Legends of the Fel Ch. 08

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Ch. 08: The Sewers of Delait

A loud splash accompanied Tan’s descent into the chilled water of the city sewers. As he broke the surface, the strong current was already carrying him away and out of sight of the shaft of sunlight piercing the gloom from the sewer opening above. Gasping for air he tried to listen above the lapping waters for sound of another body dropping into the sewer. No splash came and Tan thanked his two favourite gods for his miraculous escape. A minute later and Tan was cursing the same two deities for his fate.

The sewer water was cold, numbingly so especially for an unclothed man such as Tan. Kicking his legs he tried to swim for the side wall which was hidden in the black veil of darkness that filled the sewer. Panting and swearing his hands found purchase on cold stonework and within moments Tan was pulling himself out of the frigid water with the last of his strength.

He lay awhile recovering his breath in the darkness, his body racked with shivers from the cold. From his livelihood as a professional thief and registered guild member he knew well the history of the sewers. The city was one of few to be graced with such a modern system which was fed from the easterly running river, the Lyax, as it descended from the mountains before joining the major seaward bound stretch of water which made up the Lythethic delta. As such the sewer system was fed with clear clean water as oppose to the muddied and silted river which ran through the city before emptying into the harbour.

Tan was well glad of that particular fact as he struggled once more to his feet. Probing with his hands in the darkness he traced the sewer wall upwards to a height just short of his full stature. Crouching to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling he felt the width of the stones at his feet. The distance proved to be more than adequate for a man to travel in safety and without the fear of plunging into the icy waters. Without any further delay Tan set off into the blackness, his body still racked with uncontrollable shivers from the cold.

After what seemed an age of travelling in the stygian darkness Tan finally saw a glimmer of light coming from up ahead. He had turned and twisted about on his course, always following the wall to the left whenever the sewer split and divided. He was also aware that he had been travelling uphill for quite some time and the level of water running beside him had dropped considerably. Judging by the sound it now made it was probably only as deep as his ankles but he had no desire to test his theory especially considering the purpose of the sewer system in the first place.

By now he had his shivering under control although he was still thoroughly cold and miserable. Part of him longed to go back and surrender to the beauty of the warrior Fel women and beg for them to cover him with their hot golden pee streams. At this moment in time he could think of nothing as so wonderful as being treated to a golden shower, a woman’s urine spraying over his body sending its warmth permeating through his chilled flesh.

The water passing by his feet made little sound as it flowed silently over the sewer bed and Tan suddenly became aware of a new sound coming from up ahead. It was a light tinkling noise like that of wine being poured into a goblet and Tan rushed forwards to investigate. As he neared the veil of light piercing the gloom he was rewarded with the sight of a thin golden stream raining downwards from a shaft above.

Intrigued Tan edged forwards and looked upwards. He almost gasped out loud as for the second time that day Tan witnessed a woman relieving her pee. The shaft was a toilet shaft from a building above. Highlighted by the daylight around her, the woman’s bum cheeks were easy to discern as was the gushing squirt of piss emanating from her pussy lips. The woman was obviously young and shapely judging by her fine peach like bum cheeks. Her pussy was covered with a mass of tight curly pubic hairs that fanned outwards as they rose between her creamy thighs.

Tan watched on enthralled, one hand caressing his growing cock as he watched the delightful display of this woman urinating. The toilet rim was not so far away and Tan reckoned that with a strong jump he would have been able to jump and touch the woman’s muff. Instead he contented himself with offering his left hand out into the beam of light and into the flowing pee stream. As the warmth of the woman’s pee flowed over his fingers Tan pumped faster and faster over his erect manhood. The woman was just finishing her wee with several last squirts of her honey stream when Tan’s ejaculation erupted into the ray of light spilling down from above.

Gasping and trying to keep his ragged breathing from revealing his presence, Tan watched with disappointment as the woman’s bum cheeks lifted up from the seat above before vanishing from sight. Taking time to compose himself, his recent masturbation having warmed him ankara masaj yapan escort slightly, Tan decided that this would be as good as place as any to try and break free from his prison.

With the little amount of light that reached forth to the sewer walls, Tan was able to see enough to position himself in such a way as to boost himself upwards into the narrow toilet shaft. He immediately reached forth on both sides with his hands to stop him from sliding back down again. Escaping the toilet was not an easy affair but after all Tan was a thief and making his way through narrow obstacles was part of his daily life.

Barely five minutes latter and Tan collapsed on the polished marble floor of the toilet room interior. For a minute he lay on his back recovering from his ordeal, still drained from his recent masturbatory release. He closed his eyes shutting out the view of the ornately decorated ceiling and recalled the image of the pissing woman, enjoying relieving the sight of her bum and pussy in his mind.

Drifting further back into his somewhat usual day, he recalled the sight of the pissing warrior woman and he felt himself once again stir as he remembered the view offered to him as she had relieved her piss over the fallen guard. Her pee stream had flowed like molten gold in the sunlight as did her piss, subjecting her foe to the ultimate humiliation. The length of her pee had been brief but the size and strength of her pissing flow of urine had been unquestionable.

Tan was jolted from his fantasy by a noise from outside. Within seconds he had found his feet and was with his back against the wall by the wooden door that stood ajar into the toilet room. Peering through the crack by the unusually fine crafted upper hinge Tan starred in disbelief as two nubile young women emerged into view. Both were obviously younger than twenty year spans and were both equally and completely nude.

The girl on the right was a brunette with small but beautifully formed breasts and a completely hairless pussy. The deep groove of her pussy slit ran down between her thighs, her little clit just visible poking out at the top. By her side the second girl had blond hair but by the dark matt of pussy hairs between her legs it was obvious that this was not her natural colour. Her breasts were much larger than her friends, her large nipples surround by deep red coloured flesh. Tan felt his dick growing between his legs and he clutched his manhood with one hand. This was the last thing he needed. If either of the girls decided to use the toilet then he would be instantly discovered. What could be worse than being discovered clutching an erection?

The girls were giggling now at some private joke and they kept pushing each other away in a manner that only fuelled Tan’s excitement.

“Shall we do it?” the fake blond asked her naked girlfriend.

“Yes let us do it now before the fighting stops and everybody returns,” replied the brunette. Tan was mesmerised by the sight of her little clit poking out at the top of her slit. The tavern whores he was used to never shaved their pussies and this was proving to be a real education.

“You go first,” the blond haired girl replied, waving her head from side to side causing her mane of golden strands to fall around her back.

“You promise to go next if I do this?” asked the first girl, her naked form looking like an angel from the heavens to the peeping man behind the door.

“Of course but hurry up in case somebody comes,” the blond girl urged. She had moved round now presenting her back and wide round bum cheeks to Tan.

Giggling the brunette walked over to the ornate sink area which comprised of a continually flowing stream of water falling from a pipe jutting out of the mouth of a mosaic green fish adorning the wall. The water bounced and splashed into a large urn which proceeded to carry the water along to three separate wash basins before vanishing from sight. The young girl had by now clambered her lusciously curved nude form onto the sink area and was in the process of lowering her bare bum and shaved pussy down over the middle basin.

The blond girl laughed out loud and clapped when suddenly a squirt of clear coloured pee erupted from the naked pussy of her friend. Tan watched on with growing excitement as the stream of piss exiting the girl’s vagina continued to grow in size and strength becoming a constantly flowing arch of golden urine down into the wash basin.

“You’re doing it!” laughed the blond girl, stating the obvious. “What does it feel like?”

“So very, very naughty!” giggled the peeing brunette. The stream of piss leaving her pussy showed no sign of abating as it rained down into the sink bowl between her legs. Her gushing pee fountain continued to flow copiously from her bare pussy slit as she squirted her piss out of her bare vagina.

“Just like those Fel women” said the blond mecidiyeköy escort girl cupping her hands together and moving them up to the brunette’s toilet spray.

“Sananara, you wouldn’t dare?” giggled the peeing teenager. Her flowing shower of pussy relief wavered in the air as she laughed and the blond girl had to follow it around in the air until her hands entered her pee stream.

“I guess I would!” she laughed again watching as her cupped hands filled with her friend’s pee stream. Once her hands were full of the brunette’s piss she moved them out of the diminishing pee shower that was slowly reducing to a trickle from the shaved girl’s pussy. Holding her hands above her head she suddenly uncapped them allowing their contents of spent pee to come raining down over her golden hair.

“Now I’m one of the Fel!” she laughed. Trickles of urine flowed down her bare creamy coloured skin, over her back and then dropping off her buttocks to leave little droplets of the brunette’s piss over the tiled floor.

“Your turn now Sananara” said the girl who had just finished peeing into the wash bowl.

“I hope you are ready to receive your special shower?” the blond girl asked once again shaking her beautifully mane of falsely coloured hair. This time splashes of urine were sent spraying into the air as they left her strands of yellow.

Climbing down, the brunette whose name was still unknown to Tan, offered a hand to her friend allowing her to clamber up onto the wash top. Assuming a similar position to her shaved friend, Sananara posed her pussy in the direction of the wash basin she was about to christen with her piss. Barely moments passed before she started to pee.

Instantly from her dark haired muff shot a lightly yellowed stream of spraying piss which shot through the air and immediately began to patter inside the wash basin. Even from Tan’s spy location he could tell that Sananara was pissing a good deal stronger than the first girl. Splashes of golden pee were bouncing out of the bowl as the fake blond continued her toilet. Her yellow urine stream was now a gushing torrent of pee staining the sink with her relief.

Just then, the brunette moved back into Tan’s restrictive vision and he marvelled at the tattoo of a coiled snake imprinted upon her left bum cheek. The groove between her buttocks was delicious; a black line in the centre of perfection, the thin outline of her pussy slit just visible as she bent over to offer the back of her head to Sananara’s arching shower of gushing piss. Instantly the blond girl’s urine shower started to wash over the brown hair of her friend soaking it instantly. Her hair became a damp pee sodden mess with running streams of spent piss dripping off the strand ends. This strange hair washing involving one girl pissing into the hair of the other, only lasted several more moments before the pee flaps of the blond girl sealed shut in her muff.

Both girls were laughing hysterically as Sananara descended from her make shift throne where she been peeing into the sink basin. As soon as her feet touched the ground the two girls embraced in a hot passionate kiss, their tongues hungrily seeking out the others. Hand traced their way over each other lithe bodies, fondling and caressing as they went.

Still kissing Sananara started to finger her friend who gasped in delight and started to kiss her way down the blond girl’s neck until she reached her right nipple which instantly became a source of repeated licking and a pretend nibbling. By now Tan was busy stroking his erect penis up and down at the sight of this lesbian love feast being carried out in front of his very eyes. He longed to just run out and place his rock solid dick up inside the brunette’s perfectly formed pussy, enjoying the moist ride she would give him as he pumped her hard. In his imagination he imaged her licking the hairy muff of the fake blond whilst all the time he rode her, enjoying the sensation of seeing her buttocks rising and falling with the motion of his thrusting penis.

However, none of this came to pass as barely moments later a multitude of female screams filled the air from a source not far away from inside the building. No longer caring about being discovered or being seen naked with a fully erect penis, Tan burst out of the bathroom and ran past the startled form the two lesbian girls. They had barely the time to register his presence as he flashed past them and through the exit door. Plunging through he found himself in a narrow corridor which was lit by a multitude of windows running down its length with sunlight pouring in.

More screams filled the air, even closer this time and Tan knew he was running out of time. At the end of the corridor he was presented with a similar corridor running off in a new direction or alternatively a flight of stairs rising to the level above. Knowing that the Fel had entered the mersin escort building at ground level he decided that upwards was the best way to go and immediately started his ascent.

The stairs wound upwards in a spiral past a multitude of frescoes. As he ran, panting for breath he finally worked out where he was. There could no mistaking the King’s harem from the displays on the walls. Sexual acts in all manner of forms filled the walls and Tan desperately wished he had more time to study them.

Reaching the top of the stairs he found a narrow doorway which led him out into fresh air and a walled walkway leading along the edge of a well maintained garden. At the far end, a second door promised another opportunity for escape so he started to sprint towards it. Out of the corner of his eye he could make out movement in the garden below.

Sounds of screaming and dying women filled the air and he stopped in his tracks to stare downwards at the carnage being varied out below. A handful of Amazon Fel women had breached the inner sanctum and were now delivering fast judgement to the women of the harem caught inside. As Tan watched, a half naked Fel warrior leapt over a garden bench to plunge her blade deep into the belly of a young girl. Red blood splashed over the courtyard tiles staining them with the girls dying fluids.

Numbed at the sight of the gore Tan remained frozen. He barely heard the opening of the door he had been running towards or the fast footfalls of the running Amazon intent on his position. At the very last instant some deeply buried instinct of survival brought Tan to his senses. Just in time, he ducked as a sharp steel blade swung over his head. Acting on impulse alone caused him to swing upwards and push furiously at the metal torso of the warrior woman’s armoured top. He caught a flash of blond pubic hair nestled between two incredibly shaped legs before he was diving for the outer wall of the building.

Gaining the ledge he was once again saved by his instincts as he leapt upwards avoiding the blade aimed at his ankles. His landing did not go so well and as he came down Tan started to topple. With horror he stared downwards at the dark stone lined pavement waiting for him far below. His mind in overdrive, his actions bolstered by raw adrenaline, Tan saw the roof of the adjacent building opposite. With the last of his grip on the stone wall ledge he pushed with all his might and flew through the air across the gap between the two structures.

Tan crashed through the thinly thatched surface and dropped heavily into a sprawling pile on the wooden floor below. He had barely time to roll and bring himself to his feet before another figure crashed through the roof after him. For a split moment Tan was numbed by the arrival of the Fel warrior chasing him, but then he acted. With a loud roar of defiance born from the witness of the slaughter in the nearby garden, Tan launched his body at the blond haired warrior who was just gaining her feet. Lacking the opportunity to see Tan coming, the Fel woman was taken completely by surprise as he ploughed into her knocking her backwards and over the short balcony wall.

They fell together, limbs entwined as Tan fought to grab her sword arm. Their joint arrival on the stone floor many feet below caused them to come apart, both badly winded by the fall. Shakily gaining his feet Tan arose to face his opponent. He was still naked, and still unarmed. He was shocked when he saw his foe in detail for the very first time and was stunned by how young she was. Blond hair, the colour of the blazing sun fell in a short crop around her beautiful facial features. Deep blue eyes, a slight nose and a mouth with pouting lips currently curled into a bestial snarl greeted him as their eyes locked.

She attacked immediately, her sword swinging wildly in a lunging arch. Dodging the blade, Tan ducked under her guard and smashed his right hand heavily into her exposed elbow causing her to release her sword in pain. The weapon vanished from sight under a table with a loud clatter. Tan had no time to pursue it as his opponent immediately attacked him with a stunning fury. Young fists beat at his chest and he quickly had to block an punch at his face as she shifted her focus.

Tan could almost not begin to believe his situation. The girl was barely eighteen years of age and yet here she was with murder in her heart and trying to kill him. Something snapped inside him just then and he dealt the warrior Fel girl a hard backhanded swipe knocking her staggering with considerable force. Her flight across the room was halted by a low table which she stumbled against before falling backwards over its top. The last sight Tan caught of his young assailant was that of a perfectly shaved mass of blond pubic hairs nestled between the girl’s legs as she vanished from sight.

Leaping after his assailant Tan vaulted the table only to find her waiting for him. He was only just able to change his flight through the air in time to avoid a stunning blow aimed at his private regions. In sheer self defence Tan kicked hard catching the girl under her chin sending her reeling backwards once more. This time she was halted by the buildings hard outer wall which brought her up straight before collapsing in a heap upon the floor.

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