Learning to Serve Ch. 05

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Author’s notes: I hope you have enjoyed this fantasy. This will be the final chapter of this story. I will let you, the reader; fill in where it goes after this. I know I could take this story in many different directions, but as the title says, this story is how she learned to serve an older couple. That journey will be complete at the end of this chapter. Once again I would like to thank Wolf Vixen for her invaluable help in making this a better story. Enjoy!

You want to hear an oxymoron? How about a happy Goth! I mean most people think of Goths as pasty faced gloomy people who wear too much makeup, chains, dog collars, black clothes… You get the picture. Now, take that picture and put my big happy face on it.

Yeah, I still had my pink and green striped hair. I still wore my custom collar. I even had other new and exciting accessories, but I’ll get to them later. I was living a dream. Sometimes even I couldn’t believe it.

My friends started wondering why I was so happy. I mean, they knew my folks were having problems, I still needed a car and I was still stuck at the local collage trying to get my education. By all outward signs I should’ve been as miserable as they were.

What they didn’t know was that I was involved in a very special relationship with Harry and Crystal. Yeah, my older lovers.

Some of my friends wondered why I didn’t go out and party with them anymore. Why was I always working at their house, why didn’t I have time for them anymore? Damn the whining gets to a person.

Well I guess it was because I was having too much fun doing adult things rather than being childish and petulant. I mean the thought of going out, getting drunk, watching someone puke and maybe getting lucky? Is that what I really wanted out of my life? Trust me, that’s what they mean by going out and partying.

No! I wanted to be surrounded by love and affection. I wanted to know I could devour pussy to my hearts content, having my cunt fucked raw at the same time and then snuggle between two loving bodies as we all fell asleep. I mean I had it all. No guilt, no drama, no bullshit. I had a man and a woman who loved me for me.

All I had to do was love them, keep our secret and enjoy the benefits. Yes, I had to become a sub to do it, but the benefits far outweigh the price. I have to admit, that I had problems with being submissive at first, and what I’m about to tell you is how I learned to get over all that and serve Crystal and Harry as their younger lover.

After the boat trip I knew I was totally in love with them and was more than happy to show it. Psychologists call it the enmeshment phase. Most people call it the sickening phase. Anyone who has watched a friend fall in love will know what I’m talking about.

It’s when they get all mushy and clingy. I had it bad. If I wasn’t glued to Crystal, I was pinned at Harry’s hip. My grades dropped a bit because I spent more time daydreaming about my lovers and not paying attention to classes.

Considering it was summer semester and I only had one class, that should give you a clue how bad it was. When Crystal saw my midterm report, she took action.

We were puttering around the yard when the subject came up. As usual I was trying to get my lover’s mind off work and distract her into some play time.

“So how’s school going?” Cris asked watching my ass wiggle as we weeded.

“Okay I’m pulling a C-.” I responded wiggling my butt to entice my lover.

“C-! I thought you were pulling at least a 3.0. What’s wrong?” Crystal was concerned. It was one of things, which reassured me that they loved me and I wasn’t just a sex toy. Not that I minded being their sex toy.

“I was,” I told her. “This semester I’m just having trouble focusing.” I added with an eye wiggle. “It’s not like I have anything else on my mind lately.”

“Lexi what am I going to do with you.” She said exasperated. “Come on let me see your work.” She hauled me up, slapped my ass and headed into the house.

With my ass tingling and thinking about getting lucky, I followed her into our room. God that still makes me shiver. Our room, yeah I stayed in their room sleeping with them when I spent the night. I was snapped out of it by Cris.

“Okay let me see your work.” She ordered. When I showed it to her, she was upset.

“This is atrocious. Allen could do better. You’re not even trying. What did we say? If this is going to be a problem, you can stay in the spare room until schools out.”

“NO! I’ll do better.” I said knowing she wasn’t kidding. She was a teacher after all.

“So why is it so hard to do good work? If you need more time at your mom’s house…”

“No, not that.” I exclaimed. “When I’m over there all I get to hear is mom crying or them arguing. I do so much better when I’m here. It’s just that when I’m in class, you or Harry will cross my mind and well…” I left hanging.

“Sweetheart, if you ever want to make something of yourself, you have to have your degree.”

“Can’t I just move casino şirketleri in here?” I asked for the thousandth time.

“I thought you said we were a distraction. Would it get better or worse if you lived here full time?” She looked at me sternly, letting me know that she wanted an honest answer.

“It has to get better. I mean then I wouldn’t have to worry about when I’d see you again. It’s not my fault… I’m sitting there listening to the boring lecture. The next thing I know, you or Harry crosses my mind and everything else goes blank.’ I tried to explain.

“So this…” She held up the offending paper, “is about lack of concentration?”

“I just get so excited about loving you!” I protested.

“I love you too, but this is not good. You have to learn to concentrate no matter how horny you are. I should be able to be licking your little quim during class and you do better than this.” I shivered at the thought. Cris has the softest tongue and is the best cunt licker I’ve ever met. When she makes love to me…

“What did I just say?” She snapped me back to the conversation. I gave her a blank look. “I see. As soon as you think sex, your brain turns off. You’re worse than Harry. Do you think it’s going to get better if you live here and get more sex?” She demanded in her quiet voice.

“I don’t know. All I can think about is making love and the things we do together.” I told her honestly.

“I see,” She said thinking. “So it all boils down to a lack of concentration. Go clean up the gardening stuff while I think about this.” She told me absently.

I knew what that meant. That meant I was in trouble and she was thinking up my punishment. I hurried to comply with her order as I wondered just how bad it was going to be this time.

I knew her punishments were lessons I needed to learn, that didn’t make them any easier to take. Some how, she knew exactly what to do, to get the point across. I just hoped she didn’t send me away again. That would be too much. I don’t know what it is about Crystal, but she always knows exactly what buttons to push.

When I was done, I went into the room and my eyes widened when I saw the stuff laid out on the bed. I saw my nipple clips and my tits instantly responded. She also had out my collar, a leash, some gold chains I hadn’t seen before and a strange shaped device I couldn’t even think of how it worked. Crystal came in from the bathroom, drying her hands and carrying the lubricant we used when Harry fucked my ass.

“I talked to Harry real quick, and he agrees.” Crystal said getting my full attention. “You need to learn to concentrate no matter what is going on. So we are going to educate you this weekend.” She saw the look on my face and reassured me.

“No, this isn’t a punishment. We’ll only do that if you don’t pull your grades up to at least a B by end of semester. You’re going to have to work at it, but it can be done.”

“What?” I started and swallowed. “Yes Ma’am… What is all this for?” I asked if I wasn’t going to get punished.

“These are going to be your training aids this weekend. The only time you will not wear them is when you’re asleep or going to the bathroom. I’ll help you then.” I knew by the look on her face she was serious and as always I had two choices. Comply or see the end of our relationship.

“Rule one.” She explained. “No orgasms unless we give you permission. Rule two. You will sleep in the spare room tonight. We want you to think about what is at stake, but we’re not sending you away.” She stroked my face as she told me the rest.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to make you cum and you are going to have to act like nothing is happening. If you are working, you keep working. If you are in a conversation, you will keep it up and not loose your place.” She instructed.

“Remember no cumming unless we give you permission. Are you willing to learn?”

Damn, she meant business. She knew that I would be right there as soon as my nipples were bound in the clips. Looking at the rest I started to see where she was going with all this. If I did this, I would be completely at her mercy and I knew it. So did she. She waited as I made up my mind.

“Yes Ma’am” I swallowed. “I’ll learn, I promise.” She just smiled at me and instructed.

“Get undressed, go to the bathroom and clean up. When you’re ready, sit on the edge of the bed, on your hands and we’ll start.”

“Yes Ma’am.” I said obediently. She watched as I stripped in front of her, not saying a word. Once I complied with her wishes, and was sitting on my hands on the edge of the bed, she came forward with my collar and told me firmly.

“You will do exactly as I say. You are now completely mine.” She put my collar on and hooked the leash to it. “You will obey me and you will learn. This is for your benefit.” The metal leash was cold as it hung between my breasts. Cris then attached the nipple rings and commented.

“This would work better it you were pierced, but that’s not a good idea yet casino firmaları if you ever want to breast feed so we’ll make do.” I hissed as she sucked my hard nipples through the rings.

This time they didn’t have the weights on them. She clasped a chain onto each of them and fed them down to my bellybutton ring. Running them through belly ring she warned me.

“Remember when we got you the clit ring, what she said. Be careful not to pull it out and tear the hood.” She clipped them on to the clit ring and pulled another chain over and clipped it on the bellybutton ring. After she fed that through the clit ring, I lost track of what she was doing. I had my eyes closed trying to control my breathing.

For those who have never been put into this kind of jewelry, it is very erotic. Every nerve is tingling as you feel the cold metal against your warm skin and the slight tugs against your nipples and clit. All I could do is sit there and wait as her warm hands softly brushed against me.

Crystal took the lube and got both ends of the device lubed up. “Lean back and spread your legs.” She instructed as my eyes got wide. I started to get the idea of where that thing went.

It was a long pink thing that bent in the middle. I was sure one end went into my pussy. I was right. I gasped as she slid the cold rubber all the way in, touching my cervix in one smooth plunge. What I wasn’t ready for was when I felt the other end start its trip up my ass. Because of the lube it slid right in before I could even think of tightening my muscles.

My muscles were clamping and unclamping, trying to get used to the invasion. Cris helped me back up after she adjusted it to her satisfaction.

“I’ll let you sit there for a minute so you can get use to it.” She told me as I sat there wide eyed and panting.

What I didn’t know was that everything was connected to the vibrator she put up inside me, by the chains. She helped me get on my panties as she explained.

“Once you’re dressed, I’ll demonstrate how this all works. Remember no cumming. You’ll have to concentrate on not cumming.” She admonished me.

It took me a few minutes to get used to everything and get myself under control, but I figured it wasn’t going to be that bad. I mean I could feel everything, but I could still function. That was until she pulled out a remote from her pocket and turned it on.

“OH SHIT” I gasped as everything vibrated and tingled from my pussy and ass, through the chains, out to every part of my body. In less than ten seconds I was ready to explode. I was breathing hard, fighting it back. I was sweating, I was trying so hard not to cum. Crystal saw this and whispered in my ear.

“Cum now.” Then she kissed me. If she wasn’t holding me up by my leash and collar, I would have fallen to the floor with my orgasm. It wasn’t a climax, but damn it was close. All I could do is moan into Cris’s mouth as we kissed and I came.

She turned off the remote and said. “Now you know how it works. You won’t know if Harry or I will have the remote. When one of us sees you are busy, we will turn on the remote and expect you to continue what you are doing. I let you cum to take the edge off. Are you ready?”

When I nodded my head yes, she added to her warning. “Remember, you are not on display for my sons. Keep your shirt loose. You might even want to put another one on to cover better. This is about you learning to concentrate, not how hot you look in your chains. Remember we love you.” She said as she led me out of the room by my leash.

I got the point almost instantly as she hooked my leash on a belt loop and it swung making contact with the other chains under my shirt. The only respite I had was that my pants dimmed the feeling as the chains pulled on my clit ring. But that was short lived. As soon as I got busy helping Cris in the kitchen, the vibrator came on.

“Ohh, fuck!’ I hissed in reaction, as Cris just looked at me and said.

“I need three eggs and two cups of milk and watch your language.” She watched intently as I fumbled my way through her instructions. I almost dropped the eggs when the vibrator went off.

The rest of the weekend was the same. Crystal knew when I was close and she did let me cum two more times. Both times she pulled me into a room by my leash and ordered me to cum.

Harry just acted like nothing was going on; even though I knew he had the remote most of the weekend. Even my sex fogged brain was starting to get it.

It was Crystal who put me to bed at night, taking of all the jewelry and laying it out the dresser after she would clean each piece. She put the vibrator in the top drawer after she made me clean it for the next days use. She leaned down and kissed me.

“We love you.” She said as she left the room.

I had to get up and get a drink. I could hear Harry and Crystal making love in their room and felt depressed that I wasn’t a part of it. If nothing else, that pushed the message home the hardest. If they wanted me to get an education, güvenilir casino then only straight A’s would do. I didn’t want to disappoint them or me again.

When Harry dropped me off at my mom’s house he reminded me. “Work first, play later. Don’t you think Crystal would love to take a day off and just say fuck it, I want sex all day? Don’t you think I haven’t been tempted to pick you up from school and spend the afternoon just fucking you until we can’t move? There is this little thing called life you have to worry about. It’s not all fun and games, no matter how we wish it were.”

After that, things settled down. I wasn’t complaining, but a lot of the spontaneity left our lovemaking. It was always if I had my work done first, and if not, then one of them would help me until it was done. In a way it showed me again just how much they cared. They weren’t doing this for them. They were doing this for me. They love me and want me to succeed in life.

I knew my parents were having problems, but I never knew how bad it was until one night when they got drunk and everything came out. After I heard them yelling at each other. I frantically called Harry.

“Please come get me.” I begged. “I can’t stay here anymore. I got to get out.” I was in hysterics.

Once I heard he was on the way, I started packing what stuff I was going to take. I planned on never coming back after what I heard.

“I’m going to Crystal and Harry’s” I yelled at them as they continued to scream at each other. As soon as I saw the lights of Harry’s big truck I grabbed my bags and hit the door.

“What’s wrong sweetheart” Crystal asked as she wrapped me in her arms as soon as I emptied my hands.

“I can’t go back… I just can’t,” I blubbered as she tried to calm me down.

Harry gave me a hug and started to the door until he heard the shouting and decided just to leave. As he drove us home I spilled the story I overheard.

“My dad is having an affair.” I started.

“Yes, we thought you already told us that. What’s wrong, what happened?” Harry asked looking in the mirror as Cris held me in the back seat.

“Her name is Alexis and she’s my age. From what I heard tonight, she looks like me. He won’t have sex with mom anymore, but he’s fucking me by proxy. I can’t take it. He’s always leered at me, but I never knew…” I broke down and cried in Cris’s arms. Just the thought of my dad wanting to fuck me freaked me out.

“Wow, that’s a lot.” Crystal said stroking my back.

“I’ve caught him watching me in the bathroom.” I forced myself to go on. “I don’t ever want to go back. I hate him. He’s even given her one of his credit cards. She called tonight trying to force my mom out of the house so she could move in. It’s just so sickening. My father wants to fuck me!” I cried more as it washed over me.

My dad never said he loved me like Harry and Cris did. He would just call me inappropriate pet names and leer at my tits. I knew my dad had to work out of town a lot, but I never thought he would be fucking my doppelganger while he was away. Now this bitch wanted to take over my mother’s house and my dad was insisting that I stay.

I mean I’m open minded, but shit. That’s just too much. I could never look at my father like I look at Harry. Harry has always offered me unconditional love even before I jumped him the first time. The only thing that has changed is now it also involves all forms of love. But it’s just that… Love! Not some perverted incest fuck fantasy.

My father didn’t care what my grades were or how I was doing. All he cared about was getting what he wanted. I had been asking for a car since I was accepted into collage. He never had the money. He bought her a car though. He let her use his credit card to buy clothes, but I never could get him to buy me anything. Most of the new stuff I had, Crystal and I bought together.

When we got home, Harry settled us into the bedroom and kissed us both goodnight and headed into the spare room. He knew I was freaked out and he let it be just us girls. See what I mean… That’s love. He knew what I needed and gave up his spot on his bed so I could feel better.

I cried most of the night as Crystal soothed me. We didn’t even get undressed as we tried to sleep. I had nightmares of my father raping me all night. When I would snap awake, Crystal was there loving me back to sleep.

I woke up to Harry having a terse conversation on the phone. When I heard what he was saying, I knew it was with my mother.

“Yes, she’s save here with us… She can stay as long as she needs too. I can come over and get the rest of her stuff later when your husband isn’t around… Yes, I understand. Yes, you can come over and talk to her, but he can’t… Yes if he does, well anyway… He’s not welcome.”

He listened as I heard my mom crying, telling him an abridged version of what happened. “Uh huh… I know… Yeah it can be tough… Yeah…” He let her vent.

“Well, the only thing I can think of is she needs a car. If you can’t afford one right now, we’ll get her something to use. It’s a lot farther to school from here and we don’t want her to miss her classes… Yeah I know… Don’t worry about it…Yeah.” He said as my mom went on another rant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32