Lila – Book 03

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If you’ve read Books One and Two, you’ll know the blonde haired Lila is quite a girl. She has a heart of gold. But it’s not her heart that first draws your attention. One look from those blue, come-to-bed eyes is enough to make any man hard.

Dressed in her cowboy boots, low-rise jeans, tight low cut tops, this hot, sexy, cowgirl will harden any man’s cock. But then… you should also see her in a low cut blouse, short skirt, stockings, garter belt and heels…

To get the full picture, you also have to realise Lila can drive semis, weld, work on most things, run equipment, work with cattle, hang with the boys, drink as long as most, go to the clothes line in her undies, and… she can fuck as good as any woman alive.

I just love her!

1. Lila and Jason

“Why?” Lila asked. “This isn’t like you at all.”

She was lying back on her shoulders, her powerful legs wrapped around her husband. Jason was sitting up on his knees, drilling down into her tanned and sweaty body. He held her hips, thrusting harder as they disagreed over their new houseguest.

“I said he could stay here for a few days,” he gasped, reaching forward to squeeze her tits, twisting her swollen nipples until she cried out. “But I don’t want you fucking him.”

The hot, sexy cowgirl thrust back upwards, seeking more friction. Her sculpted face was twisted in ecstasy. Even grunting, she was perfect. Eyes shut tight, teeth clenching, nostrils flaring.

“He made my dream with Miranda come true,” she gasped. God, she loved the raw, uninhibited way Jason fucked her. “Let me repay him.”

He shook his head, his hard cock sliding easily in and out of her magnificent, smooth cunt. She felt so good, so snug and warm. A perfect, velvet glove for his hard cock. “No. “” The little bastard can get his action elsewhere.”

This was so out of character for Jason. He fucked who he wanted, when he wanted. So did she. Usually that was with each other’s agreement. Sex was something to be enjoyed. They had no jealousies between each other.

But for some reason, her husband was being quite specific with Thomas. He’d reluctantly agreed to the eighteen-year-old staying at theirs for a few days. But he wasn’t going to let her fuck him.

Even just having the conversation seemed to get to Jason. Pulling out, he swung his wife’s body round on the bed. As his cock rubbed across her ass, Lila realised it wasn’t her cunt he was seeking this time.

Her head craned round to look back at him. All thoughts of Thomas flew out of her mind as his cock found its way to its new destination.

“Yessss, Jason,” she hissed. “Fuck my ass, baby!”

The sexy cowgirl’s sweat-slicked body writhed on all fours as he yanked her ass upwards, probing at first and then squeezing inside her tight asshole. God, she so loved anal sex.

This time, he was rough. Rougher than usual. As if he was wanting to punish her for bringing up the subject of her young guest. “Fucking slut,” he groaned, drilling down. “Take my fucking cock, you slut. I’m gonna dump inside you big time, you bitch.”

She loved his dirty talk. It was an aphrodisiac. The dirtier the better. The rougher the better.

“Fuck me, Jason! Fuck, me, baby!” she cried, craning her neck to look back at him again. Her blonde hair clung to her damp brow. Her lustfuelled eyes were wild. With each plunge into her peachlike ass, she could feel his swollen balls bounce across her plump labial lips.

She buried her face in the bed sheets as she came. Then she was cumming again, shrieking out as he pummelled her as hard as he’d ever fucked. He was treating her like the slut she wanted to be.

When Jason’s eyes clouded and he yelled out his climax, it wasn’t Jason’s cock inside her ass that she thought of. It was Thomas’s.

2. The Airplane

Jason’s words rang around Lila’s ears, as she sat next to Thomas on the airplane. By coincidence, she’d been away in Chicago on business, allowing her to meet the teenager there and fly to Madison with him.

Right then, in the darkness of the airplane, Jason’s instructions were weighing heavily on her mind. No fucking! But she was as horny as hell! Wearing such a short skirt hadn’t been the most sensible decision. Why the hell had she done that?

She knew the answer. She was aroused at the thought of seeing her young admirer again. Aroused because she knew how desperate he was to fuck her. Aroused because she owed him for her time with Ran. Aroused because he was going to be staying at her house.

The sexy short skirt would be a turn on for him. She wanted that. Wanted the young kid to have a constant hard-on thinking of her. Okay, Jason wouldn’t let her fuck him. But a little teasing couldn’t do any harm, could it?

The problem was that she’d been teasing him ever since they’d met earlier that day, and now she was turned on too. She’d pretended to fall asleep in her airplane seat, but that had bahis firmaları only made things worse. The horny, little fucker had reached across and was touching her softly with the tips of his fingers, tracing little circles along her stockinged thighs in the grey darkness of the plane.

She shivered as his hand reached the lacy top. God, she’d just have to fuck his brains out if he didn’t stop.

He’d spread his fingers out, caressing her with his entire hand. Up and down her lacy, stockinged leg, his head inches from hers as she kept her eyes tightly closed. She could feel his breath on her cheeks.

If she was asleep, then she couldn’t stop him, could she? But with each stroke from his soft fingertips, it was becoming more difficult to keep up the pretence.

The cowgirl’s glossy lips parted in a soft gasp. No fucking! Jason’s words crashed around her mind again. God, if she didn’t stop his wandering hand, she’d be unable to prevent herself pulling out his cock there and then and devouring it in front of everyone.

She had to stop this. Now!

“I need the bathroom,” the beautiful blonde gasped out, unbuckling the seat belt as she rushed up from her seat. In seconds, she’d unsteadily walked along the dark corridor between the two rows of seats and disappeared into the sanctuary of the tiny area.

Get a grip, girl, she told herself. Maybe if she made herself cum, that would take the edge off her need? Maybe? But possibly she should just wait until she got home? Jason had no idea how much she was going to fuck his brains out tonight. He was in for a real treat.

The cold water the blonde cowgirl splashed on her face settled her down. That was better. There couldn’t be much more than half an hour of the flight remaining. Find something to talk to Thomas about. Keep his mind occupied. And hers. That would do it. Two deep breaths cemented the feeling. Yes! Talk to him and push sex to the back of her mind.

Lila opened the toilet door feeling much calmer. Then she saw the little fucker outside, waiting for her. What the hell…

He pushed her back inside, swinging her around so that she faced away from him. Her arms went out against the facing wall to steady herself just as his slipped around her tiny waist. His slithering hands rose to cup her thinly covered tits, even as he ground his denim covered cock into her ass.

“Thomas,” she gasped, loving the way he roughly kneaded her 36D’s. If she was aroused before, she was now at fever pitch. But she had to think about Jason! “No, Thomas…”

Her words were pointless. He didn’t believe them. Neither did she. Somehow his hands were under her top, sliding up her bare stomach, ripping the cups of her black bra upwards and grabbing her naked tits. Her nipples were hard to his rough touch. He possessed her swells, squeezing them together, tight and high. The sexy cowgirl moaned in appreciation. She just couldn’t help herself.

Nor could she help pushing her ass back into his thrusting groin. If he kept that up, she’d be cumming soon.

Then his hands left her tits and she heard the sound of a zip being lowered and his belt being unfastened. She shivered again. “No, Thomas. We can’t!”

Despite her words, she found her hand reaching behind her to find his erection. It was swollen and ready for her. She squeezed his cock hard through his jeans. God, she wanted this kid.

With an almost superhuman effort, she pulled her hand away as she recalled Jason’s words. No fucking, he’d told her. No fucking.


But her actions had only inflamed the teenager further. He yanked his denim jeans to his knees and rubbed his throbbing manhood along her wet thong.

Oh fuck!

One of his hands returned to cup her tits, the other slid down the front of her thong. God, she was so wet. Looking down, she watched as his knuckles moved beneath the lacy material, curling under. She gasped, biting her lip as one, two and – god – three fingers slid inside.

His digits fucked her hard, his free arm holding her body as she came, shuddering and trembling on his invading soldiers. When she began to recover, he withdrew his fingers, glistening with her juices. Slowly, he brought them to her mouth.

She sucked them one at a time, like she was sucking his cock, loving the lewdness of her actions, the taste of her own juices.

Then his hands were moving again, sliding to her thong, hooking his thumbs into the material and pulling it over the gentle curve of her hips and down over her thighs. He paused, as if unsure whether to go further. It was a delicious pause, increasing her arousal. Then, with a fierce jerk, he violently ripped it from her body.

Oh fuck…

“No, Thomas,” the hot cowgirl tried again, not meaning a word of it but trying to stay faithful to her husband’s instructions. “Please… no!”

He took no notice, pushing his cock back against her slippery folds again, rubbing along her wetness. He made no attempt to enter kaçak iddaa her. Just to stimulate her. And he was doing a fucking good job!

Lila couldn’t help herself, hiking her left leg up onto the toilet seat and pushing back. It was all the encouragement he needed. The young teenager bent at the knees and pushed his cock against her soft opening. Thrusting forward, he grunted as he drove his hard, teenage manhood inside her.

Everything was wet and sticky. Everything was desperate. The stillness of the toilet enhanced the moment as he began to fuck her, fuck her hard. She pumped back – the two of them transformed into two animals rutting against the toilet wall.

Lila looked over her shoulder, a couple strands of her blonde hair catching in her lip-gloss as her mouth fell open. For some reason, she continued with her words. Even as she thrust back, she was telling him, “No, Thomas, No!”

But her wanton eyes, and thrusting ass, said something different.

“No, Thomas,” she repeated; only this time the sexy cowgirl used the words to further inflame them. “No, you can’t fuck Lila!” Her lips parted, her pupils shifted focus from one eye to the other, searching his face. Enjoying the utter ecstasy in his young eyes.

He groaned and fucked harder, his hands clutching her hips to steady himself as he pounded for all he was worth. Then his hands moved, sliding up onto her tits again. He kneaded them hard, violently, adjusting position to fuck her harder. God, the whole plane must know what they were doing! They were beyond caring.

He drilled into her furiously, so hard that his balls bounced of her ass. The feeling of his veiny cock as it slid in and out of her pussy was just too much. For a few seconds she closed her eyes and let yet another orgasm wash through her perfect body.

“Tell me when you’re close,” her strained voice ordered.

His reply was immediate. “Fuck, Lila, I’m close!”

Her mind raced. Maybe if he didn’t cum inside her, then she was still being faithful to Jason’s words? “When?” she urgently whispered.

He felt his balls begin to tighten. Lila detected it, too.


Immediately, the beautiful blonde thrust backwards. Hard. Her actions pushed him out of her. Even as he desperately attempted to jam himself back inside, she’d swung around and fallen to her knees. Her mouth engulfed him just in time to catch the first blast of cum. Her frantic fingers stroked his balls as he came, milking him as she sucked out and eagerly swallowed every drop he had to offer.

They hadn’t fucked, she told herself. Just a little foreplay before she sucked him off. That was fine. Jason would be okay with that. When Thomas’s cock twitched again in her hand, her mouth covered him again. Mmmm – there was more!

3. That Night

Lila led the way into her and Jason’s house. Thomas followed close behind. The invisible tractor beam of the sexy cowgirl’s peach like ass pulled him along. He couldn’t take his eyes off the denim-encased globes of perfection.

The blonde beauty showed him to his room. “I hope this is okay with you?” she smiled. “We kinda use it for storage as well. But it’s a nice bed, and the TV works.”

The teenager glanced around. “Nice bed?”

Lila laughed. “Oh, yes, you horny little fucker. And I know what you’re thinking! Well – your mind can imagine you sticking your meat inside me and fucking me on that bed – but that’s all!”

Standing by the door, the temptress she arched her back and deliberately thrust her wonderful breasts forward. She could almost see the teenager drooling. “Hey, I’ve seen that look before, you horny little fucker,” she laughed. “What did I say? Remember, no fucking!

What we did on the airplane is NOT to be repeated…”

The way his shoulders drooped sent a surge of affection through the warm-hearted cowgirl. “But dinner is a given,” she laughed, cupping her tits. “Chicken breasts. Though not as succulent as these.”

She left him with a teasing laugh. Immediately, Thomas rubbed his cock to relieve the ache. Did that woman know the effect she had on him? Fuck – Lila knew the effect of everything she did!

Memories of their encounter mid-air forced themselves to the front of his mind. His cock lengthened further. Geez! With a deep breath, he pulled his hand away. There’d be time enough for that later.


Over dinner, Thomas chatted freely with both Lila and her husband. He was surprised how much he liked Jason. He was a good guy. Even if the bastard wouldn’t allow the teenager to fuck his wife!

It felt good to fill them in on his background. Conversation flowed easily. But throughout, he couldn’t keep his eyes from straying across the table to Lila’s tight t-shirt. Her wonderfully full breasts were snuggled together, tied loosely in the confines of the shirt.

The image of her standing against his bedroom door, cupping them, returned to his mind. For a second, he shook his head, attempting kaçak bahis to erase it but immediately drawing the image back in again. His cock began to ache. It seemed that Lila smiled at him at every opportunity. As if she knew what he was thinking.

Her gaze seemed to tell him it was okay to look. But that was all…

Late at night, he showered and went to bed. The sheets felt soft and smooth on his body. He loved the feeling of cool sheets against his nakedness. Just that sensation often gave him an erection. But tonight, he needed no artificial stimulation. His cock was rock hard.

His mind was filled with images of his wet dream.

If he closed his eyes, he could see her face. He could see her magnificent tits. He could see her sweet, rounded ass. And to go along with the images, there was the aroma of that sweet perfume.

He thought of their airplane encounter. It sent a tingle to his loins. It seemed like his cock had been hard since he’d arrived.

Fuck – if it wasn’t for Jason!


Thomas must have been sleeping for a couple of hours. The heat of the night was unusual for him. Despite his nakedness, he’d decided to lie on top of the sheets to gain some comfort. Maybe that hadn’t been such a good idea?

Now that he was awake, he found images filling his mind again. God, that woman made him horny. Flicking on the bedside lamp, he glanced around the room. Maybe he should watch television – that might take his mind off the cowgirl. He knew only too well what the feeling in his balls was telling him. If you want to sleep, you’d better masturbate! Oh, fuck!

He idly pulled open the top drawer of the dresser. Then the next. Nothing. Without hope, he opened the bottom drawer. Bingo!

There was some old lingerie lying there. Lila’s lingerie! Picking up a pair of panties, he raised it to his nose. Damn. He’d hoped to find her smell. His hands picked up one item then another… wait a moment!

What he saw made his cock rear upwards. He thought he was rock hard before. Now, he was like an iron rod.

It wasn’t the lingerie that held his attention. It was the photographs. Hidden beneath them. The teenager emptied everything onto the bed, picking up one photo after the next. Fuuuuuck!

The blonde temptress appeared in them all. In lingerie. Naked. Bound. And best of all, some were of her being fucked. If nothing else, they’d be a wonderful souvenir of his visit. The entire contents would be returning with him. He wanted these!

He picked up the panties and began to rub them up and down his ramrod stiff hardness. He might not be able to fuck the cowgirl. But he was going to cum in her panties while he savoured the photos. His eyes closed. He could see his throbbing meat. Lila’s naked cunt. He could visualise pushing inside her. His hand stroked the panties faster. His precum was already wetting them

The soft noise outside his door startled him. Oh, fuck! He just had time to pull his hand away and flick off the light switch.

The soft light invaded the room through the small crack, as the door pushed open. It was Lila! Maybe Jason had said she could fuck him after all?

The creamy light was behind her. It lightly fell on the bed. He knew she’d be able to see his nakedness. Could she see the photos too?

The sight of her banished the worry into the back of his mind. The stunning blonde’s black nightdress was almost transparent. His eyes feasted on her wonderfully naked body. Her full, thrusting breasts. That flat, washboard stomach. The silky smooth mound between her shapely thighs. Fuck – she was sex on legs!

He knew his half open eyes were hooded enough to appear he was asleep. He intended to stay that way for a while. Maybe she’d just go and then he’d hide the photos in his bag.

For a few seconds, she just watched him. To his embarrassment, his cock remained as hard as ever.

The door moved slowly and silently, as if on its own. It wasn’t closing! It was half open now. He risked opening his eyes a little further. Lila was no more than a few feet away. He could see her clearly. Her soft blue eyes were locked on the photos. Then they flickered to his groin.

He was pretty sure Lila thought he was asleep. His eyes ran to her wonderful breasts.

They were heaving as she caught her breath. Thomas couldn’t move. Except, he was moving. Or at least his cock was. He wanted to close his eyes to halt the progress of his growing hardness, but knew nothing would help.

He had no choice but to move it before it became painful. The teenager stretched a little, slowly running his hand down his stomach. His fingers crept across his lower abdomen to his left hipbone, just above the engorged shaft.

His balls surged inside their soft, smooth sack and the tingling sensation flew upwards through his penis. All the way to his cockhead.

He shifted slightly, as he imagined someone would do in their sleep. Try to keep up his pretence, he told himself. She might not see that he’d found the photographs. Dropping his hand, he cupped his balls. They were taut from excitement. His fingers returned to the same, smooth, stroking movements he’d begun earlier.

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