Mature Lady Takes a Young Guy

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Mature lady has a great end to the year and more to look forward to in the New Year.


Babs usually finds the golf club dinners quite boring because by the time the dinner and presentations are over the guys are usually well ‘lubricated’ and retire to the bar, the young people retire to a pub up the road and as she said “We older ladies and I sit about over our G&Ts and until its time to take our rather drunk husbands home!”

However at a dinner earlier in the year the new captain had suggested a disco for the younger members and Babs thought it would at least liven the evening up but not quite in the way that it actually did!

I don’t really dance but when I saw Babs dress I sort of thought she wouldn’t be short of people asking her to dance. It was calf length, shiny black, tight and with a slight stretch in the material fitted over her curves like a glove. It was a bit tight round her ample rear and a bit too low cut to be classy but I thought it would certainly get a bit of interest.

While I got ready in the main bathroom she got ready in the en-suite and by the time I was showered and dressed she was fully made up and in her string and hold -ups and putting on her dress. I was disappointed she wasn’t wearing a garter belt but the material was so tight that suspenders would have been obvious. But I was delighted to see that the top of the dress with the deep slashed front showed off her creamy shoulders and cleavage, and her nipples were obvious through the clinging material.

I ended up the bar with the guys while she initially ended up with the wives until I saw a young very handsome guy ask her up to dance. I later found out that he was the son of one of our friends. He used to cut our lawn before he went to Uni. That would have been about 4/5 years ago and I remembered him as good looking slim shy guy who always appeared to be embarrassed around Babs.

She spent most of the evening with him I thought dancing, but I should have known otherwise because although she was old enough to be his mother, he had told her he had had the hots for her for years and they ended up outside. Where probably because she had quite a bit to drink she ended up giving him a blow job. He had pursued a bit after that but she turned him down because we had agreed not to ‘play in our own area’.


At the club function a few months ago I couldn’t believe how good looking Peter had become when his Mum reintroduced him and I was more than happy to take up his invitation to dance.

Taking my hand he led me out of the bar and into the function room and on to the floor. As we danced I could feel his hard body against mine but not in an overtly sexual way as he led me round the floor. When the DJ was changing the record he stood back and looking at me he said “Mrs W you really do look fabulous even better than I remembered you.”

I responded and murmured “I shouldn’t really say this but you are absolutely gorgeous.”

We both may have said more but the DJ put on a faster record and he led me into a jive. He was a really good dancer and I would have enjoyed dancing more with him but as he swung me round my boobs were nearly bouncing out of my top so I suggested we stop before I had a costume malfunction. I thought we would go back into the members bar but he led me to the bar in the function room.

Fortunately the DJ decided to take a break and we were able to chat. I was surprised to hear him say that he had always really fancied me but had been too shy to make a move. When I said I was surprised he said most of his friends had also had the hots for me. And leaning across he whispered “You were gorgeous and desirable then but you are even more fabulous looking and desirable now.”

Both of us had quite a few drinks and to be blunt I really did fancy him but Bob and I had taken a decision not to get involved with anyone we knew and we knew both his parents very well. I was pleased when the DJ started up again and I suggested we dance.

This time he made no pretence of keeping a respectful distance and pulled me in close to him and I realised he was quite aroused when I felt his hard erection against me. He got bolder when I didn’t pull away and dancing me over to a darker part of the dance floor I felt his hand slip down to my hip and he murmured “You have an absolutely fabulous figure.”

I have to admit that it was wonderful to feel this gorgeous guy’s young muscular body against me and to realise that while I am sure he could have had virtually any woman present he was ‘head over heels’ in lust about my mature body. And I didn’t object when one of his hands cupped my rear and he murmured “I always loved that fantastic big ripe ass of yours.”

I knew we were getting into dangerous territory when he suggested getting some drinks and going out on to the veranda to chat. He led me out and in a courteous fashion pulled out a chair for me. As I sat down her reached over the back of the chair and kissed me. He murmured “You really are very beautiful Mrs bahis siteleri W.”

I suggested he call me Babs.

I was surprised when he left to get drinks and returned with a bottle of champagne and two glasses. When I chided him on wasting his money on an ‘old married woman’. He bent down and kissed me again saying I was the most beautiful woman by far not only in the club but in the neighbourhood. As he kissed me I felt one of his hands take the weight of my right breast and as he rolled my nipple between thumb and finger he murmured “You have fabulous breasts you have no idea the number of times I dreamt and masturbated over the thought of fondling those.”

When I responded with “Well I hope you think there were worth the wait.”

He took this as the green light to go further and eased them out of the low cut top.

He stood back to admire them saying “They are absolutely fabulous.”

Then bent down to kiss me more earnestly and fondle my boobs a bit more roughly.

His tongue was doing exciting things to mine and with the amount I had to drink I was quite unmindful of the fact that anyone could come out and see us until he took one of my hands and placed it on his erection. It felt great and I love young guys erections but it made me realise that if anyone came out and saw me with my boobs out of my dress and my hand between his legs there could be no innocent explanation.

Pushing him away gently I said “This isn’t really a good idea I am really flattered and you are a gorgeous young guy but I am probably older than your Mum. Let us just sit, enjoy our champagne and reminisce about the past.”

Sitting back he looked quite dejected and he asked could he ask me a question. When I said “Fire ahead.”

He said that there had been a few rumours that I had had a few affairs. When I asked him is that why he had decided to try his luck he said “No you have always been my ideal of a woman beautiful, with great big tits, a fantastic ripe ass and great legs.”

But he then went on to say that when he had heard I’d had a few affairs he thought he might be in with a chance.

His frankness amused me and I said “If I didn’t know your Mum and Dad and you didn’t live in our neighbourhood you would have more than a chance because you are gorgeous and I you feel as if you have a great cock. But you should be using it on women of your own age.”

He smiled and said “I have had plenty of women of my own age but it is you I really fancy. As I said I have fancied you for 5 or 6 years and I must have masturbated over you a hundred times.”

When I smiled – he said “Genuinely, over the two or three years when I was cutting your grass I stole a few pairs of your g strings and after every time I saw you I wanked over the thought of getting you into bed.”

He then said to me “Can I ask you how many affairs you have had since you were married?”

I really must have had too much to drink because I had admitted that I had only had a couple of affairs but also some other encounters.

I explained that for a long time I was completely faithful then Bob and I had experimented with a couple of guys and I realised I had missed having young cock and that I quite enjoyed being with more than one guy at a time. When he asked what was the greatest number of guys I had been with at once, I told him about the six guys in Cyprus.

I realised that the thought of these guys having me in all ways possible was turning him on when he suggested we might go for a walk so he could kiss me goodnight. I knew he hoped for more.

We were hardly out of sight of the club house when he rather roughly pulled me to him and started to kiss and fondle me and grabbing me by the buttocks he pulled me hard against his erection and grated “I’ve got to have you -I want to fuck your mouth, tits, pussy and most of all that big ass.”

I pulled away from him and said “Sorry its not going to happen and certainly not here and now.”

As I turned to walk back to the club he grabbed my boobs from behind and thrust his cock hard against my rear grating “I really do want to fuck that big ass of yours.”

I felt him try to ruck my skirt up to get at my hips and was worried about him ripping my dress so I said “Take it easy I do fancy you and I might have led you on but I don’t like being mauled. And let me tell you that trying to force me is not the way you’ll get my ass.”

He apologised profusely saying that he had wanted and fantasised about my big rear for so long he had been quite overcome by lust. And tipping my head up rather gently kissed me. I felt sorry for him and reaching between his legs I felt his impressive cock and balls and as he moaned

I said “Ok I led you on a bit and it not fair to leave you with an erection like this so if it doesn’t go any further I’ll take you off with either a hand job or orally.”

I unzipped him to release a very impressive and very firm young cock and holding his balls in one hand I worked his cock with my other hand before bending canlı bahis siteleri down and taking it in my mouth. As I did so he thrust hard and nearly choked me so I had to control his thrusts more with my hand as he grabbed me by the head and face fucked me. He was obviously very aroused because he didn’t last long and he was soon pumping copious quantities of cum into my throat and mouth.

Impressively he did appear to really fancy me physically because even after he ejaculated he was still pretty hard and would liked to have tried one of my other orifices but I thought we should get back in case we were missed and he appeared satisfied by my promise that I wouldn’t rule out seeing him again. Bearing in mind his earlier confession I couldn’t resist slipping off my string and giving it to him as a trophy or a toy!

We slipped back in and he went to find his parents while I went to find Bob.

At home I told Bob that Peter had admitted masturbating over the thought of having me for years and how I had given him a little bit on account! I knew it would turn him on and he made love to me bringing me to a great climax probably partially initiated by my experiences with Peter. I thought he was finished but in spite of the amount he had to drink he again rose to the occasion when I told him Peter had really wanted to have what he had fantasied about for years – to have my big ass. And I ended up being buggered by hubby rather than a young stud.


Babs had fielded Peter’s requests for a date and he eventually moved down to London for a career in banking. But I think she was secretly hoping he would be at the pre Christmas dinner. This was a less formal affair and the dress she had chosen was if anything sexier than the previous one being a good 4 ” above the knee and totally sculpted to her big jutting buttocks. It wasn’t as low cut but the material was even more clinging round her big unbraed breasts and her nipples were fairly obvious. I teased her that she had dressed to impress her young stud!

I didn’t see him at the meal and I was sitting drinking in the bar In the function room with three of the guys while Babs was in the members lounge with the wives out of earshot. The DJ had started up and we were about to move into the quieter lounge when to my surprise I saw Babs coming in with Peter.

Taking his hand. she led him over to let me know she was going for a dance with him. Knowing that this guy had had previously taken her outside and she had given him a quick blow job, I don’t know whether this was to tease me for not dancing with her or to reassure me nothing would happen this time.

As they walked away I noticed most of my mates eyes were glued to Babs big jutting buttocks perfectly displayed in the skin tight dress and actually bouncing because of her 5″ heels and her wearing suspenders. I always think that a combination of higher heels and suspenders actually make a woman walk much sexier.

The DJ started with fairly quick number which Peter and Babs started to jive to. I have to admit he was a good dancer – I’m terrible. I noticed my mates’ conversation had stopped and all eyes appeared to be on Babs’ bouncing tits and the odd flash of creamy thigh as her skirt rode up above her stocking tops. Joe, an early thirties guy, advised that I should keep an eye on Peter and her, as Peter had developed quite a reputation for scoring with members wives and with Babs looking so hot it wasn’t surprising he had targeted her.

I think they were a bit stunned when I said I wasn’t worried as he had been chasing her since the dinner dance and the worst that could happen was that Peter might get the ride of his life, Babs get a good bit of young cock and be nicely warmed up for me when I got her home!

With Joe having opened the conversation and my response, this rather opened the ‘flood gates’ and I was amazed at how quickly Babs assets became the focus of some pretty frank comments. And with all of us having consumed quite a bit of alcohol this stimulated quite a lot of discussion about how lucky I was to have such an attractive wife with such a great body and one that wasn’t embarrassed to dress to show it off.

I knew quite of few of my mates had sort of fancied Babs but I hadn’t ever heard such frank comments about her tits, nipples, thighs, legs and most of all her big ripe jutting buttocks as she continued to strut her stuff on the dance floor with Peter in the faster numbers and we noticed him holding her very close in the slower ones. I hadn’t realised just how much I was envied and how she could probably have any of my mates.

When the DJ took a break she called time on her dancing with Peter and went back in to join the other wives but the guys now well fuelled started to quiz me on whether Babs was as hot as she looked in bed, whether the rumour was true that she had run off with a young black guy, did I mind her dressing to show her assets, did I mind her getting hit on by young guys?

I had enough to drink to feel able to boast about my sex canlı bahis life with Babs, but I suggested if we were going to discuss my sex life we should go somewhere less public and taking our drinks we went through into the committee room off the members bar.

In answer to their questions I confirmed that Babs was as hot as she looked – she had a lovely ripe body and knew how to use it to please me. I explained that Babs as busty blonde had always attracted guys and initially I suppose I would have been a bit jealous. We had good sex until the kids came along and then a combination of her being busy with job and kids, and getting a bit Mumsy it tailed off a bit and I had a couple of affairs. Babs reacted by deciding to spice up our sex life and showing that other guys could appreciate her assets by dressing sexier. This led to me sharing Babs with two young guys when we were on holiday in the Lake district and I found it was a real turn on to see young guys want my wife and an even greater turn to see her take them. We both enjoyed the experience and it spiced up our sex lives but it also turned on a bit of a switch with Babs who realised she loved seeing young guys desire her and she was frank about really enjoying taking hard young cock.

She started to dress much sexier and obviously more guys came on to her. I got busy at work and at the club ( when I was captain) and Babs having had a taste of young cock wanted more cock than I was giving her. When we were first living in Edinburgh, she was in her 40s and went to a ‘works do’ and a young guy previously a colleague told her how she had been a fantasy for most of the guys before she left. She was showered with compliments all night and ended up going back to a flat with him and a young black guy from London up on secondment. She enjoyed it and especially the black guy with whom she started a passionate affair. When I learned about it, I asked her to leave and she went to live with him while I moved to Glasgow.

Initially she loved being a bit of a mature trophy girlfriend for a much younger good looking guy and he was a very good energetic lover and yes, he had a big cock! He was the envy of his friends as he encouraged to dress to show off her mature assets and he had obviously told them that she was up for virtually anything. She had quite enjoyed being the centre of attention with his mates many of whom wanted the experience of having a mature white woman and had several group sex experiences with him and his friends. Including the weekend when I asked her to leave and she went to his flat she found that his brother and friends were visiting and a bit on the rebound from me the first night she slept with his brother and him and after a very boozy night the following night slept with all five of them.

She said it was a very odd time for her having thrown off the traces of married domesticity she felt a real freedom and in some ways she enjoyed seeing the looks of disapproval she got when she was out wearing really sexy outfits with Carl and his friends. On a long weekend visit to London with Carl to see his mates she had felt really dangerously exciting to be the only white woman in a club full of mainly black guys and to see and hear how several lusted after her.

She did have some good times with him over the month he was with him as he was a good lover with a fabulous cock but more and more he appeared to want to share her with his mates.

The more she shagged his mates to please him the more demanding he became and he was soon encouraging her to party regularly with two, three or more of his mates. Some times it was really good and she was brought to climax several times but on other occasions it was clear she was just being totally used for the guys pleasure. On the final occasion when they all had a lot to drink she was ‘gang banged’ hard by him and two young mates neither of whom had had a mature white woman or a mature woman’s big rear. They were very turned on by getting unrestricted access to a mature white woman’s body and she was taken hard in various combinations including being roughly sodomised several times by all three of them.

One guy just couldn’t get enough of her ass and sodomised her very roughly twice after the others had finished he seemed to actually enjoy hurting her because although she had a lot to drink she remembered him slapping her rear hard as he pleasured himself deep in her bowels. She hadn’t realised just how much punishment her body had taken until she woke the next morning to find the guys gone and went into the bathroom for a shower. She was literally covered in ejaculate on her hair, face, breasts and garter belt, her stockings were laddered and she had bruises on her breasts and buttocks where she had been roughly groped. However what concerned her most was that her anus was ripped and bleeding and gaping from the traffic it had taken. She realised that Carl was making her a ‘black cock slut’ and with the not unpleasant buggering she was getting from him ( most nights as he loved her big fat white ass’) plus the hard sodomising she was getting from his mates she was in real danger of being permanently injured. So she called and asked could she come home. I agreed and after he moved to London we moved back to Edinburgh.

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