Memories Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of Memories at the request of many readers. To those that voted and sending comments, thank you very much. In appreciation, I hope this writing is as stimulating for you as Memories.

“I lay there trembling wondering if they were going to do that there in front of everyone. Jean lowered her mouth to my ear and whispered, “Relax Amy, just think, we both want to eat you someday. Just that thought should keep you wet and horny until we decide to initiate you. We know you are going to love it and you will love doing us also.”

The quotation is from Memories and is the starting point for this Chapter.

Monday in Spanish class, I had difficulty concentrating. Erin kept glancing at me from time to time and had that sheepish, I know something, grin on her face. After class, she waited for me and said, “I hope you are wet and horny yet.” My nips went to rock hard immediately, my pussy lips swelled and I got red. She smiled and then said, “Nice, Jean and I sure want to taste you.” I looked around to see if anyone else was close enough to hear that remark. My mouth had gone dry. What could I say anyway? “Jean and I are planning a sleep over at her place Friday night next week just in case you are wondering when we might get together. That will give you two weeks to keep your panties soaked thinking about our tongues taking you to a place you have never have been.”

I stood there frozen holding my books tight to my boobs. “See ya!” as she rushed off. I heard a bell. Oh —-, I am late for a math class. I rushed to the class. Thank God, it was the large gathering in the auditorium. Late comers are not so obvious. As I was sitting taking notes, a familiar odor hit my nostrils.

I do not know if I was blushing but I was getting warm. My mind drifted to a female head between my legs. God I could not concentrate on the class. I decided to call Erin and explain to her that I will go crazy waiting two weeks and my grades will suffer as a result. I would plead for her or Jean to get me past this point so it was not constantly on my brain.

After math class, I rushed to the dorm to change clothes. My God, I was soaked.

I headed for lunch forgetting to call Erin because I was behind schedule. After paying for the food, I walked to the tables and spotted Jean with two other girls. My heart leaped to my throat. I found a different table at the other end of the room and sat with my back to Jean. Half way through my yogurt I heard, “Hi Amy,” as a chair slid out. Then, “Did Erin mention the party a week from Friday to you yet?”

“Yes she did Jean.”

“I hope you can make room in your schedule to come play with us.”

I could not contain myself any longer. “Jean I have been leaking since the other night. It has been much worse since Erin mentioned it earlier today. My mind cannot get the picture out of a girl’s head between my legs. Do you think you or Erin can slip over to my place and get me over this crisis before the party? You two have me climbing the walls.”

I was hoping you would ask. That is why I came over to sit with you. I remember my first experience at being strung out. I figured that by today you would need help. I want to taste you anyway before Erin gets to you. I know see wants to ask you tomorrow if she can be of any help but I would love to help you today.”

“God Jean, that would be awesome. My roommate moved to another college so there is an extra bed at my place.” I laughed at myself for that stupid remark. Are two beds necessary? In my case, we each had separate bedrooms anyway so it would not have made any difference if the roommate were there or not.

“What time should I drop by?”

“Anytime after six; the sooner I get this over with, the better, so I can get back to normal.”

“Amy bahis firmaları your life will be changed just like it was when the guy took your cherry.”

I started to laugh. Jean had that puzzled look on her face and then blurted, “You’re not a virgin yet are you?”

I had to laugh harder. When I composed myself I said, “Jean, I took my own cherry when I used a Tampax.”

We both were laughing, now. I was beginning to relax knowing I would soon know what it would be like to have a girl’s head between my legs. Maybe it would be better than a guy.

I managed to cope pretty well the rest of the afternoon in classes. After class, the anticipation began to grow as the clock marched to the vertical magical six.

As the hands moved past the twelve, anxiety began to take over. I was wondering if she would leave me hang and not drop by.

At six-fifteen, the buzzer rang. My heart began to race. I ran to the intercom to make sure it was Jean and to buzz her in. I was a nervous wreck by the time she walked in. I had left the door open; most of us in the dorm do unless we desire privacy. After Jean walked in, I closed the door.

When I turned around, she was standing next to me. She reached out to hug me and said, “Thanks for the invitation. I am already leaking thinking about you since lunch time.”

She broke the hug and then she slipped out of her shoes and said, “I hate wearing shoes, I hope you don’t mind.”

She then took a finger and traced my lips, all the time looking at them. Then she leaned in to kiss me softly on the lips. My arms went around Jean. I felt her tongue slipping in between my lips. I relaxed my lips so her tongue could snake its way in. As her tongue made contact with mine, an electrical charge went straight from my tongue to my nips and pussy. I had to break the kiss to inhale air. Jean rested her chin on my shoulder as we held each other tight, both of us knowing what had happened because we could feel each other’s rock hard nipples pressing into each other.

I managed, “Wow Jean.”

I heard, “Yes! It even took me by surprise.”

We both were in jeans. I just had on a sleeveless, tight fitting workout top, with no bra. Jean had on a long sleeve, white silk, button-down blouse that simmered or glowed from light reflections. We both had our hair up in ponytails. We both are blonde with blue eyes. Jean weighs about 115, I would guess. I am at 120. She is maybe an inch taller than my 5 feet 6 inches; we both were barefooted so it was a guess.

After we had gotten our breath back she said, “Why don’t we go sit on the sofa and I will sit on your lap.”

We kept our arms around each other as we walked to the sofa. “Jean I know where this is headed. Would it be okay if I strip? I am soaking my panties and jeans.”

“Sure Amy, let’s both strip. I am soaking mine too.”

“Let me get a towel so as not to stain the sofa.”

I ran off to get the towel and ran back to place it in place. When I reached the sofa, Jean was already naked. God, her buns were perfect buns that any model would have cherished.

I placed the towel on the sofa and lifted up to strip, still facing the sofa.

I undid my jeans first and held onto the sofa’s armrest to steady myself as I got my jeans off, followed then by my panties.

As I was lifting my top, with my arms outreached pulling my top over my head, with my face covered, hands cupped my 34C breasts as Jean was pressing her tits into in my back. I stood there and inhaled a goodly amount of air as her hands closed around my tits.

“Oh Amy, these are so warm, and soft. I am going to enjoy playing with them. For some reason this natural feeling is so much nicer than those with implants. Amy, I am going to release you of your tension. Just close kaçak iddaa your eyes and float. We have all night to experiment with each other. I know you are anxious and tense. Let me get you relaxed so we can have some awesome cums together later.”

For some unknown stupid reason I stood there with eyes closed, face covered with my top, my arms outreaching for the ceiling over my head as if frozen.

As Jean began to massage my breast, soft, “Mmmm…mmm…mmm,” were emitting from my mouth. I felt the liquid trickle from my pussy, cooling as it was slowly sliding down the insides of my thigh. I could smell myself. I was embarrassed. I know I was warming up both from the embarrassment and the feelings in my breasts and my pussy.

Jean then used her index fingers and thumbs to begin to roll my hard nipples around while still cupping and holding my breast.

“Ohhhhhoooooo God, Jean.”

My knees almost gave out. There I am still with outstretched arms and face covered.

Jean began kissing my ear lobe and then my neck with soft, wet warm pecks.

She worked her way to my right shoulder and started down my right arm.

She dropped her hands from my breast and began to turn me but not stopping the kissing. The kissing had moved to the top of my chest. After nearly facing her, the hands went to my breast again and the fingers to the nipples.

There I was still with my face covered and arms outstretched.

I felt her stop kissing me but licking me. She was moving her tongue to my cleavage.

Her tongue was licking between them while she continued to roll my hard nips with her fingers.

She was licking her way to my right tit. I was tensing and wanting her mouth to take the nipple. As I felt her tongue at the nipple along with her fingers, I inhaled in anticipation of the shock that was going to hit me. It did not happen. She changed directions and was licking back in the directions of my left nipple all the while continuing with the slow, soft, rolling and pinching of both nipples.

As she approached my left nipple with her wet warm tongue and mouth, I tensed again.

This time her mouth did enclose over her finger and my nip. She released the finger grip, dropped her hand and sucked hard on the nip, twirling her tongue around the rock hard nipple.


My enclosed arms dropped over her back. I arched from the impact, my head popped out of my top. I was now pushing Jean harder to my breast with my arms still locked in my top, which was lying over her shoulders.

Her right hand went back to holding my left tit while she was nibbling.

The hand then left the breast after maybe three minutes and she used a finger to begin a slow crawl down my chest to my navel, with a more deliberate crawl to my mound. The closer she was getting to my mound the more I was pushing her into my breast.

When her finger arrived at the top of my mound, she spread her full hand over it with her middle finger at the slit, covering the mound from top to bottom. Her middle finger began to wiggle its way into the slit. I was tensing more and more. There was not doubt that my juices were running. Her finger was sliding into the slit like a hot knife into butter. When she hit base she began a slow drag of her hand up my mound but with her finger deep in my slit; I knew her target.

God I was strung tighter than a guitar string.

She reached the button, massaged it fast and hard.

“I’m UUhhhhhhhhhhhhh…uuhhhhhhhhh…uuuhhhhhhhh…!”

Jean’s left hand left my breast, wrapped around me to hold me from collapsing as the most violent orgasm I ever experienced was charging through my body as if it were 110 volts of electricity.

My body was shaking uncontrollably. Just as I thought kaçak bahis that it was over, Jean thrust two fingers into my pussy, placed her thumb on my clit and went at massaging the clit again and finger fucking me at the same time.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God, oooo…ooo…oooo…!” as another set of orgasmic waves were rolling over me.”

She slowed down the finger thrusting and let me come down. I was dripping wet with perspiration and exhausted. If she had not been holding me as tight as she was, I would have been on the floor.

I do not know when she broke the breast contact with her mouth. All I remember hearing was, “Okay Amy for the finale.”

She used her left hand to study me, worked my top off my arms, turned me and lowered me onto the towel I had placed on the sofa earlier.

I was delirious. She lifted my right leg, placed the foot on the sofa, took my right hand and said, “Hold your ankle here as she placed my hand around my ankle. I am going to do the same with the left leg now.”

I knew I was exposing all of my private parts but I was no longer embarrassed and cared the least.

Jean then wrapped her hands around my thighs, placed her fingertips on my lips and spread them apart slightly.

“Wow, your clit is so beautiful and so is your pussy. You are so wet. I am going to love sucking you dry.”

She lowered her head onto my mound. It felt as if she had opened her mouth far enough to take it all in. I then felt her tongue gently massaging the clit. I had my eyes closed and could feel the impending storm. The pace of the massaging increased and along with it, my clit desired more pressure. I began to hump to her tongue. The faster she massaged the faster I was humping. The orgasm hit, I arched, with Jean sucking my clit and flicking it. I gushed my juices. I opened my mouth and went, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, as it overtook my body.

I assumed she was sucking up the juices from the slurping sounds that brought me back to the real world. Her mouth felt so warm and nice.

I felt her tongue leave my hole and returned to the clit to flick it. I instantly started to build. I wanted it fast so I started to hump. She removed her right hand from my lips and inserted two of its fingers into my pussy. She finger fucked me while flicking my clit with her tongue. She used her thumb and index finger of her left hand to keep my lips spread apart.

It did not take long and I yelled, “Jean, Oh my God, yes, yes, Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh God, oooo…ooo…ooo!” as my body went into the most gigantic cum it ever experienced. It kept rolling through out my body.

Jean did not stop using her tongue or her fingers. She kept me up, very up.

I kept the moaning up until I was spent.

That was the most intense orgasm of the day. I lost my grip on my ankles and went limp. Jean placed her hands on my ankles to keep the feet up off the floor.

Jean buried her face and kept sucking up the juices as they kept running out of me.

When I had my breathing back, Jean lifted her face and looked at me. I was in a daze but saw her covered lips glistening with my juices. She lifted herself up and placed her lips on mine. I instinctively opened my mouth to taste myself.

As we were kissing she returned two fingers to my steaming pussy, finger fucked me a minute, withdrew the fingers, broke the kiss and slowly moved the fingers upward across my belly, through my cleavage, over my neck and chin, and inserted the fingers into my mouth. My eyes shot open. I grabbed her hand to make sure she left it in place as I sucked and slurped my juices from her fingers.

“You are a slut Amy, a wonderful slut. We are going to have lots of fun together.”

While sucking on her fingers, my eyes lowered to look at her tits. They were perfect in form and probably a C cup like me. I guess she is 32-34 around. I knew I was going to love sucking on them and playing with them.

If sufficient interest is shown, I will continue. I hope you all enjoyed.

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