Mercedes New Sex Adventures Pt. 01

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Part 1 – Candy Arrives

It’s been almost a year, since I last wrote about Mercedes. After her bar sex adventures, I had great plans for her to become my money making whore. Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out as I hoped. Instead, she reverted back to being a good Christian girl. I did call her several times to continue her quest for sexual bliss. At first she seemed happy to hear from me. After many months of trying to get to see her again, she finally stopped answering my calls altogether. I’m guessing her memory finally came back about what really happened at the bar. (Read part 6 of my previous stories.) I do know that she never got married to Tyler, at least not yet. I don’t even know if they are still together. Since she wasn’t talking to me anymore, I thought it would be best not showing the videos to Tyler. Sam didn’t feel the same way though and put them out on a porn video site a few at a time. The one of Mac fucking her with his big black cock got the highest rating. But for now Mercedes is out of my life and I moved on.

A month after I gave up on Mercedes, a cute petite blond named Candy moved in over the florist down the street from my tattoo shop. She was about 5 foot, long blond hair, cute smile, busty, and nice legs to go with her skinny torso. I had to stop working every time she walked by my shop. She was always dressed in shorts or gym tights with a top that fit tightly over her boobs. I wondered where she was coming from, but thought of the gym up the street. For weeks I got used to seeing her saunter by, but then one day she stopped and entered my shop.

“Hi,” she said with a very sensual soft voice. “My name is Candice but you can call me Candy if you want. I walk by your place every day and was wondering if you also remove tattoos!”

I smiled and answered, “Nice to finally meet you Candy. I’m Geno.” We shook hands and my eyes went to her tits. I tried to keep eye contact as I continued, “I can sometimes. I have to see what you want done first to give you an answer.”

She giggled, moved toward my work station and without hesitation or modesty, pulled her tight red shorts down to her ankles.

Bending over and pointing to her ass cheek she said, “It’s this one right here.”

She only had one tattoo on her round firm little ass. It was a red heart the size of a silver dollar with the name Hector inked in black. But my eyes instantly went to the black thong buried in her ass crack. I wanted to move it aside to see what her vulva looked like in the worst way. Her ass was rounded and looked tight and very fuckable. My mind wandered into fucking her doggie while slapping that lovely butt. It was a long fantasy pause before I spoke.

“Well Candy, being in black it will be very painful to remove it. I could fill the heart in black and make the red outline a little thicker. Or since the lettering is fine line script, I could try to make a design around them to hide the name. Either way will work. I’m guessing an old boyfriend.”

Not answering about the boyfriend question, she stood up and turned around but left her shorts down. My eyes instantly went to her pussy, but the lace material covered any flesh that I so desperately wanted to see. Although the outlines of her lips were nicely in view, I thought about how nice it would be to have my tongue licking her cunt. My fantasy quickly dissipated as she wiggled trying to get the tight fitting shorts back over her hot pussy as she spoke.

“Oh I see,” she said still fidgeting with her shorts. “Let me think on it. How much for it to be done and how long would it take?”

Business like I answered, “If it’s all black it would be quicker and cheaper, but I think the floral design would look better but will take more time.” Then I laughed and blurted, “As for cost, it can be $100 or drinks and dinner with me.”

A slight smile occurred as she blushed and didn’t even hesitate when answering. “You’re really cute so definitely drinks and dinner. Can you start on Saturday around 3 pm when I get off from teaching my class at the gym?”

“Sure Candy,” I answered. “But it may take longer then one day. I want to do a fantastic job getting rid of Hector. So what is his story?”

She laughed and again answered without saying anything about Hector. “Well Geno, I have nothing planned all weekend except teaching a few classes Saturday morning. That’s my job at Crunch gym. So I can stop by Saturday after my class to start.” Then she sensually giggled, “But can I start paying you Friday night if you want! I can buy you a drink at Finns to get better acquainted. Then after it’s all done we could have dinner.”

She was smiling from ear to ear like this was something she had been planning.

I couldn’t believe my luck. Here was this attractive very young hot babe wanting to buy an an older guy drinks and she seemed to be excited about me. After the Mercedes frustration, I could use an attractive girl to fuck and her body was very appealing. But then that probably wouldn’t be on Friday. So I laughed and told I would ataşehir escort bayan love to go with her.

For the next two days every time she walked by, she would stop and say hi reminding me not to forget our date. I would always tell her that I was looking forward to it. It looked like she put on an extra wiggle whenever she walked out the door and would look back through the window at me as she disappeared. That was a sign that she was into me and just maybe I’ll be into her hot luscious body after drinks.

Friday came around and I wasn’t too busy. Around 3 pm I took a shower and dressed half way decent. I looked okay for a thirty something guy. I shaved my head and trimmed my bread trying to look clean. I have tattoos on both muscular arms and shoulders, so I wore a long sleeve shirt. My look was the typical bad boy appearance and I tried to tone it down. I wanted to make a great impression because I needed to get laid. I was ready for my hot date with Candy and hopefully enjoying that sexy little body she possess. She had to like me to be so bold asking for a date.

When she came in an hour late, wearing a short flowing white printed dress with a low neckline showing off her cleavage and wearing these white fuck me heels, I was in total lust.

In a sensual sexy voice she said, “Hi Geno, I can’t wait for that drink. I really need one tonight. I hope you like dancing too!”

I was speechless for a moment in my fantasy of mentally undressing her. Then I replied, “Wow! Candy you look fantastic. I don’t know if I can dance with you without becoming smitten. You are really a very attractive young babe being all dressed up.”

She laughed and answered, “I’m happy that you like my outfit. Maybe I shouldn’t have dressed up. But I wanted to impress you. You’re so cute. I love your tattoos too. And those muscles to protect me. You are a very handsome man.” Now I wished not to have covered them up.

We left for the eight block walk down the boardwalk to Finns. We held hands as we walked and every so often she would get close enough to brush my arm with her tit. It was early so we had no problem finding a nice dark table in the back. After hours of getting to know one another, dinner with lots of booze, and dancing; we finally kissed.

I was so horny by then and I put my hand under her dress slowly moving up her inner thigh. She spread her legs slightly apart so I could reach her vulva that was already wet. When I moved the lace covering to the side, I touched her flesh. She moaned in total submission spreading her legs farther apart. My fingers went right for her pussy lips. One then two fingers began the slow insertion into her wet wanting hole as my thumb went for her clit. We kept kissing with our tongues dancing in unison as out lips were plastered tightly together. When she began moving her hips with my fingering, I knew that innocent acting Candy was really just another horny slut. She was exactly what I needed to get over Mercedes. Suddenly, we stopped kissing and she put her hand on mine to stop me from fingering her.

Looking into my eyes with her twinkling blues, she whispered, “Oh god Geno! It’s been many months since anyone has touched me there and I don’t want you to think I’m easy or slutty. I’m really not and am quite innocent without much experience. I’m just trying to be more spontaneous, at least that’s what Hector used to tell me that I needed to do. But you are a yummy manly guy, such a great kisser and make me horny that I can’t help myself in wanting you. If we make love, will think any less of me tomorrow?”

In my world fingering her in public has promiscuity written all over it. An innocent wholesome girl wasn’t what I thought she was at all. But being a gentleman, I took my hand out from under her skirt and smelled the nice pussy aroma radiating off them. She had a sweet scent like that of a flower that needed to be opened.

I chuckled and lied, “Candy, I will never think of you as a slut and it’s been a long time for me too. The first time you walked by my shop, I was in love. You are so fucking beautiful. I will treat you like a princess if you want and be your knight in shining armor. I want you too and would make love to you. Tomorrow I’ll still see you as a special lovely girl.” She smiled and we kissed again.

As we started to leave the bar for a night of romance, a friend of mine named Burt, grabbed my arm and pulled me to him. Then he whispered, “I watched you finger her bro. Are you going to share her like the red head you had a few years ago? If you do, I want to be first!”

I looked at him and shook my head no. I had no intention of sharing this hot gorgeous slut with anyone just yet. Yeah I know, I promised not to think of her as a slut, but I did. I didn’t even think of sharing her at all, until Burt put that crap in my head. And it stayed there all night long.

With my hand around her waist holding her tightly against me, we kissed every so often as we strolled to my shop like two lost lovers. Once upstairs escort kadıköy in the bedroom, we kissed again. I unzipped her dress, pulled the dress straps down over her arms and allowed it to fall to the ground. She stepped out of it. I moved back to get a look at her huge real boobs. Her nipples were large and looked excited. I buried my face in them. I fingered her pussy over the black silk thong, while she pleasurable sighed. After another passionate kiss, I pushed her down on the bed and she fell on her back. There she lay with her D cup tits staring at me. But instead I went for her thong and pulled it off. With her legs slightly parted I finally got a look at her sex. She had nice lightly colored hairy bush that needed to be trimmed. My cock started to grow, as I stood looking down at this lovely horny young girl. She asked to take off her shoes and stockings.

“Sluts always fuck with them on,” I told myself as I began taking off my clothes.

So I told her it’s a lot more exciting if she left them on. Grabbing her knees I pulled them apart to look at her very wet pussy. In a minute my pants were off and I buried my face into her labium. She tasted as good as it looked. The sweet aroma of her wet pulsating cunt got me hard as a rock. The more I licked and fingered her, the more her hips moved and the louder her moaning became. When I could tell she was ready to burst, I stood and pushed my 8″ thick throbbing manhood uncovered into her very wet pussy. She was really tight. As I slowly tried to get my cock all the way into her, she had her hands on my pelvic stopping me and I only got half way in.

“Take it slow Geno,” she moaned. “It’s been a long time since I had sex.”

I kept slowly pushing myself deeper. “How does that feel Candy?” I asked a few times as I began to slowly fuck her.

In between her sighs of pleasure she answered, “Oh Geno it feels so good. You’re so freaking big so be gentle. You’re the biggest I ever had. Oh Geno! It feels so good! Yes! Yes! I knew you would be the one.”

“You feel tight and so fucking hot Candy,” I blurted back. She just kept moaning.

But for some reason I had to ask how many guys she fucked before me. The only real way to get the truth is during sex. As I continued to fuck her, I asked, “Just curious Candy, how many guys have you had gorgeous?”

There was a long pause as she continued moaning in pleasure. Then she answered, “You’re my third.” With more pleasurable sounds of bliss she added, “I’m just 22. I’ve only had two boyfriends and I was with Hector for 3 years and now I have you. Oh god Geno you feel fantastic! I want you so bad! Oh Yes! Make love to me! Yes! Yes!”

I didn’t say anything but now understand why she threw herself at me. So being an ass hole like I am, I decided to take advantage of her gullible inexperience. I didn’t have a plan yet, but I knew one would come to me. So I pulled out my throbbing rod. She opened her eyes with an expression of why did I stop. I told her to turn over. She whined about it hurting that way but reluctantly moved on all fours.

I lightly slapped her ass and said, “You just haven’t had an experienced guy fucking you doggie before. It’s in the technique and you can’t tense up. So relax and I bet you’ll enjoy it too.”

“Okay Geno! For you I’ll try it again,” she groaned as I began to push my cock into her hot hole.

As I continually pushed my cock back in, she whined a little. I kept telling her to just relax. Soon I was holding her hips and driving it speedily in and out of her.

When I asked her again how it felt she sighed, “It feels fantastic Geno. You can go so deep in me. No one has been in me that far before. Oh yes it feels great! I like it! Oh! Oh!”

Taking her hips, I pulled them toward me. Then she started to move her ass back and forth taking great pleasure in feeling my cock. She kept saying about how good it felt and was happy I forced her to try it again. It wasn’t long before I felt her having an orgasm. When she did, she shook for a few minutes. I stopped fucking to let her experience one. I don’t think she ever had one before. Then I slowly started to pump her again. The enjoyment I was having feeling this young tight cunt over my cock had me ready to burst. I pulled her hair to get her up on her hands. I wanted to see her tits swaying in the mirror as I got off. Every time I came close, I slowed down to stop from shooting my load. I wanted it to last a lot longer. After some 20 minutes of ravishing her, I finally was ready to explode. But what surprised me, she had another orgasm just when I pulled out and shot a load on her ass.

When I did, she yelled, “Oh Geno, please don’t stop. It feels wonderful. I want more.” But stop I did.

She turned on her back and closed her legs. I looked down at this gorgeous creature and told her to keep her legs open because I like seeing her pussy after sex. She sat up on her arms, opened her legs and looked at me. Smiling with her eyes twinkling, I knew she wanted to say something but seemed bostancı escort reluctant.

“Geno I have a confession to make,” she started. “I’ve never had an orgasm before and then having two in a row. You are the lover I’ve been searching for. I’m so inexperienced about sex and now want to feel more of them. Can you teach me?”

I was in shock. Not only did she want me to teach her, which wasn’t hard, I now can fuck her as often as I want. It’s not often that I find a very attractive sex starved 22 years old that wants me. She could be the perfect girl. Maybe I can eventually turn from a slut into a whore, just like I did with Mercedes. Then Burt’s comment came back about farming her out. I smiled and answered her question.

“Wow Candy! No one has ever asked me to do that before gorgeous. But if you do what I say without question, I’ll be happy to be the guy that enlightens your sexual experiences. That is what you are asking me?” With a wicked sexy smile and her legs fidgeting, she nodded it was.

I sat close next to her, put my hand on her wet slit, played with her soaked bush and whispered, “The first thing we’ll do tomorrow is shave you baby smooth. You’ll like the feeling and it will give you more orgasms. Trust me.”

She just giggled and answered, “Okay Geno! If it will give me more wonderful orgasms I do anything you want.”

I laughed and thought, “Oh yeah Candy. You’ll being doing a whole lot of what I want.”

We cuddled for a long time and I was getting horny again. Soon we were in sexual bliss, but this time she wanted to be on top. She didn’t have an orgasm again, until I turned her over on all fours. It wasn’t long that her body quivered with a few more cums. When it was my turn to blow another load, I turned her over and told her to open her mouth. Afterwards, she told me that was the first time that anyone had blown a load on her face. I wondered what type of boyfriend Hector was. Three years of fucking this beautiful creature and he never blow it on her face.

The next day and after her gym classes, I fixed the tattoo on her butt. As I was inking away, we talked about her life and she asked me several times if I really thought she was pretty. I told her that she was not only pretty but very beautiful. That’s when I found about Hector.

He was a Hispanic guy a few years older than her and was a friend of her first boyfriend. He kept telling her that she homely and never took her anywhere except to bed. He had her get the tattoo with his name on her, to prove that she belonged to him. He even tried to get her to have sex with others and kept telling her that is what homely girls do. When he got tired of her not wanting to fuck others or doing doggie or sucking his cock, he dumped her. That’s when she moved from the valley to the beach, got a job at the gym and became addictive to exercise. I’m happy she did.

When I finished, no one will ever know the name Hector was tattooed there.

She seemed very happy. Afterwards we went for dinner and I fucked her the rest of the night. As I did, I kept complementing her on her beauty. She loved all of the praises. It was like she was sex starved, wanting to feel more and more orgasms. Being young, she had an abundance of energy and it was a chore to keep up with her desires. But she was exactly what I needed to get over the bitch Mercedes. I knew her innocence will be mine to control, but I had to make sure it wasn’t negative like Hector.

For the next couple of months we saw each other four times a week for fucking and I taught her a lot. She became very good at sucking cock and I started training her into liking anal sex too. I continued fucking both of her holes and eventually began discussing about getting paid for sex. I would only bring it up during our love session because she seemed more acceptable to an idea, when I had a cock in her cunt. I kept telling her that it was the ultimate way to show her love for me. But she kept saying that she didn’t want to be a whore or do anyone but me. Making her a money earning whore is on my agenda. One day I’ll convince her to try it. But right now I need her to just fuck someone else to get her started. That’s when I suddenly thought of Burt.

Burt was a 5’4″ skinning guy. We were best buds in high school. But then he went on drugs and we parted ways. I ran into him the month after he got out from prison on drug related charges. He told me that he was now clean. He dressed like a bum and was always unshaven. Some girls thought he was creepy looking. That was probably why he seemed to always have a hard time picking them up. He told me about all he does is masturbate to porn to get off; I thought he would be the perfect guy to fuck Candy. I do owe him a fuck since he missed out on Mercedes. If she did him, then the next guys would be easier.

Saturday night I had Candy dress very revealing. As innocent as she was, she never had a problem with modesty and showing off her looks. She was wearing a light weight short red sun dress with no bra, tits hanging out, stockings and fucking me shoes. I even talked her into not wearing panties, just the dress. She laughed and told me that dressing flirty always made her fell beautiful, because guys would smile at her. She had no idea that I was setting her up to fuck Burt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32