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She was nervous about the first time meeting him and she didn’t know why. He sounded nice enough… Maybe that was it. She was use to guys treating her like shit and then leaving her. She kept thinking back to the first time she met her ex. It was soo good at first, then came the first time he hit her. That was it she thought. No more and he promised. Well, promises led to lies and trips to the hospital… And then THAT night, that last night before she left him for good he went to far…

Oh god! She thought… Stop it. It wont happen again. He is not him and just get past it. As she pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, she got herself together and went it. Ok she was early and she could have time to settle down a bit. She ordered a beer from the bartender and relaxed a bit as the beer started to take effect… Then, she saw him look into the bar and a smile crossed her face. He sat down next to her, they chatted and she thought this was going to be ok… But little did she know, it was going to be so much better then that…

Halfway through dinner, she thought she would make a move and she put her hand on his thigh, hoping he wouldn’t pull away and he didn’t. He showed that grin of his, and she smiled back. As the evening went on, they moved closer to each other and were lost in conversation. The bar was empty and they were pretty much left alone by the bartender. By the way she was feeling, a bit tipsy at this point, she knew that she had nothing to lose by what she was thinking of doing. He had his hand on the back of her stool, and when he turned to talk to her, she kissed him and kissed him hard…

She could tell the surprise in his mouth, but that soon relaxed and she slipped her tongue into his pendik escort mouth and tasted the salt from the margarita. He placed his hand on the back of her head and pressed her mouth harder onto his and softly she moaned. I’ve wanted to do that all night she said and he agreed.

As her hand slid down and up his leg, he moved closer to her so they were hidden by any possible onlookers. She looked at him and asked him what he wanted, and he just grinned and said as if you couldn’t tell. She leaned closer to him, and whispered in his ear, lets go outside. They quickly paid the bartender who also had a sly grin on his face and went outside to her van. As they got to the van, she pushed him against the van, pressed her body against his and kissed him passionately. He kissed her with so much force it took her breath away. Her hand slipped between them and rubbed his hard cock through his jeans. I want this, she said.

As he reached up and caressed her breast, he said he wanted that. As he crawled into the back of the van, she laid on him and they kissed and with some effort tried to remove each other clothes. Looking up and making sure no one was around, she straddled him, pressing her wetness against his hard wanting cock, she removed her shirt and revealed the lace bra she promised him. He sat up and buried his face in her chest and quickly removed what was in the way. His hands squeezed and played with her tits, while his warm mouth sucked on them hard… Just the way she liked it…

She was moaning with pleasure and wanted to return the favor. She removed his shirt, pulling both of them over his head to get them off quickly. She told him that she wanted to taste him and they both quickly removed his jeans maltepe escort revealing a very hard, very lovely cock. She was still straddling him, her jeans wet with desire, and teasing him by pressing against him while her tongue was deep in his mouth. Sucking on his tongue, she was showing him what was in store for his very hard manhood. She asked him what he wanted… He didn’t answer but pushed her down on him, his cock now just inches away from her wet mouth. As she grinned at him, she slowly started to lick and tease him with her tongue.

She could see him throbbing, and wanting to be engulfed by her lips, her wet warm mouth. God, suck on me he said. He was almost begging, and she liked that. She slipped his head between her lips and gently sucked on him, and she heard him sigh loudly. He reached down and pushed her head down so he was all the way into her mouth, the way he likes it. She just paused there for a moment and let her tongue play with him, and letting her throat taste his precum.

She slowly came up, then down, and sucked on him slowly for what seemed like forever to him. She quickened her pace and as she did, she removed her jeans and panties and slowly fingered herself though she didn’t really need to be any wetter… She knew he was going to cum soon, and he stopped her and pulled her up to kiss her and taste himself on her lips. He grabbed her thighs and pulled them up so she was straddling his hard cock with her wet pussy. She rocked back and forth, teasing them both almost to the point of no return. Again, she asked what he wanted and with one move, he lifted her and slid his cock into her hot wetness.

She moaned loudly this time by the size of him inside her and how damn kartal escort good it felt. She sat for a moment, and then slowly started to ride him up and down. His hands were playing with her tits and she was reaching down playing with herself, now and then placing her fingers around him as he went in and out of her. He asked how she wanted him to cum in her, and she grinned and said she wanted it from behind. He lifted her off, and she leaned over the backseat with her ass open for him. He reached between her legs and felt how wet she was and how hard her clit was. He ran is fingers up and down her, teasing her almost to the point she came.

But he stopped, and slowly slid a wet finger into her ass, and she softly moaned yes. Is that where he asked, and catching her breath, she said yes. He kneeled behind her, and teased her with his swollen cock, first just placing the head by her opening, and then putting some of it in. He kept asking her what she wanted and she kept telling him. He teased her little by little and she kept asking for more and more. Then, with one push, he was all the way in her and she said it felt good. He slowly went in and out of her, not wanting to cum too soon…

But they both knew they both were close. She was almost screaming, and knew this was not good for where they were. God, he said, I’m going to cum, and fill you with my hot juices. Do it she said… He reached around her and played with her clit which sent her over the edge and she came so hard she thought she was going to pass out… At that point he said he was going to cum, and she pressed against him hard and he did the same, and he squirted into her all he had left. She’s never heard someone moan so loud when they came, but he was very vocal and she liked that.

As they both caught their breath, they collapsed onto the seat, and laid there for a few moments. She leaned up and kissed him, he smiled and they both agreed that they have to do Mexican again… And very soon…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32