Michael or Mac Ep. 04

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Hello and welcome to part four.

As always all characters sexually active are over the age of 18 years old.

I have put this in the category of First Time for obvious reasons.

Please leave your score at the end to show your appreciation and if you have something to say, leave that comment.

Michael or Mac 4

“Hi Mac, do you want a lift home?”

“Christ, Terri, you almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Sorry, jump in, and I will explain.” I reluctantly get in and belt up. It’s only about half a mile from my home. I look across at Terri expectantly. She has the same look on her face that Paps did the other day. “Okay, the four of us have been a little concerned about what happened with Josh White.”

“The four of you?”

“Yes, Me, Paps, Susan, and Kim. We are all worried there might be some repercussions, especially after Donna unceremoniously dumped that horrible thing she called a boyfriend.”

“Yeah, I’m not a fan of the guy.”

“Anyway, Kim gave me a call earlier to ask me to offer you a lift home on my way home from the gym. So here I am, only you came out the side gate, and I was parked too far away.”

I sit there and take this in. I’m not sure whether to be angry or happy that they care that much. I shake my head, “thank you, Terri.”

Terri smiles across at me, “can I ask you what you know about this Mitch guy?”

“Mitch? Why do you want to……….hang on. Donna’s not got an interest in Mitch?”

“Oh, I think the interest is mutual.”

“Wow, well, I’ve known Mitch since Middle school. He’s always treated me well.” I laugh thinking about his antics over the years. “Don’t get me wrong, he has his moments, but I’ve never seen him do anything malicious. He always seems to know when to leave me to whatever issue I have. He’s one of the good guys.”

“Well, I wasn’t expecting that. Donna usually gets attracted to the wrong sort. Present company excluded.” We pull up outside Terri’s house. “Here you go, home safe.”

“Thank you. I didn’t think about outside school problems. I will drive or get a taxi in the future.” I go to get out, but Terri grabs my arm.

“One last thing, have a good weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”

“I suppose you want a hug as well?”

Terri’s face lights up, “Now I’m not one to turn a little sugar away, honey.” With that, she opens her arms expectantly.

I give her a hug, “Thanks for being there, Terri.” We relax our arms, and I get out of the car. Then, walking to the front door and let myself into the unusually quiet house.


Tuesday is the first of two lessons a week in music. Both classes are in the auditorium, and as usual, I sit at the back. What is different this year is that we have a new teacher. Mrs. Ellis is an enthusiastic young teacher and likes everyone to be involved. She has left me alone for the first couple of weeks, but she is setting the class a task today, and my name is on her list.

“Right, listen, class…….For the next month, I want you to form groups of two or three. Just before we break for Thanksgiving, we will be giving a concert for the school. Everyone is involved, and I warn you now, this will go towards your final grade.”

A murmur goes around the class, and Emma looks over at me. She gives me a signal that she wants to team up with me, and I nod in response.

“Okay, so fight amongst yourself, and once you have sorted yourselves out, I will take note of each group.”

The noise ramps up, and Mrs. Ellis makes a move towards me.

“Hello, Michael, is it?” I nod, “Hello Michael, I know it might be difficult to pair you off, but……..” She stops talking as Emma walks up beside her.

“It’s okay, Mrs. Ellis. I will pair up with Michael.”

“Oh, right. Okay, well, I’ll leave you both to it then.” She smiles and then returns to the desk at the front.

“Well, Michael,” Emma says, sitting next to me. “Looks like you are going to get your wish.”

I look out at the rest of the class hustling around, not taking much notice of us. “Which wish was that?”

“Getting to sing with me. I must admit I never thought I would get to sing with a famous musician.”

I smile, “you know how to stick the knife in, don’t you.” Then, I turn my attention to Emma, “any idea what you want to sing?”

“Oh god, not really. It will have to be a duet. I’m not singing on my own.”

We sit there watching the rest of the class, still trying to figure what day of the week it is. Then, finally, Mrs. Ellis calls for everyone to be quiet.

“Okay, you lot, hopefully, everyone has got someone. When I call your name, shout who you are with.” She doesn’t call our names as everyone else makes their choices known.

Just before the bell goes, Mrs. Ellis looks up at us, “Michael, Emma, can you stay behind for a minute, please?”

As the bell goes, everyone grabs their bags and files out. We get odd looks as people file past.

“Stay there,” Mrs. Ellis says as she walks up. “Okay, it seems I am new to the school, and nobody seems to want bonus veren siteler to answer my questions. Can you enlighten me about you, Mr. Carter?”

“Wow, I like it straight to the point. What would you like to know?”

“Well, what’s with the glasses?”

“I suffer from photophobia,” I answer.

“And why is Miss Harper so defensive of you?”

“That would be because she was my guardian for a while when my Grammy was ill.”

“Well, that makes sense. And are you capable of completing this assignment with Emma here?” Emma laughs at the question. “Sorry, am I missing something here?”

“Sorry, Mrs. Ellis, but can you keep a secret?”

“I think I can manage that. Why?”

“Have you seen the video that Donna Samford made…..? Well, it’s everywhere on social media.”

“Yes, I have. Oh right, the guy in the video is your boyfriend, and he’s going to help you and Michael to produce something?”

“Not exactly,” Emma says, looking at me to get permission to continue, “Michael is my boyfriend, Mac.”

Mrs. Ellis’s eyes go straight to me. “You are the guy in the video?” I nod my head as she sits down, looking a little stunned. “How have you kept that a secret? It beggars belief.” Mrs. Ellis composes herself. “So who in this school knows?”

Emma gets up, “sorry, I’ve got to get to the other side of the school.” She leans in and kisses me, “see you later, baby.” With that, Emma picks up her bag and hurries to her next class.”

“Don’t you have a class to get to, Michael?”

“No, I passed most classes last year. My next lesson is free, and I usually spend it in the library.”

“Oh, okay. That explains why you’re never in class. So who knows about this.”

“Out of the students, just Emma. Most of the teachers that have been here over five years now, and of course, the Principle.”

“Is there a reason you’re doing this?”

“Mmmm, yes, I lost my parent when I was seven.” Mrs. Ellis goes to speak, but I put my finger up. If I stop, I will not get it out. “I came here from West Virginia to live with my grandparents. Then my Grammy died, which hit me very hard and is when I changed. I got it into my head that people I love died, so when I returned after a year away, I stayed away from everyone that meant anything to me, including Emma, and became antisocial to avoid making new friends. It’s only recently that Emma and I got back together.”

“Wow, sorry to hear you lost both parents and then your Grammy; that is hard. So why didn’t people recognize you on your return?”

“This happened between schools. I grew about six inches and came back looking like this. I used Paps last name, and everyone treated me like the new kid, so it made it easy.”

Mrs. Ellis looks at me, processing the information. “Almost like the Clark Kent and Superman thing.”


“You know, when Clark Kent wears his glasses, nobody recognizes him.” She looks at me, giving her a blank look, “oh nothing. So what’s the chance we could play a little music together?”

I get up and, we walk down to the auditorium’s stage. “So, what instrument do you play?” I ask as we get to the bottom step.

“Oh, piano and guitar?” Mrs. Ellis answers.

I sit down behind the grand piano that takes up most of the stage at the moment and put the lid up. Mrs. Ellis sits down next to me, it feels weird at first, but once we start and get into the music, I slowly relax. I see a look of pure joy and love for music on Mrs. Ellis’s face.

School seems to have calmed down a little from Monday’s lunch break. Emma and Donna seem to be getting a lot of attention about me. Donna is reveling in the attention, but Emma seems to be her usual deflecting self.

I have even noticed a change in the way the guys act around Emma. Gone has the trying to get her into conversations and the odd arm around. Of course, they still talk, but it’s more to bring her into a dialogue, or they want her opinion on something.

Tuesday night, Emma goes straight home after Donna’s, and I am left to my own devices. I spend most of the evening looking for things I will need to take on Friday. Most of which Paps has put away and not told me where to find it.

I ring Paps around seven-thirty, “hi Paps, I’ve been looking for the sleeping bags all evening. Can you remember where you stashed them?”

“Hello Mac, ummmm yes. They are in the attic with the rest of the camping stuff, I believe. What do you need them for?”

“By the time I get there Friday night, I won’t want to make two beds up, so I thought about taking them.”

“Good thinking. Are you going to sleep in separate rooms?”

“I’m not going to presume Emma wants to share a bed, Paps.”

“Fair enough. How has your week gone so far?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking that?” I think for a moment, “nothing strange; Josh shot his mouth off and got a week’s suspension. It looks like Donna could be hooking up with Mitch, and I got a lift home from my bodyguard on Monday.”

“Yeah, sorry, Mac, we were a little worried about you bedava bahis walking to and from the Johnson’s house.”

“Surprisingly, I see your point for once, Paps. Anyway, how is the pursuit of the Parker ranch going?”

“Ahhh, that’s not so good. Old man Parker has been playing hardball, so I’m running around chasing shadows at the moment.”

“Is Buck behaving himself?”

“Yep, he has been remarkably good. I think your little talk made it clear enough. Anyways I have to go. I have some meatloaf calling my name.”

“Okay, hope to see you soon, Paps. Bye,” with that, he’s gone.


I wake early Wednesday morning to my phone vibrating, “hi, beautiful.” I say, trying to open my eyes.

“Hey baby, I missed you so much. I wish we had studied last night.”

“Would have been nice, but you wouldn’t usually see me Tuesday unless there’s a test or we missed Monday.”

Emma sighs down the phone, “I know, but I can’t help feeling that we are missing out on some alone time.”

“Oh yeah, and what do you think we could get up to then, my love?”

“If only you could read my mind.” I have to admit she has the sexiest voice when she talks like that to me. I feel a stirring down below.

“Em, do you realize what you do to me when you talk to me like that?”

“No, but I would like to find out.” She giggles and adds. “Suppose I can wait till later. Are we at yours tonight or here?”

“What time is your Mom back?”

“Oh, not until nine, she has some get-together with something?”

“You really should take an interest in your mother’s life. So, okay, what we can do is you come around here, then around eight, we will go back to yours and make your mom something nice for when she gets in.”

“Sounds like a plan. See you at school, baby.”

“Oh, Em, have you heard from your Dad?”

“Mom talks to him every night, so you best ask her.”

“Okay, see you later.” We blow each other a kiss and hang up.

I drag myself out of bed and get ready for the day ahead.

On the way home from school, I get everything I need to make Kim a spaghetti bolognese. Not much happened in the day other than I heard Donna advertising her live show. I am finding the fact she still doesn’t get that I am Mac very entertaining. What has changed is that all three girls glanced my way when they entered Mrs. Harper’s class. I love the little smile Emma can’t help but give me every time she sees me.

I spend the rest of my evening setting up my equipment for the live show. I know it’s more of an interview followed by a question and answer, but I don’t want to be caught unprepared if someone asks me to play something.

Emma’s a little early, but I am so pleased to see her and be able to wrap my arms around her. “God, I’ve missed your hugs Em.”

“Mmmmm, tell me about it.” She reaches up for a kiss. “You know, I’m glad you grew a bit, I’m quite tall for a girl, and it did worry me a little that you would be shorter than me.” She then comes back in for a second kiss.

“Well, in your heals on Saturday, you was only an inch or so off.”

Emma slaps me on the bum, “come on. We have work to get on with.”

“Kitchen or Rec-room?”

“Kitchen for now, upstairs later, baby” We set up on the kitchen island, and Emma opens her history book. She looks at me, “I don’t know why I chose American history; it’s so hard. Please tell me this is one of your subjects?”

“Em, calm down. If we need to google anything, we will.”

“Mac, before we start, will you…….” She trails off, going a little red.

I wait a moment, “will I what?” I ask, wondering what’s got her to blush.

Emma takes a deep breath, “is it possible for me…..” she’s losing the confidence to ask, so she blurts it out, “can I see your penis later?”

My eyes go wide, wondering if she said what she said. I didn’t need to ask though, the look on her face tells me so much. I must have been taking a little longer than Emma expected to answer.

She gives me a light kick under the table, “well?”

“Sorry, Em, I am a little stunned by your question. Ummmm…..” Shit, what do you say in a situation like this? For some reason, I hadn’t even considered what I would say. I guess I thought that I would get it out when the time was right. But then I suppose that the right time would be if she asks as well? “Em, I don’t have a problem showing it to you. So what were you thinking of doing?”

“I’m not sure; it occurred to me last night that the only penises I have seen are either in schools sex-ed or on the internet. The ones on the internet always seem so false.” She pauses for a moment, “plus, you’ve given me two orgasms, seen my girls and my pussy through my soaked panties. So I guess I thought it was time to see you?”

“You’re right,” I say, struggling and stammering at the same time. “it has been a little one-sided, and I…….I…..no, my penis, cock, dick, pecker, or little Mac, whatever you want it to be.”

She laughs at me, first at my stumbling over my words and then deneme bonus my rambling. The tension between us seems to break, and we both have gained a little more confidence from this. “Okay, I’m not sure.”

“Em, do with me what you want.” With that, her eyes light up, and she gets straight into the work in front of us. The problem I always found with history was remembering dates. So we start by focusing on what happened and how it affected America. I also go through taking notes, making crib cards, and creating a directory for reference.

I pull my laptop out and show her how to make an electronic spreadsheet to cross-reference timelines to events. Emma is soaking this up like a sponge, and everything seems to make sense. One great advantage is that we think the same way, so most things go straight in.

We have been hard at it for nearly an hour and a half. Then, finally, Emma turns to me, “baby, can we finish anything else at home? I want some time for us.”

I smile at her and nod; she packs her things away enthusiastically. Then grabs my hand and practically pulls me up the stairs.

When we get into my room, I think the gravity of the situation hits Emma. She becomes less sure and doesn’t meet my eyes. I walk over to her and look her straight into her eyes. “Do whatever you need to do, whether that is everything or nothing. It is your choice, and if you want me to do something. I will do it no questions as long as I am happy with doing it.”

I kiss her gently on the lips as I run my fingers through her hair. She groans into my mouth as her body relaxes. Then, guiding her to the bed, we get comfortable on our sides, in each other’s arms.

I feel myself reacting to the sensation of having this body I have watched grow pressed against me. Emma groans again as she feels something pressing against her. She grinds herself against me and gasps. She pulls her head back a little and looks at me with raised eyebrows. Gone is the hesitant person that walked into the room.

Our lips meet as a gentle hand presses on my shoulder to ease me onto my back. She follows me down, staying half on half off without our lips separating. The difference this time is that her hand has now got the freedom to roam. Emma starts with pulling my shirt up and running her fingers over my abs, followed by my pecs. All the time, she gives little noises of appreciation as her hand disappears under my t-shirt.

It doesn’t take her long to change her focus, and she moves her hand down towards my drawstring on my bottoms. She moves past the ties and feels the outline of my hard cock through the fabric of my pants and boxer briefs.

Emma gasps, “Wow, that feels bigger than I thought.”

I’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment or not, but I keep quiet and let her explore uninterrupted. Finally, she lifts herself and moves down to my midsection. She puts the flat of her hand over the unmistakable outline of my length and runs her hand from top to bottom, her eyes scanning the bulge, deftly she pulls the strings, and the bow undoes. The look on her face is like a woman with a mission. She puts her hands on either side of my waistband and pauses, looking up at me expectantly.

I lift my hips, and she pulls them to my knees. Her eyes scan my boxer briefs for a moment, then looks at me for final permission before she goes any further. Her fingers hook under my waistband, and again she pauses. I can see she is as considerate to me as I am with her. I smile, and she returns it with the smile that always makes my heart thud in my chest.

Slowly she eases the fabric down, revealing me to her for the first time. Her focus does not leave my pulsating cock as the last layer of clothing slides down the same way as the first. My cock bounces with my heartbeat, and I’m not sure, but it looks bigger than usual. Emma swallows hard as she seems to memorize every ridge.

Emma’s shaking hand reaches out to touch me. Her fingers wrap around my shaft for the first time. “Wow, it’s so big, the skin is so smooth,” with a look of amazement, “and it’s harder than I thought it would be.” Her eyes come back up to meet mine. “Are you okay, baby?”

All I can manage is a nod. This is the first time anyone has touched my cock, and for some reason, that is beyond my comprehension; it feels much more sensitive. My breath has got a lot more labored, and if I didn’t know better, I could swear I was about to cum.

Emma’s hand slides toward the head and gently pulls the skin back. The head pocks out, looking a little purple and angry. Her eyes are fixed on my cock as she studies it. Her face shows total concentration as she first touches it and then gives it a little squeeze, making both my cock and my body twitch.

A smile comes across her face as she explores her new toy. “The end is different, more like a sponge.” She says as she leans down to get a closer look. A bead of pre-cum appears and then starts to make its way down, only to be stopped as Emma picks it up with her index finger to examine it.

She looks at me as if to ask, what is it? “Pre-cum Em,” I answer her unspoken question. She plays with it for a moment, testing its texture, and smells it. A second bead appears, and she scoops that straight up. She looks at it for a second and then pops it in her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32