Liquid Desires… A Story

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Chapter 1: Anticipation

It had been more than a week since I had last been with Christine, since I had last kissed her lips, felt her body pressed against mine, tasted her sweetness. That may not sound like very long, but Christine is a very special woman who always leaves me simultaneously completely satisfied and yet hopelessly yearning for more. She is stunning. She lights up a room with her smile and beauty. And her green eyes are dangerous. I am used to be being in control in my life and my work, but she is my one weakness where I must work hard to maintain control.

I couldn’t wait for our date. I had prepared our den of love ready for passion and lust. I planned to move slow that night, to seduce her, to woo her, until she would beg for me to ravage her. We would start out with a lovely dinner at a trendy downtown restaurant with live salsa music and then move towards our nest of desire where I would torture her with foreplay till she begged for me.

I picked her up at work and immediately I was drawn to her. I wanted to kiss her and touch her. How would I play it cool? She had a long form fitting burgundy dress that hugged her tight ass and ample bosom. She sat beside me in the car and her eyes flashed. I put my hand lovingly on the back of her neck and pulled her closer for an introductory peck on the lips. Just a brief, “Hi! How are you.” But as soon as her lips touched mine, I felt her soft skin melt into me and there was a softness, a tenderness, and a passion in that kiss. She let out a soft whimper and my manhood started to throb. We both breathed deeply.

“What do you want to do?” I asked.

“Whatever you want to do is fine.” She replied.

I wanted to take her right now. I wanted to skip dinner and dive right into making love. Could I stay in control?”

“Well, we could just swing by the room if you like, drop off our stuff.” I said.

“That sounds good.” She replied.

I knew that I had already made a decision that would alter my perfect plan, but I just wanted her in private.

We arrived at the Inn and slipped into the elevator on our way to our room. As soon as the door shut, I pressed her against the back wall, pushed my hips against her own, and drank deeply of her lips.

We walked to our room and as we entered, I took her head in my hands and we kissed deeply, passionately, hungrily, greedily. I wanted every ounce of her. I could not wait. I pushed her to the bed and lifted her legs. I pealed her black panty hose from her body to reveal her small sexy black panties. I opened her legs wide. Just the edges of her cunt lips could be seen at this point and I wanted to explore, but I had promised myself that I would stay in control and move slowly. Her beauty, her charm, her raw sensuality was NOT going to control me. I knelt down, just to smell the sweet warmth of her cunt through her silk panties… bostancı escort just to anticipate. I could feel the heat coming off her pussy.

Chapter II: Appetizers

I put my face so close to her now moist silk panties. I knew that I must maintain my composure. I lay soft kisses on her thighs as I spread her legs apart. As her legs opened I could hear the sound of her lips opening. The energy and heat from her cunt was palpable. I pressed the heal of my hand against her wet swollen cunt and she shuttered in anticipation. I knew that I was at crossroads. It was now or never. I needed to closer her legs, get up, and go to dinner. But I simply couldn’t. I slid her underwear to the side and saw the pinkest and wettest pussy you can imagine. Her clitoris was swollen and pulsating. My tongue reached out and touch her clit and I could feel the energy from her body. I started slowly teasing and manipulating the tip of her clitoris with my tongue. She tasted like ripe sweet melon. I plunged in deeper and deeper till my tongue was up inside contracting walls of her pussy and my nose was pressed against her tingling clit. I began to feast on her wet hole, touching, tasting, stretching, fingering, gorging in my starvation for her desire and cum.

“I can’t hold out much longer… I’ve got to cum Sir.” She moaned.

And I could not stop.

“You can cum Kitten.”

I pressed my tongue to her wet slit as she writhed in pleasure and tasted the sweet juices of her orgasm. My cock was hot and teaming with my semen wanting to be released. I wanted to fuck her so bad!

I turned her over on the bed and looked at her firm muscular bottom. She has the most beautiful anus! Really, it is perfect, beautiful, and is perfect with her well developed buttocks and her pink cunt. I could not resist and started to touch her again as she was sprawled out on the bed on her stomach, ass in the air, face in a pillow. I fingered her g-spot till she came twice more and felt the satisfaction of controlling her orgasms!

“Fuck me Sir! Fuck me please.” She begged.

Again my resolve returned to me. I still had a plan for the evening to carry out. I had already compromised far too much.

Chapter III: Red Wine And the Dance

We went to Bashirs, a hip little Middle Eastern Restaurant. The venue buzzed with energy and charm. There on stage were two musicians. The man was masterfully fingering his guitar with tremendous skill and sensuality dripped off the strings. And there was a lovely, dark-eyed woman with a silky voice singing out salsa and merengue melodies. She was very sexy which only made me want Christine more. We sat down and gazed into one another’s eyes. It is so easy for me to get lost in her gorgeous eyes. I can’t even describe how it felt when she reached out for my hand and placed it on her knew. I wanted to be ever closer to ümraniye escort bayan her. Our waitress arrived, an attractive woman with olive skill and blue eyes. It added to the enchantment of that evening. She asked us how our evening was going to which I could only reply, “My evening is going amazing. I am with the most beautiful woman… what more could I ask for!” I still had the sweetness of her cunt on my lips. We asked for a red wine and both of us indulged between wine, dinner, and conversation. We mixed in some banter, so flirtation and my temperature was rising and my patience was dwindling. I needed to take my love.

As we headed to the door to leave, the beats and melodies of the music captured me and I pulled Christine to me as our bodies started to sway and move. She felt perfect in my arms. I loved the way that her body felt against my own and the music became a part of me and I let it take me over. I felt electricity as she twirled graciously on the end of my hand. I wanted more than ever! I couldn’t hold on much longer.

Chapter IV: Main Course

We finally were all alone in our room. I asked her to stand in front of me and take off her clothes. I love her naked body. She is the perfect combination of tone muscle and soft femininity. Her skin is fair and beautiful. The pinkness of her erect nipple upon her milky white breasts… oh fuck! I love her beauty.

I had promised her a massage and I had her lay face down on the bed. I drizzled the oil down her spinal cord to the small of her back and let my strong hands softly massage her weary muscles. I knew how hard she had been working and wanted to give her body opportunity to release the stress and the negativity before accepting my own energy. I let my love and passion flow through my body to hers. I intuitively touch her all over, working out each knot, and caressing away her cares and stress. I wanted to get a better angle and I climbed up on the bed and sat down upon her firm round buttocks so that I could really go deep in her muscles. She moaned in release and pleasure and encouraged me to go deeper and harder.

I changed positions and placed my right knee between her legs and pressed it up to her groin. I could again feel that moist warm heat and energy radiating from her eager pussy! I let my fingers find every tense spot on her back, her neck, her shoulders, her arms.

It was time to massage her legs now. I took her left leg and pulled on it gently, lifting her hips and exposing her pink cunt. I pulled her open. I did the same with her right leg. By now my cock was throbbing and on fire. I rubbed her legs, taking time to touch her feet, her toes, her calves, and to massage her hamstrings. But it was her ass that I wanted to take..

I needed her ass firmly, deeply, pulling her cheeks apart and exposing her anus. I took the oil and softly stroked her kartal escort beautiful pink button of an ass hold. I let my fingers probe as she relaxed her rectal muscles and accepted my invitation. And before I knew it, my fingers were starting to slip into her wet, pink, slit.

I wanted to fuck her from behind at that point and to take her aggressively, but I had a massage to complete and I wasn’t going to be distracted by my own selfish lust and desire. I had promised her a complete massage.

I asked her to roll over. She brought her lower body to the edge of the bed and I started to touch and massage her breasts. She has perfect breasts. Perfect. They are beautiful with just the right sized areolas and firm erect nipples that make me feel as though I am doing something amazing to her. I touched and pinched her nipples as I knelt in front of her. I could feel the head of my engorged cock pressed against her soft and silky inner lips. She started to writhe, and I started to press in… and before I knew it I was balls deep in her warm wet pussy. It felt amazing! I tried to maintain my composure to focus on the massage and not to give in to orgasmic pleasure…

I fucked her deliberately, but slowly at first, taking time to feel each and every inch of my cock disappearing in her wet cunt. In a matter of moments I was throbbing and could feel the cum welling up in me like a volcano. She began to writhe and rhythmically thrust with me and I joined her cadence till we were in perfect synchrony and my pleasure mounted till I could hold on no longer and erupted inside of her. I felt several contractions as my hot cum ejaculated from my body filling the space in her tight pussy.

After catching my breath, I pulled out and looked at the gaping void that my cock let in her cunt, and saw the creamy white cum oozing from her body. I reached out and touched it. It was so warm. As I touched it, I touched her and she was ripe for another orgasm. I manipulated her clitoris and she spasmed with another orgasm and her contracting muscles pushed my cum outside and the creamy liquid desire ran down to her ass. I let my fingers play in the liquids of our mutual orgasms and mix with the massage lotion. I entered her again and started to further massage her breasts with this combination of our cum. I used it as my oil to massage her body. I licked it off of her left nipple, tasting her sweet and my salty. It was so delicious.

After I came in her a second time, I sat with my back to her and my ass pressed against her pussy. She reached up and massaged my tight muscles as I rubbed her legs. I knew that I wanted to cum again.

We ended up beside one another on the bed gasping for breath. We then lay beside one another in a scissor position and shared one last orgasm and one last fantasy.

There are several things that stick out in my mind from that night… The heat from her hot cunt, the dance that was electric, the way that her eyes mesmerize me, the many orgasms that we shared, but what I will remember the most is the massage that I gave her with a combination of our cum. To mark her with my cum, to claim her as my own.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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