Mature Love Pt. 10

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Things have been going wonderfully. Nick and I picked out an engagement ring for me, and we celebrated the event by dining at one of the better restaurants in town.

Arriving home, I made love to Nick and gave him what I considered one of my best blow jobs. I had him sit on the couch while I knelt before him and bathed his penis and balls with my tongue. My lover leaked cum as I worked on his balls with tiny nibbles on each testicle. I held his cock in my right hand and raised his balls so I could lick the area beneath his testicles and his asshole. HE LOVED THAT!

I continued to please him with my mouth and hands, bringing him to a loud, vocal climax.

I stood and lowered my bare pubes on the top of his left knee, working my labia. I got wet very quickly and rode his leg to the point I was growing close to a climax.

Nick played with my breasts and flicked my nipples to where I thought they would explode. I had never had my tips grow so hard. I couldn’t resist his manipulations, bringing me to a climax.

I fell forward against his chest and began to kiss him passionately. I felt so consumed with his love more than ever before. I honestly love Nick, and I hope I can be the wife he envisions.

I suggested Nick fixes us drinks while I went to the downstairs bathroom. I cleaned myself and returned with warm wash clothe to do the same to my lover. We sat on the couch, with Nick’s right leg over my thigh, allowing me to bathe his cock and balls. I finished my cleaning his knee.

As we sipped our drinks, I played with Nick’s limp penis and ran my nails over his balls.

“Baby, the run to the convenience store was great. I wish we could do that at least once a week.” I teased.

“Are we low on anything tonight?” Nick joked back at me.

“I wish.”. I said.

I looked at the clock, seeing it was almost 10 p.m. It was too late to pull anything off tonight.

“Honey, if things go as I think they will, I will give you a show tomorrow night that will be the best yet. I began to run reasons over in my mind that would be suitable to get Kent to the condo.

The next evening as we had drinks on the couch, I asked Nick if he wanted to see me with Kent again.

“Hell, yes. You seem to love that young cock. Do I need to hide to watch?” Nick asked.

My idea didn’t require Nick to watch from afar. More of within arm’s reach. “I’m going to tell Kent I have a flat tire and need to leave early for a meeting. I’ll let him know I’m at a friend’s home, and you can’t change the tire yourself.”

Hoping our ruse would work. I called Kent. He answered on the third ring. I asked if he was available to change a tire for me. I told him I was at a date’s house, and he wasn’t physically able to do the work.

Kent bonus veren siteler told me he was hanging out with a few friends, but he could do it. I asked him where he was, and we determined he could be at the condo in 30 minutes.

“Baby, that would be wonderful. I promise to give you something to make it worthwhile. Kent caught on immediately. Kent told me he hoped I would call. “I promise you’ll love seeing me,” I told him.

Nick went out to the driveway and released the pressure in my tire while I went up to prepare for my seduction. I showered, applied a little makeup, and found a short, sheer bathing suit cover-up to serve as a robe. I put on a pair of my favorite ‘fuck me’ strap-less heels.

Nick was in the kitchen washing his hands when I returned downstairs.

“Damn, you look hot! One question, where am I supposed to be while you service the kid?

“Right at my side. I believe Kent will get a kick out of you being with me and probably consider it a ‘one up’ with you watching. I don’t think he will consider it abnormal. Is that OK with you?”

“Of course, maybe I can learn from the young man.” I moved to him and brushed my boobs across his arm. “Honey, no one would turn my head with you in my life. promise.” I told him.

We heard Kent’s truck in the driveway, so I went to the door to await his knock. I opened the door, giving him a complete view of my body. Kent’s eyes ran over my body, and I could tell he was pleased with what I wore.

“Hi, Honey, thank you for coming. I need to be somewhere very early, and you’re going to be a lifesaver. I allowed him in and walked him to the den. Nick was sitting in a recliner and stood to greet him. I could tell Kent was uneasy with the situation. “Kent, this Nick. Nick is a man who has asked me to marry him, and I will. Nick knows of our relationship and our sex. He is comfortable with everything. Do you have a concern with Nick knowing?”

Kent smiled and told me, ‘If you think it’s OK, I’m good with it”.

I asked Kent if he wanted a beer, knowing he would. I retrieved the beer and brought it to Kent on the couch. I sat with him as we sipped our drinks.

“I’ve told Nick how you filled a void for me when I was divorced. I confessed we’ve had sex multiple times. Nick is my husband-to-be, and I hope all three of us can be friends?

Glancing at Nick, I opened the cover-up, inviting Kent to caress my boobs. I wasn’t disappointed as he cupped the closest to him and squeezed gently.

“I”ve missed this,” I said as I ran my hand over his crotch. “Has he missed me?” I asked Kent.

I could tell he was hesitant with Nick in the room, and when Kent failed to respond, I asked Nick to get the flashlight out of the utility room. bedava bahis Once Kick was out of the room, I told Kent, “Honey, everything is OK. Forget he’s here. I called you because I depend on you. all this is all about us. Kent and Sue. I’ll ask him to leave if you want, but, remember, it’s his home.”

Kent nodded and appeared to loosen up. I leaned into him and kissed him as I took off the cover-up. I opened my legs to allow Kent access to my shaved pubes. His hand went to my labia quickly. I felt the familiar manipulations of Kent’s hand as he moved to find my clit.

Nick had returned to the room and was rubbing his cock through his shorts.

“Oh, yes, right there, yes rub it,” I urged Kent. I didn’t want to come too quickly, so I gently moved Kent’s hand away. I could see his young cock straining against his shorts. I ran my hand up the leg of his shorts and found the leaking head of his penis. I wormed my hand around and touched his testicles. I knew he was ready for me.

“Stand up and take off your shorts and underwear. I want to see what I’ve been missing so much.” Still sitting on the couch, I waited until Kent was naked below the waist. I moved to the front edge and pulled his hips to me until his penis was in my face.

I hoped Nick could see what I was about to do.

I ran my tongue over the head of Kent’s tool several times. Looking up, I began to feed his cock into my mouth. I took almost all of it and then slowly withdrew. “Remember the first time I sucked you off on the deck? I do. I was amazed at how large your cock was. I remember cleaning you when I jerked you off before that happened. Did you think I was a slut?”

“No, I didn’t. I wanted you from the first day I saw you tanning topless on the deck.” Kent told me. “Then when I realized you were doing it to tease me, I thought maybe I could ‘do’ you,” Kent explained.

“I knew you were watching me from Mike’s window. I wanted you to see me. I would have diddled myself earlier if I knew you would screw me.”

I began to work on Kent’s cock by taking him in and out of my mouth. I bobbed on his cock and eventually took him into my throat. I watched his eyes as I took his entire length.

I took Kent’s balls in my right hand and massaged him. It seemed he was going to shoot off quickly, and I didn’t want that. I want Nick to see Kent’s cock in my pussy.

I slowly withdrew Kent’s penis from my mouth. I looked up and nastily told him I wanted him in my ‘wet pussy’. Telling him how much I missed it.

Kent stepped back, allowing me to stand. I reached down and found I certainly was ready to accept his rod. For effect, I slipped several fingers in my cunt and brought them to my lips. Cleaning each finger separately, I watch Kent deneme bonus and then Nick to see their responses.

I wanted to ask Nick if he enjoyed my behavior but didn’t dare risk ruining the happenings.

I knelt on the floor and reached for Kent’s cock. I sucked him briefly and then moved forward to be on my knees and elbows. Purposely I was only four or five feet from Nick’s chair.

“Fuck me, Kent, I want you to cum in me. I want you to show me how much you like it.” I hoped the dirty language was turning Nick on.

Kent moved behind me and slipped his cock in my pussy. Not far, but as he moved forward, I felt him in up to his pubic hairs.

I braced myself and pushed back against Kent’s groin. “Oh, yea, that’s it,” I told Kent.

Kent began to move against and into me. It felt good. I hadn’t had a cock in me since him the last time. I started to match his thrusts, almost pulling out and then slamming him back in. We went at this for several minutes. Finally, I was so close I forgot Kent. It was the cock. Not the man. I came hard and eventually fell to the floor on my chest.

I turned over to see Kent and his unload cock. “Jerk off on me, baby. Cover me with your cum. Anywhere you want to shoot it.”

I used my arms to push my boobs together, thinking they would be his target. I was surprised as Kent slid up and aimed his cock to cover my face. I smiled and told him to ‘give it to me.

Kent worked his cock while looking at my eyes. He wants to degrade me. I didn’t stop him. Maybe he should, for my raunchy behavior.

A minute later, he shot his sperm on my face. I closed my eyes as he began and felt his load on my eyelids, chin, and lips. I didn’t open them until I knew he had expended his load.

I looked up and saw Kent looking at me. A look of pleasure covered his face. Had he just shown me he still feels in charge of our sex?

I brushed the thought out of my mind. I raised to my elbows and looked at Nick. “Honey, what do you think?”

Nick stood and pulled me upright. He kissed me through my cum covered lips and whispered. “I love you.”

That made it right in my mind.

I told Kent I needed to clean up while he and Nick replaced the tire.

Thirty minutes or so later, Nick came back in. I was waiting on the couch for him. He pulled me up, and we kissed. Longer and more passionately than ever before.

“Sue, I love you. I know you did all of this for me. I love knowing you could have sex with anyone,e but you chose to include me in it. I talked to Kent and leveled with him about my condition. The kid understood why we want him in our life. I think he is going to be receptive to our requests to have him. I may find a place for him in our company.

I smiled at Nick. “Honey, it’s our love life. If you feel comfortable with him being your surrogate, I have no problem with it. BUT, I want you to know our love life is ours, and we alone can make it complete.”

We went to sleep, knowing nothing was going to damage our lives.

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