Learning from Aunt Sophie Ch. 02

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It was early afternoon when Penny Garson woke for her second full day in her Aunt Sophie’s luxurious house. Aunt Sophie, or just plain Sophie, as she had insisted Penny call her, had wanted full chapter and verse on her first time experience with Mark Mason. Her aunt had been amazed that her niece had been out all night, and was interested in every little nuance of the encounter. There were certainly plenty of elements to report in Penny’s willing sacrifice of her virginity.

Slipping, naked, from between the silk sheets of her bed, Penny headed dreamily towards the en-suite. Even now, some fourteen hours later, she still carried the memory of their embraces in her head, still recalled the first time nature of the whole affair. First kiss, no, even before that the first subtle caress of his eyes regaling her clothed body, the first touch of his hand in hers, they were the starting points.

His look as her naked body was exposed to male eyes for the first time, followed by a fearful first glance at his erect penis, and her touching at its hardness. That bulbous purple head, which she brought to her lips later in the evening. As Sophie commented, “What a first was there, my dear?”.

Before that, in rapid succession, her trembling, as his hands applied a first touch to her naked breasts and nipples, his subtle fingers drifting over her skin, and fondly caressing between her thighs. That heart stopping first, as he touched her clitoris, and she almost spasmed with the delight of it. It was only surpassed by the first totally unexpected touch of his tongue down there.

And then came that magical first, her actual deflowering, and, after initial brief pain, the frantic sensation of his large prick gliding up inside her. Now, as she soaped between her legs in the shower, the very remembrance of that had her moistening, and it had nothing to do with the steaming shower water.

Drying off , and eyeing her naked body in the mirror, she knew that last evening had opened her up, and she was like an engine that would demand regular servicing. The very thought of having a man feasting his eyes on her was appealing in itself, but then to have male hands, lips and tongue preparing her for that ultimate express rod roaring into her tunnel—wow, she was hooked. And that was just how Sophie had said it might be.

Before going downstairs, she dressed simply in a loose fitting top, and jeans. Not too familiar with the house, as yet, she was lucky to find Sophie in the conservatory. As her aunt stood up to greet her Penny was surprised to see that she was fully dressed in a neat blue summer suit. Sophie, as she had learned already, usually preferred to walk around her own house without any clothes on, confident in the knowledge of her excellent body.

“You’ve had a good sleep, my dear,” Sophie said, with an added grin, “no doubt you needed it. It’s almost three o’clock.”

Penny gave her aunt a peck on the cheek and received one in return, and Sophie told her that Paris had kept some lunch for her. When Penny remarked about her being dressed, Sophie shrugged, “I have one of my clients at four.” She sighed,” I’ll be back by six. It’s one of my quickies.” And they laughed together.

Before she left with Brutus driving, she said to Penny, “You’re a big girl now. Why don’t you spend some time getting to know the house better? The majority of the erotic paintings and pictures are on the third floor. When I come back we’ll have dinner and look at a few more DVD’s to enhance your learning. Although, you seem to have taken some massive steps last night.”

Sophie gave her niece a deep penetrating look, before asking, “How do you feel now that you’re virginity’s gone?”

“I feel open. I feel like I can’t wait to do it again.”

Sophie gave her a knowing smile, “It looks like you have acquired my genes.”

Laughing Penny slapped her own thigh, “No, we bought these yesterday, remember?”

Sharing the laugh, Sophie said, “We can talk about what we can do to fulfil those needs tonight.”

Just as Sophie left, Paris came through to ask what Sophie would like to eat. Very tall, very slender, Paris had been most gentlemanly when Penny met him, and she had been amazed when Sophie had explained how she was able to walk around naked. It was because Paris and the massive Brutus were partners, and although able to admire feminine beauty, it had no appeal for them.

Informed that dinner would be at six thirty, Penny made do with a ham and cheese sandwich, which Paris delivered, deliciously toasted in short time.

After lunch Penny began her first real exploration of the house. Moving across the vast hall, Penny took a quick glance at the portrait of Sophie’s late husband, a very handsome man. The large lounge sitting room was where, on her first evening, Sophie had given her the insights into her life, including how her high sexual drive was now assuaged by giving her body to any individual in a group of twelve men, who had paid into a heart charity bahis firmaları of her choice. Shocked at first, Penny now realised how sensible the arrangement could be.

On the first evening in this room, Penny had been a little puzzled by the oil painting that hung behind the door, depicting a naked man seated in a chair with a naked woman sitting astride him, with her head thrown back. Looking at that picture now, she wasn’t at all uncertain about what was going on.

The second floor was mainly a series of four bedrooms, but one room, with extra wide windows contained two large easels, and on a bench an array of paints, brushes and other art materials. Several empty canvasses lay against one wall, and against the wall opposite the window there were six completed canvasses.

The facing painting Penny could see was an excellent reproduction in oils of what could be seen from the window, part of the garden, the fields and trees beyond. The colours were so close to reality, that Penny, who had no art experience was lost in admiration. She could only think that Sophie was very modest about her artistic ability.

Moving that canvas to one side, Penny gasped at what she saw on the next one. In sharp natural skin colours, a naked lady was spread over a low wide stool, her parted legs towards the artist, and the whole pink of her pubic area was clearly defined, her breasts were stretched almost flat although the nipples jutted proudly. The head was lost behind the back of the stool. Penny wondered if the model had been her aunt. Everything about the body although in a taut position suggested it could have been. But had she just painted it from memory? It was a most provocative painting.

Looking around the room, Penny found, tucked away in one corner, the actual wide seated stool that had been used. The next two paintings were both of the naked lady. In one, she was leaning forward, on a lounger, dark hair covering her face, as her fingers touched between her parted thighs. The other showed her stepping out of an old fashioned bathtub, clutching a towel, to her waist, her head turned away. But, those breasts, the hair colour, it just had to be Sophie.

Her eyes widened as she revealed the next painting, since it was of a tall man, big, in every sense, yet he appeared to be all muscle, head turned away towards the window, his flaccid penis long, and prominent, even though limp. The final picture was a shock in more ways than one. First of all, it wasn’t a canvas, but appeared to be some kind of board, and it was a sketch, in charcoal possibly. To Penny’s unpractised eye, it looked like a less accomplished piece of work. All right, the others had been in oils, but somehow this sketch lacked consistent proportions, and there was a certain absence of clarity about it.

What it didn’t lack, as far as Penny was concerned, was shock value, for it depicted two naked men, each with his face buried in the other’s shoulder. One of the men was massive, and could be the same man as in the previous painting. The other was tall, slim, although his body looked well muscled, and every muscle was clearly delineated. The focus of the drawing was on the fact that they were each clutching in one hand the massive erect penis of the other.

Penny could not deny that, if only from the build of each, the pair could only be Brutus and Paris, and what was particularly noticeable in any of the paintings was that no face was shown to confirm identification. She knew she would have to ask her aunt about these particular paintings.

All the other rooms on the second floor contained at least one erotic picture. One room had two on the wall over the bed, and they looked like very ancient pictures, but the couples depicted were naked and obviously joined at the hip. All the other rooms contained a single oil painting, each displaying a naked man and woman. In these pictures the man either had his head between the woman’s wide thighs, with his hands clutching her breasts, or without being too specific, the woman had her face down in the region of the man’s prick. In one such picture they were favouring each other’s pubic area at the same time

By the time her explorations had taken her to the third floor, Penny had little doubt that Sophie’s house was one where eroticism reigned. Yet she was to find that on this top floor the eroticism went a stage further. Whereas before there was a certain guardedness about what was happening, and much was left to the imagination, here the pictures left very little doubt about what was being sucked, licked or penetrated.

Every one of the four rooms had at least three pictures on display. Two of the rooms featured old type sketches, and Penny found herself looking at a naked man, having his erect prick enveloped in the mouth of a naked young woman, while he fingered between the legs of a second young woman, and licked at the open labia of a woman standing over him.

Another showed a naked woman servicing two men with her vagina kaçak iddaa and her mouth clearly taking large penises. In all cases the accuracy, and detail of the work was remarkable. Penny decided to ask Sophie about the idea of two men at once. It had given her a vague sense of curiosity. What must that be like? It seemed unpleasant, but the woman in the picture looked anything but distressed, as she stroked the scrotum of the one invading her mouth.

The third bedroom had nothing but charcoal or pencil sketches around the walls. Even though these were all in black and white, the amount of detail in them was staggering. They seemed especially pointed at the genitalia of the female, and in most cases the two features that stood out, when it was a lone female, was the floral pattern allocated to her lower area as she held her labia open, and the wanton, seductive open lipped look on her face.

Many sketches moved to close ups of a penis entering a vagina, or being played along that area. Close up too, of the bulbous head at the lips of a woman, looking as though she couldn’t wait. Always that lascivious look was pronounced on the female faces. Penny found it all too overwhelming to take in at once, and knew she would need to come back to have a long slow look.

Then she entered the fourth bedroom, and discovered an instant rapport with what was around her. For all the walls, other than the window wall, were covered in photographs, some black and white, mostly coloured. A quick glance around indicated that there seemed to be a development of theme from just behind the door.

The early photos were of young women. They were fully clothed, either in short dresses, or in shirt and jeans, and that latter made Penny smile as that was exactly how she was dressed at that moment. Giggling she copied some of the poses in the pictures. Looking back over her shoulder, legs wide apart, and in all cases the look on the face was lustful. She didn’t have a mirror to view her attempt at that, but she was sure she made a good copy.

Moving around, she found that, gradually, the cover of clothes lessened. Shirt buttons were loosened, dresses rode up to the thigh, especially by placing one leg on a chair. Soon the slope of breasts became more evident as shirts were pushed back, and dresses were unbuttoned. But always the facial expression was that of a temptress.

Very quickly, the women were down to panties only, and the poses became more abandoned. Fingers pulled panties aside to reveal pubic hair. These were women Penny was looking at, yet she found it exciting, and she knew she was moistening. Then, men began to appear in the photos. Mostly, at first, bare-chested, and wearing jeans or shorts, and on their first appearance they only looked at the women in their various poses.

Penny had to check her breathing as the pictures began to heat up. Bare chests were stroked by the women, kisses were exchanged, and hands on bodies became more and more important. One picture showed panties being pushed down by a man. A woman’s hand laid over the crotch of a man’s jeans and her mouth shaped an ‘oh.

Men lost their jeans, and erections became rampant. A naked man stood behind a naked woman, and pressed against her buttocks. Whether they were actually doing anything was difficult to tell, but the woman’s head was thrown back with a rapturous look on her face. Many kisses, tongues clearly in use, were in shot. Bodies were pressed together as hands appeared to explore. Some shots indicated an erect prick poised at the lips of an eager looking woman. But Penny noticed there was no specific proof of real intimacy taking place.

She moved to the window to look out over the gardens. Her mind was teeming with everything she had seen. Once she looked back at the area where the women posed alone. “I could do that,” she told herself.

Coming down the stairs from the third floor, Penny looked forward to talking to Sophie about what she had been viewing in her absence. To her surprise, and not realising how time had flown while she was engrossed upstairs, her aunt was just coming through the front door, as Penny reached the hall.

“My dear,” Sophie greeted her joyfully, “have you had a good afternoon?” They met in the middle of the hall and Sophie embraced her as though they hadn’t met for ages. “Well, what have you been up to?”

Sophie told her, and said she had a lot of questions. Sophie nodded her head sagely, “I’m not at all surprised. But keep them until we’ve eaten, then we’ll have another talky session in the lounge, We’ll see if you actually need further education after your time with Mark.”

“Was your afternoon good?”

Sophie gave her a big smile, “Better than I’d hoped.”

Over dinner in the conservatory, where, with Brutus assisting, Paris served them a delicious spicy lamb bake, Sophie continued her tale of a satisfactory afternoon. “He’s usually a quickie, but today, he worked on me really well, and I was very close when he came into me, did his kaçak bahis usual four strokes and then done. Nearly got me all the way, but not quite.”

Her hearty laugh was good to hear, and Penny was set to learn that, when one of her sessions went well, she was always brighter. Before the meal, both Paris and Brutus greeted Penny with their usual courtesy. In fact, she was quite surprised when Paris commented, “Your hair looks so much more attractive when it lies natural like that, Miss Penny.”

Penny glanced at Sophie to see her reaction, but she was smiling and nodding her agreement.

“Thank you, Paris,” Penny said.

After dinner Sophie and Penny settled once more in the lounge, close to the television screen in the corner. Sophie was still wearing the trouser suit from the afternoon, and she shrugged off the jacket to reveal a see- through blouse.

“Now, Penny, let me hear your observations on your afternoon. Were you shocked?”

“Just a little, but I was more intrigued. And—” Penny wondered whether she should admit this, “—just a little turned on.”

Sophie’s face lit up,” Good. No, excellent. Shows you have an erotic soul, like me.”

Now for one of her major questions, and Penny drew in a deep breath before asking, “The art room, where the easels are. I didn’t know you could paint.”

Sophie nodded, smiled and told her, “I sometimes do it to relax, but I’m not very good.”

“But those finished canvasses. They were so good.”

Again Sophie nodded, “They are good aren’t they? Only I didn’t do them. I wish I was that skilled. No, they are all Paris’s work.”

“Paris?” Penny was aware that Sophie was watching her closely expecting her to go on, so she had to add, “But the nude model?”

Sophie put on a mock frown, “You didn’t recognise my wonderful tits?” And her hands pressed over her bosom.

Penny was just a little stunned, “But that one stretched over the stool, so revealing. It meant that Paris had to be looking—“

“Right up my chute,” Sophie said, and laughed before becoming more serious. “Penny, you will slowly learn that there is no prudery, no shyness in this house.”

“I think I’m beginning to get that message. Before I even got to the third floor rooms I was telling myself that eroticism was king.”

“A good way of putting it. You know how Paris likes to pay compliments. You’re hair, this evening, for instance.”

“That was kind of him.”

“That’s the way he is. Although Brutus isn’t far behind him in that department.” She smiled and lowered her voice slightly, “When Paris was doing that painting of me stretched over the stool, do you know what he said when he was concentrating on my nether regions?”

Penny just shook her head, fascinated by what she was finding out.

“Well,” Sophie went on, beginning to chuckle, “he came forward to have a closer look, and he said, ‘It will be like painting a rare pink carnation. Wasn’t that sweet of him?” Her laughter burst out, as she added, “When I asked him if he’d like to touch it, he jumped back so fast he almost knocked the easel over. I’m just not his type. Nor Brutus’s. You saw the sketch of them holding each other?”

“Yes, I was wondering about that.”

“That was one of my puny efforts in charcoal.”

“I did notice the difference,” Penny said, and seeing Sophie’s raised eyebrow, she went on hurriedly. “No faces can be seen in any of those.”

Sophie nodded, “Quite deliberate. I have been able to have quite a few of Paris’s paintings placed in galleries, and a few have sold, mainly to collectors of eroticism . But we only put forward those where there is no chance of identification.”

Penny nodded, and told her aunt how sensible that seemed.

“There are a few up in the attic which are rather more revealing, but not for sale, because of that. Now, from intending to take you through a slow track of sexual awareness, you have jumped ahead by some distance. Mainly thanks to Mark. And now the pictures you have been viewing may have taken you a step further.”

Penny nodded, “Some interesting positions. There’s the prick in the mouth that I was tempted to do with Mark, but didn’t.”

“But did you want to just because he had licked your clit?”

Penny shrugged, “Maybe. Then there was one with a woman taking two men at once.”

Sophie’s lips tightened, before she said, “Penny, there are many aspects of sex that you need to be cautious about. I can’t express anything but caution, when it comes to personal choice. You are going to be a highly sexed young lady, as I was,” She half smiled as she corrected herself, “As I am. Sometimes you will have to follow your own desires. I have had two men at the same time, only twice, but on both occasions I knew and trusted the men. Same goes for the oral thing. If you want it—then fine. We’ll look at a video about that, in a moment. Was there anything else you want to say about the pictures?”

Penny had been waiting to tell her this, “Oh, yes, the photographs. The single models, then, the later, more erotic shots. I found all of that very exciting. In fact—“

Penny stopped, seeing Sophie lean forward expectantly, as she urged, “Yes, go on.”

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