Love in a Changed World Ch. 08

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Chapter 8


Beth went off to bed, though I gathered from her statement about the bedpost, that there wouldn’t be much sleeping right away. I walked down to the courtyard and crossed over to the pool area. What had been a gathering of young women and men had turned into an orgy. It was like some kind of zombie movie scene except the zombies had been replaced by rabidly horny girls fresh from adolescence and turned wild with sexual freedom.

I wanted to believe all of the guys where consenting participants, but it was clear from the occasional screams that they weren’t. The pool boiled with girls fucking boys — it definitely wasn’t the other way around. I saw at least one guy struggling to keep his head above water. Against the wall of the pool house, there was a guy being smashed by a blond dry humping him against the building. On the lounge where Nadia, Pudge and I had our adventure last night there was a heavy-set girl riding a guy who look like he was trying to get away. She held his hands together above is head and was smothering him with her tits. She ground him into the straining chair with her ample hips and thighs. I could hear what sounded like his muffled screams. I had to assume it was her vaginal muscles pummeling the poor dude’s penis.

As I walked through the garden, Misty passed my me. She had two guys with her. Well, she had two guys in tow. She had a hand around the wrists of each of them. One guy stumbled and she dragged him a few yards by his wrist before stopping to let him get to his feet. The other one took that instant to try to pull away, but he failed to get free. Misty gave his arm a commanding jerk like she was walking a dog that pulled on his leash. He grabbed at the pain in his shoulder but complied like a good dog. Misty gave me a smiling nod as she walked by with her charges.

Further up the path, I saw Bella. She was on the ground straddling a huge guy and taking whatever she wanted from him. He was a big dude, maybe 6’6 and 300lbs and solid muscle from the looks of it. She’d ripped his shirt off and the guy’s muscles flexed and strained helplessly against the pounding he was getting. He sat up to try to free himself, she pushed him down and held him in place with one hand. He started screaming. Bella was cumming she announces. Her vaginal muscles, I assume, locked into a death grip on the big guy’s helpless cock. She started jackhammering him as I passed. It was probably my imagination, but I thought I felt the tremors of her thrusts through the ground.

As I rounded back to the courtyard, my illusion that all the guys were consenting participants was shattered irrevocably. I saw two guys, one holding up undone pants fast walking down the driveway toward the main gate. A young girl I didn’t recognize, maybe 20 years old, came running out of the woods after them. They saw her and sped up to a full run. It was no contest; she was on them in seconds. The guy struggling with his pants was the slow zebra and was taken easily. She pulled him to the ground, ripped off his pants, straddled his head to hold him in place., and started to work his member to erection with her mouth. The second guy came to his buddy’s aid. He grabbed at the girl but was no match for her. While still pinning the first guy with her legs, she grabs the second guy by the arm and pulled him to her. She locked her arms around his head in a sleeper hold. The poor guy struggled feebly — pulling at the girl’s arms in desperation. He was lights out in seconds. She tossed him to the side, presumably to save for later, and went back to work on the guy she had trapped with her thighs. I considered intervening but didn’t think there was much I could do. I told myself these guys came to the party knowing what it might hold for them. It was a bizarre fairness that made sense to me. I’d probably thought the same about girls back in college who went to the wrong party and were forced into sex. That didn’t make some of what I saw right, but it was all I had.

Through my walk around I hadn’t seen Midge. That concerned me.

I found her as I walked back into the main house. She was in the downstairs gym with not one, but two guys. This was not your conventional “devil’s” threesome. Midge was on top of a guy on the floor She was riding this guy — jackhammering him really. He was quite the trooper, grunting each time she slammed into his pelvis. He started to cum, but she just kept going and going. He started begging her to stop. After a few seconds he passed out.

The other guy wasn’t exactly waiting patiently for his turn. He wasn’t going anywhere. He was laid out on the weight bench. The bar was on the bottom rung of the weight stand pressing into the dude’s chest — pinning him. Someone, presumably Midge, had put a barbell over him with what looked like a lot of weight on it — maybe 500lbs. He was struggling against it, but to no avail. It held him as Midge orgasmed loudly on the first guy. Midge stood and the unconscious bahis siteleri guy’s spent dick flopped out of her. It was still twitching and leaking.

She stood over the weight bench, straddling the trapped guy. She ripped off his shorts. He had a raging boner. Midge lowered herself onto it and reached for the weight bar. With some, but not great, effort, she lifted the weight. She pulled it toward herself and set it across her hips. The she started thrusting, the added weight powering her thundering down strokes. Giles Cory wouldn’t have asked for more weight in this situation. The trapped guy didn’t either, but I got the sense that making words were not an option for him right now. I could hear Midge’s moans building to a second orgasm as I turned and went up the stairs.

The party was in its winding down phase. It was just a different way of doing I, I thought. In my day, guys convinced girls to go off to remote sections of the house and did what they could to get into their pants. Some of that convincing was done with the help of alcohol. Doubtless some of those exchanges ending up turning like Beth’s first encounter with the linebacker — hopefully with less violence, but also probably with less comeuppance. Now girls dragged guys to the nearest bare patch a grass when they were ready. As many of the couplings were probably as one-sided as before, but just out in the open. I chose not to dwell on it. And went to bed.


Nadia and Pudge got home sometime after I’d gone bed. I woke when Nadia came through the bedroom. I heard her run a quick shower, then she came to bed. She crawled into bed and spooned up behind me. I often ended up as the little spoon — tall wife problems. Once in a kidding mood she told me that having a shorter guy try to be the big spoon felt like wearing a backpack in bed. I took the ribbing without the fight in trade for not having to hear about any of the other shorter guys with whom she spooned. Nadia came to bed naked. She pressed her body into mine. Her skin was warm and soft from the shower. I started to get an erection. I knew from experience that she’d be reaching around for my cock soon. Vigorous recreation, like diving, always stirred her energies more than it expended them. I was usually the beneficiary of the excess. She’d only just curled up behind me when the bedroom door opened again. It was Pudge.

“So, there’s a blonde-haired girl fucking the shit out of a frat boy in my room,” Pudge announced, flipping on the light. I gathered Misty had dragged her prey off to her den — I guess the other guy managed to slip away. I probably should have mentioned to Midge’s girls that the guest bungalow — a small cottage with a bedroom, bathroom, and a sitting room and a small kitchenette — was occupied by Pudge. Midge and the girls hadn’t really found rooms in any sort of efficient manner, which I guess meant they just found a space as needed. Pudge walked toward the shower. “I’m going to use the shower in here,” Pudge tended to make statements of fact instead of asking questions. “There was another naked frat boy covered in what I assumed was his own spooge passed out in my bathroom,” she explained as she walked into the bathroom. Or maybe he hadn’t, I thought.

I heard the shower running and thought that Pudge was just lonely again. The master suite we occupied was on the top floor in the corner of the main house. It was a few steps down to the main top floor which housed a great room, a kitchen with breakfast area (it was too big to call a “nook”. There was also a sitting (like another living room rich people have), and both formal and informal dining areas. Below that was a floor with half a dozen well-appointed rooms each with their own bath. The first floor had a well-equipped gym, a game room mostly set up for kids, and a bar area with its own pool table for adults. It seemed unlikely to me that all the rooms on the second floor were occupied. Midge’s group was only four and Misty, it seemed, had claimed the separate guest bungalow. That should have left three open rooms. Even if one or two of Midge’s female party guests had taken men into those rooms, there was probably someplace else for Pudge to go. She had wanted to come to our room, and apparently, it was part of a plan for her to. As it turned out, it wasn’t just her plan.

The shower turned off and Pudge emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel. She was drying her short, bleached hair with another towel. She finished with her hair and threw that towel back into the bathroom. Her hair was a mess of yellow-white spikes. She crossed the room, took something from the bag she’d brought with her from the guest bungalow, and turned off the light. There was some light bleeding in from the rising full moon. Just enough light that my adjusting eyes could see her shape as she walked over to my side of the bed. In the darkness her movement seemed even more like the muscular jungle cat she was at heart. I heard her set something on the nightstand. She stood canlı bahis siteleri on my side of the bed and dropped the towel. Her skin was glowing white in the filtered moonlight. The only contrast from the alabaster was her quarter-sized dark pink nipples and the dark felt of hair — she was a natural brunette — trimmed closely in the angle leading to her pussy. What had been a building erection was instantly a raging hard-on.

Pudge pulled back the covers and slipped into bed with graceful silence. She slid herself under the sheet and blanket, rolled herself to facing away from me and nestled back against me. She too was warm and soft from the shower. My rigid dick pressed against the furrow of her muscular ass. I made a sound as I struggled to find words. I didn’t need them. Nadia leaned into me, bringing her head by my ear. “It’s fine,” she whispered, “we talked. We want this.” I wasn’t just squeezed between their bodies; I was trapped in their conspiracy. My body tensed as my mind raced through the intricacies of the problem before me — though being loved by two amazing women who also happened to be smoking hot is difficult to call a “problem”. “You want it too. You know you do. Just let it happen,” Nadia rested her case. I sighed. She was right.

Being an inch taller, Pudge pressed against my whole front and Nadia enveloped me from behind. Pudge wiggled against my swollen manhood giving me a sensation that made me shudder. Then she broke the tension as only she could. “God, it is like wearing a backpack in bed.” There was pregnant pause interrupted when Nadia snorted; we all erupted into laughter.

We settled down, but sleep wasn’t on the agenda. Pudge wiggled her ass against my steel-hard rod. It worked its way into the cleft of her rock-hard ass. I bumped up against her hole and pulled myself away. Nadia pushed her long arm under me and around Pudge and massaged Pudge’s downside breast. Pudge moaned and started breathing heavily. Nadia’s put her head alongside mine, and she started kissing my neck and giving my ear a nibble.

I started to reach behind myself in an effort to reach Nadia’s hairless sex. My arm hurt a little with the motion. My shoulder made a popping noise like knuckles cracking. I think I must have pulled something when Nadia trapped my arm in this awkward position at the club last night. Nadia took my hand in hers and moved it across my body to Pudge’s cleft. Nadia whispered in my ear, “We’ll take turns this time.”

I began fingering Pudge’s pussy. Slowly at first, then working between faster and slower. Pudge started to grind on my hand. I was worried for a second that the force of her leg contractions and grinding might dislocate my wrist. That worry was soon supplanted by a bigger problem.

Pudge’s grinding positioned my rod to be bumping on her hole again. Worse Nadia was now grinding on me from behind. I tried to pull away, but, to my alarm, Nadia wouldn’t let me. I strained to pull back, but I might as well have been trying to push a Buick up a hill. Given what happened to my finger on its trip into Pudge’s ass, and Pudge’s “promise” at breakfast, I naturally started to freak straight the fuck out.

Pudge reached for what she’s brought to the nightstand. It was a bottle of some sort. She squeezed some of the bottle’s contents onto her hand and reached back for my dick. Nadia relented for a second and I pulled away slightly. Pudge’s hand came to my dick and took it. It was some kind of cool gel. Pudge rubbed it on my cock then on the rim of her hole. The rest she rubbed on my side — to get it off her hand. She repositioned herself so I was pressing on the hole again. She pushed her star against the tip of my dick. “Do you need a written invitation, sport?” she giggled a little.

It was a cue. They’d arranged this. Nadia had moved her hand to my hips. She thrust from behind me. I was surprised, not that it would have mattered — there was no way I could have resisted the force she applied. My hard cock rammed through Pudge’s sphincter and into her ass. She gasped and then grunted. She locked her thighs around my hand and ground harder on it with her pussy. I pulled back for another thrust. Nadia augmented my movement with another push forward. We were soon moving in unison; my own meager exertion became irrelevant in the process. Nadia was, literally, fucking Pudge with my cock and thrusting far harder than I ever could. Pudge’s ass was so tight, but, after Nadia’s pussy clamp last night, it wasn’t painful. It just gave my cock waves of amazing pleasure. Pudge’s grinding combined with Nadia’s thrusting into Pudge’s tight hole was bringing me close with alarming speed. I tensed to resist the explosion as Pudge started to cum on my hand. Nadia sensed it and would have none of it, and took matters into her own hands, or rather fingers.

She thrusted me into Pudge’s ass and held me there. She whispered into my ear, “I warned you about trying to hold out on us, little man.” With that, she jammed two fingers, quite forcefully, canlı bahis into my ass. I exploded into Pudge’s ass instantly and with as much power as I think I had ever cum before then. Nadia massaged her fingers inside me. I pumped and pumped. The pleasure was overwhelming. I screamed. Pudge continued her grind against my hand as she came herself. My orgasm continued. I was trapped in Pudge’s ass as Nadia milked me internally. Nadia continued until I was dry. My whole body bucked and convulsed.

I couldn’t take it, and, once again, passed out.


I wasn’t out long. I guess I was getting better at surviving sex with women as they’d become. More likely I came around from the noise and the movement. The noise was Nadia’s rapturous moans and muffled screams. The movement was the bed ramming into the wall. The driving force behind the bed’s rocking and slamming was Pudge. She was thrusting her hand and middle against Nadia’s pussy. The friction was, apparently, having its own effect on Pudge. It looked like she was on the edge of cumming. Nadia writhing and moaning was constant. She was lost in a mind-melting non-stop orgasm.

It was an amazing sight.

Pudge was glistening with sweat. I must have been out longer than I thought for the effort to have gotten to her this much. I had hardly seen either of them sweat though any of our exertions. (To the extent that it seemed like I was the only one of us actually exerting themselves) She was jackhammering Nadia’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. Judging from the force with which the bed was hitting the wall, Nadia was thrusting harder than I ever could by a long shot. The muscles in her legs, ass, and core rippled with each advance and retreat.

Nadia glowed with ecstasy. Her legs were angled to allow Pudge maximum access to the hairless wonder between her legs. Her own solid six pack of abs were flexed against the repeat hammering. Her tits were large but firm and pert. They never sagged. They did sometimes bounce when she moved, but usually only in the most subtly delightful way. Now they swayed violently with each thrust. Her lips hung just open. They were full and pink against her lightly tanned skin. Every several thrusts her tongue peeked out lustily.

My recent orgasm was as violent and taxing as any I’d had in the previous couple of days, and those were lifetime bests. Regardless, the vision of these two celestial beings was more than any mortal man’s loins could hope to endure. I erected a temple to my goddesses. My deities being occupied with more heavenly matters, I took the work of mortals into my own hands, or hand, rather.

My work drew Pudge’s attention. She grabbed by balls and gave them a squeeze. Not so hard as to cause injury, but hard enough to make me jump and stop my stroking. My wince caught Nadia’s attention. She turned on her side toward me. Reached and pulled me toward her and took me in a voracious kiss. Nadia’s turn on her side gave Pudge a new angle for thrusting her pussy directly on Nadia’s cleft.

Pudge released my balls and put three fingers of that hand into Nadia. I didn’t catch what Pudge was doing at first. It soon would become apparent. Nadia could be something of a gusher when deeply stimulated. I’m proud to say I’d put her into that state on at least four separate occasions. This wasn’t “squirting” — really just a release of urine, usually voluntary to massage some men’s egos. It was just an acute uptick in production of vaginal lubricant. When Nadia got going, she could produce a lot — like a lot a lot. I could feel the wetness between us and on the bed.

Pudge pulled her fingers from Nadia’s opening and they were drenched in Nadia’s emanations. Pudge repositioned herself back onto Nadia and restarted her direct grinding. Then she rubbed her wet fingers to her palm, took hold of my cock and started jerking in time with her thrusts. Nadia’s arm around my neck increased its grip and new waves of pleasure came to her.

Pudge’s grip was intense, but the lubricant Nadia provided made for easy sliding. The intensity of Pudge’s squeeze and her jerking picked up as her own rapture began to set in. Between the jerking and the kissing, my cock was beginning to leak. I could barely breathe between the intensity of Nadia’s kissing and embrace and the equal intensity of Pudge’s grip. Nadia was on the cusp of orgasm. Pudge stepped it up and started to cum herself. She thrusted and jerked; she jerked and thrusted. Finally she came and ordered for us to do so too. She screamed, “CUM YOU BITCHES!”

Nadia inhaled and held it, then let out her own scream while pulling me to her in and incredibly tight head locking grip. I could feel more wetness from her gushing. Her hold around my neck must have restricted the blood flow to my brain and the darkness started to close in as I came. I could feel jizz fly as the anoxia drove me to a new level of euphoria. Pudge kept up the jerking while her own orgasm reached a peak. I couldn’t believe how much cum I still had to spew after earlier, but I spurted and spurted. Nadia’s bliss started to wane, and she relaxed her hold on me. Pudge gave my now sensitive cock a final jerk, let go, and clamped her hand on my balls again. I yelped.

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