Lloyd’s Adventures Ch. 01

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Lloyd stood up at her desk, straightening her skirt. Her parents, expecting a boy, chose the name Lloyd. When she was born a girl, they thought it would be unique to give her a boy’s name.

She was stunning, but very shy, and just starting to come out of her shell. She had had a few boyfriends, but nothing too serious. She mainly focused on school, work and succeeding. At thirty, she was still a virgin. She hoped to be done with that soon, though. Grant, one of her colleagues, had been flirting with her constantly for almost a month. The sparks flew during their flirty banter. They ate lunch together and often stayed late together, grading papers and tests.

Lloyd glanced at her watch, which showed 6:30pm. The rest of these tests can wait, she thought, shoving them in her bag. The English building was quiet. Everyone had left for the day, eager to start their weekend. Packing up her things, Lloyd wondered what Grant was doing, if he was even in the building. Leaving her office, she headed towards Grant’s office. Her high heels echoed noisily through the vacant hallways.

A light shone under Grant’s office door. Lloyd knocked lightly and opened the door when she heard his deep voice say come in. Grant was standing over his desk, shuffling papers. His blonde hair was ruffled from running his hands through it. He glanced at Lloyd, a smile breaking out over his handsome face.

“Mind if I come join you.” Lloyd said, smiling at Grant.

“Sure. Have a seat. I was just finishing up with these papers. So what are you doing? Why are you still here at 6:30 on a Friday night? No hot dates tonight?” Grant leaned back in his chair, smiling that seductive smile. Lloyd laughed.

“Yeah, I have loads of bostancı escort bayan men pounding down my door, just lining up to be with me. I thought it would be much more fun to stay at work late,” she said sarcastically.

“Come on now, you’re beautiful! You can’t tell me the men aren’t falling all over themselves to be with you.” Lloyd glanced shyly down. “Lloyd,” Grant said, learning forward. He lifted her chin, lightly caressing her cheek with his thumb.

Lloyd’s heart thudded in her chest, anticipating what was coming. Grant’s mouth covered hers, gently at first, then deeper, possessing her mouth, claiming it. Grant threaded his hands through her hair, holding her head, pressing his mouth to hers, exploring it with his tongue. Lloyd broke the kiss, pulling back and gasping for breath.

“Lloyd, I’m sorry. I just…couldn’t help myself,” Grant said. Lloyd smiled at him.

“It’s ok, Grant. It just…happened.” The grinned at each other.

“Well, I’m pretty much done here,” said Grant, stuffing papers into his briefcase. “Want to grab a bite to eat?” Lloyd nodded. “Let’s just take my car. I’m parked in the basement level. We can take the freight elevators.” Lloyd followed him towards the back end of the building. Grant pushed the button and waited for the elevator to creep up the shaft. “The worst part about these freight elevators is they’re so slow,” Grant said.

Lloyd was embarrassed when Grant caught her staring at his mouth. She was saved from having to reply by the elevator doors slowly creaking open. They both stepped on the elevator and Grant pushed the button. The both thought about the kiss earlier as they waited for the doors to shut.

The tension in ümraniye escort the elevator was thick. Grant glanced sideways at Lloyd, admiring her full, firm breasts and long legs. He could feel himself hardening. Lloyd could feel the slickness between her thighs grow at the thought of Grant’s lips pressed to hers. She glanced over at him as the elevator doors noisily slid shut. She took in his blonde hair, broad shoulders and rugged good looks. Her gasped when she saw his bulging erection straining in his suit pants. A ball of desire blossomed in her stomach, causing her legs to quiver in anticipation.

Grant struggled to control his raging hard on, but couldn’t help himself. Lloyd’s gentle perfume was wafting through the cabin, intoxicating his senses. His need ached for release. In one swift action, he hit the emergency stop button and was on Lloyd. His mouth devoured her, his tongue plunging, tasting.

Lloyd pressed her body into his, feeling his hardness press against her through his pants. She reached between them and stroked his cock over the material of his pants. Grant groaned over her mouth. She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, releasing his raging hard on.

Grant unbuttoned her shirt and slid his hands over her glorious mounds. His mouth moved from her mouth to her breasts, suckling on first one nipple, then the other. Lloyd arched as he continued his assault on her breasts.

Grant dropped to his knees, pushing up Lloyd’s skirt while tugging down her lace panties. Lloyd spread her legs and held onto the bar behind her. Grant took in the sight of her beautifully trimmed pussy, dripping with desire.

Grant’s tongue lashed out and tasted her. Lloyd moaned and opened her escort kartal legs wider, wanting more. Grant happily obliged, setting to work. He lapped at her, inserting first one, then two, fingers into her wet, waiting pussy.

“Oh Grant, that feels so good! Please, don’t stop!” Lloyd grasped the back of his head, burying his face in her pussy. Grant continued to finger fuck her while licking her pussy. He could feel her tense up. With a guttural cry, Lloyd exploded in wave after wave of pleasure. When the waves subsided, he stood up.

“I want you, Grant,” said Lloyd, looking down at his rock hard cock. Lloyd turned around, facing the wall, bending over and using the bar for support. Grant came up behind her, loving the view of her full ass in front of him.

“Grant, please. Please. I want it. Fuck me, please!” Lloyd spread her legs, inviting. Grant complied and positioned himself behind her. Lloyd felt the head of his cock rubbing the slick entrance of her pussy.

In one swift motion, Grant slid his hard cock into her. Lloyd felt a slight twinge of pain, but was overcome with the feeling of fullness. Grant had never felt such a tight pussy before. He began to slide back and forth. Lloyd’s moans of pleasure became louder and louder.

“Yes! Grant, harder. Fuck me harder!” She met each of his thrusts, wanting more and more. “Grant, oh god, Grant. I’m going to cum!”

“Cum for me, baby. Cum all over me. You feel so good!” Grant increased his pace.

“Oh! I’m cumming Grant, I’m cumming. Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop!” Lloyd’s pussy tightened and convulsed around his cock. The pulsing of her pussy pushed him over the edge, and Grant exploded in her.

They remained in that position a bit longer, as Lloyd’s convulsing pussy milked Grant’s cock dry. Grant slid out of her. They quickly cleaned up and dressed before pushing the emergency stop button again.

As the elevator slowly began it’s descent again, Lloyd wondered what more was in store for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32