Lord Blaine

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It was only by accident that Edward succeeded to the peerage. He was the third son, and normally his oldest brother, Charles, would have inherited the title and the estate when Lord Blaine died. His Lordship was a man of tremendous energy, and very much an outdoors person. He had no time for any sort of artistic activity and as far as he was concerned he was only ever really happy when he was on a horse, holding a gun or, rather unusually for his time, in a sailing boat, and it was the latter that caused his demise.

While Edward was a very good horseman and quite a reasonable shot, sailing was not one of his best points. While he could handle a boat quite well, he suffered badly from seasickness. This was so bad that anything more than a mild swell would have him retching and puking over the side and there was no chance of him sailing sensibly. His father was convinced that he was afraid of the sea and would not accept that he just had a physical problem which he could not overcome. Thus when his father went to sea on a particularly rough day with his two brothers he refused to join them, and so was not present when the boat overturned and all three were drowned.

Edward was just 26 when this accident occurred, and was completely unprepared for this unexpected inheritance. The estate was considerable, including as it did a very smart London town house, and a 5000 acre country estate, in the centre of which was a magnificent house dating back to the 16th century. Most of the estate was leased to tenant farmers, the home farm being of 1000 acres of mixed arable and dairy. This part of the estate was of particular interest to Edward, as he had been very involved in the management of the farm before his father’s death. He was rather a country boy, and not very interested in participating in the London season, although he did host a ball at his house. However, he returned to the country as soon as possible, where he felt most at home.

One problem which he had not anticipated soon arose to cause him considerable anxiety. His sudden accession to the title made him a prime target for the young ladies who were looking for husbands, preferably wealthy ones. He was a very attractive man, just over 6 feet tall, good-looking with a dark head of hair, but unfortunately was extremely shy. While he was very comfortable talking to men of any station about country matters, he was completely tongue tied in the presence of young women, which seemed to make him even more attractive to them, as they all thought that he would be an easy husband to manage.

Given free choice, he would have happily stayed single, and had he not inherited, this might well have happened. However this was no longer an option. It was crucial that he not only married but that he should produce a son and heir. In the event that he should have died childless, the estate and title would have passed to his cousin Harold, a wastrel who would certainly have gambled the whole thing away in fairly short order. So he had to find a wife, but the thought of being married to any of the young women who had put themselves on the market in the London season absolutely horrified him. What to do? Suddenly a solution occurred to him.

He had been friendly with the daughter of a neighbouring farmer, having played with her when she was a baby, and through the years of her girlhood. Now Alice was 18, and had turned into a very attractive young woman, and he realised that the feelings he had for her were much stronger than anything he had felt for the husband seekers who had been paraded in front of him during the annual upper-class flesh market. Unfortunately, although they were great friends, Alice was as shy as he was, and it took him quite some time before she became aware that their feelings were far more than just friendship. Finally he screwed up his courage and spoke to her father to ask his permission to ask Alice to marry him, which was gladly given.

The proposal was a little confusing, and it was quite some time before Alice realised that he was actually asking for her hand. When she finally understood she was delighted to accept, though she did ask him if he was sure that she would be grand enough for him, to which he replied that he didn’t want a grand wife, he just wanted a loving one. The marriage took place quite quickly, and, although he was under pressure from his relatives to have a grand affair in London they both wished to have a quiet event in the local village church, attended not only by their relatives but also by a lot of the employees of the estate and of her father’s farm.

They were blissfully happy together in the period leading up to the wedding, but after a few months it was clear to them both that something was not right. Edward badly needed advice, and there was only one person to whom he could turn, and that was Alfred, his personal servant. So now we need to know something about Alfred.

Alfred Watkins, or Fred as he was always known, had been born on the estate, the son of the butler. He was two years older than Lord Blaine, bursa escort and, despite the difference in his standing from that of his Lordship, the two boys had played together from an early age. There was a large age gap between Edward and his elder brothers, so it was natural that he should enjoy the company of Fred, who was near his own age. Theirs became a very close friendship, and although Fred started his working life as a general servant and dogsbody, he was always unofficially Edward’s personal servant, and this position was consolidated when Edward inherited the peerage.

When Fred was 18, he enjoyed his first sexual experience with Mary, one of the maids, with the not surprising result that she became pregnant. Her father was not too displeased, as he could insist on Fred marrying the girl, thus getting rid of one of his daughters. Edward persuaded his father to allow Fred to live in one of the houses on the estate, where Mary produced a son, followed by another two years later. Although it had been a shotgun marriage, Fred was quite happy with Mary though he had one regret. He had been very involved with Jane, another maid, and would have preferred to be with her. However, her father had got a job some way away, so she moved and Fred consoled himself with Mary, rather more than he should have done. The marriage was not to last long, unfortunately, because the thatched roof of their cottage caught fire, probably due to a spark from a traction engine that was working nearby, trapping the two children inside, and just as Mary ran back into the house to rescue them, the roof collapsed and all three were killed, leaving Fred as a childless widower.

He was distraught at the loss of his family, and he moved back into the servants accommodation in the big house. He made no attempt to find other female company, but this situation changed when Jane came back to take up a post as Lady Alice’s personal maid, and their friendship was renewed. However, neither of them wished to commit themselves to each other, and, as there was no birth control methods available, they avoided a physical relationship. Jane had been involved with a man while she was away, and had become pregnant, but she lost the baby in the early days of the pregnancy, and she now wished to be very sure of their relationship before risking any sexual activity.

So this was Fred, to whom Edward turned when he had a problem. It had been a daily practice for Fred to bring a whisky decanter and glass to Edward’s bedroom just before he went to bed, but after the marriage this no longer took place, so it was a surprise when Edward told him to bring the decanter and two glasses to his room. When he arrived, he was told to pour a drink for both of them and to sit down. They sipped their drinks in silence for a few minutes, while Edward decided just what to say.

‘Fred, I have a problem and I want you to solve it for me.’

‘You know I’ll do anything I can to help’.

‘Well you might not be so keen when you know what it is. You must realise that Alice and I are wonderfully happy together, or at least we are most of the time. Trouble is, it’s just not working in the bedroom. It’s not her fault, it’s mine, I just can’t do it. I know what I’m supposed to do, but, to be coarse, I just can’t get it up.’

‘I don’t quite see how I can help with that, it sounds as though you need a doctor.’

‘I can’t go to a doctor, it’s hard enough telling you, but to tell the doctor would be just too much for me. But I’ve got to do something. It’s not just a question of Alice not having the pleasure of making love, but as you know well, it’s vital that I get a son. If I don’t, and anything should happen to me,the estate will go to Harold, and you know what a disaster that would be’.

‘Well, he certainly does have a reputation for throwing money away, and I must say an awful lot of people would be badly affected if he were in charge. Apart from which, we all be pretty unhappy if anything nasty should happen to you.’

‘Thanks for the compliment, but accidents do happen, look at my father and brothers for instance. I’m not planning to go sailing to get drowned, but there are plenty of other ways of dying young, so I’ve got to be realistic. I need a son, and there’s only one way I can think of to achieve that. I need a man that I can trust to do the job for me, preferably one who has already shown that he is not lacking in virility.’

‘That sounds drastic solution. You have anyone in mind?’

‘Yes, you.’

‘Me? You want me to… to sleep with your wife, with Lady Alice?’

‘Well not sleep exactly, I rather hope you’ll be very wide awake. Look, if this is too embarrassing for you, just say so and we’ll forget that I ever spoke about it. But I just don’t know any other man I could trust to do it and keep his mouth shut afterwards.’

‘But what will Lady Alice say? Surely she won’t agree to this.’

‘We’ve already talked about it, and she has agreed. She says that she doesn’t want to have sex with any other man, but she bursa escort bayan knows how important a son is to us both, and she says that she can trust you to do just what is needed and not take advantage of her. Look, don’t answer now, think about it, and if you want to talk to Jane about it, I’m confident that she could be trusted as well. Let me know tomorrow please. Now drink up, and I’ll go and join Alice.’

Fred went straight to Jane’s room to talk to her. When he explained the problem that their employer had, she immediately said that it was his duty to help out. She did want to impose one condition.

‘Before you have sex with her ladyship, I want you to do it with me, please. Fred, you must realise by now that I love you, and always wanted you to be the man I could spend my life with. I get the idea that you might feel much the same about me, but I’m not going to ask you to make any commitment, just make love to me, please. As it happens, it’s not very likely I’ll get pregnant at this time of the month, but if I do, so be it. Now, take your clothes off and come into bed with me.’

Fred wasn’t going to argue with this request, and soon the two of them were starting a loving relationship that was to continue for the rest of their lives. He spent the whole night in bed with her, and next day he went to Lord Blaine to tell him what they had agreed. Edward was pleased to hear this, and said that he would tell his wife, and that she would make arrangements through Jane for Fred to visit her and carry out the deed.

After these discussions had taken place, it was arranged that Fred should go to Alice’s room the next evening. Fred bathed himself carefully and put on clean clothes before arriving at her room. Jane met him, and told him that Alice was ready for him and what she would be expecting. Then she gave him a quick kiss, and told him to go in, but he hesitated.

‘Jane, darling, I’ve never felt less like making love to a woman than I do now. Would you mind trying to get me a bit excited first before I go in.’

Jane drew him into her arms, and kissed him long and deeply. She opened her dress and put his hand inside so that he could hold her breast, while her hand opened his trousers and slipped inside. She found his limp penis, but as she caressed him and he felt the beauty of her breasts, his limpness disappeared, and he was soon fully tumescent.

‘There Fred, that’s better. I wish it was for me, but perhaps we can arrange that later on after you’ve serviced her ladyship.’

Fred and Alice

Fred entered into the bedroom. The curtains were drawn and there was only one small light. Alice was lying on the bed, the bed clothes turned back, and he could see the white form of her nightdress. He moved to the side of the bed. Normally he would have used her Christian name, as he had known her since she was a little girl, and only addressed her formally when non-family members were present, but now he felt totally awkward and didn’t know quite how to proceed.

‘My lady’ he started, but she stopped him.

‘You’ve always called me Alice in private before, this is a pretty stupid time to start getting formal. You must realise that this business is most unpleasant for me, but I do so want to give Edward a son and heir, and I don’t know anybody else I would trust to do this for me. Poor Edward is so embarrassed that he can’t impregnate me himself, and he tried so hard, but it just wouldn’t work for us, so I’m still a virgin, and I don’t really know much about what’s going to happen. I know the mechanics of it, I’ve seen the animals performing, you’ll have to teach me how to receive you.’

‘Alice, I’m sad for you both that it hasn’t happened as you wanted, but I hope that, if I can give you a son, you’ll be able to forget how it started. Anyway, all I’m going to do is put my penis into your sex. I’ll have to move a bit when I get in, but you’ve seen what animals do, and it’s the same thing really. I have to move to make me aroused enough to squirt my seed into you. I’m afraid it will hurt a bit when I go in, because I’ve got to break your maidenhead – there’s a thin skin that has to be broken to let me in far enough for my seed to get up into your womb. I’ll be as gentle as I can, and, once it’s broken, that’s done for the rest of your life’

‘Go ahead, do what you have to do. I trust you not to hurt me more than you have to. What do I have to do?’

‘You don’t need to do anything, I’ll look after it. I’ll just uncover your sex, then I’ll do it.’

He drew the nightdress up far enough so that he could see the triangle of fair pubic hair. He held both of her knees, and drew her legs apart, and, in the weak light, he could just see the darker mark of her slit through the hair. He had entered the room with no shoes on, and he unbuttoned his trousers and pushed them down his legs, together with his underpants. He climbed awkwardly onto the bed and moved between her legs. His erection had subsided after Jane’s efforts, but the sight of Alice’s spread sex soon caused escort bursa it to grow again. Although he had been very dubious about taking on this task, the thought of entering this lovely virgin body overcame his scruples. He leaned forward over Alice’s body and supported his torso on one hand while he held his now rigid penis in the other and cautiously guided it towards her sex. He could see little in the weak light, but he felt the tip of his tool touch her lips, and heard her sharp intake of breath as she felt the alien touch of a man on her most private parts.

Now he began to move his as penis searched for the entry into her inner lips, and he felt her yielding to his touch as he found the elusive spot, and began to enter her vagina. He could feel the heat of her body as his glans pushed open the tight channel, but it wasn’t a smooth progress. She was not aroused in any way, and as a result, her vagina was dry, and although his precum provided some lubrication, he could feel that he was having to force his way in. He quickly arrived at the barrier of her hymen and he began to push against it. Nothing happened for a moment, then suddenly the thin membrane tore. She cried out at the sudden pain, and he stopped moving, but then he realised that he had to go on, and he pushed in further till his pubis was touching hers and he was fully engaged. Her face was turned away from him he could see the distress she was suffering, but he had no option but to continue. He slowly drew back, then pushed in again. He could feel the lack of lubrication, as his penis dragged her flesh back and forth as he moved. Eventually his own fluid eased the movement a little, and he speeded up as he came near to his own climax. He felt the rush of fluid through his penis, which jerked and as he squirted his seed deep into her vagina.

He had made sure that he supported his weight on on his hands, taking care to make the minimum of contact with her body. Now, as his penis subsided, he withdrew from her, and climbed off the bed, drawing up his trousers as he stood up, then leaning forward and drawing her nightdress down over her knees. He could hear her crying quietly, and wasn’t sure what to say, so he tried to reassure her.

‘I’m sorry I hurt you, but it won’t hurt so much next time.’

‘What do you mean, next time? You’ve done it now, why do you think you’re going to do it again?’

‘Well, in theory I don’t need to do it again. The problem is that if I only do it once, you will have to wait until your next period is due before you find out if you are pregnant. Then I could do the same thing next month, but it could be a long time before we succeed. The more times I do it, the more chance is of your getting pregnant. It’s up to you, I know you don’t enjoy it, I can only say that I will try to make it as bearable as possible, and I think you’ll find that now your hymen is broken, it shouldn’t be painful for you.’

‘I suppose you’re right. So are you going to do it again now?’

This thought had not occurred to Fred, but he didn’t think it would be a good idea.

‘I think would be better to leave it for tonight, as you must be sore. In any case, a man needs a little space to recover his virility, so there wouldn’t be so much chance of it working at the second attempt.’

‘All right. I’m sorry if I sound a bit grumpy, as I realise that this isn’t easy for you either. But you are right, I am sore and I hope that will be better tomorrow. Thank you for doing what you are doing. Now go and ask Jane to come to me.’

He left and told Jane to go and talk to her mistress. Later that night he went to her room to talk about what had happened.

‘It was terrible, Jane. She was absolutely dry and I felt awful forcing my way into her. It obviously hurting her when I took her virginity, but after that it was still painful for her as I was dragging myself across her tight passage. It didn’t actually hurt me, but there was certainly no pleasure in it – not that I expected it to be a lot of fun, but I certainly didn’t expect to feel so unpleasant. I don’t really understand it, it was never like that with Mary, or with you last night, come to that.’

‘Silly boy, you obviously don’t understand women at all, not physically anyway. We don’t go around all the time with a nice slippery passage, it is only when we start to get excited that we get juicy down there. The problem you’ve got is that you can’t do anything to get her aroused, so she’ll just stay dry. I’ll see if I can think of something. Now, give me a kiss and go away. You need to save all your sperm to produce a son and heir for his Lordship, there will be plenty of time to fill me up after you’ve done your stud duties.’

The next day Fred went about his duties as normal. He felt a little embarrassed when he first met his boss, but that was soon overcome. Edward told him that he didn’t want to talk about what had happened with his wife.

‘Fred, I don’t think I can bear to talk about it. Just do it and I hope you can make her pregnant quickly, and it can be over with. It sounds a bit stupid to say thank you to a man for having slept with his wife, but I do appreciate it and realise that it must be a bit embarrassing for you, so let’s just accept that it’s happening and get on with it.’

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