Little Help From a Friend

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Kristen’s text pops up on my phone.

Hey. You home?


Do you have vodka?

Keep a bottle just for you.

I’ll be there in 15.

Doors unlocked.

Kristen arrived about twenty-five minutes later

“Bear?” She yelled from the front door.

“Kitchen.” I said, busy pouring her a bloody mary extra spicy. When she rounded the corner, I finally understood why she decided to come over this late. She was carrying her “fuck me heels”, a hip hugging black pencil skirt, white thin blouse, and hair done up in a business bun. She was either roleplaying as a 1940’s librarian or her business date did not go well.

“Should I be worried you’re going to smack me, with a ruler, for overdue fines?” I said passing her the bloody mary. She set down her heels and chugged half the drink before replying.

“Only if you ask nicely.” She said with a wink. She downed the rest of her bloody mary and shock the glass at me for me. I slide the bottle of vodka and bloody mary mix to her. She looked at me with big puppy dog eyes and a fake pout.

“But you make them better than me and I had a rough night.” She said in a pitiful tone.

“I am not your drink bitch.” I said throwing her a towel to wipe the tomato moustache from her lip.

“Of course not. If you were, you would be wearing your uniform.” She said walking around the counter

“And that would be?” I said turning on some music.

“Nothing.” She said as she pinched my ass, making me jump. We laughed and I poured myself a glass of whiskey on the rocks.

“So, shall we discuss how badly your business date went or why you look like a librarian from a B horror movie?” I said.

“Who says it went badly?”

“The fact you’re in my kitchen at ten on a Saturday and drinking like you need to forget is a big hint. I sad.

“Touché.” She finished mixing her drink before continuing.

“Well, when I got to the restaurant he had wine and flowers set out for me. Which is very sweet and nice, he even pulled out my chair for me. I did not know guys did that anymore. We started to talk about work and co-workers. Joking around, having a fun light hearted conversation. Until he mentioned how much I look like his mother, then processed to put his hand on my thigh.”

“What?” I said raising an eye brow.

“Right! Then processed to move his hand up my thigh and said, “She dresses like a slut too.”

I could not help but laugh a little. Kristen is my longest-term friend, and constantly finds herself in these situations. She looked at me with mock anger then giggled herself.

“Only you could be the person who ends up on a date with a Freudian cliché.”

“Cliché? Try full on Oedipus complex.”

“What did you do?”

“I got the fuck out of there.” She took another drink finishing off her second glass.

“I see why you needed the bostancı escort drink.”

“Yea and maybe about ten more.” She started to pour herself another glass, but I took the bottle of vodka before she could grab it. Her slamming bloody marys will not lead for a good night.

“Take it easy there, at this rate you’re going to drink your entire stash.”

“Thanks for the warning dad.” She said in a huff.

“Just relax, guy was a creep. No reason to feel like shit in the morning for it.”

“Yea, I guess so. Mind if I crash here tonight?”

“Oh, there is no way in hell I am letting you drive after that last one.”

“Well sounds like I could have one more.”

“Fine but I am going to mix it.” O said pulling the bottle out of her hand.

“Good!” She said standing on her tip toes to hug me around the neck and kiss my neck.

“You really do make them better than I do.”

Her hip hugging pencil skirt must have been getting to her, she kept pulling the hem and adjusting it around her waist.

“I think you still have some clothes here, from when you needed to store stuff, if you want to change. Should be in the spare room.”

“Really? That would be great, I need to get out of this skirt.” Unzipping the back, I could see the relief on her face.

“Mind if I take a shower as well? I can still feel his creepy hand on my leg.” She gave a shudder at the thought.

“Of course, but can you wash off hibby jibbies?”

“I sure as fuck am going to try!” We both busted out laughing, then she gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks, you’re always there for me.”

“Anytime.” I gave her a smile and kiss on the forehead before she turned and headed for the shower.

Kristen and I have always had special relationship. Always helping each other with our problems, surprisingly this situation is not the first time she has shown up late at night. Weve never taken it further than a drunk kiss on New Year’s Eve. Not that I haven’t thought about her laying naked on my bed, or waking up next to her and having invigorating morning sex. For one reason or another, we never made that jump.

“BEAR!” She yelled down the hall, I could hear the shower was on.


“Where are the towels?”

“In the cabinet.”




I was getting annoyed, so I decided I would just go grab one for her.

“Hang on!” I walked over to the cabinet next to the bathroom and pulled one out. As I knocked on the door, I heard her turn off the water. When she opened the door, she was naked and wearing a devious smile. She had washed off her makeup and was dripping wet, I believe in more ways than just the shower would have caused. She was more beautiful than I had imagined she would be. The water droplets shining off her smooth skin, I felt my cock twitch with excitement.

Still ümraniye escort bayan in shock and awe over the sight of her glistening body I barely notice when her gaze dropped down my body. Her smile grew bigger as she looked down, and saw my cock stiffening at the sight of her. She grabbed the towel out of my hand and patted down her face.

“Took you long enough.” She mocked, as she continued to pat down her body. Her skin was beginning to goose prickle at the cooler air entering the bathroom. Her perky round breast goose prickled and nipples hardened, as well as my cock. This obviously did not get past her, because she started to make a show out of drying off. Sliding the towel over her bare body, moving her hips back and forth. Taking her time and teasing me. My eyes followed her towel watching it slide over her damp body. I finally looked her in the eyes and she smiled so deviously, locking me into her gaze.

I finally got my wits about me and moved in closer to her. She dropped the towel and moved in quick to kiss me. Her still damp body pressed hard against me. as our mouth connected, kissing with the eagerness of a long-distance couple finally meeting. She made it clear, she has been waiting too long for this.

She closed the door and slammed me up against it, hungrily pulling at the waistband of my shorts. With a single tug, my cock sprang free and she seized it in her hand. Sliding her fingers over the head, down to the staff and firmly stroking. The feeling was intense, I have dreamt of fucking Kristen but never expected how eager she would be to have me. Her mouth pulled away from mine and we locked eyes. She grabbed my cock and started to rub it along her pussy. She bit her lip, moaned. It felt so good, her warm wet pussy teasing the head of my cock, I felt precum leak out as she rubbed it onto her clit. My hands found her hips and I pulled her into me. My cock pushing harder into her clit, as she rubbed them together. I groaned with wanting more of her.

I grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her in for another kiss. My cock slid along her smooth slick slit, making her straddle it. I reached around, lifting her off the ground by her ass. Her legs wrapped around me, which pushed my cock deep inside of her, unexpectedly. Her head fell back and she yelled.

“Fuck yes!”

She felt so warm and tight, I thought I might explode inside her at any minute. Her legs tightened around me as I held her aloft. I felt her body come down from the shock so I started to swing her. Bouncing her off me, my cock slipping easily inside her. The feeling was sensational, she gripped my back as I thrusted harder inside her. The sound of her wet ass bouncing off my thighs matching our moans. She leans back, exposing the nap of her neck and I nibble her collar bone. She tightens her grip on my waist with every thrust wanting it harder and rougher. I oblige, and swing kartal escort her ass out and pull it hard against my body. She moans loud and kisses me deeply.

I set her on the bathroom counter, she leans against the wall. My cock never leaving her warm pussy. She arched her back, and I took her breast into my mouth. Nibbling at her nipple as I fondled the other in my hand. She gasped, grabbing my head and scratching down my back. I thrusted deep and hard into her, hearing her moan and gasp driving me crazy. I lift my head to look her deep in the eyes. I work my cock fast inside her, holding a thigh my hand and the back of her neck in the other. I fucked her with no abandonment. Our eyes locked on to each other’s and our foreheads touched. Her moans coming in staccato with each thrust. Thrusting in and out faster and harder until my cock is a blur disappearing inside her.

“I. AM. GOING. TO.” She says between gasp and then

“CCUUUMMM!” She screamed. As her legs wrapped tighter around me, pushing my cock deep inside her, and pulling my head to her neck so I bite down playfully. She pussy spasms around my cock, almost sending me over the edge. I grunt and with ever spasm of her tight pussy, and wait for her to settle.

Her body calms, and she lets me stand back up. I look down at her, smiling and still rock hard inside her. She looks back at me, exhausted and happy. She lets out a heavy breath and then looks at me sharply.

“You didn’t cum yet, did you?” She said disappointedly. I responded by slowly sliding my cock in and out of her. She placed a hand on my stomach.

“Wait wait wait! I am too sore for round two right away big guy.” She pushes me out of her, and climbs down from the sink. Taking my cock in her hand and kneeling in front of me. She took my cock, still dripping with her juices, and engulfed the entire length. My eyes practically roll in the back of my head. God, she knows how to work her mouth. She bobs back and forth, deep throating and holding it there. Her tongue flicked out and over my balls. I moan and grunt as she works her mouth around my cock.

I place my hand on the back of her head, not to force deeper or faster, but to pull on her hair let her know how good this feels. She continues to deepthroat my cock, taking it out at times to look at me and lick from my ball to the head, before starting again. Seeing my cock slide in and out of her mouth, down her throat with ease, tips me over the edge.

I feel myself about to cum, my groans get louder and deeper. She knows what is about to happen. Instead of taking my cock out of her mouth, she feels the first twitch and push it into the back of the mouth and down her throat. Her hand cups my balls and I explode down her throat, my cock pulsing in her mouth cum shooting down her throat. She reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me into her face. After the last spasm from my cock, she pulled it from her throat and kisses the head one last time.

She wipes her mouth, and stands up, throwing glances back down at my cock. I grab her around the waist and pull her in for a deep kiss. She wraps her arms around my neck.

“Now that is how you take care of the hibby jibbies.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32