Lunch Date

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She loved the way that he looked at her. It seemed as if he knew exactly what she looked like naked, and appreciated what he saw. It had been too long since any man had looked at her like he did, so she let herself enjoy it, knowing that nothing would ever come of it. On nights like tonight where she had got to see him, she often went home to a glass of wine and a nice little fantasy. It was a ritual she had come to enjoy very much over the few months since he had started shopping at her store. A ritual she had come to enjoy so much in fact she would start to get wet as soon as he walked through her doors. It was hard to look him in the face, share small talk, or to even breath normally when her thoughts went to whatever fantasy she had most recently had of him. Today had been hot as summer was in full swing and he had come in without a shirt on.

“Do I need to put this on? Most places have that no shirt rule, I didn’t see a sign.”

“No I don’t serve food so you’re okay. It’s too hot out there to put it back on anyway.”

He had a broad chest and shoulders, tight solid abs, and arms that she could tell would have no problem tossing her around like a rag doll. After she told him he could keep his shirt on, she saw a few of the other women in the store give her thank you winks. He smiled at her, she almost came in her panties on the spot. He took his time browsing around, while she took her time memorizing every hard inch of him.

Now, with the image of him firmly in her mind, she pulled the cork from her wine and headed into her bedroom. Once there she stood in front of the mirror and undressed. She didn’t look bad for her age, she was still firm in all the right places. Her tummy wasn’t as tight as it used to be, but, it was still flat, she turned and checked out her ass. Still a great ass, and her legs went on for days, actually she thought they were her best feature. Finishing her first glass, she poured another, and stretched out on the bed. She covered her tits with her hands, rubbing them in gentle circles up to her hardening nipples then back down and around again. Everytime she reached her nipples she would think of his mouth on her, she’d give them a slight squeeze, she could feel how wet she was already becoming. Slowly she moved a hand down to her pussy, she slid a finger over her mound, dipping a finger in just deep enough to wet it. Slick now she started to rub her clit, dipping down to wet herself a little more every few strokes, but never entering herself. She spent some time working herself up, rubbing her clit with one hand and playing with her tits güvenilir bahis with the other. She enjoyed teasing herself, thinking of him touching her instead. Eventually she started to slide her finger deeper, working herself even closer to orgasm, but as usually happened her own hands stopped being enough. Pausing long enough to take a sip of wine, she grabbed her vibrator. She was slick enough to slide it deep inside her, a moan of pleasure escaping her lips as she did. Closing her eyes she thought of him again, imagined him to be the one doing this to her. She could almost feel his lips on her body as she moved faster and harder. Her gasps were coming closer together, her orgasm was close all she needed as a little more. Burying the toy as deep inside her pussy as she could she held it there with one hand and started to rub her clit again with the other. She came hard, her pussy walls tightening around her toy, her clit becoming almost too sensitive to touch any more. Laying back and relaxing, all she could think of was how unsatisfying taking care of herself was.

She was surprised when the next day he came in again. Again he was with out his shirt. Today instead of shopping around a little he came to the counter and started to talk to her. It wasn’t until a few minutes later when the only other customer left, that she realized he’d been stalling for time.

“Do you get a lunch or a break?”

“I usually eat my sandwich here at the counter, I don’t have anyone else to mind the till if I’m not here, but every now and then I’ll step out for a quick bite.”

“Today should be one of those days.”

She was sure she wasn’t hearing him right, this man was literally the man of her fantasy and he was asking her out for lunch. She realized that her mouth was hanging open, snapping it closed, she told him that today was one of those days. He was right behind her when she turned around from locking the front door. He reached a hand out, slid it around her hip, and drew her in close. Her hips met his and she was pleasantly surprised to feel him already hard. His other hand touched her face, moving it into her hair; he tilted her face up to his. His lips came close to hers but stopped just before kissing her.

“Do you know I have no idea what you actually sell here.”


“I don’t come in to shop, I come in to look at you.”

With that comment he claimed her lips with his. The kiss was almost possessive. Slow and passionate he kissed her, running his tongue over her lips until she opened them slightly, he plunged his tongue into her mouth. If he hadn’t türkçe bahis been holding her up, she might have melted into the floor, with the way he was kissing her all practical thoughts were rushing from her head. The heat between them continued to increase and he pulled her even closer, the hand that had been resting behind her head became a fist in her hair. She gasped which only caused him to deepen the kiss even further. Breathless now,

“We can’t do this.”

“Do you want to stop?”

“No, not stop, just move. Back room….there, lets go…. there.”

He shocked her again when his hands grabbed her ass and he wrapped her legs around his hips. He carried her through the door, kissing her the whole way. Once the door closed he slammed her against it and using the door to hold her up, he tore her shirt off her body. His hands covered her tits, a low growl coming from his throat. His mouth closed over one hard nipple, he rasped his tongue across it, then he started to suck on it. He spent some time kissing, sucking,and licking first one side, then the other. His hands and lips covered her tits, working her into a frenzy. When he did stop it was to claim her lips again, but his hands never stopped caressing some part of her body. She was lifted again and carried to her desk, the items that had been on top of it hit the floor as her ass made contact with it’s surface. He reached under her skirt and slid her panties off, kneeling in front of her, he trailed hot, wet, kisses starting from her knee, down her thigh. When he came to her pussy he reached out and flicked her clit with his tongue. The “oh” of pleasure that escaped her only encouraged him more. He buried his face in her pussy, moving his tongue in deep, slow strokes in and out of her, pausing only to suck on her clit every few moments. She couldn’t help it when she speared her hands through his hair to pull him closer. Just as she was going a little insane from the pleasure of what he was already doing, she felt him slide a finger inside her. This time when he pulled on her clit it was hard and fast. Now she was moving on his finger, grinding herself onto his face, and screaming as she came.

He kissed her when he stood, she reached down and freed his cock from his pants. He was much larger than she was expecting, requiring her to use both hands as she stroked him. As hard as he had been, her touching him was only making him harder. She had the brief fear that he was going to hurt but she knew that she could handle all of him. She enjoyed the look on his face as she placed him near her entrance, the head of his cock güvenilir bahis siteleri just barely touching her. She was still so wet that she was using her juices to make stroking him much easier. He took her hands off of him and taking both of her wrists he held them behind her back with one of his hands. The other hand grabbed her hip and pulling her even closer to the edge of the desk, he entered her completely in one thrust. She could feel herself stretch around him, she had never taken any cock as big as his, she had never known that it could feel this good. She arched her back in pleasure and he took a nipple into his mouth as his moved out of her. Again, he thrust completely inside her, biting her nipple as he did, this time she screamed his name as she came. He gave her no pause as he started to move faster and deeper, eventually releasing her hands to grab both hips. What had started as slow and passionate was quickly turning frantic as they both moved closer to cumming. She had her arms wrapped around her his shoulders and was unrepentant when she dug her nails into his back as he made her orgasm again.

He hadn’t yet found his release, so with a wicked grin she pushed him away from her and knelt down in front of him. She took her time as she teased him by licking her taste off his huge cock. After many long minutes of licking and stroking him, she started to slide him into her mouth. She put just the tip of his cock in, then would take it out flick it with her tongue, putting slightly more back in her mouth the next time. When she got him to the point where he was touching the back of her throat, she wrapped a hand around the rest and started to suck harder on him. This was mostly to give her the chance to get used to the feel of him. She took him as deep as she could so that her mouth was resting where the first finger of her hand started. She began to remove one finger at a time until she had taken him fully down her throat. It was his turn to wrap his hands in her hair, he held her there for few minutes before he started to move. Now that she had taken him all,he didn’t let her stop with any less. Remembering to breath was the hardest part as she relaxed and savored the taste of him. Even after fucking her like he had he lasted for a long while more. When he started to cum, he wrapped a hand in her hair and pulled her mouth all the way onto him, making her swallow every drop as he came down her throat.

Pulling her to her feet he cupped her face in both his hands and gave her a long, sweet kiss. He helped to clean up the mess they had made, went to the place next door and bought her a new shirt, and wrote down his number as he left. After that first time she had a new sign made up letting her customers know that she would be closed for lunch everyday, and he became a very regular lunch date.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32