Life’s a Beach Ch. 02

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A few uneventful weeks went by and I could sense a little bit of awkward tension between Ashley and I. That was the first time we had ever really done anything that you could consider to be a bit irregular or incestuous and I think she felt a little weird about it. I continued my normal routine of hanging out and drinking by the pool, but she was usually no where to be found during the week. I guess she was spending a lot of time at friends’ houses, but I didn’t really know what was going on with her.

Then, finally, it arrived. My favorite time of the summer: Beach Week! Like I said I hadn’t even really talked to Ashley lately, so when I finally did and found out that this year Briana was going to be joining us, I could barely contain myself. Usually, I found some random bitch/es to hook up with, but the thought of having someone in the house with me the whole week to fuck around with was even more exciting. I really wanted to try and finish what we had started a couple weeks ago and, judging from that last act before getting out of the pool, I had a feeling she might’ve been thinking the same way.

The day of departure came and we all piled into the mini-van. We always bring waaaay more stuff than we ever need with us—my Dad always say “it’s better to be over prepared than under”—so we usually fill the entire back bench seat with the junk. But this year my Dad had the bright idea to pile it up on the middle one because the back seat is bigger—that way we’d have a little more room to stretch out. It sounded like a sensible thing to me and, let me tell you, when we pulled up in front of Briana’s house and I saw what Briana was wearing I thanked the Lord for my Dad’s foresight. She was wearing an extremely short, sleeveless sundress that hung loosely away from her body. The front was dangerously low-cut and when the sun shown behind her, it became practically transparent .

My sister got out to give her a hug and to re-arrange some stuff in the tightly packed middle area to make room for her bags. This gave Briana the opportunity to ataşehir escort bayan jump in first between my sister and I—for which I was incredibly thankful. As she leaned forward to climb in, her loose dress fell away from her chest and I could see her pert nipples sticking out from her massive breasts. Her dress was so loose that I could almost see all the way down it and it appeared she wasn’t wearing any underwear either—but I wasn’t sure. I stared dumb-founded as she boarded and once settled, she looked up into my eyes and could clearly tell what I had just seen. She simply gave me a coy smile, and yelled up to the front of the van, “Hi Mr. and Ms. Drumheller.”

My Dad was so anxious to get to the beach, he began to speed off before the girls even got a chance to properly settle in. The abrupt motion sent the sexy, young lady sprawling into my open lap. Ever since I had first saw Briana exit the house, I had been sporting wood and her face and hand landed right upon my extremely erect member. “Easy big fella,” she whispered into my ear as she composed herself and settled into her own seat. She then smoothly turned to my sister and they began the usual girl talk as we sped away to our destination.

The beach was about 5 hours away and both the girls had dozed off to sleep. Briana was passed out, leaning over toward my sister and throughout her slumber I had noticed that her short hem had slowly been inching its way up her stunningly toned legs. It was weird because every time I would turn away and then re-focus my attention on her, I swear that her skirt was just ever-so-slightly higher up her legs than the last time. It might have been my imagination, but what was not my imagination was the scene on display for me now. Her hem had worked its way up so high that I could just barely begin to make out the V where her two tanned legs met. I began to stare intently trying to move the fabric with my mind, but unfortunately to no avail, when all of a sudden I heard a whispered voice say, “unless you’re Luke Skywalker, you’re escort kadıköy gonna have to use your hands if you wanna see the rest.”

My eyes rose to meet hers and then I looked back down and had my suspicions confirmed. She had pulled the dress up another 5 inches, completely revealing her secret below and I stared wide-eyed at the completely shaven pussy confronting me. She had spread her legs a little more as well and I could see her moist, pink lips inviting, begging for me to touch them.

I desperately wanted to touch her but was frozen—unsure of what to do next. So she brought her own hand up, ran it against her breast and down along her side to her open flower below. She deftly spread her lips and began teasing her finger around the edges, as my eyes followed the motion. I looked up and we stared into each others eyes and then she silently mouthed the words, “touch me.” I looked to the front of the van and could hardly see beyond the bags and boxes piled up between my parents and us, assuring myself I was safe from their view. I then looked at my sister, passed out below Briana’s reclining body, and it appeared she was in another world as well.

I tentatively reached out toward her and then began sliding my hand up her smooth leg. She shuddered at my first touch as her finger disappeared inside of her. I soon reached her opening and my finger joined hers inside of her sopping slit. She gasped as my finger entered and began to bite down upon her lower lip to stifle her cries. Her other hand went up to her left breast and freed it from its loose covering, revealing her hardened nipple and began to pinch and pull upon its tip.

Our fingers began to work quicker and quicker inside of her, pushing deeper and deeper into her stretched pussy. She tried not to thrash around too much in an attempt not to wake my sister, but she soon became lost in her passion and was thrusting her hips off the seat towards our fingers. My sister never moved, however. She had always been a heavy sleeper, but I think she just didn’t want bostancı escort to interrupt or felt too awkward about the situation to give away her knowledge about the hard-cumming girl now thrashing against her body.

She managed at least to keep pretty quiet, in order not to alert my parents as to the illicit act going on right behind their backs. After her orgasm had subsided, she grabbed my finger out of her pussy and raised her body off my sister to meet it. She took my finger and licked the entire length, before inserting the whole thing into her mouth, sucking her own juices off, down into her throat. I almost came in my pants as she began to give head to my finger. I looked down as I watched the juices drip from her pussy onto the upholstery of the car seat, knowing that those kind of stains never come out and chuckled inside my head. I brought my attention back up to her beautiful breast that was still hanging out from the top of her dress. She was an immaculate sight and I wished I had a picture to remember it for the rest of my life.

All of a sudden my Dad yelled from the front seat. “Hey, you kids stop having so much fun back there.”

I stuttered back,” what, what, what do you mean?”

He calmly replied, “I haven’t heard a peep out of you in so long, I wasn’t sure if you guys were even still alive.”

My heart was beating so fast as I shouted back, “Just trying to get some rest before we make it to the beach.”

“Ok, well pull yourselves together, we’re about to make a pit stop.”

His remarks had an oddly pertinent, yet ambiguous tone to them and I wondered if he had somehow known. I couldn’t see him at all, though, so I just shook off my suspicions. As Briana was pulling her dress up to cover her breast my sister awoke from her nap and looked over and gave me an odd look.

“What’s wrong? You’re so flushed,” she asked me.

“What? Oh, nothing. I just woke up myself,” I said as I glanced at Briana. I looked down as she took one more swipe of cum off her pussy. She reached over and smeared it down my arm as she turned toward my sister.

“I can’t wait to arrive. This week is gonna be so much fun!” she exclaimed as she pinched the head of my dick after reaching the end of my arm. “I sure hope there are some cute boys out at the beach, as well…”

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