Manipulating Her Mind Ch. 02

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Anny Sugar

I could feel that my cock is as hard as it can be. The man was only two feet away now, and, in the new darkness of the sunset, I could just, finally, make out a figure beyond a shadow. He seemed to be a little over six feet tall, late thirties, perhaps early forties. It was hard to tell. He was clean-shaven and wearing a jacket with an old pair of jeans.

Jennifer kept her gaze obediently on this stranger, with two of my fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, in a slow rhythm, and my thumb running up and down her clit. She was clean shaved, save a thin landing strip running neatly above her wet pussy, barely visible in the darkness overtaking the park.

The stranger looked at me then back at her. He was obviously unsure of what, exactly, should happen next. He has stumbled upon a very sexy, naked, red head girl in the park, being finger fucked, pleading with him to fuck her.

I slid my hand out from behind her arms and slipped her blouse off the rest of the way, tossing that, and her bra sitting next to her, into the darkness somewhere behind the tree. I wanted her to feel so very helpless and vulnerable. My body nearly shook at this thought. My cock started to throb inside of my jeans at the thought of just making her clothing disappear.

The stranger took a step closer to her, his feet only inches from her feet.

“Keep your hands behind your back.” I told Jennifer.

“Yes, Sir… Master.”

She could barely speak, she was breathing so hard. I reached down and started pushing down her skirt. She obediently lifted her ass off the ground once again and bent her knees up against her, allowing me to reach around and slide her skirt down to her ankles. I removed her panties and skirt from around her ankles, effectively making her completely naked, except for her tennis shoes.

I used both hands to spread her legs again, allowing the, now visible, stranger to see her pussy up close for the first time. He crouched down and hesitantly let his hand touch her leg, just above her ankle. She winced a little bit, but with a quick tug of her hair with my hand, she relaxed. The stranger seemed to understand. He began to untie her left shoe while she obediently kept her hands behind her back. Then the stranger began to remove her right shoe, leaving her with only socks.

I reached out for the shoe in his hand and he silently handed it to me. I threw the shoe into the dark as far as I could. He then handed me the other shoe and I also threw that in the opposite direction. I found any remaining clothing from her, sitting on the ground, balled it up, and threw it as far away as possible.

The stranger then ran his hand down her leg and began to remove her socks. Jennifer let out a soft moan at the touch from a stranger. Everything was done silently and quietly. I reached out for the socks and kept them by my side.

My mind was thinking so many things. She was mine to do whatever I wanted with. I could fulfill my pleasure and fuck her until she was crying. I could make her my personal slave for the night. I could take her home and chain her up, whip her ass, pour candle wax on her, force her to orgasm over and over. Yet, my mind was completely intrigued by allowing this stranger to touch her body.

This must be a lot for Jennifer to take in, I though to myself. Her first casino şirketleri time in the world of submission and she was subjected to being in the park, naked, cold and under my command letting a stranger see her exposed.

I leaned over Jennifer and whispered to her. “You can trust me. Am I understood?”

“Yes, Master.” She said quietly. She was in total shock and had subjected her body to let anything happen.

Grabbing her sock, I brought it up to her mouth. I was ready; ready to show her my less compassionate side, ready to expose her to the dark reality of being a submissive for her Master. Jennifer looked at me with a surprised look in her eyes when I pushed the sock in her mouth, using my finger to push it in so her entire mouth was gagged with the sock. I put my hand over her mouth nice and tight afterwards.

“Look at him.” I demanded of her.

Her now fearful eyes stared at him as he lets his hands start to wander up her leg. You could hear a moan somewhere in the back of her throat. Or was it a call for help? I was not sure.

The stranger began to run his hands along the inside of her thigh and leaned in closer so that he was closely positioned in between her legs, letting his other hand also graze the inside of her other thigh.

“Lean in to him, slide your ass towards him.”

She hesitated. With that hesitation, I slid my hand up over her nose, covering both her mouth and her nose. She didn’t move.

“You will do exactly as I say, understood?”

She quickly nodded up and down.

To help her remember, I kept my hand firmly over her nose as she began to shake her head a little. I calmly explained to her, “You are my submissive and you will be punished for any hesitation on ANYTHING I tell you to do. Your next punishment will be worse.”

I looked at the stranger and he seemed to get it. He let his hand slide down the inside of her thigh and over her pussy. It was after this happens that I decided to release my hand off of her nose. Jennifer started breathing frantically, trying to release the feeling of suffocation. I decided to keep my hand up against her nose, but not over it, making it a little difficult for her to breathe, but still able to do so.

As Jennifer breathed heavily through her nose, with effort for every breath, the stranger suddenly let two of his fingers slide inside of her pussy. I immediately heard a moan deep from her throat, muffled and quieted with the sock gagging her. She began to rock her hips back and forth, and slid down towards the stranger, trying to get her throbbing pussy closer to his cock, any way she could.

“Listen to me carefully, Jennifer.” I said to her, as I grabbed her hair to make her look at me. “You are going to fuck him. You are going to let him fuck you.” My mind was beyond safety right then. My mind was lost in a world of deep perversions. Did she even take birth control pills? “You are going to wrap your legs around him and let him fuck you however hard he wants, and when you feel he is about ready to cum, you are to squeeze your legs around him, as tight as possible, and take his cum in your pussy. Am I understood?”

Jennifer nodded a yes, her breasts moving in and out from the heavy partial breaths through her nose.

With no warning, I grabbed her hair and threw her off of me. casino firmaları I harshly shoved her to her back and pinned her head to the ground, with her hair, grabbing her hands and putting them above her head and putting the full weight of my legs on her arms, pinning her down.

The stranger started using one hand to rub the crotch of his pants while he leaned back in, over her. I saw him unbutton his pants and pull out his cock. It was hard and definitely ready to go. Jennifer did not see though. I made sure to keep her head pinned tightly to the ground by her hair, pinning her hands to the ground. With a move of experience, the stranger grabbed her legs and lifted them up, spreading them at the same time. He leaned in and quickly pushed his cock inside of her pussy.

Jennifer let out a moan, louder than I thought possible from the back of her throat.

My cock started throbbing harder and harder, watching the stranger slide his cock in and out of her. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my cock. Without a second thought, I pulled the wet sock from her mouth. She gasped for breath, finally able to take a full breath and satisfy the basic desire to supplement her body with a healthy amount of oxygen. She was moaning as well. Moaning uncontrollably, as the stranger began to fuck her pussy quicker and harder.

“Tell him to cum in you. Do it. Now!” I demanded suddenly.

“Cum in me, Master!” She quickly yelled while moaning at the same time.

Realizing she was confused with her words and referred to him as Master, I decided a punishment is in quick order. I slapped her face, very hard. The slap made a louder noise then I had expected. “I am your master. He is NOT your master. Am I understood?”

“Sorry, Master!” she half screamed and half moaned.

“Now tell him to cum in you.”

“Cum in me! Cum in me! Cum in my pussy!” She was screaming with pleasure.

The man began to moan even more. Jennifer remembered what I told her earlier and began to tighten her legs around him. I began to stroke my cock, right above her face. The immense blood flow in my cock was so intense I could feel it throbbing in my hand. I leaned down and let my balls rest on her face as I furiously stroked my dick, faster and faster. I could feel myself ready to cum. I could feel that point of no return. At that moment I saw the stranger was beginning to moan much louder and was beginning to fuck her harder and harder, her body being shoved back and forth with every slam of his cock in her.

It was all too much for me. My body was ready to cum. I looked to see Jennifer moaning. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.” she suddenly said, breathing uncontrollably hard.

Right at that moment, I shoved my cock in her mouth. I had decided that my orgasm would not be wasted. Right as Jennifer felt the waves of the stranger’s cock shooting semen deep in her pussy, she felt her own waves of pleasure. I felt my own cock begin to release deep in her mouth. I could see Jennifer trying to break away from my cock with her mouth so she could moan while cumming, but I did not let her. I let her gag as she felt the intense pleasure of having the most intense orgasm of her life. As I began to cum in her mouth, I pushed my cock in as far as I could go, not caring that it was being shoved down güvenilir casino her throat. I wanted Jennifer to experience the pleasure of the stranger cumming in her, gagging on my cock and my cum, while she is feeling wave after wave of her own orgasm. I wanted her to have to moan and to be unable to do so. I wanted her to experience this intense, human, sexual desire that would be impossible to recreate for the rest of her life. That was exactly what happened.

The stranger relaxed after his orgasm. He was spent. He had not said a word the whole time. I pulled my still hard cock out of Jennifer’s’ mouth. “Swallow it. Swallow it all. Now.”

She struggled to swallow my cum while being flat on her back, head pinned to the ground by her hair still, and having just been gagged to an extreme, though with a few awkward gulps she was able to do so.

“Good girl.” I said soothingly, between my heavy breaths.

Jennifer was lying there, breathing heavily. I knew she was taking in what just happened. I looked at the stranger. He was still leaned up in between her legs, his cock still resting in her pussy.

“Go. Go away. Now.” I realized these were the first words I had spoken to him. He looked at me and I could tell he wanted to say something. “You need to go, right now.” I said, sternly.

He slid his cock out of Jennifer and I could hear her moan at the release of the tightness in her pussy. He buckled his pants back up and stared at Jennifer.

“Get the fuck out of here, now!” I said to him, more sternly. I had promised safety to Jennifer. I would not have him loitering around. “Go home. Go … wherever the fuck you were going.”

The stranger got up and walked away, slowly, looking back behind him one last time. He disappeared around the corner and I felt a sense of relief as he disappeared, hopefully, to never be seen again.

Jennifer was lying on the ground, still catching her breath.

“Where are my clothes?” she asked.

“You’ll need to go find them.” I honestly didn’t even remember where I threw them. In my excitement, I had just bundled up her clothes and threw them in crazy directions.

She looked at me, beginning to shiver in the cold. “You bastard…” she said with a little bit of a laugh, but also mixed with contempt.

I could not believe she had just showed me such an immense amount of disrespect. I slapped her face, suddenly and harshly, and shoved her to the ground. I climbed on top of her and grabbed her hair.

“Do not forget, you are speaking to your Master. Have I said we are done yet?” I asked her, in a very angry, menacing voice.

Her whole body and mood shifted to being fearful and respectful.

“No, Master, no. Sorry, Master! Sorry!”

I learned right at that moment that she enjoys the emotional shift from a quick punishment. With the stranger gone, I realized I had Jennifer all to myself, still in the park. It was getting late out now. It was very dark and the weather was getting much colder. I realize I was not done with her yet. Not even close. I leaned down to kiss her passionately and she reciprocated. I wanted to give her a false sense of security. I softly kissed her lips.

“You were such a good girl. I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you. I… wait. Thank you, Master. May I have my clothes back?”

She thought that asking nicely was the way to get her clothes back. I knew that this was coming, was prepared for it.

“No, I am not done with you yet. Am I understood?”

“Yes, Master.” she whispered, starting to breathe heavy again.

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