Linda Shaw

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Big Tits

For each of us, there is that one special lover who stands out from all of the others in our past, no matter how many lovers one has taken in their lifetime.

Linda Shaw was that lover.

This is my tribute to Linda, commemorating her beauty, and the lasting memory.

Enjoy as I share this story with you. I’m most confident that you shall.


“God, how I love this cock!”

Those were the memorable words that served as my wake-up call on this frigid winter pre-dawn. As my eyes blinked open in sleepy adjustment, my cock began to stir in tandem as I realized an even more pleasurable tactile sensor several feet southward of my fuzzy head. Linda Shaw’s beautiful face was nestled between my legs, a happy smile, full of mischief and lust, visible through her thick puffy lips.

One of those lips, the lower one, was curled around my expeditiously thickening shaft, holding it determinedly in place for the oral assault that Linda was performing on my cockhead with her upper lip and long, snaking tongue. Licking, sucking, slurping, teasing, kissing, as if she were patiently trying to devour a rapidly melting ice cream cone with her own patented technique. Slow and sensual, that was Linda’s preferred pace for lovemaking. It was enticingly enchanting, and inevitably culminating in explosive, torturously pent-up climaxes. The combination of the pastel hues of her bright pink tongue and my engorged purple head brought to mind a tutti-fruity flavored cone, disappearing in and out of Linda’s mouth as she moaned tiny, indiscernible exhortations of glee.

Thin strands of saliva were now silhouetted in the dim light of the bedroom as Linda released her head back a few inches to admire her handiwork. She stroked my cock lovingly as I reached down to caress her soft cheek as an expression of gratitude for her uniquely thoughtful method of awakening. My cock twitched in her grip, arching in appreciative salute, and I took a second to absorb the erotic beauty of the sight in front of me as Linda purred huskily, “Do you know how much I love giving you head, John? How much I crave this cock in every hole of mine?”

I didn’t know if it was a pop quiz or a trick question, so I furrowed my brow in pensive contemplation, grasping a handful of her silky, raven hair in one of my palms and lifting her chin with the other hand so that I could see her face more clearly.

Quite succinctly, Linda Shaw was the most stunning woman I had ever had the pleasure of calling my lover. Without the slightest pretense of hyperbole, Linda was a dead-ringer for the porn star Tera Patrick. In fact, it might be even more accurate to say that Tera was a dead-ringer for Linda, such was Linda’s beauty. Tall, five-nine, with jet black hair cascading down to the curve of her sensational ass. She was the beneficiary of exotic facial features from her Irish-Welsh father, the magnate and patriarch of Shaw’s Department Stores, and her Persian mother. Linda had gently slanted bedroom eyes that smoldered in the semi-darkness of the bedroom, and a singularly spectacular, curvy body with olive skin that glowed, essentially radiating bronze sparks as she indulged in our simmering intimate activities.

Several years ago, she had abandoned her career as a high-fashion model in New York for the purpose of being honed as the management successor in her father’s chain of very successful department stores in the Mid-Atlantic. I was a store manager, and for now, she was assigned to my store as a merchandise manager under the auspices of learning every aspect of the business. A few months back, though (in fact, it was at the close of business on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year) we surreptitiously became torrid lovers. I had since enjoyed her beauty, mind-boggling body and enthusiastic and boundlessly creative sexual appetite five days a week, four or five times a night, to the complete bliss and ignorance of our fellow colleagues. Complete professionals by day, then ripped each other clothes off, sometimes literally, the moment we arrived home.

But, wait. Only five days per week, you ask? How can that be? Weekends off, maybe?

Exactly, regretfully so. You see, Linda was engaged to be married in the upcoming Spring to her childhood sweetheart, who just happened to be the son of her father’s best friend. It was the closest thing to an arranged marriage you can imagine in today’s society. Linda’s domineering father made it clear that any aspirations that Linda harbored of becoming the youngest female CEO of a major department store would be dashed were she not to marry within her same social caste. Me, a lowly store manager, well, I just simply wouldn’t do. No, no, no.

I had actually known Linda since college, though everyone assumed in those days that she was out of reach for anyone. Her fiancee, Timothy Harrelson, was a former All-American lacrosse player at our alma mater, the University of Delaware, and the son of a high-ranking Navy admiral, assigned to the Pentagon. Through his father’s influence, escort ataşehir Tim Harrelson worked as a lucratively compensated lobbyist for the defense industry, and spent his weekdays on Capitol Hill. He returned home via Amtrak either very late on Fridays or early on Saturdays, and traveled back to Washington every Monday morning. It was during that interim period each week that I would pump Linda’s mouth, pussy, and ass full of my cock and seed about, oh, twenty or so times each week, for hours upon hours, night after night, in marathon, passionate, illicit, clandestine carnal sessions.

As such, I decided that I would worry about tomorrow tomorrow, if at all. Why fret about my future with Linda under circumstances that were beyond my control, especially when I was enjoying the most insatiably delicious sex of my life? It reminded me of a quote by Mickey Rivers, the former Yankees center fielder, when asked if he was worried about the Red Sox making one of their late-season charges towards the Yankees’ tenuous hold of first place.

Mickey, in his eloquent wisdom, contemplated the perilous situation, and replied pensively, “If you got control over somethin’, ain’t no sense worryin’. And if you ain’t got control over something, ain’t no sense worryin’. So, ain’t no sense worryin’.” The Yankees went onto win the World Series that year, by the way. No worries.

Words to live by. Much like, “God, I love this cock.” Now, where were we? Oh, yes…….

Linda’s head ducked beneath my legs so that only the top of her head was now visible from my vantage point. I released the grip on her skull, propped my arms back under my own head, and felt the gentle suckling of Linda’s warm, talented mouth on my heavy testicles, taking first one, and then the other, between her lips, those impossibly soft, plump lips. Her slender fingers began to glide up and down rhythmically along my shaft as I reveled in the view of her manicured nails tenderly scratching along the veins of my cock. I let out a gasp of pleasure as Linda’s tongue began to slide down into the incredibly sensitive area at the base of my pubic bone, right on the perineum.

I moaned my encouragement as Linda’s administrations brought my dick to heretofore uncharted length and thickness, the blood rushing through my genitals in furious waves as she stroked my shaft vigorously with one hand while cupping her palm flat against my pubic bone with the other, her tongue flicking back and forth between my scrotum and my anus, until she snaked her tongue into my asshole and began to, oh so lightly, tongue-fuck my asshole while alternating licking around my anal rim.

My dick felt as if it had been infused with titanium. My hands gripped the bed sheets in a death-hold. The more I writhed and bucked helplessly on the bed, the more my hips involuntarily rose, and Linda eased the tip of her pinkie into my sphincter while tightening the grip and quickening the pace of her exquisite handjob, eating my ass while bringing my dick to mammoth proportions, taking me to the absolute edge of desirous insanity. Then, just as suddenly, she lifted her beautiful face from her perch between my asscheeks, looked up at me with a sly cat-that-ate-the-asshole grin, and placed her perfectly soft yet firm ample breasts around my throbbing cock.

I looked down at her as she tit-fucked me, smiling in an almost sheepish way at her display of wanton salad-tossing sluttiness, and wagged a finger at her as perspiration dripped down my forehead. My hips still heaved up and down involuntarily. “Now, that,” I grunted appreciatively. “That was quite interesting.”

She giggled as her big, soft tits encircled my dick. I reached down and rubbed her breasts around and over my cock, and gave her the equivalent of rousing applause as I playfully clapped on her tits. “It’s a good thing you stopped when you did lest my cum might have blown a hole in your mouth, fair maiden. Jeezus………” I was on the verge of hyperventilating.

She climbed up on her knees and shook her beautiful mane, which had fallen onto her breasts and covered her long, lean torso. She reached once again for my dick and held it at a ninety-degree angle from my body as she positioned her frame on top of me, preparing to mount. “Just thought it was high time to reciprocate for the lovely ass-lickings that you always give to me.” She licked her lips and grinned, smacking them together. “Mmm, tastes like chicken, who knew?”

Linda laughed at her own culinary comparison and then paused to watch her own hand caress my ever-lengthening cock, which still was on the verge of detonation. Linda was experlty controlling the trigger device with her usual devious teasing.

“I have never seen this beautiful cock any longer or thicker. I’ll have to try that again. That was fun.” She peered down admiringly at the state of my long rod. “And, wow, it’ll reap benefits for moi, I see.”

She placed her toned legs on the outside of my thighs, which caused her pussy lips to spread open like a blossoming kadıköy escort bayan rose in front of my eyes. Her pink inner labia peeked through the light brown folds of her outer labia, and the pink-white nub of her clit emerged as she placed two fingers on her slit, widening it, accepting her prize into her sopping, steamy tunnel. “Now I’m going to use your cock for my pleasure. I’m going to be selfish and just use your dick to get me off. So…..unnffffgh, oh, yeah.” She sank her body down onto my cock and groaned as the tight, velvety folds of her cunt opened and convulsed to welcome my dick more deeply into her. “Just keep your fucking mouth shut while I fuck you with my hot cunt, and watch me play with myself. Lay back and enjoy my ride.”

Although Linda and I had been lovers for the bulk of the winter now, it wasn’t until fairly recently that I could entice her to return the dirty talk that she so loved when I uttered terribly filthy things into her ears. However, now that she had started, it was like turning on a faucet. She now ‘slut-talked’ with a veracity and vocabulary that would put any porn star to shame. The more vividly and obscenely she talked, the harder she came, I had discovered. Her own words served as verbal impetus to heighten her arousal. So I dutifully did as ordered, bit my lips, grabbed her curvaceous hips tightly, and held on while she did just as she had advertised.

She used my cock for her unilateral pleasure.

“Unmmffff…” she groaned as she wriggled her pelvis until more than half of my cock was now enveloped within her silky vaginal sheath. I raised my own hips off the bed just a bit so that my cock could enter her at a different angle, so that my tip could slide across the spongy mass of her g-spot on her upper inner wall. About five inches deep, she commenced on a diatribe, serving as both play-by play announcer and color commentator of the carnal escapades.

“Ooh, fuck, I love the feel of this strong cock inside my cunt, do you know that?” Six inches buried within now, perhaps an inch and a half to go. One of Linda’s sleek fingers began to tap fervently on the hood of her swollen clitoris as she maneuvered to take more of me. ” Do you know how much I crave your wonderful dick throughout each day, how many times I shudder just thinking of what you do to me? I want to carry your magnificent fucking cock around with me all day, to suck on it, and feel it in my pussy, to stick it up my ass, whenever I want it, need it, all fucking day, every day.”

Her monologue served as not only a supreme boost to my ego but also caused even greater girth and thickness within my wildly twitching cock, if that was indeed scientifically possible. She squealed as my cockhead rubbed against the super sensitive mass of flesh in her steaming pussy. “Arrrrrgh, fuck, that’s it, God, let me pull that cock with my cunt muscles, feel that…?”

Indeed I could. Linda’s kegel muscles convulsed and contracted like a glove around me, swallowing me whole and spitting me out with magical rapidity, our respective sexual organs now in complete synchronicity. Her head leaned back so that her hair cascaded down her back, falling to her buttocks, and I felt her mane as one of my hands reached back to caress her hair over the soft flesh of her buttock. She groaned indecipherable mutterings as I watched the veins in her neck swell as her face flushed. Her hair swished from side to side and she tossed her head back and forth.

She rubbed her clit more urgently now, and, taking my cue, I grabbed her free hand and led it up to her breasts, and she began to tug and pull on the erect nipple and puffy areola of her left tit, which bounced and swayed as she rocked on me sensually, still in control, but on the edge of ecstasy.

I resisted the urge to flip her onto her back and pound into her with animalistic savagery. Instead, I gripped her hips more firmly and began to push her down with increased velocity as my dick, now fully engulfed inside of her, snapped against Linda’s cervix repeatedly. Her body now shook into serpent-like contortions, she was lost on the verge of powerfully orgasmic bliss, her flat stomach and taut thighs virtually rumbled to announce the oncoming release. Her body had surrendered to my dick, but this was the ultimate win-win scenario.

“Mmmfph, I’m gonna cum all over your big dick. Fuck me, fuck my cunt, you’re just my fuck toy, aren’t you? Pound my pussy, I’m so close, that’s it, aaah, yes, yes, oooh yesssssssss….fffffffuuckkkkk………” With the timing of an experienced orchestral conductor, I eased the tip of my index finger into her tight asshole, triggering the tidal wave. The eagle had landed.

With repeated bursts of fluid flowing liberally from her slit, Linda let loose with an alarming wail as her vaginal opening pulsed to emit a stream of milky yellow-white ejaculate which coated my shaft and tummy. I held her tight, one hand gripping her ass, the other pressed just above her mons, restricting her efforts to squirm off of my dick, so escort bostancı that I could rock even deeper and longer into her tunnel, prolonging her violently quaking orgasms. We had fucked perhaps several hundred times by now, and I had paid rapt attention to the best measures to bring Linda to multi-orgasmic vaginal explosions. Her cunt literally rattled with countless staccato-like tremors as we fucked while she came and came and came, lasting perhaps three or four minutes, but seeming like an eternity. Father Time himself graciously stood still to enjoy to this beautiful sex goodess’ rapture.

She collapsed in a heap finally, seemingly sated, but I knew better. Linda’s supremely relaxed post-orgasmic state and my lack of release served as the perfect recipe for a scrumptious dessert. A slow, sensual, deep ass-fucking.

Like most women, Linda was most receptive to anal penetration while her pussy still literally trembled in vaginal after-shocks. I tenderly rolled her onto her stomach, and brushed the hair away from her backbone as I reminded myself of the one and only taboo I had ever encountered regarding Linda’s sexual limits.

“Whatever you do,” she once cryptically forewarned me, “Don’t come in my hair. I don’t like that.” Once, in my excitement, while we fucked doggy-style, I pulled out prematurely and accidentally splattered the first bursts of my semen like a jetstream into her long locks of hair falling nearly onto her asscheeks. She shrieked, not in desire, but in a sincere hissy-fit. It was the only time I’d ever seen her genuinely pissed off. “Fuck! I TOLD you to NEVER do that. It takes hours to get out!” With that, she scurried off to the bathroom, and as the song went from the classic play ‘South Pacific’, for the next two hours, she had to “wash that man right out of her hair”.

There was no more pussy for me that particular night, and I never made the same foolhardy error again. History dooms to failure those who do not learn from their mistakes. Hey, I reasoned, I don’t think I’d like it if somebody came in my hair, either. So, from that time on, it’s been mouth, or cunt, or ass, or tits, or hands, or….well, you get the picture. Let’s just say there are plenty of attractive landing places for my cum as options, so I paid diligent attention when planning target practice.

I playfully slapped my cock on her ass globes and placed the tip in her crack, seeing the brown winking hole poking from beneath her cheeks. “What do you want me to do next, Linda?” I asked, feigning innocence, seeking direction.

She peeked over her shoulder while one hand spread her buttocks apart, and growled simply, “Fuck my ass.”

I leaned down and spit into her puckered oval, lubricating our mutual bullseye, and wiggled my pinkie into her anal cavity an inch or two in a corkscrew-like motion. “I can’t hear you. You’re an engaged woman. You didn’t just ask me to fuck your ass, did you?”

It turned us both on to acknowledge her pending nuptials just before she offered her ass to me. It was our own little secret-club joke that her fiancee did not care to engage in anal sex. Tim’s reticence served as an invitation for me to sate Linda’s anal curiosity, and I was more than proud to say not only had I taken Linda’s anal cherry in our first week of explorations, but it since had become a staple item on our sexual menu.

Linda played along, and repeated the order. “I said, ‘fuck my ass’, what part didn’t you understand?” She couldn’t resist a smile, unable to act like the demanding dominatrix given that she was spread-eagled on her stomach with my saliva-covered cockhead easing slowly into her sphincter.

“Wow,” I said in mock astonishment. “You must be a real fucking slut.”

She moaned in response as my cockhead popped past her anal ring with surprising ease. I wondered, just for a split second, what could possibly be running through Tim’s mind that would dissuade him from ass-fucking his own fiancee. For a supposed genius, well, he wasn’t very bright, I deduced, as my dick slowly split Linda’s anus apart inch by inch. I patiently took my sweet time, easing in slowly, enjoying the vice-like sensation of anal penetration, not wanting to risk any sudden movements until Linda gave me the green-light command to more fervently fuck her asshole, only when she had adjusted her anal cavity to accept more.

I leaned down so that my stomach was pressed into her back, her hair now sticking to her back, serving as a curtain of sorts between our bare skin. I buried my face into her mane near the neckline, inhaling her intoxicating scent. I whispered into her ear, “You want to carry around my cock all day, huh? To suck on, to fuck, to stick in your ass? Like this? Just like this, ass-slut, huh? Tell me…..”

Even though she was on her stomach, I could feel the heat radiating from her as my words had the desired effect. She was on fire, completely at the mercy of my thick shaft rhythmically assaulting her most private and tightest orifice, a place where only I had ever been, despite her betrothed status to her long-time and only other lover. She groaned and grunted and tried to reposition herself to maximize her comfort as my dick screwed more deeply into her, my balls slapping against her buttocks with a steady ‘whap…..whap…….whap’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32