Laura Roft: Piss Raider – Reboot Ch. 01

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Mark Thane, Gun-For-Hire, former mercenary, expedition leader — he was stood in front of Laura Roft, with his large dick in his hand, and was showering her with his deliciously hot golden stream. For some reason, he had tied her up and she could not move but there again, why would she when his cock spray felt so amazing as it impacted against her flesh?

His piss was so warm, flowing over her face. Her eyes were shut tight yet for some bizarre reason she could still see, desperate for him to finish on the one hand so she could suck on his huge manhood, another part of her wishing for his hot stream to last forever.

His piss shower over her face started to dwindle. He started laughing. It made no sense. She tried to move forwards, desperate to place her mouth around his cock, but it had vanished from sight. His laughing became more shrill, a screen of darkness settling over her vision…

Laura woke. It took several long moments to shake the crazy dream, several more to rationalise what her awoken senses were telling her. The ground was a way off, the thickly interwoven jungle a myriad mess of greens. She tried to move but her body was unresponsive. She thought back to her dream. Her face was wet, dripping, the taste on her lips most unpleasant. Fantasy and reality intertwined as she recalled her ‘wet’ dream. A sudden shrill cry from just above her saw Laura twisting her head about to catch sight of a large grey mottled monkey laughing at her, just like in her dream. He was still holding his little monkey dick and it was obvious that in the waking world, she had just been peed on by a denizen of the jungle.

Laura’s string of shouted foul curses had the desired effect, the monkey vanishing from sight. She ceased her ranting. Her body hurt and she surmised that she had been badly bruised by her fall through the trees, her deadly plummet to the ground below halted by thick vines linked between the trees.

She closed her eyes and struggled for calm. There was a small measure of give and with a bit of patience, she should be able to work her way free from the embrace that had saved her life. Without any hesitation she set to work to worm free, aiming to retain a clutching grip on the one vine so as not to complete her fall to earth, which even from this height, could still prove fatal. In her mind, she struggled to recall the sight of Thane’s cock as he had stood in front of her and sprayed his piss over the rocky ledge and into the jungle below. It was even possible that the tree she was in now had received a part of his hot relief.

She desperately yearned for a chance to play out that scenario. She manisa escort had not even had a chance to draw up her shorts and panties before she had begun her deadly plunge. She prayed that her lower garments of attire were still wrapped around her ankles. As it was she remained naked from the waist downwards, her bare perfectly curved bum cheeks pointed at the jungle canopy, her shaved pussy slit exposed between her creamy thighs and more than free of hindrance should she choose to pee…

She still needed a wee, the one she had intended to have by the side of her pissing hero having never come to pass. There seemed no point holding back so she might as well just let go!

The feeling of relief was immense as her pee hole opened up and she started to urinate. She could feel the warmth of her piss shower as it flowed from her pussy slit before falling to the jungle below her precarious perch. From her restrained position, she could just make out the sight of her pee stream falling through the air, her own special shower to treat the jungle for saving her life.

She finished her leak with a few last squirts. Despite being entwined inside a mass of vines, there was still a certain thrill to be had with the freedom to simply start peeing whenever she liked.

After her first golden shower experience with Sandra McGee, Laura had become fascinated with her new found fetish. Sandra had always loved experimenting and with the aid of the Internet, they had become most adept at finding new ways to stir their excitement by peeing in naughty places.

One part of their relationship had been to sneak into each other’s dormitory room and take a piss in a location that would not be immediately forthcoming to the other. Laura, for her part, had taken to pulling back the rug that lay at the end of Sandra’s bed, before squatting over the exposed carpet below and showering it with a hot stream of piss issuing from her pussy lips.

Sandra, on the other hand, liked to squat with her legs under Laura’s raised bed set, and take long pees over the wooden floor, leaving behind a wonderfully large piss puddle for her lover to later discover.

Together, they had got up to all kinds of naughtiness. Peeing in the university corridors was just one such thrill, or finding an unlocked caretaker’s cupboard before taking it in turns to pee into the mop bucket. They had peed in the library, normally whilst sitting opposite one another across one of the long, stretching wood tables that had filled the cavernous interior. Having worn short skirts and nothing else they were free to part their legs and have a wee over the maraş escort floor at any time they liked (when nobody else was too close at hand, of course). There had been a special thrill when the other had given the special (secret) one raised finger to indicate that she was indeed peeing, her lover sitting opposite, only able to imagine what her pussy crack would look like as it released her hot shower.

Laura had once peed into a book in the university library whilst Sandra had held it open up to her pissing pussy. It had been such a disgustingly naughty act that had turned them both on immensely. Laura’s pee stream had stained the pages yellow, drops of piss landing on the thick carpet below. As soon as Laura had finished her wee, Sandra had moved up to the nearest shelf, lifted the hem of her short skirt and had immediately started to piss over the assorted books on display. Her hot urine had dripped off the spines, making a small puddle on the woodwork that dripped over the edge. The hiss of her spraying pee had sounded incredibly loud but fortunately, they had not been caught.

Back in the present, Laura was empty of pee and almost free. She wriggled out of the last vine but in the process caught her panties and her shorts. She swung away, leaving her lower garments behind. The ground rushed towards her and she was forced to release her grip. She crashed down on the jungle floor, her bare behind red and sore as she clambered to her feet. Staring upwards into the thick canopy she knew with a sinking feeling, that she would not be able to retrieve her clothing leaving her naked from the waist down.

She signed, wondering what the men in her party would do when they saw their brave leader’s shaved pussy on open display. She could only hope that Thane would be with them to see them desist from any unpleasantness, after which they could hopefully retreat into a tent for a well overdue fuck!

Laura was desperate to have a cock inside her especially as there were no females in her party. She had been weeks without sex as she was horny as hell. Her impromptu golden shower from above had only heightened her desires, that and the lingering image of Thane’s semi-hard manhood in her memory.

Thank god she still had her boots!

Walking around with her muff and bum cheeks on display was one thing but at least her feet were protected. A good look around in the semi-twilight gloom of the surrounding jungle revealed no obvious egress or even any ability to judge in which direction the cliff had been from which she had fallen. Trusting to “the Luck of the Roft’s” as her father used to say, she took her mardin escort best guess and fought her way into the undergrowth.

Things slithered away from her passage. Other things marked her way with strange sounds that could only belong to the jungle. She was hot and sweaty and she was glad that she had not worn her bra, her ample tits almost as free as her lower parts. To help pass the time as she progressed slowly on through the oppressive gloom, she imagined having a full bladder and stopping to pee every minute or so. The thought of spraying her pee whilst standing, over the jungle growth was strangely appealing. She imagined Sandra with her, the two of them peeing onto the same spot. They have practised together with the art of having a standing wee, their pussies spraying the floor between their feet — something that had been great fun whilst standing outside a dormitory door belonging to one of their friends.

Some of the other university girls had been encouraged to join in with Sandra and Laura’s naughty fun. The initiation had always taken place in the toilets, first getting the new girl to have a wee in one of the sinks before moving on to something more adventurous. Peeing over the floor was often next, then a three-way piss into the waste paper bin before moving on to standing pees over the toilet walls.

Laura’s thoughts were lost in the pass. Her top was stained with sweat so in the end, she removed it, making her as nude as the day she was born (sans her boots, of course). She felt totally liberated. A small running stream had allowed her to top up her bladder and she was getting closer to when she would need to pee again. She was still pondering on how to go (standing vs a squatting piss) when a new sound from up ahead caused her to freeze in fear.

There was something moving up ahead, hidden in the gloom and the press of the jungle!

Laura’s heart seemed to be hammering in her ears, so loud that she was sure that the whole jungle could hear. The disturbance ahead came again. Laura thoughts conjured up all manner of hungry beasts that might take fancy to her as their next lunch; snake, leopard, lion…

Retreat was not an option, the jungle behind her too tightly pressed for flight. That left just one way to go.

Using all the stealth she could muster, Laura edge forwards, the jungle undergrowth pressing against her bare body. A stray long leaf pressed up against her pussy lips. It was almost sexual and she could not help herself by allowing herself to have a quick pee, feeling the delicious heat as her wet stream sprayed off the leaf and ran down her long toned legs. Pushing the thrill from her mind she reached out to the vines blocking her way and slowly pulled them apart wondering as to what would be revealed beyond. What she saw was possibly the most unexpected scene she could have imagined…

To be continued…

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