Meeting Mitchell

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As she drove Marissa could not help but wonder what the hell she was doing. She had some wild moments in her younger days, but this was by far the riskiest thing she had ever done. Traveling hours from her safe, happy home to meet a man? Why on earth would she risk everything that she had in her stable life? She had spent years talking to Mitchell. Years of good natured discussion. Years that had seen her go from a single 20-something, to a married mother. The last year had changed everything. Good natured discussion had turned to joking, the joking to teasing, and that teasing had evolved into a yearning that could only be satisfied one way.

Chain smoking her way across the states, Marissa’s mind raced, what an incredible amount she was risking. Her marriage was amazing. Her husband the most understanding, loving man. It did not make sense, even to her, why she would do something that could possibly ruin that. She just knew that this was something she needed to do and there was no turning back at this point. Or was there? She could always turn the car around. True, Mitchell had traveled a long way to meet her, but he had always made it very clear to her that this was not something she should do for his sake, he knew what she was risking. She could stop this from happening at any moment. But she would not.

Marissa had spent years torn over the idea of meeting Mitchell. She could always reason her way into doing something that she wanted to do. What was the difference between talking sexually to someone, sharing sexual images with them, and actually meeting them? She had told herself that she was already cheating just by keeping in contact with Mitchell and that this weekend would be no worse than that. She told herself this, but did not truly believe it. She was unsure if she would be able to live with the guilt that she was sure she would feel. Would she really be able to never tell her husband this? She believed that having some secrets in a relationship was healthy, but this secret could ruin everything she had worked for with her husband.

Marissa arrived at the hotel. She sat in her car, still unsure if she could go through with it. She called her husband to let him know that she had arrived safely. He asked her what she had planned for the weekend. Just a lot of alone time she told him. Some time to get back to herself. He told her to be careful and call when she could. They exchanged “I love yous” and she hung up.

He had not questioned a thing when she had brought up the subject of her traveling away for a weekend alone. A weekend with no kids, no computer, no worries. Part of her wished that he had. Maybe then she would have given the whole thing more thought. Though this meeting had been years in the making, Marissa could not help but feel as though she was rushing into things.

Entering the hotel, Marissa began to feel nauseous. Her stomach a bundle of nerves knowing that she was just moments from something that she has wanted for so long. Her husband’s last “I love you.” rang through her head. She tried to push it aside, tried to not think about him sitting at home, wishing her a good weekend, completely clueless to what her true intentions were for that weekend. Her body moved as if it was on auto pilot. She walked to the desk, picked up the key that Mitchell had left for her and stepped onto the elevator. Like her body were being controlled by some outside force. And in a way it was. Her desire was what was driving her.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirrored wall of the elevator. She wondered if she was looking at herself as herself for the last time. It was possible that this experience would change her forever. It could change how she lived etimesgut escort her life, and it could change how she saw herself.

She looked in the mirror again, scrutinizing her outfit and trying to put the other thoughts to the back of her mind. She had spent hours deciding what to wear. Though she was sure that she could show up in a burlap sack and Mitchell would still tell her how beautiful she was. She had picked the green dress for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it accentuated her figure. Mitchell always complimented her figure. The dress hugged every curve on her body. The plunging deep v neckline, the belted waist, the a line skirt that flitted out just a bit when she turned. She felt like a million dollars in this dress. Around her neck hanged a jade pendant that she had bought not only because of how it complimented the dress, but also because of how it rested at the top of her cleavage. The one thing that Marissa was not wearing was her wedding ring. It was tucked into her overnight bag. The last thing she wanted right then was one more reminder of what was at risk. She checked her hair in the mirror, gave one last look at the dress and then smiled at her reflection as the elevator reached the 15th floor and the doors opened.

Walking off of the elevator, the feeling of nausea was still there, but it was now more due to excitement than nerves. With every step Marissa was getting closer to something that she had longed for and thought about for a very long time. She was also getting close to possibly changing her life forever. Her heels clicked on the floor, she fountain in the hotel atrium flowed, a room service cart squeaked. Every sound was amplified. She was ultra aware of her surroundings. The sounds were like a security blanket at that moment. If she concentrated on them she had an easier time not thinking about the gravity of the situation.

Room 1550, she was there. The thought to just turn and leave overwhelmed her. Leave and go back to her happy life, leave and forget about Mitchell forever. She knew that was not an easy thing to do. She had tried to forget about him when she got engaged, tried to forget about him when she got married, tried to forget about him when she became a mother. She had tried so many times, but he was always on her mind.

Standing at the door Marissa took a deep breath, knocked, completely forgetting the key that she had in her hand. Everything was forgotten at that one moment when she lifted her hand and tapped at the hotel door.

Slowly the door opened. The moment was finally here. Mitchell and Marissa were face to face. She smiled a sheepish smile, held up her bag and laughed “Well, are you going to let me in?”. Mitchell stammered “I’m sorry, I’m just….you’re just….Yes, come in.”

He held the door open for her as she walked entered the room. She walked past him and laid her bag on the table. Her face was flush. “I am so sorry for taking this long.” “It’s fine.” “There was traffic, and then all of these idiot drivers and…..” He watched her go on and on, waving her hands in the air as she explained why she was late. He knew that she rambled on when she was nervous. Silence only made things more tense for her. “Really, it is fine.” he tried to reassure her. “I know it’s fine, but I did not mean to stress you out. I should have called again, you probably thought I was not coming. I should have called. I should not have put you through that. I am such a jerk, all it would have taken was one..” Mitchell reached out and took her by the hand, pulling her closer to him. “…call.”

Marissa smiled that shy, sheepish smile that he had gotten to know all too well over their years etimesgut escort bayan of communicating. He pulled her closer. She giggled. “Sorry, you know I get giggly.”

“Stop saying you are sorry. There is nothing to be sorry about.”

Now standing directly in front of Mitchell, Marissa felt a great sense of both excitement and trepidation. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in even closer. Their bodies touched for the first time. This was the moment that they had been waiting for. The moment that they both doubted would ever happen. Here they were, face to face. Finally. The years of talking and flirting had culminated in this one moment. Marissa looked up at Mitchell. He was even more handsome in person than she ever imagined. Mitchell looked down at her and smiled. Oh, how she adored that smile. It made his whole face light up.

Mitchell held her close. Marissa resting her head on his chest. They each let out a sigh. Marissa leaned back, looking up at Mitchell she pointed to his shirt. “What, no chest hair?” and she laughed as she undid the buttons on his polo shirt. Mitchell began to laugh too. “What? You know darn well I like your chest hair and I finally get to meet you and you have your shirt buttoned clear up to your chin? Seriously?!? I half expected to show up and you be topless, laying on the bed wearing….” Mitchell’s grip tightened around Marissa’s waist. He leaned down and brushed his lips against hers. Marissa seemed caught off guard, but loosened up almost immediately and kissed him back. It was a kiss years in the making. Years of pent up sexual tension finally being released. Any worries that either might have had about a lack of sexual chemistry, swept away with that one kiss.

They continued to kiss. Soft gentle kisses that lead to more passionate, deeper kisses. They held each other tight. Marissa brought her hand up to the back of Mitchell’s head and began to run her fingers through his hair. What started off as a gentle kiss was now a ravenous one. They could not get enough of each other. They had waited so long. They knew that they had this one weekend together, only this one, and they intended to make the best of it.

Mitchell brought his hand up to Marissa’s breast and gently cupped it. She let out a slight moan. She pulled back and began kissing his neck. She whispered into his ear, giving the lobe a slight nibble, “I have wanted this for so long.” “I know, so have I” he whispered back. He buried is head in her hair as she continued to kiss his neck. His gentle cupping of her breast was now a hungry kneading. Marissa could feel his desire pressing against her.

Marissa kissed Mitchell passionately on the mouth, then kissed her way down his neck to his chest. She tugged at his tucked in shirt, wanting so bad to get him out of it. Mitchell reached up and threw the shirt off over his head, Again they kissed and Marissa continued to kiss his chest. Soft kisses. A little nibble here and there. She ran her hands through the chest hair that was always such a turn on for her. Marissa kissed and nibbled her way down Mitchell’s chest, to his stomach. She reached the top of his pants and slowly undid his belt. His cock was rock hard and begging to be released. Marissa raised back up and kissed Mitchell hard as she undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. She then stepped out of her heels, looked up at Mitchell, smiled and quickly kissed her way down his stomach and to his waiting cock.

With Mitchell’s cock in her hand Marissa began to stroke slowly. Mitchell let out a low moan. She continued to stroke him while kissing all round his cock. Kissing and licking his thighs, his stomach, escort etimesgut gently brushing her tongue past his balls. More than once he had called her a tease jokingly, maybe she was. She could tell that Mitchell was going insane. As she stroked him and kissed him he began to moan deeply. Finally Marissa ran her tongue up Mitchell’s left thigh, along the shaft of his cock and then took his entire member in her mouth. A deep moan escaped Mitchell. Marissa’s mouth took every inch of him, then she pulled back and ran her tongue over the tip, before taking his entire member again. Running his hands through her hair he arched his back, pushing his cock even further into her mouth. She had often said that she had a very talented mouth, and she seemed out to prove that. Marissa took all of his throbbing length a few more times, thoroughly enjoying his nine inches, then licked down his shaft to his balls. She cupped each one gently, then took it in her mouth and kneaded it with her tongue.

“Oh Marissa…..” Mitchell moaned.

Again she took his hard length in her mouth. Looking up at him, she squeezed his ass, just ever so slightly digging her nails into his skin. He looked down at her and gently grabbed the hair at the nape of her neck. Marissa let out a low moan of pleasure. Mitchell knew that this was an instant turn on for her.

Placing his hand on Marissa’s arm, Mitchell guided her back up. He kissed her as he slid a hand up her dress. Her lace panties were soaking wet.. Mitchell pushed aside Marissa’s panties and began to slowly rub her clit. As Marissa let out a loud moan, he kissed her to stifle it. Sliding a finger past her lips and deep into her wet pussy, he began to apply more pressure to her clit. He quickly spun Marissa around, pulling at her panties as he did. As Marissa stepped out of her soaked panties, Mitchell grabbed her by her hips. Flipping up her skirt, he pressed himself to her. His throbbing cock so close to her inviting pussy. Knowing that she liked to be fucked from behind he intended to do just so. He gently bent her over the dresser and entered her from behind. Her pussy was so tight around his cock. Marissa let out a slight gasp. He gently thrust into her. Her ass raising to meet each of his thrusts. Mitchell reached around to rub her clit slowly, his thrusts growing somewhat harder.

“Mitchell, fuck me.” Marissa moaned, while beginning to breathe heavier. Grabbing Marissa by both hips, Mitchell began to thrust harder. Marissa arched her back and was meeting each thrust, wanting to feel every bit of him inside her.

“Harder!” Marissa moaned. Mitchell had explained that he was a gentle lover, but gentle was not what Marissa needed.

Mitchell began pumping hard into her pussy, feeling Marissa’s muscles grip onto his cock with each thrust. Marissa felt the fullness of his hard cock deep within her. His heavy balls slapping against her sensitive clit.

“Tell me when you are close.” Marissa panted.

Mitchell continued to thrust deep into Marissa’s tight, wet pussy, not wanting to hurt her, but wanting to give her what she desired. His hands explored every bit of her body, placing a hard smack on her ass. His thrusts became faster and more abrupt.

“I am close.” Mitchell moaned.

With that, Marissa turned and dropped to her knees, again taking Mitchell’s cock in her mouth. Grabbing the back of Marissa’s head Mitchell continued to thrust. Marissa sucked as he thrust, knowing that he was ever so close. She tickled the underside of his cock with her tongue as he mouth fucked her. Suddenly Mitchell tensed and let out a loud moan. Marissa dug her nails into his skin as came into her waiting mouth. Continuing to suck gently as he came in her, she welcomed every bit he had to give her. Marissa moaned as she swallowed every last drop. They collapsed onto the floor, Marissa’s head resting on Mitchell’s chest as they both caught their breath. She looked at him and smiled, he smiled back.

“Nice to meet you, Mitchell.” Marissa laughed.

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