first, so I get to be the big baby brother.”

“Okay, fine.” He grinned shyly.

“And did you ask a nurse to diaper you, or Daddy?”

“I couldn”t ask a nurse, so, I kinda asked your dad to.”

“Unh unh, our dad now.”

“That”ll take some getting usedta.”

“I”m sure it will, but you”ll be fine.”

“As for being fine, how are you Baby?” Dad asked me.

“As far as they can tell, there”s no internal damage, but I”m wickedly bruised, so my insides probably look the same. They”re only keeping me overnight just to be sure.”

“Yeah, figured as much. Now, knowing what you think of hospital diapers, I took the liberty of swinging by the house to grab more of yours, so, would Baby like Daddy to change him?”

“Yes please, and even though it”s only a few hours old now, it”s probably getting close to full anyway. What else did you grab?”

“The two screen portable DVD player as you asked for, with a good selection of movies of course, I grabbed some puzzle books, and a few pencils, as well I grabbed you boys a few board and card games I thought you might enjoy.”

“Perfect, thanks Dad.”

Dad then proceeded to change me, and I cannot help but to notice just how much Jason watched. I even saw him have to adjust his incredibly hard diapered dick at least twice, but I am only just watching him out of the corner of my eye. Once Dad had me nice and taped up, and he gave me a double diaper as well, he covered me back up.

“Thanks Daddy. I trust if I got double diapered, that so did Jason?”

“Of course, what”s good for one baby”s just as good for the other I think, and unless I”m sorely mistaken, you”re both just about as much the same in your diaper love.”

“Mmmhmm.” I sigh deeply, and I did see Jason nod subtly.

“Good. I”ll let the nurses know that you boys are capable of changing your own diapers, and that I brought your supply, so that they won”t bill me their absurd charges for the pitiful diapers they supply, but, may I suggest you baby brothers change each other, and do so before bed tonight. Now, I want both of you to have a nap, I dare say you both need it, and then you should probably sit and talk and play games for the entire evening, and then maybe watch a movie.”

“Thanks, that sounds like a good idea, and I don”t mind changing my baby brother.”

“Good. I needta go back to work now, but I”ll get off as early as I can tomorrow to come and pick you boys up if the doctors have released you.”

“Okay, thanks Dad.” I said as he gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye, he then went and did the same for Jason. Jason has tears in his eyes from this.

I waited at least a couple minutes after Dad left to start talking, and I only started talking when I saw that Jason had relaxed some.

“So, how are you feeling right now?”

“All mixed up.”

“Yeah, thought as much. And how much did you enjoy watching me get my soggy baby diaper changed?”

“I didn”t watch.” He blushed.

“Oh please, even the purest of nuns wouldn”t believe that. Come on, admit it, I know you wanted to see me get changed, and I watched you as you watched me. I couldn”t help but to notice you had to adjust your diapered dinky a couple times as you watched.” I grinned brightly to him.

“Oh, um, I”m sorry, I couldn”t help it.”

“That”s okay, and I can”t wait “til we getta change each other later. Maybe we”ll haveta pull the curtains and close the door, and give each other a really good soggy baby bum change.”

“Excuse me.” He gasped, blushing madly.

“You heard me. Honestly, how much did you wanna come and push Dad right outta the way and latch on and suck me like you”ve dreamed of doing for years, and keep on sucking me “til I was a dried husk.”

“So much.” He whispered.

“Yeah, well, when I saw your dick the other day, I damn near hit my knees too. Fuck, you have an amazing dick, and I can”t wait to feel it in my throat. Trent”s my baby boyfriend, that”s not gonna change, and you and I are brothers now, but I”m kinda thinking that I can also have a hot incestuous relationship with my new brother, and maybe Trent would like to share too.”

“You really mean it, don”t you?”

“Hell yeah. I love sucking cock and drinking cum, have done so lots now, and I bet your cum tastes amazing. So, before you guys were caught, you were fucking?”

“Yeah, had Blake buried to the diaper inside my soggy diapered gay baby boy pussy when he caught us. I hadn”t had the chance to fuck him yet though.”

“Nice. I”ve dreamed of that for so long, but I”ve never let anyone fuck me yet. How”d it feel.”

“God, so good. I”ve kinda not been a nice person, and kinda forced a few boys to take my cock up their asses, but what I wanted most of all was to have one up mine, and that night, when I begged Blake to fuck me “til he couldn”t cum or piss any more, he begged me to do the same to him. I wish it had”ve ended differently, I wish he was still alive, I miss him. He really was my only friend, and we were so much alike, just wish I had”a known that years ago.”

“I”m sorry, the loss of your best friend on top of everything else, I know it must be hard, and at least you did find each other before he died, so maybe he died happier, but now you haveta find your happiness and live where he couldn”t. I can”t wait “til the first time I get fucked as well, maybe you and Trent can both fuck me and fill me really good and full, I”d really like that.”

“I”ll be fine, now. And you”d really let me do that with you?”

“Oh yeah, as long as you agree to let us fuck you too.”

And he came. I giggled.

“Hope it was as good for you as it was for me.” I said, still giggling a little. “Now, dig for your cum and slurp it up like you deserve to.”

He did as he was told, having to go back twice more to get the rest of it.

“So, how”s it taste?”

“Oh god, so good.”

“Was that your first time tasting your cum?”


“Shame all the cum you”ve wasted. How long have you been cumming?”

“Little more than a year, and from now on, I”m totally not letting it go to waste.”

“Good, and I won”t either, don”t worry.”

“Do you cum yet, I”d really liketa taste yours as well?”

“No, not yet, but I think it”ll be soon. I try really hard every day to have my first wet cum though.”

“I”ll just bet you do.” He giggled.

“Oh yeah. Trent”s the same, he can”t wet cum yet, but he thinks it”ll be soon, I hope I getta taste his first, and I want him to taste my first as well.”

“Then I hope I get both your seconds.”

“Mmm, now that”d be nice. I can”t wait “til I getta be fucked and filled full too. So, did Blake at least cum and piss in you before you were caught?”

“Yeah, we were working on our third cums. The bastard wasn”t supposed to be home, not even sure why he was, but whatever, I suppose nothing can change things now.”

“Yeah, and I”m glad that you got to be filled up nice and full. I”ve dreamed of that for so long. So, you snuck diapers since you were young, tell me, did you ever suck the gay baby piss outta it in the mornings?”

Well, he blushed huge with that.

“Nice, that blush says you absolutely did, how”s it taste, I love sucking the piss from mine and Trent”s soggy baby diapers, and we love peeing in each others mouths, though I can”t technically hold my pee, when I”m hard, I end up storing some, and it usually comes out the second I finish cumming.”

“Really, I thought I was the only one.”

“Oh hell no. Clearly you didn”t use your internet time wisely, or you”d already know that.”

“Oh god no, I stayed as far from the internet as I could, it just tortured me so.”

“Fair enough, then how could you manage izmit sınırsız escort to fuck other boys and not have that torture you.”

“Lied to myself, huge. Told myself that I was fucking them like the fairies they are, and that that didn”t make me gay. Except, it still didn”t change the fact that I am anyway. You have no idea how many nights I”ve cried myself to sleep. I”ve been so ashamed of who and what I am for so long now, of what I”ve made others do.”

“You”re gonna haveta make amends with those boys, offer to suck them until they can”t cum any more, even offer them your hot soggy diapered ass. Maybe Trent and I”ll join you.”

“I”m so totally gonna get teased and bullied at school from now on, but you know what, I”m sicka hiding who and what I am, so I”m not gonna any more. No one strictly hasta know that I don”t need diapers during the day, but that”s not what I”m gonna say, I”m gonna tell them that I”ve worn pretty much every day since I was little. Thankfully no one”s ever actually seen me changing.”

“Really, even in gym and all your sports, no one”s ever seen you change?”

“No, couldn”t allow myself to see them naked, so I always went to a private stall, so, for all they know, I was diapered.”

“Oh. Dad always ensured that I never hadta change out in the open so that others didn”t see it, but it didn”t really matter anyway, “cause they always knew.”

“I don”t really wanna be in sports any more. I actually don”t even like any of the sports I”m in. I only did so because of my dad. He always pushed me to do his best in all the sports I was in. I always hated it though.”

“Oh, then you no longer haveta, simple as that. Trent says you kinda don”t do well in school, Dad”s gonna make you wanna learn and do well. He has this uncanny knack for making me wanna do my best in my schoolwork.”

“I”m not really all that smart, well, that”s not true, I love history and can tell you nearly anything you wanna know, but I royally suck in math, and am not much better in language arts. I do really well in computer class and woodworking too though.”

“That”s good though, you”re really smart in at least a couple areas, and I bet I can help you with your math and languages, I do pretty well in them.”

“But you”re more than a year younger than me.”

“So, I usedta tutor my babysitter, and he was in grade twelve. How old are you anyway?”

“Almost fourteen, well, in four months. I”m in grade eight.”

“Oh, thought you were older than that and in grade nine.” I laughed.

“Yeah, everyone thinks I”m older than I am “cause I”m so big and built.”

“Yeah, I”m the exact opposite. If it weren”t for the fact that I”m really tall, most people”d think I was only eight. As it is, they”re usually surprised when I say I”m twelve. At least I”m growing nicely in the diaper area.” I grinned.

“I”ll say, you”re actually bigger at your age than I was at the same age, and you”re really not that much smaller than me now.”

“Considering I”ve seen you hard, but you haven”t yet seen me hard, I can tell you that we”re pretty close, but you do still have me beat by a good centimeter or so in length, but I”m really close to the same as you in girth.”

“Oh, so you lied to me, huh?” He chuckled.

“Yeah, but only a little, and only to degrade you a little more, because you needed to be knocked down a peg or two.”

“Thanks, by the way.”

“You”re welcome. Now, like Dad said, we probably should have a nap, and I am getting pretty wicked tired here.”

“Yeah, same here. Would you, you know, be okay if I came and slept with you for a bit, I think I”d really like it?” Jason whispered.

“Actually, I think I”d really like that. When you get up, close the door and the curtains, so that hopefully no one sees.”

“Okay, we”re probably not supposed to, are we.”

“No, but I don”t care if you don”t care.”

“Good, because I don”t.”

Jason slipped out of bed, and as he walked past, I could not help but to groan at the sight of his very cute diapered bum showing through the open back of his hospital gown. He closed the door, then pulled the curtain closed, and as he crawls into my bed, I move so that he has room. I reach over and turn off the lights, and then I roll onto my side, and pull Jason tightly to me, and hug him. He was so tense at first, but then he relaxed, and just as he did so, he burst into tears once again, and cried himself to sleep. I fell asleep maybe a minute or two later.

I wake to the feel of someone shaking my shoulder, when I open my eyes, I see the mirthful gaze of one of the nurses on the floor. Jason must have waken up at the same time, because I feel him shaking in fear.

“So, care to tell me why you boys are together in one bed, when I”m pretty sure you”re supposed to be in two?”

“Jason needed to be held, he”s still really scared and nervous.”

“I understand, really I do. There are other nurses here that won”t look on it so kindly though.”

“Then I ask that those nurses not be assigned to our room, because Jason will be sleeping with me tonight again. Thanks for waking us up though, I think I had a good nap.”

“I”ll see what I can do. I came and checked on you boys almost two hours ago, and found you sound asleep, your dad had left not all that long before, so I left you, but felt that I should come and wake you boys up now, so that you”d sleep tonight.”

“Wow, two hours. Good nap. That mean”s it”s probably really close to dinner time too then, right?”


“Good, I haven”t eaten since breakfast, so I probably should eat. With my problems, I”m not supposed to skip meals even more than I”m not supposed to overeat.”

“Yes, I read your charts, that”s some issues you have there.”

“Yeah, but better that than dead, because that was a close call.”

“Of that I have no doubts. Okay, Jason, let”s get you over to your bed. Do you boys need a change before dinner though?”

“No thanks, and we can change ourselves.”

“Yes, your dad said as much, I was just checking to see if you needed anything.”

“We”re all good there too, Dad brought us everything that we”ll be needing, so that you don”t haveta bill him so much for the cheap ones you give us, for three times the price we pay for the good ones I get.”

“Don”t even get me started on that, boy, the sheer amount of waste that happens here, and how much gets billed is atrocious. I hate it, but there”s nothing I can do about it.”

“Ooh, you and I could have long conversations about that.” I laughed.

“I”m sure we could. Now, dinner will be here shortly, so, you boys behave.”

“Aw nuts, now how are we supposedta have fun.”

“If I”m not allowed to have fun here, what on Earth makes you think I”d allow you to. Honestly, kids these days.” She giggled and walked out.

“I thought we were toast.” Jason whispered hoarsely before getting up and going to his bed.

“Meh, really, why. It”s not like we can hurt each other, or pull out lines accidentally, neither of us are technically hurt or hooked up to anything.”

“True, we”re not supposed to though, but I”m so sleeping with you again tonight anyway.”


Barely a second later, our dinner trays were delivered, and we both dug in. It was bland and boring, it was barely edible, but I ate it all anyway, since I know that I absolutely must eat. Jason wolfed his down as well. I guess he is super hungry.

As soon as we were finished eating, Jason came back over to my bed, we both sat up, put the table between us, and we played card and board games for the entire evening, talking and joking and laughing the whole time. It was quite nice, and Jason is really quite funny and witty. His therapist stopped by on his way out for the evening and heard us laughing and talking, and deemed Jason pretty much cured, and that tomorrow he will get to go home.

Finally we are getting ready for bed, I got up and closed the door and the curtains, gathered up the diaper supplies, and urged Jason into soggy baby bum change position. He never argued the point, but I can see how embarrassed he is from this prospect, because his blush is total. I first strip him of his gown, expose just his soggy diaper, and I can see that he is already hard, and it looks really nice. I tenderly pet his baby diapered dinky for just a few seconds, and hear him moan deeply.

I reach for the tapes holding his diaper on, and release them, pull his diaper out, and expose his hardness once more. I may have mentioned before that he has an amazing dick, and it looks even better now. Looking Jason right in the eyes, I pull his soggy diaper to my face, and as I sniff it and suck it, I see and hear him moan even more from the erotic vision this must be for him.

As soon as I have sucked as much as I can, I bend down and suck Jason in to the root, taking all that I possibly can, and that was it, that was all he could take. I barely caught the signs in time, but I pulled up just in time to catch his first amazing orgasm. Holy fuck, he tastes amazing.

I did not stop though, and even though I know that we really are not in the best of positions to be taking our time, I simply cannot help myself, and sucked Jason twice more. On his third orgasm, Jason only gave up a few drops of his great tasting cum.

When I pulled off, I looked to Jason, and find that he is still in a totally different universe. He just comes down as I am taping up his fresh double thick diaper.

“Wow, that was fucking amazing. I”ve never felt like that before.” He whispered hoarsely.

“Good. Now, I need a soggy baby bum change, what all you care to do during said soggy baby bum change is entirely up to you. You don”t haveta feel obligated to pay me back in the least.” Is what I said, but I hope he knows how much I hope that he does pay me back anyway.

“Oh yeah, and I”m totally sucking you and your diaper too.” He said almost excitedly, and then hopped up and pushed me into his previous position.

Well, it was totally hot watching Jason press my soggy diaper to his face and drink from it, and then when he threw it aside and dove onto my dick, it felt amazing. Trent is a little better, I am clearly Jason”s first, but he is doing amazingly well, and by the time I came for my first time, he was doing superbly.

Jason did not stop, but I do hear him drinking me down, so I must be peeing in his mouth, but then he sucked me to two more amazing orgasms, then taped me up into a nice double thick baby diaper.

“Wow, that was amazing, thanks.” I sighed deeply.

“You taste great, especially when you peed in my mouth. Your diaper tasted amazing as well. I”m getting super tired, though, so, I guess we should get to sleep, huh.”

“Yeah, but do you wanna ball up our used diapers and throw them in the garbage, so that they don”t end up on the floor throughout the night.”


He did so, and then came and crawled into bed with me, and I turned off the lights once again. This time, as I pulled Jason to me, I pressed my lips to his, and kissed him. I heard him squeak a little, and then moan deeply. I am guessing that I shocked him a little, but within just a few seconds, Jason was a very active partner, and I taught him all that he needs to know about kissing, and he is a very good student.

Before too long, we broke apart and fell fast asleep.

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