Marathon Runner Ch. 02

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Kevin shivered again, and still in a stupor, followed her as she again used his cock for a handle, pausing to kick off his pants and shoes as she led him towards the bed. Manoeuvring him so that his back was to the bed, she pulled off his shirt before delivering a gentle push to his naked chest that left him half sitting, half laying on the bed, propped up on his elbows so he could watch her as she slowly undressed. In short order he found himself taking in every sensual curve of her naked body.

He revelled in the way her breasts sat on heavily on her chest, still unravaged by gravity with goose pimpled nipples that pointed out straight at him. He marvelled at her hourglass figure as is swept from her ample bust in to her narrow waist, and back out again into the curvature of her hips and full-figured butt. A well-groomed patch of hair sat over her gleaming pussy slit, the aroma of which reached his nostrils to stoke the fires of his arousal. She stretched before him for a moment like a cat, and he felt a familiar tautness begin to form in his groin. She grinned up at him as she bent at the waist over his lap, using her hanging breasts to tease his thighs and growing erection.

“Mmmm I’m so glad you’re ready for round two already.” she purred as she teased him. “This is going to be a fun night.”

“Oh my god.” Kevin moaned, reaching down to cup a heavy breast in each hand, squeezing it and pinching her already hard nipples. “You’re spectacular.”

“Why thank you.” Lucia breathed as she kissed his stomach sensually. “You’re a damn fine specimen yourself.”

Kissing her way down his lower abdomen, Lucia worked her way back to his now thick and firm shaft and began to plant wet, sloppy kissed up and down its underside. Cupping her lips on it, she ran them up an down its length, humming softly as if playing a harmonica. Kevin groaned appreciatively, and laid back with his eyes closed, enjoying the sensations of her mouth on his dick. Grasping him by the base, she raised his pole aloft, and began to drool and bob her mouth up and down its engorged length.

After a few minutes of this, she let of he base, only to have his slippery cock slide from her mouth to slap wetly against his belly. Though nearly full-size, he remained partially soft at the base, owing to the short recovery time Lucia had afforded him. Unperturbed, Lucia merely lowered her head to suck on his now accessible balls as her hands took over bahis firmaları the work of teasing his shaft with gentle slaps and strokes. As soon as her tongue touched his sensitive and low-hanging balls, Kevin sat bolt upright before reclining back onto his elbows and letting our a long, low moan. Lucia giggled as she felt his cock harden further in her hands.

“Ohhh,” she said, pausing with her lips still barely touching his sack, “you like having your balls played with!”

Gently, but firmly, she began to run her tongue up and down the folds of his scrotum, sliding it under his nuts to slather the underside and softly sucking on each one. Kevin’s back arched as he thrust his crotch skyward to give her a better angle, and before long he was groaning rhythmically as she took both his heavy balls into her mouth as once and tongued them. His shaft now achingly hard in her hands, he watched as she licked her way up to his tip, following the crease of his sack all the way up. With the fingertips of one hand tickling his sopping wet balls, Lucia began to bob her mouth on him again, this time with no need to hold his rigid shaft upright. She moaned as she felt his balls tighten and his shaft begin to pulse as he quickly rocketed towards orgasm.

“Oh shit!” Kevin exclaimed as he threw his head back and let himself release the pent up semen. “Swallow my cum again you beautiful cumslut!”

Lucia felt his balls throb with each salty spurt of cum that rose up his shaft to fill her mouth. She used her free hand to stroke and encourage every last drop out of him, squeezing for the last few as she swallowed freely, making contented little sounds of lustful joy. She let not a drop escape her firmly suctioning lips, and didn’t stop sucking until his meat softened and shrank once again. Only then did she remove her lips from him to give him a cummy grin.

“That was even bigger than the first one.” she cooed proudly. “I think I found your magic arousal button.” she added with a wink.

“I do love having my balls sucked.” Kevin replied between gasps for air. “My god you’re good at that.”

“Why thank you again.” she replied. “Years of practice, and a love of the job!”

Kevin sidled up the bed to rest his head exhaustedly on the pillow, and Lucia crawled up to join him, still moving like a caged panther, as if to suggest a hunger that was far from satiated. She curled up against his body, her head resting on his shoulder kaçak iddaa and breast on his chest, throwing one leg over his so that her hot, wet pussy pushed against his hip. With her hand, she teased his chest lightly, tracing lines up and down his pecks. Kevin allowed himself to drift off for a few moments, enjoying the relaxing feeling of her warm body and sensual caress.

He awoke shortly to the feeling of her impatient fingertips working their way once more to his groin, teasing his pubic hair before lightly tickling his cock and balls again. He grunted at the mild discomfort as he felt himself begin to harden reflexively. Sensing that he was awake, Lucia began to plant soft kissed on his neck and shoulder while her hand played with him, working him up to a thick and floppy erection once more.

Not wanting to disappoint, Kevin informed her that he wasn’t sure if he was up to the task. “I don’t know if I can again so soon.” he laughed.

“We’ll see about that!” Lucia replied with a mischievous grin. “I think I can get at least two or three more loads out of this thick cock.” She squeezed his shaft tightly to emphasize her words, making him shudder in response.

Without waiting for a rebuttal, she clambered up on top of him, straddling his manhood. With a smile, she picked up each of his hands and placed them on her breasts. “Play with these.” she ordered, before biting her lip and enjoying his obedience for a moment.

Almost purring with pleasure, Lucia began to rock her hips back and forth, gliding her soaking wet pussy lips up and down the length of his erection. Kevin sighed at the luxuriously silky feeling of her sexual juices lubricating his cock, and gasped with surprise as she reached behind her own ass to cup his aching balls. In short order, he found himself painfully and blissfully hard yet again as he revelled in the heat of her pussy lips and the tiny tickles of her close-cropped pubic hair.

With a whimper of uncontrollable lust, Lucia suddenly changed her position, leaning forward and pushing her tits into his face. Kevin sucked greedily at her nipples, causing her to writhe as he hand manoeuvred his turgid tool between her legs, lining it up so that his tip began to enter her. She froze for a moment, letting out a groan as she pulsed on his head, and he felt her warm, slick juices seep down the length of his shaft. With an enormous sigh of pleasure from her, and a grunt of lust from him, kaçak bahis she drove her tight and throbbing pussy down onto his cock, pressing herself onto him and tilting her hips for maximum depth of penetration. With him deeply inside of her, she sat back up and began to rock her hips back and forth again, this time with a slow, rhythmic tempo than left her quickly gasping for air.

“Oh my god this feels so good!” she exclaimed, while Kevin could only moan his agreement.

Kevin continued to fondle her heavy breasts as she rode him; at first smoothly, and then with a more desperate pace as she clearly approached her own impending orgasm. He reached a finger tip up to her lips as she reached climax, and she licked and sucked at it hungrily to partially stifle her screams of pleasure. He felt the muscles of her vagina wall seize and clamp down on him with tight and slow pulses, continuing long after she came down from the throes of passion. With a dull and satisfied groan, she dismounted from him, letting his cock flop once again onto his stomach, now utterly coated and dripping with her lubricant. Moving less like a caged animal now, she crawled down to kneel between his thighs, and using her large breasts, squeezed his erect shaft between them.

“Oh god baby, fuck my tits. Fuck my big tits baby!” she purred up at him.

Kevin was only too happy to oblige, and he used his surprisingly rock-hard tool to thrust up between her breasts while she clamped them tightly together around him. With her juices acting as lube, he found himself gliding smoothly and quickly driving himself towards his own climax yet again.

“Oh my god I’m going to cum soon…” Kevin gasped.

Lucia nodded with a smile and began to bounce herself on top of him, meeting each thrust as she hurriedly brought him to the brink. With a laugh that spoke of honest and delighted happiness, she caught his first jet of semen directly in the chin when he erupted; it bounced off of her face to splatter wetly onto his stomach. She continued to bounce on him as his cum continued to spurt out, coating her tits, hands, and neck, as well as his own shaft and belly. As his pulsing cock subsided and shrank, Lucia enthusiastically began to consume his seed, first scooping it from her neck and chest, and then licking her own hands clean. Next, she proceeded to lick and suck his soft cock clean, before moving up to erotically and slowly, for his benefit, clean the globs of cum from his stomach. Her face and lips glistening from sweat and semen, she gave him a last sticky grin before taking herself off to the bathroom, and leaving Kevin to drift off into a blissful stupor.

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