Lawn Boy

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I can’t tell you how long the grass in my yard was. The grass was a sick yellow color and there were dandelions everywhere. I’m a little too girly to pick up a big mower and go outside, so I called a number I found posted on a flyer.

He was right on time. His name was Johnny and let me tell you, he was hot. I told him to get right to work.

I watched him pull his mower out of his truck. His muscles flexed as he lifted his arms high. His light brown hair was long and appeared gold in the sunlight. His skin was ruddy and glowed with health.

I opened the curtain a little and thanked God for such a situation. I reached my hand into my pants and down my panties. I grabbed my pussy hard.

I rubbed my lips together and stretched them. I imagined Johnny coming up behind me and removing my shirt. Oh, and then he’d rub his hands down my chest. He’d pinch mercilessly at my erect nipples and grasp my waist tightly.

A mixture of images swarmed through my depraved mind. I ran to the kitchen to get a glass. Then, I went to the freezer and filled the glass with ice.

I returned to the curtain and watched him work. He was sweating. He removed his shirt bahis firmaları and I saw his beautiful chest. I wanted to run my tongue all over it.

I put the ice cube in my mouth and continued rubbing my pussy. I left my mouth open and didn’t swallow. I took off my shirt and bra. The freezing water streamed down my neck and chest, and finally my nipples. I picked up another one and rubbed my privates with it. It felt so cold and good.

I didn’t know it was possible to get such a burning reaction from ice. I stuck it in my hole and closed my legs, rubbing the upper area.

Johnny was moving to another area. Thank God I had lots of windows. I moved quickly and was careful not to open the curtain too wide.

I took off my shoes and took out the laces. Then I tied my ankles to the legs of the chair. My pussy was now gaping wide open and the ice water was streaming out. I lifted my pussy as high as my restraints would allow and shoved my two longest fingers inside. With my other hand, I pinched and scratched at my nipples.

I was so horny. I’d never been so turned on by a stranger before. I arched my back and began moaning wildly. I was so frustrated. I didn’t kaçak iddaa want to cum from my own doings, I needed Johnny.

I came up with a plan. It was risky and a long shot but the very thought of it turned me on even more. I undid the knots of the shoelaces and put the chair in my entryway.

I wish I hadn’t lost my vibrator, I thought. I had to walk through my house with my fingertips digging into my wet pussy. I took my remaining clothing off and quickly applied a coat of make-up. This will have to be enough, I thought.

Then I sat back down in the entryway by the door and waited anxiously for his knock. My pussy was swelling by the second. The smell was strong. Finally, I heard his footsteps.

He wanted his paycheck, huh? Well he was going to have to work for it. I opened the door and pulled him in by the arm; I didn’t want my neighbors seeing me.

He looked stunned. I rubbed myself right in front of him and hoped he would get turned on.

“Is that what you want?” he asked. Yes! I tore away his jeans and dropped his underwear. I grabbed him by the hair and planted his full lips onto mine.

He pushed me back onto the chair and I spread kaçak bahis my legs wide. He was poking his fist at the heart of my womanhood. I was on the verge of cumming right there. His body was so hot.

He lifted me and pushed me against the wall. We began sucking the heat out of eachother like savages. I was clawing at his back. I wrapped my legs around his and I felt his cock on my thigh.

His big hands were on my shoulders. I needed a good fucking so badly. I pushed him away and got on all fours. I put my ass high in the air.

He pulled my hair and asked me how I wanted it. I said, “As hard as you can.”

I felt the him blocking the air behind me. His arms were around my waist and I shook my hips, urging him to hurry.

Johnny began pounding me like a mad man. He knew just what I was begging for. My breasts shook and bounced and I loved it. His balls were slapping against my ass.

I could barely hold myself up. I used my inner muscles to pull him in tight and I knew he was enjoying it. He pulled me closer to him. This was it.

He came hard inside of me, sending me his powerful seed. I was having hard contractions and I realized I had been biting my lips the entire time. I released them and a loud, hard moan escaped my lips.

Then I laid down right there and told him his check was on the kitchen table. After he left, I continued masturbating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32