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Lois is one of the six ladies who enjoy men with anteater cocks.

No one under the age of twenty in this story.


My phone rang and when I checked the number it indicated Lois, a woman I had met a few days ago, was calling.

“Hello Lois.” I said. “How are you and what can I do for you?”

“Hi John. If you’re not busy I’d like to come over and see you for a little while. Can I pack an overnight bag in case it gets a little late and I need to stay overnight?” she asked.

“Sure. I’m not busy but when you leave your home you need to be wearing a garter belt, fully fashioned stockings, no DK’s or panties, and a cut out bras. Do not go pee from now until you arrive here. Give me about an hour to straighten things up a bit.” I told her.

“Oh that will be wonderful. I really do want to see you again after last week. You made me feel so good, especially when you sucked my clit and my peehole. I’ll be there in about an hour.” she replied.

She hung up the phone and I wondered what she might possibly want. I began straightening up the place a little bit, got some snacks out as well as putting a bottle of wine in the refrigerator to chill.

Lois was in her early sixties but quite attractive. She had a mature body but not fat. Her teats were a 38C and she was a little bashful about letting all the men of this group who had anteater cocks see them. She also had a forest of pubic hair on her belly and cunt plus she didn’t shave her pits.

I finished straightening up and decided I would slip on my lingerie so she could see me like she had last week. I decided on an eight strap garter girdle in raspberry color, matching open cup bra, sheer black nylons with a Havana heel pattern and no briefs or DK’s. She could just see my anteater cock when she walked in the door.

About thirty minutes later the doorbell rang and as I opened the door, she waltzed through and said “I’m so glad to see you again. I’ve dreamed about you and your prick for several days and I need to play with it again.”

“Hi Lois. It’s good to see you again.” I said as I took her coat. “Come in and make yourself at home. I have snacks and wine waiting if you would like some. I think the wine will make you need to pee in a hurry if you don’t already need to.” I said.

“I followed your directions and haven’t peed since I talked to you on the phone. I don’t really need to pee right now but will in a little while. I really want to play with your long fucking foreskin and hold it when you take a piss. Do you like what I wore to visit you?”

“I love what you’re wearing.” I said. “A nice eight strap navy blue garter belt, sheer black fully fashioned stockings, a cut out bra that matches your garter belt and two inch heels. I can see all your hairy belly and cunt hair too. Show me your pits. Ahh, they are nice and hairy too. So let’s go have some snacks and a glass or two of wine.”

As we moved to the kitchen I walked behind her and checked the seams on her stockings out. A nice Havana heel pattern that made her legs look very nice. They were nice and straight and pulled tightly by her garter belt. When we got to the kitchen she turned around, grabbed me by the face and gave me a huge kiss, sticking her tongue in my mouth. I grabbed her by the cheeks of her ass and pulled her close to me breaking the kiss and saying “You’re a fucking cock whore and just want my long fat cock fucking your cunt don’t you?”

“Yes. I’m hungry for cock since I haven’t had any for about three years. I want to wash your cock, play with it, suck it, then have you fuck me good with it. If you want me to spend the night with you, I’ll let you fuck me again a couple of more times tonight too.” she replied.

“Well, I haven’t washed it since this morning and I haven’t pulled back the foreskin so it might be a good idea to wash it with a little soap and water before you suck it.” I replied. “Do you want to wash it before we have our snacks or after we have them?” I asked.

“Let me wash it now so if I want to suck it right here, it will be nice and clean.” she replied.

I had a clean washcloth and a bar of soap in the kitchen so I ran some nice warm water in a bowl and wet the washcloth for her. Lois took it from me, soaped it up good, then peeled my anteater foreskin back so she could see the red head of my cock.

“Oh my. The head of your prick is bright red. Is it always like that when you push the foreskin back over it?” she asked.

“Well sometimes it is and other times it isn’t.” I replied. “Sometimes it is just flesh colored but if I masturbate and blow my nuts off that way it sometimes gets bright red.”

She began washing my prick, very gently at first, then with a little more ardor. I think she wanted to make it nice and clean for when she sucked me off.

“All done.” she said as she dried it with a small towel. “Now it is nice and clean for me to nurse on it and make you feel good. It will make me feel good too as I haven’t had a cock ordu escort to suck for ages.”

We sat down and had some crackers and cheese along with a couple of glasses of wine when suddenly Lois told me she really needed to pee pee.

“Do you want to go out onto the patio and pee or do you want to straddle the toilet and pee?” I asked. “No one can see you if you want to pee on the patio.”

“I’ll go out on the patio and pee pee then when I finish you can wipe my wet pussy with your hand and lick my cunt for me. Then we’re going to your bedroom and I’m going to give you the blowjob of your life. When I’m finished you can stick that big prick of your in my cunt and fuck me good with it. I want a huge dose of baby batter in my cunt. I haven’t had a good fuck for so long I’ve almost forgotten what a big prick feels like inside my cunt.” Lois said.

We went out on the patio and Lois spread her cunt lips wide open and I stood off to the side of her but with a good view of her hairy cunt. The pee began dripping out of her urethra then began flowing like she had turned on the faucet. It flew out in front of her about three or four feet and she said. “Oh that feels so good to pee pee. Does it look good to you John? Can you see it streaming out of my pee hole?”

“Yes. It’s just fine.” I told her. “I’ll want to eat your cunt when you finish and perhaps make you climax a few times.”

Gradually the flow began to taper off until it was just dripping down onto the patio.

I moved over in front of her and knelt down down. She bent her knees so I could get my mouth on her pee hole and clit. I began sucking on her clit and had her wiggling and squirming after a minute or two. Then I moved down to her pee hole and fastened my mouth on her urethra. As I sucked it she began dribbling into my mouth. Slightly salty but still tasting good.

“Oh you big motherfucker. You’ve made me climax about six times and I’m so horny I just want your prick inside me filling me up with your pollen. Now get up and let’s go to your bedroom so you can stick that big prick inside me.” Lois said.

We headed down the hallway to my bedroom and as I walked behind her I admired her ass and her legs. Her legs were shapely and encased in the dark nylon with dark seams and heels, she really made me want to plow her vagina with my peter.

We got to my room and she immediately laid down on the bed, spread her legs wide apart and said. “Now give me all that long uncut cock of yours and breed me with your pollen. I want to feel it when you erupt inside my cunt.”

I didn’t even bother to pull my foreskin back and quickly mounted her. I slid in quite easily and was sup to her cervix with the first thrust.

“Oh that feels so good. Your peter is so fat and so long and I feel the head of it pushing on my cervix. It is so much larger than my deceased husbands was. I could hardly feel it when he was fucking me because it was so short. Now fuck my cunt good and hard and make me climax six or eight times. Then you can erupt inside me and we’ll take a little nap after which I’ll have you fuck me again.”

I plowed her vagina about twenty five times and she told me to fill her up with baby batter. One final thrust and I erupted inside her with five or six strong strings of semen then it began dribbling into her until I stopped fucking her and rested.

“Oh John. That felt so good. I needed a good fucking like that from a man with a long hard prick. Your prick is so fat it has me all filled up and wet, wet, wet. I’ll be leaking the rest of the afternoon. Now come up to my face and let me suck your cock clean then perhaps a little nap, dinner, and some more cock for me.” she said.

So I retracted my shrivelled up peter and stood on the floor beside the bed and let her suck my wet cock clean of our juices. When she finished she told me to get her bag and she would slip on a pair of briefs so catch my pollen. So I went and got her bag and took it to her. She told me to get her gold colored briefs from it and slip them on over her ankles. I did and she pulled them up nice and tight against her labia.

“Lois. Were you ever fucked before you met your husband?” I asked her.

“Yes I was. It started out innocently enough but it was my daddy who took my cherry when I was eighteen. I had been to a party and got home late and a little wasted so I left my garter belt and stockings on and slipped a gown over me and went to bed. I woke up about six thirty and had to piss so I headed toward the bathroom. Daddy was standing at the lavatory shaving and I just barged in and told him I had to pee pee and sat down on the toilet. I was right in the middle of peeing when his towel fell down and I suddenly was looking at a fairly long uncut peter surrounded by a lot of pubic hair.” Lois said.

“I’m sorry Lois.” he said. “I’ll pull it back up if you like.”

“No daddy. It’s alright. I know what men’s cocks look like. It’s just that I’ve never seen yours and didn’t osmaniye escort know you weren’t circumcised. Mommy never told me anything about your cock, but you don’t have to cover yourself up. Just keep shaving.” I told him.

Later on as he finished shaving he asked me if I might like to hold his cock and maybe even stroke it for him. I told him I thought I might like to do that and took hold of it. I ran my hand up and down the shaft a few times and he started to get a hard on and his foreskin began to fall back over the head of his cock. I saw the head was nice and red and I asked him if it was like that all the time. He told me it was but that the foreskin kept it nice and moist and mommy liked it that way. I finished peeing and he suggested I might like to put the head of his cock in my mouth and suck it a little bit. I put the head of it in my mouth and the first thing I knew he shot a strong stream of liquid in my mouth followed by two or three more.

“Oh dear I’ve shot a load of semen in your mouth and really just couldn’t help it. You were sucking my cock so nicely and I got all excited.” he said.

“It’s OK daddy.” I told him. “It doesn’t have much taste and it’s not bad tasting.” so I just sucked on it some more and cleaned him up.

“Thank you so much darling.” he said. “Perhaps we can do it again soon.” Well soon was the next morning and this time I really sucked his peter and gave him a good blowjob. He gave me a good drink of baby batter and that began our little sexual tete d tete. Eventually after about two weeks he asked me if he could fuck me and I told him it would be fine. So he put a rubber on his peter and took my virginity.

“We carried that on for about a year until I left home. Then I met my soon to be husband and his little peter. When he passed away a few years ago I found myself lacking something and I knew it must be my sexual romps. So here I am, a middle aged women looking for a man to fuck me and suckle my teats.” she said.

“I loved it when I had my prick buried in you and you wrapped your nylon clad legs around my back. The feel of the sheer nylon felt so good and so slippery.” I told her. “You know I work in Mel’s store and help women like you find shoes that actually fit their feet.. When I’m measuring their feet, I often get a nice glimpse of their nylon clad legs and it is surprising how many of them come to the store wearing only an open bottom girdle and no panties. I get to see more hairy cunts that way.”

“Like me this afternoon?” she asked.

“Yes. Just like this afternoon. As I’m measuring their feet, some of them even spread their feet wide apart so they make sure I see their hairy pussies. Some will even ask if I can lead them to the restroom so they can pee and when I get them there, they tell me to leave the door open and act as a guard so no one sees them peeing. Well, of course, I watch. Some wipe their pussies and others just leave themselves wet.. Some ask me to wipe them, which I am happy to do. Then we go back and try on some shoes.”

“Do you enjoy your job?” Lois asked.

“Well of course I do.” I replied. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t and the older women like me too because they feel comfortable with me measuring their feet. Your friends EmmyLou and her daughter Becky are good customers of mine. They are both in the little group you were just accepted into. EmmyLou’s pussy is a salt and pepper color while Becky’s is coal black and both have plenty of pussy hair. Now I need to piss. Do you want to hold my peter while I piss or would you like me to drench you and then have you suck my peter?”

“I think right now I’d just like to hold it while you pee pee. Maybe I can swing it around a little bit and get some things all wet, but I guess we need to go out on the patio for that.” Lois said. “Maybe I’ll need to pee pee again too.”

So we got out of bed and headed for the patio. We went out and Lois took hold of my peter and I began peeing. Dribbling at first, but then into a steady stream. She played with me as I peed and moved my peter all over the place watering the grass and making the patio wet. I finally finished and Lois kneeled down and took my peter in her mouth and began giving me another blow job.

We went back inside and I asked Lois what else she had done sexually.

“I taught in a rural elementary school and had first and second grade. My room was at the end of the school so I parked my car right next to the building. Next to the school was a farm that had animals. One day as I was leaving the farmer had a couple of sows on a pen close by and there was also a boar hog in an adjacent pen. He opened the gate and nudged one of the sows into the pen with the boar. About ten seconds later the boars long corkscrew shaped prick was out of its sheath and he mounted the sow and shoved his long prick in her vagina. He must have been horny because it didn’t take him twenty seconds to flush her with his sperm filled semen. The farmer moved ostim escort the sow into a different pen and let the boar rest for a few minutes. I was fascinated by watching this scenario and I could feel some dampness in my panties.

About two minutes later the farmer put the second sow into the pen with the boar and again he mounted her and shoved his long prick into her vagina. I stood watching in awe as he fucked her good and hard. She tried to escape but he kept her pinned with his front legs until he blew his nuts off inside her cunt. When the farmer moved her back to the pen she had come from he saw me standing there watching.

“Did you get a good view of my old boar fucking them two sows?” he asked.

“Yes. I did.” I answered.

With that he unzipped his pants and took his long peter out and proceeded to piss right in front of me. That really set me off and I felt myself leaking fluid in my panties again. The farmer looked at me, smiled, and said, “Come back again tomorrow and I’ll have a couple of more sows ready to be bred by my boar. Maybe when they’re finished, you might need to piss too dear. I’d like to watch you if you do.”

“I might be able to do that.” I replied and got in my car to leave. My panties were soaking wet from watching the boar fuck those two sows.

The next day I left my panties off and was wearing only a six strap garter belt and black full fashioned stockings. After I ate my lunch I peed and vowed I wouldn’t go again until after I had watched the hogs get bred again.

“School couldn’t end quickly enough that afternoon and when it did, I was ready to go watch the boar do his thing again. I went outside by my car and there the boar was in a pen right by the school building. He was rooting around in his pen and obviously was ready to fuck the two sows.

He took care of his business when the farmer said. “I hope you need to pee lady. I’m going to show you my cock again then I want you to lift you dress a bit so I can watch you piss.”

He took his long cock out of his pants, stroked it a couple of times and began pissing. He must have saved his need to piss too because he pissed for about a minute and a half. I was shocked by how far he could make his stream go.

“Alright lady teacher. It’s your turn and spread your legs and raise your skirt so I can see your pussy hair.” he said. When I started it began running down my thighs and legs and saturated my stockings. Then it began flowing straight down onto the gravel driveway. I must have pissed for about two minutes before it stopped.

“Good job lady teacher. Looks like some of it ran down your legs soaking your stockings so you’ll need to change them when you get home. You must have not pissed since about noon judging from how long you pissed.” he said. “I’m out of sows to breed but if you want to watch me piss again tomorrow just leave your panties off and watch me after school.”

I told him I might just do that and got in my car, putting a towel down in the seat so I didn’t get it all wet driving home. When I got home I masturbated furiously and had several climaxes then pissed again thinking about his long prick.

I slept so well that night thinking about him and his long uncut cock as I fell into a sound sleep. The next day I slipped on a black eight strap garter belt and sheer fully fashioned black stockings. I wore no panties or DK’s. I think my students suffered all day because I really wasn’t thinking about them. I was thinking about the farmer and his long peter.

“After school I hurried out the back door needing to pee very badly. I wanted him to piss too so I could watch it flow out the end of his long foreskin. It would be like water running slowly out of a garden hose. I also really wanted to hold it and help him pee.

He came out of his house wearing a pair of shorts and a sport shirt.

“Hey lady teacher. How you doing today? Do you need to go pee pee this afternoon? I do. Would you like to watch me? Maybe even hold on to my peter as I pee? he said.

“I do have to pee but I want to watch you and I would enjoy holding your peter while you pee.” I replied.

So he stepped out of his shorts and briefs and moved over next to me. I couldn’t believe how long his foreskin really was. It must have gone past the head of his cock by at least an inch and a half. His peter was really flaccid and he told me to take hold of it and he would piss through his foreskin for me. By this time I could feel myself getting wet and wasn’t from pee leaking from my urethra.

I took hold of his long uncut peter and he began dribbling out the foreskin then turned the faucet on and really began pissing. I waved his cock around and he sprayed the gravel parking lot and the grass near the breeding pen and then it began dribbling again and finally stopped.

“Would you perhaps like to come into my home and have a cup of tea or coffee and dry off a bit?” he asked. “I’d enjoy wiping your wet legs off and would even dry your wet pussy for you.” he said.

“I think I might enjoy having you do that for me.” I replied. “After all, I am a bit wet in places. Watching your sows get bred and seeing the old boars corkscrew cock fucking them, I did get a little horny.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32