Meeting Angles Ch. 02

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Josh’s First Adult Physical

If Josh had known what to expect during his physical, he might not have been so anxious for 1 PM to arrive. When he approached the door to Karen’s office, she was standing at the reception desk looking at the file Jillian forwarded to her to begin a new patient account. Nancy, Karen’s receptionist had already completed the new form and created a new file for Josh’s appointment, and the last patient was already gone.

Karen poked her head into the reception area and said, “Come on in, Josh, but I should tell you there’s been a slight change of plans. I didn’t realize mom had another commitment this afternoon, so I don’t have a witness. Nancy has another obligation and can’t stay. It’s up to you Josh; I can schedule you for next week, if you wish, or continue without mom. You make the call.”

“I’m ready and willing Dr. Pembroke. I’d like to understand if I’m crazy or if I have a physical problem.”

“Josh, you’re not crazy, and I’ll bet you don’t have a physical problem either. There’s a much more common cause of your symptoms. Let’s begin, and if you’re hungry, I’ll treat you to lunch when we’re finished.”

She told Josh that under usual circumstances her nurse would do the prep work of checking his paperwork and getting his basic temperature, pulse, and blood oxygen level before taking him to the changing room. “Unlike most doctors, once a year I want my patient’s exact height and weight when they are undressed except for their socks. Nancy would verify that you have all the appropriate inoculations, but we have your records from Dr. Rogers, your pediatrician, and my receptionist completed that part.”

Karen took his vital readings and escorted him to the ornate painted Asian screen used for privacy and watched Josh undress and hang his clothes on the chair. She offered her hand and had Josh stand on the scales before she measured him at six feet and one-hundred-sixty-two pounds. She asked if he wore glasses before she had him read the eye chart perfectly and commented that he had perfect eyesight. As Karen stopped and washed her hands before she continued, she already knew Josh didn’t have a physical size problem with his penis, but she didn’t plan to reveal her view until later, much later.

Karen had slept with several casino siteleri students working on their medical degrees during undergraduate school at Harvard, and she knew some penises that appeared smaller when flaccid were longer and thicker when erect. She also knew that every one of them offered her the satisfaction only a hard penis can provide a wanting woman. Some may have been better lovers, but all were satisfying, and the largest difference was the foreplay and patience some men provided before ejaculation.

She said, “Josh, that’s the easiest part of your examination, but if you’re very patient with me, it won’t be the most enjoyable. Let’s continue with a thorough skin exam. Have you seen a dermatologist before?”

Karen had obviously examined many men before, as she searched his scalp before working her way south to the tips of his toes and announced she saw nothing that needed attention, though she did warn him to be cautious of the sun when he’s working outside. She announced his heart sounded great and his lungs were clear before he climbed onto the examination table to have his body verified free of hernias.

“Josh, are you ready for me to examine your penis and scrotum carefully?”

She saw him nod affirmatively and she pulled his long legs open to begin. He was flaccid and under complete control when she retrieved two stainless steel objects, which he had seen many times before. The first was a twelve-inch ruler to measure the length and the other a pair of calipers to measure thickness or diameter.

Karen wanted to get the diameter first to avoid touching his shaft and creating the possibility of losing the opportunity to measure both length and thickness while soft. She had her research in a notebook at her side and recognized the beautifully circumcised penis in front of her was more than average, at least when she considered thickness. The calipers were specially designed with wide grips to avoid over-tightening a soft item, and she quickly called out the measurement and wrote the number on Josh’s medical chart before she used the stainless ruler.

“Just so you know Josh, I am recording our conversations so Jillian can transcribe it into your medical records for mom. She keeps a complete record so she can review güvenilir casino her work when needed.”

Josh was still soft, and Karen lifted his shaft from between his legs and gently stroked his helmet to start a flow of blood rushing to harden and lengthen his shaft. Twenty seconds later, Josh was as hard as a rock, and she quickly wrote the larger numbers before saying, “Josh, your penis is larger than normal. It’s not huge, but at 6.125 inches it’s slightly more than a one-half inch longer than the average male. That’s longer than over 83 percent of men.”

Karen continued to stroke Josh’s penis gently and said he was a fortunate man as his flaccid length was just an eighth of an inch less than normal, but his shaft thickness was greater than three out of four men when flaccid or erect. Then she asked Josh,

“Have you had sex yet?”

Josh was embarrassed when he answered no, but now that he understood that he wasn’t some freak of nature, he’d like to find an interested girl. He listened carefully to Karen as she explained he always needed to be gentle with a woman, particularly if he’s ever a woman’s first lover. “Make certain she’s well-prepared before you try to enter her, and enter slowly, inch by inch until you bottom out or your pubic bones meet, and above all make certain she’s not infected with STDs if possible. If you don’t know, use a condom for sure, and if you don’t use a condom make sure she used birth control when you go bareback or pull out before you ejaculate.”

“Josh I’m almost finished, but I want to verify you are cancer-free with a testicular cancer check, and you should check yourself every month or have a girlfriend check for you before sex. She may find it to be very stimulating and help her be prepared for Woody when she’s finished. I’m not going to check your prostate, but I want to get a semen sample to verify your sperm count is high and it’s healthy. Do you remember, when we began, I told you something more enjoyable would follow?”

She taught Josh how to feel for rough spots on his vas deferens chords and testicles before she said, “I want you to lie back comfortably while I gather a sample sperm container before I carefully cleanse my hands and your genitals and make you feel much better. I need to get canlı casino a pure sample, and without my nurse to provide the service, I’m going to give you a hand job and point your helmet into the container before you ejaculate. You will need to give me enough warning to get the container in position. Got it?”

“Yes, Dr. Pembroke, I understand.”

Karen said, “Josh you give a woman a real handful, but I want you to call me Karen today. Dr. Pembroke or just doc is fine when nurses are with us though. Are you ready to enjoy something special?”

She had already begun to run her index finger over his helmet and probe into his urethra with her little finger, as she asked if that felt good. She could feel his blood rushing to fill his shaft and wished she could orally take him in her mouth. She hadn’t offered the service often, but after examining five healthy men and verifying they were free of testicular cancer she was ready for a friend to provide her relief from her stress.

She hadn’t been with a man since she relocated four months before, and what few males she remembered in the area from her school days were married or moved to another city. She wished she could take Josh right then and be his first woman, but she was already on the fringe of her medical pledge by examining a male alone. Karen expected Josh to blow his wad immediately, but she was impressed with his staying power and knew he would soon be a good lover when he found the lucky woman to take his virginity.

She heard Josh whisper he was getting close, as Karen worked her right hand faster up and down his long thick shaft and reached for the glass container. He said, “Karen, get ready, it’s coming soon.”

Karen had his urethra inside the glass vial and felt the first surging blast under her fingers, which was followed quickly by three others before the gushes turned to oozing until she noticed the jar was nearly full. She’d never seen such a load of sperm before and removed the jar to the table to catch more on a tissue. She walked to the microscope while Josh wiped himself dry and waited for Karen until she said, “Josh, your sperm is alive and well. I’ll have a full report from the lab next week.”

“Ok, Big Guy, let’s get dressed and have a nice lunch together. Josh, you’re a perfectly endowed man that will make women happy they met you. Just be gentle the first time in case you are the first to explore a virgin’s territory. Remember Josh, a woman’s first time is very important and can affect how she enjoys sex for the rest of her life.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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