M Club Ch. 06

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The first rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. The second rule of M Club is: You don’t talk about M Club. Third rule of M Club: No touching anyone but yourself. Fourth rule: No recording devices. Fifth rule: No clothing below the waist. Sixth rule: If this is your first time at M Club, you must masturbate.

* * *

Lisa sat in her 7th hour Calculus class and couldn’t help but look outside and sigh. The sky was slate gray and a steady rain pattered against the windows, just as it had most of the day. The M Club’s planned meeting in their secret park location for this afternoon was clearly shot. What she couldn’t say for certain, though, was whether she was more disappointed or relieved.

Twice now, she’d gotten naked and masturbated along with her best friend Denby and Den’s boyfriend Sean. The second time, Sean’s friend Andy had also joined them. In each case, she’d been fine with performing for them, showing off that secret side of herself. Sean was a sweet, smart guy — the sort she could see herself dating one day. Andy was more of a jock goofball, but still nice in his own way, and it was with him that her conflict arose.

Lisa hadn’t dated much through high school and never had a steady boyfriend. She didn’t see it as a problem and it had never been a priority to her. Yeah, she liked boys, fantasized about them (sometimes very explicitly), and harbored no doubts as to her sexuality, but it usually came down to maturity. High school boys, by and large, rubbed her the wrong way, and she wasn’t attracted to older men. She assumed that eventually she would find that guy who was both mature and compatible in age, most likely in college. If Denby hadn’t hooked up with Sean, he very well could have been that one exception at Highland High.

When Denby started dating Sean, she’d hinted around that they could hook Lisa up with Andy. Again, Lisa appreciated the offer, but had rebuffed the attempts. There was nothing wrong with Andy aside from the maturity, and that was difficult to put into any concrete terms Denby would understand. Now that he was part of their club, though, and the barriers of nudity and sexuality had been breached, she got the sense that all the others were expecting her to finally relent and start dating him. Denby had openly brought it up Monday night after the last club “meeting,” and Lisa had deflected with a non-committal “maybe.” Andy had even floated a polite, inquiring text — the first time he’d directly contacted her. She had politely left him hanging, unsure whether to accept his advances or decline and risk the associated fallout in the club. Maybe it would be fine, maybe it would make a mess of things.

The one thing she was certain of was that she didn’t want to mess up the M Club. For such a small thing, it had opened her world in ways she hadn’t expected. Sex, or at least their sexuality, was no longer some abstract concept that would maybe be broached far in the future. There was an openness and purity to their group’s actions, like they’d stumbled upon a secret truth that sex and the human body was okay and not some secret to be locked behind closed doors. She loved that feeling, the exhilaration in being able to completely be herself and share with good friends.

Did she have to date Andy to keep the club going for these last couple months before school was done and they went their own ways in college? Was she pre-judging him too harshly? He was nice and fun. Maybe she should just give it a chance, maybe have a little fun and gain some experience before college?

Why couldn’t he be just a bit more like Sean, though? Someone who she was drawn to instinctively?

Her teacher began to discuss the things tomorrow’s quiz would cover, forcing Lisa’s attention to return to the here and now. In the back of her mind, though, she couldn’t help but weigh her options all while chastising herself for having to overthink everything.

* * *

After school, the members of M Club gathered around Sean’s locker to discuss their options. Denby thought she could host everyone in her basement, but they wouldn’t be able to “play” due to her mom being home. Sean was in a similar situation, with both mom and brother likely to be home. Andy, the only one who lived in an apartment, didn’t think he’d have enough room and wasn’t sure how long they would have any privacy. Lisa thought her house was free, since her younger sister Kara had drama club today, but there was something of a house rule against bringing boys over. It wasn’t a rule she’d ever tested, but her parents had established it in no uncertain terms following an episode with her sister.

With no other good options available, Denby suggested they could all just go hang out at Highland Escape for a while. Escape was a local movie theater, bowling alley, video arcade, pizzeria, bar, and miniature golf course all rolled into one. It could be pretty crazy on the weekend, with birthday parties and others just looking for fun, but on a rainy weekday afternoon it was bound to be quiet. bursa escort Lisa was indifferent and agreed to the idea when everyone else sounded enthusiastic.

Sean rode with Denby, leaving Lisa to feel like she should offer to ride with Andy just to avoid the appearance of leaving him out. In a nice gesture, he braved the rain to get his car and picked her up curbside. She could think of many boys who’d have never considered doing so.

“Thanks,” she said as she buckled in. She felt a little guilty that he’d gotten wet, but it would have happened with her there or not.

“No problem at all,” he said, pulling out after she was settled in.

“Nice car,” she said, genuinely impressed. It was a Ford Focus, so nothing fancy, but clean and in good condition. “Is it new?”

Andy shook his head. “Nah. New to me, but couple years old. Early graduation present from my parents. I think my dad found a good deal and they decided I wasn’t at any risk of not graduating.”


“You have a car?”

“No,” Lisa said. “Almost bought a junker once, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle and insurance. And since I’m planning on living on campus next year where parking is almost non-existent, I figured I’d be better off putting the money toward tuition.”

“Smart,” he said. “But that’s no surprise coming from you.”

Lisa squirmed a bit at the compliment. She preferred to keep her smarts and good grades out of the spotlight.

She decided to re-direct the conversation a bit. “You’re going to Southern, right?”

“Yeah,” he said. “I probably could have gotten into State, but I’m smart enough to know I’d have been on the bottom of the curve around there. Plus, Southern gave me a walk-on opportunity to play football. No scholarship, but it’s at least a chance.”

“Good for you. Hope it works out.”

“Me too.” Andy’s attention turned to navigating the afterschool traffic jam, made worse by the rain. When things cleared up a bit, he continued. “Don’t worry. I won’t bore you with details of their football program. Even Sean gets tired of hearing it.”

“It’s okay.” She did appreciate his consideration.

“Now, if you want to hear any more stories about naked guys in the locker room…” He glanced over at her and winked. “I remember what you like.”

Lisa blushed, remembering how she’d joked about her fantasy of walking through the locker room after a football game. “No, that’s okay, thanks.” She made it clear that she really was okay with his joke. “Maybe another time.”

They drove in silence a while, Lisa struggling to find any other common ground in which to strike a conversation. Andy saved her.

“Do you kinda feel like we’re gonna be a third wheel here?” he said. “Like we’re the little kids tagging along on our older siblings’ date?”

Lisa hadn’t thought of it that way, but now that he mentioned it that’s exactly what it felt like. When it was going to be club business, so to speak, they were on even ground. This, though, was couple and non-couple hanging out together.

“Yeah, it kinda does, doesn’t it?”

“Well, how about if things get awkward, we can have each other’s back? No need to ruin their date.”

Lisa nodded. “Do we need like a secret word or signal, if one of us thinks we need to bail?”

Andy smiled. “Sure. Got anything in mind?”

Lisa wracked her brain. “How about ‘sushi?'”

Andy considered it and then shrugged. “Sure. That’ll work. If either of us thinks it’s getting awkward or just wants out, we use the word and then we’ll excuse ourselves and leave them alone.”


Lisa found herself liking the little bit of conspiracy they were sharing. It provided a link between the two of them, while also showing how they both valued their friends’ relationship. Maybe there was more to Andy than she’d realized.

* * *

Lisa and Andy’s fears were unfounded, as they decided to kick things off with a round of mini-golf where everyone was having a good time and there was little in the way of mushiness between Denby and Sean. Just the little bond they’d formed in creating the escape plan served to open things up a bit between Lisa and Andy, though, and she found herself enjoying the opportunity to tease him over missed putts or groan when he made a shot that she couldn’t sink.

The course was built in a dark room almost entirely lit by black lights and the wild neon painted course and alien-themed artwork of the holes. Aside from a middle-aged couple that had started a good while before them, there were no other people on the course. Lisa, having played here a handful of times before, had never seen it so empty.

At the fourteenth hole, the simulated interior of an alien spaceship which was isolated from the rest of the course, Andy hurried everyone inside after taking a quick look around the rest of the course.

“Quick club meeting?” he said. It took Lisa a moment to realize what he was suggesting.

“What, here?” Denby looked incredulous.

“Sure,” bursa escort bayan he said. “The others just finished and we’re the only ones on the course. And no one will see us in here.”

Lisa figured there were bound to be security cameras, but she didn’t see any in the little isolated “spaceship.” Any cameras looking over the rest of the course wouldn’t be able to see what they were doing, and only an observant employee would have even noted them going in and not coming back out in the usual length of time. It was a crazy suggestion, but she found herself tempted. There were precious few things she’d done in her life that she would consider crazy or story-worthy. Granted, she probably wouldn’t be sharing this story outside their club’s membership, but she would know.

“I’m in,” she said before she could talk herself back out of it. Denby gave her a surprised look.

“I don’t think we can do it that quickly,” Sean said, perhaps looking for an excuse to pass after seeing Denby’s reaction.

Lisa shrugged. “No one said we had to go to completion. Just a quick flash and…rub.” She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth, or the casual ease with which she said them.

Sean seemed to consider and looked to Denby. Den clearly felt the pressure had fallen on her, face scrunched in thought. Lisa worried that she might have pressured her friend into an uncomfortable spot.

“Fine,” Denby said, more with resigned amusement than annoyance. “But how about just for a minute, to say we did it. And no climaxing.” She looked at both of the boys to make sure they acknowledged. “Not that you could finish in a minute, but we don’t need to be leaving a mess in here. It’d probably light up like a beacon under these black lights and God knows I wouldn’t want to come across something like that. Besides, security could probably rewind the video and figure out who did it.”

Sean nodded in agreement. “Coast still clear?”

Andy looked back out the way they’d entered and Lisa peered out through the exit near the end of the hole. Both reported the coast clear.

Denby sighed. “Okay.”

Under the gun, no one wasted any time in getting down to business. Both boys wore shorts and had them pulled halfway down their thighs and cocks in hand in short order. Neither were hard yet, but clearly both were working to quickly rectify that. Denby had worn a skirt to school and reached underneath to slip her panties down to her knees. She could have used the skirt to cover herself a bit, but to her credit she hiked it up to her waist with one hand while her other began exploring between her legs.

Lisa was sorely tempted to flash her tits for the boys’ benefit. She liked the way they looked at her when she’d exposed herself previously. Unfortunately, she’d had to wear several layers against the rainy chill and it was impractical to work through all the layers and under her bra in the short time they’d allotted to playing. It would have to wait for another time. For now, she was content to drop her shorts and panties all the way to the floor and had a finger running along her already damp slit. She’d given her new shave job a touch up this morning in hopes that she’d get to show it off at the club, so it was extra smooth and sensitive. With as dim as it was, though, the guys probably wouldn’t appreciate it.

“Hey Lisa, nice panties,” Andy said.

Lisa looked down and noticed that under the black lights, her panties lit up a neon orange. “You know I planned it like that.”

“Matching bra?” he asked.

Lisa had to think for a moment. No, it wasn’t a match, but she was half tempted to see what it might look like under the lights anyway. “Sorry, no.”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Sean said. His eyes darted back and forth between the girls and the two entryways. Nervous or not, he’d managed to get himself hard in remarkably good time and was stroking at a brisk pace.

“Andy’s proving to be a bad influence,” Denby said with no malice. It hadn’t taken long for her to warm up to the idea, as she already had a hand up underneath her shirt, fondling a breast.

Andy smiled. “Wouldn’t have been much of a club meeting if we didn’t actually, you know, M.”

Lisa skimmed quickly through her usual warm-up routine and soon had her fingers working across her clit, as if taking the one-minute limit as a personal challenge. Seeing her friends masturbating was arousing in its own right, but add to that her fantasies of being exposed in public and the risk of being seen or caught and she was as turned on as she could ever remember being.

Andy, staying close to the far entrance so he could peek out if needed, had his eyes locked on Lisa. He wasn’t leering so much as communicating, she thought. His thick cock was now fully erect and there was something in the way he thrust his hips into his hand rather than simply use a hand motion that telegraphed his implied desire for her — that he was simulating screwing her rather than just self-pleasuring. She was escort bursa of mixed feelings about whether she wanted that to ever transpire, but she was very excited by the lust she inspired in him. For having gone through high school with the usual body image insecurities, it was liberating to get an unfiltered reaction from a guy. Or guys, as was the case.

Lisa noted that Sean, like her, looked as if he was intent on trying to reach a climax in their self-imposed short window. Of course, that would only make a mess and probably annoy Denby after her warning, and Lisa hoped he wouldn’t reach that point just to avoid making a scene. If it was up to her, she probably would have been okay with him going all the way just to see if it really did light up under the UV. Someone probably had a tissue or something they could use to try to wipe it up.

Denby caught Lisa’s attention and tilted her head toward the entrance, clearly wanting her to take another look to make sure the coast was still clear. No one was timing, but it was probably closer to two minutes since they’d started, and at least Den hadn’t just declared they stop. Maybe she was too far invested now to be the one to end their fun.

Lisa, reluctantly, paused for just a moment and poked half of her head around the exit. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw one of the Highland Escape employees in the company t-shirt headed their way, carrying a bucket and some sort of long stick. She didn’t know what to make of all that stuff, but it didn’t really matter.

“Shit, someone’s coming!” she said in a desperate whisper.

Immediately, everyone began pulling their clothes back up. Lisa, fumbled her shorts twice before finally dragging them back up over her hips and zipping them in place. Her fingers, still damp and smelling strongly of her arousal, she shoved into a pocket and tried to wipe clean. In under ten seconds, they were all decent and had putters and balls back in hand. Guilty but amused looks were exchanged all around.

“Think they saw us?” Denby, more than the others, looked almost mortified.

Andy poked his head out the other entrance and then looked back to the others. “No, I think we’re safe. Looks like they’re just going out to fish balls from the water hazard.”

Lisa peered back out the other entrance and saw what Andy was seeing. The long stick had a little net on the end and the employee was dipping it into the water pond that was adjacent to several of the early holes on the course. She felt flush with both relief and embarrassment at having sounded a false alarm.

“Thank God,” Denby said, slumping back against the wall.

Sean patted her shoulder. “Probably just as well. Another minute or less and I wouldn’t have been able to stop.”

“We’d better get out of here before we press our luck any further,” Denby said and no one disagreed.

Having already spent several minutes inside the “spaceship,” they didn’t even bother playing it and moved quickly to the next hole. Lisa took a better look at the employee, some fifty feet away or more, and realized she recognized him as Spencer Conley, a fellow senior from Highland High and quite a hunk in his own right. Looks, unfortunately, were about the only thing he had going for him, as he was something of a tool and tended to badmouth people behind their backs. Still, a tiny part of the back of her mind imagined what it would have been like had he caught them inside the spaceship, everyone with pants around their ankles and masturbating. What would he have done? Freaked out and had them kicked out or arrested? Tell everyone as school what he’d caught them doing? Or maybe join in? She had no idea.

The tension drained from everyone after they finished a couple more holes. There were a few jokes when they knew they were out of earshot, and Andy had a knack for turning everything into sexual innuendo. Ordinarily, it would bother her as a sure sign of immaturity, but in the context of what they’d just been doing and how she thought she had seen hints of greater complexity of character underneath, she just rolled with it and even threw a couple back at him.

When the round was over, they moved to the pizzaria and ordered some cheese bread and sodas. Being a school night, they were almost all expected home for dinner soon, so they kept things to just light snacking and a chance to spend a few more minutes together. Lisa sat in the booth beside Andy, while Denby and Sean were snuggling up together opposite them. Andy made no effort to invade Lisa’s personal space, though he did intentionally give her a couple nudges when they made jokes or poked fun of their friends.

After the food was all gone, Sean leaned down to give Denby a kiss — one that lingered a bit longer than would ordinarily be considered acceptable in a public place such as this. Fortunately, there were only a handful of other patrons and none appeared to be taking any note of their foursome. Lisa, however, felt just a bit uncomfortable.

Andy turned to Lisa. “Say, Lisa, have you ever eaten sushi before?”

Lisa perked up at their code word and felt a small wave of relief. He was clearly feeling that same third-wheel vibe she was getting and hadn’t wasted a moment in doing something about it.

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