Massage Fills Girl on Girl Fantasy Pt. 02

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I still had an hour left of my massage with Danielle and I wanted to make sure I made it worth her while. The first hour went by in a flash.

Danielle had been a client of mine for a little over a year. She was a married mom with a few kids that drove her up a wall. She always seemed super stressed and I knew she looked forward to her monthly massages. I tried my best to make sure she was relaxed and rejuvenated after our sessions.

I was single and didn’t have anyone special in my life. I liked it that way. It was nice not being attached to anyone – it made it easy to have my needs met at the drop of a hat without having to explain myself to anyone when I got home. Being a masseuse gave me ample opportunity to find individuals who needed…extra attention. I made sure to find clients that were willing to take part in the extra services I offered.

It took me a while to figure out Danielle. I wasn’t sure what she’d be into at first. I knew she was married and that her husband knew how to satisfy her in bed, but I could always tell there was something more beneath the surface. As I performed my massages, she always seemed extra into them and her slight body movements and adjustments showed me that she was longing for more. I was an expert in the art of subtlety and usually could tell when someone was wanting more.

She would let out sighs and almost moans as I neared certain parts of her body. I tried to pay extra attention to the places around her erogenous zones london escorts – ears, neck, inner thighs, etc. I was always gentle and would caress her softly. If she had a penis, I guarantee it would be standing at attention. It was no surprise she was very turned-on during our sessions.

Today we finally broke through. I was hoping today would be the day when I could make a move and show her how much I really did want to satisfy her. When it was time for her to take her place on the table under the sheet, she simply dropped her robe without giving me a chance to give her some privacy. And I even saw her look my way when I was bending over to get the lotion out of my bag. There’s no way she missed seeing that under my skirt, there was nothing but bare pussy.

The massage had started out innocently enough. I wanted to easy my way into her and that’s just what happened. She gave me the green light as I started lightly brushing against her labia. I wound up climbing on the table and straddling her face. We ate each other out until we both came.

We were now sitting on the couch, catching our breath. “Whenever you’re ready, we can get the massage going again,” I said to Danielle.

“Sounds good to me,” she responded, with a wink. And with that, Danielle was back on the table. I covered her with the sheet and only exposed the areas I wanted to work on, as if nothing had ever happened.

I went back to her head and neck and massaged her shoulders and neck. london escort I rubbed her earlobes and her scalp. I massaged her scalp and she shuddered at my touch. I leaned in and kissed her gently on the mouth. She opened her mouth slightly and I stuck in my tongue. I pressed my lips hard against hers and continued to tongue her mouth. I gently bit her lip as I pulled away from our passionate kiss. I started kissing her neck, nibbling around her earlobes and sucking on them.

“You taste so good,” I whispered in her ear.

I continued to kiss her neck and worked my way down her chest. When I got to her breasts, I lightly licked her nipple. I sucked on the skin around her areola. I tried not to leave any marks that she’d have to explain later. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and stuck as much of her warm, soft breast into my mouth as I could. I sucked and sucked on her tit, grabbing her other one with my hands and massaging it roughly.

I moved one of my hands down to her crotch. I started kissing her belly as I ran my hand along her inner thigh. I only lightly grazed against her pussy, teasing her as much as I could. I lightly brushed against the lips on her pussy and she started to moan. I continued to gently pass my hand across her opening and each time she lifted her hips up into my hand, encouraging me to touch her more.

I laid my palm against her pussy and pressed up lightly. I just wanted to rub against her clit without sticking my fingers inside london escort agency of her. I rubbed my palm hard against her and she pressed her hips into my hand. She was writhing and moaning loudly now, humping my hand. I slid two of my fingers inside of her and flexed my fingers against her G-spot. I flexed and flexed my fingers as she continued to press up her hips. She had her knees spread open wide and I had full access to her wet, dripping, delicious pussy.

I started kissing the top of her opening right on her clit. I continued to finger her, slipping my pinky finger into her anus. As soon as I pushed it inside of her, she jerked her head up and let out a gasp.

“Shhh…you’re alright,” I assured her. “Just lay down and relax.”

She laid her head down but arched her back. She was straining to stay on the table in this position. I fingered her pussy and asshole gently, being sure to continue licking and nibbling on her clit. She let out a loud moan and I could feel her vagina start flexing against my fingers.

“Oh god I’m cumming! Fuck, Zoe I’m cumming!” She screamed.

I shoved my fingers roughly in and out of her pussy, smacking my palm against her opening to help her climax be as strong as possible. I fucked her hard with my fingers. She shuddered and twitched as she continued to cum. I rubbed and rubbed her pussy until she started to go limp.

“How do you feel now Danielle?” I asked.

“Zoe, that was amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before,” Danielle answered.

“You’re welcome, you definitely deserve it.” I lightly kissed her on the mouth then went about packing up my things. That massage will definitely be one she won’t forget any time soon. Mission accomplished.

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