Marte’s Challenge No. 3

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All participants in this story are over 18. This story contains light lesbianism, public sexuality, toys, sexual frustration, and some fun. This is part of a long ongoing chain of stories between three adult women who own a business together. This story can be enjoyed as a stand alone story.


“Come on Terra! We aren’t going to do this again” Marte said.

“Are you crazy? This is going to be the best challenge ever!” Terra replied.

Marte rolled her eyes at her girl friend then stood up and headed to the refrigerator to pour herself a glass of cucumber water. If she gave in to Terra, there is no telling what horror she would be submitting herself to. Terra, being the most sexual woman she had ever met, has subjected her to many crazy challenges, including wearing a vibrating toy downtown, giving her commands on how to have sex with her boyfriend at the time, and having her allow Terra to touch her sexually for the first time. Granted, she enjoyed every challenge. The one with Terra no doubt awakened her subdued love for Terra. She just didn’t feeling like doing another challenge.

Terra spoke loud enough for Marte to hear her in the kitchen. “Come on, you haven’t done a challenge in several months. Besides, you have given me much worse challenges than I have given you. I mean, you had me be a submissive in a domination club for Christ sake.”

Returning to the living room, Marte was practically choking on the water in her mouth as she tried not to laugh out loud. After she swallowed the water, she said, “That was awesome and you know damn well that you enjoyed it.”

“You are getting off track. If I tell you a little bit about the challenge, will you at least consider it?”

“Fine! Tell me about it.”

“The challenge only involves you and me and Cindy, well and a few thousand unsuspecting tourists…but they will be none the wiser.”

Marte sat down the glass of water on the end table and threw her hands on her hips. “I am not redoing the shell challenge downtown. You are crazy if you think I will have an orgasm in front of people I know again.”

“See, that is what is awesome about this challenge. You won’t be around anyone you know other than Cindy and I will.”

Just before Marte was to inquire about more details, the door bell rang. Marte walked over to the front door and opened it to find her other good friend and business partner standing in the doorway. Marte stepped out of the way and let her friend inside, knowing that she had already been set up.

“Oh, what brings you by tonight?” Marte asked in a sarcastic tone, certain she already knew the answer.

“Well, I thought we would have a few glasses of wine then film a threesome.”

“What? That is my challenge? No way in hell.”

Cindy and Terra burst out in laughter. Cindy said, “No, silly. I was just kidding. Has Terra convinced you to go on a road trip with us yet? I am hoping it won’t be just Terra and I. You know she will drive me crazy without you to be the buffer.”

Marte and Cindy sat down on the couch to face Terra who was sitting on the couch opposite them. Terra hadn’t mentioned anything about a road trip. Marte sat quiet for a second, ignoring the other two girls’ chatter, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. So the challenge involved just the three of them, but around hundreds of unsuspecting people and a road trip. Perhaps they were going to Walmart or Costco? She knew they wouldn’t road trip across the country because they had to be back to work on Monday and no road trip like that could be done in two days.

“Give me more details, please,” Marte asked.

“Not now. We have already given you too many details right off the bat. I tell you what, let’s forget about this challenge thing until the morning and have some fun tonight.”

Terra shook her head in agreement with Cindy. “That is a great idea. Let’s all have a glass of wine, or two, or three.”

As she finished speaking, Terra stood up, headed into the kitchen and pulled a bottle of wine from the wine refrigerator. She grabbed a wine opener from the drawer, popped the cork, then grabbed three wine glasses from the cabinet. Cindy entered the kitchen to help Terra carry the glasses of wine and a bag of pretzel sticks. Marte stayed in the living room, wondering if they were concocting a further strategy or if this was indeed part of the strategy. She decided she was not going to be a sour puss this time and whine about the challenge all night. Instead, she would wait until right before they left to throw a fit.

The girls spent the night sitting in the living room chatting while sipping on wine and eating the pretzel sticks. When it began cooling off outside, they started a fire and sat by the fireplace. The conversations covered a wide array of topics from Terra’s sexual frustrations, to work, to weird situations with customers, and to a local man’s crush on Marte before turning to an in depth conversation about the energies in the world that exist though they couldn’t be seen.

“I am tired,” Terra yawned and stretched her hands above her bahis firmaları head. “I think it is time for us to go to bed. We have to be up at the crack of Marte for our road trip. Oops, I mean the crack of dawn.”

Marte gave Terra a condescending look then shook her head in disapproval. “You didn’t say we had to leave early. Tomorrow is Saturday. You know I like to go into town and have coffee on Saturday mornings.”

Cindy chimed in. “Well, sometimes a routine shakeup is good for you girl. Let’s hit the sack.”

Marte stood up, followed by the other two girls, and headed into the master bedroom. Like many times before, the three of them cuddled up in the master bedroom to retire for the night. Besides a couple playful touches from Terra, it did not take long for Marte and her friends to fall asleep.

In the morning before the sun had even risen, Marte was wakened by the roving hands of her lover. “Are you serious Terra? Can’t you keep your hands to yourself one waking moment?”

Terra chuckled. “I thought you said you loved the way my hands touched you.”

“Yes, but not every waking second of my life.”

Marte rolled out of bed and stumbled to the master bathroom with both eyes barely open. She hoped one of the girls would brew a pot of coffee while she showered. She turned on the shower and slowly pulled her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. After pulling her shirt over her head, she checked to make sure the water was the right temperature then stepped inside the shower and closed the glass door behind her.

She lathered her body with soap and prepared to rinse off when she heard the glass door open. Jumping back to the corner of the shower, her wide eyes watched a naked Terra join her. Terra entered with a wicked smile on her face, cornering Marte in the small, square shower.

“For Christ sake! You really are not going to leave me alone this morning are you?”

Terra’s eyes look her up and down, Marte watched intently as Terra’s face moved towards her. Closing her eyes, Marte felt warm, soft lips press against her mouth, followed quickly by two hands sliding across her body just below her armpits. The hands moved down her soapy ribs before resting on her hips. This is romantic, she thought to herself. If Terra were soft and sensual like this all the time, she would be more receptive to her multiple advances.

Marte arched her back and pressed her breasts against Terra’s body. The soft kisses and gentle touch was making her body feel alive. Tingles ran down her spine and in between her legs. Placing her hand against the back of Terra’s head, she pulled her lover in closer. Marte kissed the warm lips with passion.

“MMM” she heard Terra moan.

Within minutes, Terra had her body all worked up and wanting for more attention. Terra’s hand roamed around her body, but avoided the most sensitive spots, to Marte’s chagrin. If the hands did not find their way to her nipples and labia soon, Marte would move the hands for Terra. As if Terra were reading her mind, one of Terra’s hand softly brushed down between Marte’s spread legs, barely grazing the skin. Marte moaned softly, enjoying the touch and encouraging her girlfriend to continue.

Like this was part of a grand scheme, Cindy said from a few feet away, “Come on girls. We don’t have all morning. We’ve got to get going. The coffee is almost done and I need to get in there before all the hot water is gone, so get your arses out of there.”

Marte grabbed Terra’s hand and held it firmly between her legs as her eyes opened, staring at Terra, telling her lover with unspoken words that she had better continue. Terra stared back into her eyes before pulling her hands away.

“You heard her. I got lost in the moment and forgot we had to go.”

“Bullshit you did!” Marte said as she watched Terra grab the bottle of body wash and begin lathering up.

Marte bumped her hips into Terra, pushing her out of the path of the spraying water, rinsed off then stepped out of the shower and slammed the door behind her. She dried of, feeling her blood pressure rise. Terra is definitely not getting any anytime soon after that stunt, she thought to herself.

After dressing in a pair of shorts, a loose t-shirt and walking shoes, Marte made her way into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. She sipped her coffee and enjoyed a breakfast roll while waiting on the other two girls to get ready. Looking outside, she noticed rays of morning sun beginning to cast light on the darkness.

Twenty minutes later, the vehicle was packed. The girls climbed inside Cindy’s SUV and headed down the mountain. Cindy was driving with Marte next to her in the passenger seat and Terra positioned in the middle of the back seat. Marte could not believe the ladies had not divulged any more information about the challenge. This frightened her.

“So where are we headed?”

She saw Terra lean forward between the two front seats and hold out three tickets. Marte took one of the tickets and inspected it. The mouse ears on the left side of the ticket were a dead give kaçak iddaa away. She could not believe they were going to Disney Land. It was at that moment that her heart beat quickened. Things were starting to add up. She was going to have to do a challenge in the kid’s park surrounded by hundreds of families including little children?

“No way.” Marte heard herself blurt out. “You have got to be kidding me. There is no way I am going to do a challenge in front of kids.”

Cindy, always the voice of reason, glanced over at Marte then turned back to the road. “It won’t be as bad as you are imagining. Trust me, the kids will never know what is going on around them. Neither will the parents.

The whole two hour trip to the park, Marte argued with them and insisted she was not going to participate, though she knew deep down inside that she would end up giving in like she always did. That was the worst part. The girls surely knew that she wouldn’t turn down the challenge. After all, there hadn’t been a challenge she turned down or regretted yet, though the challenges certainly terrified her while they were taking place.

Cindy paid for the parking space and found a spot in the middle of the huge parking lot. Marte could feel her muscles tense, filled with chagrin. When the vehicle came to a complete stop, she felt the urge to open the door and head for the hills, so to speak. But she knew it would do her no good.

Feeling something plop on her lap, Marte looked down to see a new toy sitting on her shorts. It looked like a humming bird. Terra had described this toy to her a few weeks back while searching for new toys on an adult toy website. She should have known Terra would order it. Trying to stall time, Marte left the toy on her lap.

“Come on, put it on.” Terra exclaimed from the back seat. “We will not turn it on past low unless you are in a place where no one will be able to notice.”

Marte exhaled loud enough for the ladies to hear her displeasure then moved the hummingbird looking toy to the side. She began unbuttoning her shorts and unzipping them. Thankfully Cindy had tinted windows so no one would be able to see her undressing. Keeping her socks and shoes on, Marte removed her shorts, grabbed the toy and placed the her legs between the two skimpy bands that looked just like a g-string. She pulled the bands up around her waist, lifting her hips, and adjusted the size until the toy was pressed firmly against her labia and the bands hugged her hips. She wiggled her butt cheeks trying to get used to the string between her ass.

After putting her panties and shorts back on, she closed her eyes and said a prayer of mercy. She knew these two girls would not be kind to her, but it didn’t hurt to say a wishful prayer. Ready to get this over with, she opened the passenger door and stepped out into the beautiful sunny day. She had not been to Disney Land since she was a kid and had mentioned wanting to return, but this is not how she had planned her visit to go.

Before she even took a step toward the entrance, she unexpectedly felt a soft tingling between her legs. The soft sensations caused her butt cheeks to clench. Her legs muscles tightened momentarily. “Come on. Already?”

After hearing the two ladies giggle out loud, Marte heard Terra’s rebuttal. “Hey, I thought you should get warmed up and used to it now before we get in the middle of crowds. As promised, it will not go higher than low unless you are in a safe space.”

Marte felt the soft vibrating wings of the toy kiss her labia with each step she took. The small beak that dipped inside of her made her secretly want even more inside. She could do without the vibrations pressing against her clit, which would ultimately torment her the most. Taking a deep breath, she prepared herself for the torturous day, then walked through the front gates.

She was surprised when the vibrations stopped altogether once she entered the park. She wasn’t sure which lady had the wireless controller, but if she had to guess, it would be Marte, the devious one. Feeling a tug on her arm, her body headed in the direction of the first roller coaster. There was not a long line for this ride. The three of them stood at the back of the line, only ten people deep. The vibrations returned. Marte grabbed onto the metal railings to stabilize herself. The vibrations felt a little stronger this time. She wasn’t sure if that is because she was turned on or if the vibrations had truly increased.

Opening her eyes, she watched Terra lean in close and give her a soft kiss on the back lower part of her neck. The warm, wet lips sent shivers through her body. She looked around to see if anyone was watching. It felt as though everyone would be staring at her, but her insecurities were not justified. Everyone seemed to be going about their own business as they walked by and the people in front of her in line were talking among themselves. Marte wondered how long she would be tortured before she was to endure the ultimate finale.

Within a few minutes, the three of them were sandwiched into a car. The attendant kaçak bahis pushed the lap bar down across their laps and made sure it locked in. Marte felt as if the vibrations between her legs could move through her body to her knees that were pressed up against the lap bar. As the ride began to move forward, she felt Terra’s hand softly move up and down her inner thigh.

Marte swatted her hand away just before the ride started a steep incline. A second later, the vibrations intensified greatly. Marte’s body tensed up. Her hands held onto the lap bar with all her might. “Oh my god!”

She heard a girl’s little squeaky voice in front of her say, “She must be afraid daddy.”

Upon hearing the voice, Marte opened her eyes to see who was speaking. The little girl quickly turned around and looked at Marte. The little blonde haired girl, maybe eight or nine years old, was sitting in between her parents. Marte felt like the little girl herself, sandwiched between her two friends. Marte’s whole body was trembling as the strong vibrations washed through her body, seemingly affecting every last nerve in her body. She was biting her bottom lip when she heard the girl speak.

“It will be okay. This ride isn’t too bad.”

Forcing a fake smile, Marte heard her voice crack as she said, “Thanks.”

When the girl turned around, Marte looked at Terra, who was sporting a large grin. Looking down, she saw the remote in Terra’s hand and was tempted to fight her for it. Her attention turned to the clicking of the car as it slowly moved up the track. Reaching the top, Marte felt her weight shift forward as the car started it’s downward decent. The toy press firmly against her clit and sent stronger sensations to her already hard clit. “Ohhh wow!” Marte heard herself express out loud.

The strong vibrations between her legs lasted the entire forty seconds of the ride. When the cars pulled back into the station, she felt the toy shift down to low. Leaning back, her muscles relaxed a little. “Whew!” she said, verbally expressing her relief.

The girl in front of her turned around and said, “See, it wasn’t that bad.”

Terra and Cindy’s began a gut busting laugh. Marte could not help but smile herself. “No it wasn’t so bad.”

The lap bars lifted on their own. Marte shoved Terra out of the car, following right behind her. She was thankful the vibrations had ceased, at least for the moment, though her body was very aroused. The soft breeze kissed the hair on her body, which were standing on end. She took a few deep breaths, in an attempt to regain her composure, while she followed Terra down the exit aisle. Cindy was close behind her.

As they headed down a path that lead deeper into the park, Terra turned to Marte and said, “See the little girl had no clue what was going on.”

“You both will pay dearly for this.” Marte said.

After a few minutes of walking, Marte felt the soft vibrations between her legs once again. She reached out and put her hand on Cindy’s shoulder for support. The vibrations felt wonderful the way they sent soft sensations through her thighs and through her inner core. Though they were torturing her senses, Marte was enjoying the pure pleasure. With each step she felt the toy slightly pull away from her body, only two grow stronger in between steps.

Not paying attention to where they were headed, Marte found herself standing in line with her friends at another ride. She watched the seats as they swung out to the side then tossed the riders upside down before swinging back to the opposite side. Marte was sure the vibrations would intensify again once they were on the ride. As they were standing in line, she felt the pattern of the vibrations change. The vibrations started in the center of the humming bird toy, near the entrance of her vagina and move up to her clit. The vibrations grew stronger as they climbed toward her clit. Once hitting her now throbbing clit, the vibrations would disappear only to begin around her vagina again. The pattern simulated a finger sliding up her lips.

Marte exhaled a long slow breath of air. Terra turned around and smiled at her. Marte closed her eyes, not wanting to hold direct eye contact with her lover at this moment.

“Do you like that better?” she heard Terra whisper into her ear.

Not willing to give a response, Marte ignored the question. The vibration pattern continued softly as they moved forward in line. When climbing onto the seat of the ride, Marte had to straddle a cushioned part of the seat that came up in between her legs. The raised part of the seat kept riders from falling out of their seat while the ride was in progress. To her dismay, the seat pressed against the humming bird toy, intensifying the sensations.

Marte took a deep breath and held it in anticipating the stronger sensations that would kick in when Terra turned the toy on high. In her horny state, she was having difficulties putting on the five point seatbelt. A male worker came over to assist her. She wanted to push the pubescent boy’s hands away, worried he would feel the vibrations between her legs. His hands moved quickly and locked her seat belt in place. He looked up at her with a smile and said, “Enjoy your ride.” Her shaky arms pulled the over shoulder harness down and locked it securely against her body.

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