Late Night Lunch

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**** I know you’re at work. But it’s Saturday night and I’m feeling so horny!! I’ve got this smirk on my face as naughty thoughts run through my mind. The little devil on my shoulder telling me to go for it. I think the little angel on the other shoulder is turned on and stunned so I guess that’s a go ahead.


I pull my shirt down some showing off my great cleavage and snap a picture. I type out “Hey Daddy, hope you’re having a good day at work” add the picture I giggle as I hit send. I am picturing your reaction in my mind as I reach up and start rubbing and squeezing my boobs. I just lay back rubbing them and pinching my nipples through my bra waiting for your response. I try to guess what you’re going to say. *Ding* I smile again as I look at my phone “Mmmm is that you right now? Let me put my face there, looking tasty.” I grin even bigger as i get ready to take some more pictures. *Ding* You send me another saying “Mmm you get me all horny when you call me that.” I giggle cause I already knew it makes you hard instantly when I do.

I then unsnap my bra and pull it off. I take a few pictures of my boobs not quite showing the nipples just yet. I love to tease more than anything. I start sending them back to back until I’ve sent them all. I sit there and wait knowing it won’t be long.

*Ding* I am already cheesing waiting for it to come up. “Ooooh girl you’ve made me so hard, wish I was there with you now.” This time as I lay back and push my boobs together and snap a picture of my boobs and me blowing you a kissy face.

I set my phone down to go get dressed, I have an idea brewing. I find my favorite dress that you love. It’s a pretty black stretchy dress that goes down into a deep V between my full breasts showing lots güvenilir bahis of cleavage. I skip the panties knowing that it goes to my knees so I’ll be covered.

*Ding* I smile huge knowing it’s gonna be a good reaction. “Damn girl! You know what that does to me.” *Ding* New Picture Message! “This is what you do to me! It’s a picture of you holding your hard cock. *Ding* “Damn girl you’re gonna make me take my lunch early so I can go to the car. Gonna need to rub one out”

I am excited because I know my plan is working. I also know you’re the only one working today stocking the produce in the kitchen you work at. Thankfully it’s not very far from home either. I jump in the car and drive the 10 mins to your work and search for your car in the parking garage. I park on a lower level than you and walk up to your car. I unlock it scoot the seat up then climb in the back.

I pull my legs up making sure you can’t see the seat and take a picture of myself with my fingers in my pussy and send it to you. I go a step farther and take a short video of me rubbing my clit and fingering myself. I moan out “Daddy, I wish you were here I need to feel you inside me.”

*Ding* “Omg girl I’m gonna bust soon damn” I send another message with just one word “Lunch?” *Ding* “Hell yeah it’s time… Fuck.” I smile big now I know you’re on your way to me now expecting to jack off alone. I can’t wait to see the surprise and desire on your face when you see me.

I continue to rub on my clit while I’m waiting for you. I can see you walking towards the car but you haven’t seen me. I also see the bulge in your pants announcing your desire for me. You don’t even notice anything is different until you open the front passenger door and see the seat is moved türkçe bahis up.

“What the fuck? Why is my seat moved?” You bend down and look in, see me behind your seat, and your eyes light up “Babe!! What are you… Oh yeah? You climb in the back and as you kiss me your hand replaces my mine on my clit. “Mmmm” I moan into your mouth.

I cry out as you bury your finger deep inside me my hips thrusting forward closer to your hand my greedy pussy pulling your finger deeper into me. You rub my clit with your thumb as you wiggle and thrust your finger in and out of me. My hips thrust back and forth trying to take as much of your finger as possible. I moan into your mouth before pulling away. “I wasn’t playing Daddy I need you inside me!”

I turn over onto my hands and knees and flip my dress up baring my ass for you. You growl, smack my ass and then settle in behind me. I hear you sliding down your shorts. The anticipation and the cool air on my throbbing slit is just making me wetter. I whimper as you rub your dick up and down my slit getting it wet “Oh yes Daddy that’s what I need” I let out moan as you slide deep inside me.

I can feel how frustrated I made you with all my pictures and videos as you take me roughly. You pull almost all the way out before slamming back into me my pussy is so wet from teasing you. It is making a loud slapping sound every time you thrust back into me. “Oh yes Daddy, give it to me, give it to me Dadddddyyyy! I’ve been such a naughty girl.”

“Oh yes you have, you naughty girl you’re so bad making me hard at work.” Your hands tighten on my hips as you pull me on to your pulsing cock over and over. “This is what naughty girls get!!” Your thrusts get frantic. My pussy is tightening as I get closer and closer güvenilir bahis siteleri to what I can tell is going to be a massive orgasm.

“Gaaaahhhhh” you growl as you thrust into me hard and deep. Your cock spasms and I can feel your hot seed being emptied into me. That’s what does it it pushes me over the edge. “Oooh fuuuck Dadddddyyyy” You slowly continue to move inside me. Each thrust causing my body to shake and tremble.

*Fuck babe, that was intense you sigh as you pull out and drop into the seat beside me. “mmhmm” I say and as I snuggle up to you you start playing with my hair.

“You know what?” you ask. “hmm” I say half heartedly still basking in my post orgasmic state. “I’ve always wanted to try something come on.” You grab me by the hand and help me out of the car and sneak me in to the kitchen.

I see a big stainless steel table in the middle of the kitchen. I can also see where you’ve been hard at work. “Now I want you to be a good girl and strip down for me and jump up on that table and lay down!” I shiver just a little as you used your strict “Daddy” voice.

I quickly take my dress off and do as you asked. “Close your eyes and just relax” (oh my goodness I think. There’s absolutely no way I can just “relax”) I try to do as I’m told as I can hear you rummaging around in stuff. My excitement is growing and I start to get restless just as you finish allowing it to go silent in the kitchen.

“Spread your legs wide for me” I instantly listen. I jump as I feel something strange rub up the top of my thigh and then across the top of my mound. I then can feel some kind of juices run down my pussy as you apparently squeezed something.

“Open your mouth” I again listen and am instantly rewarded with the taste of a bite of sweet strawberry. You grab my ankles and pull me suddenly to the edge of the table and before I can protest about how sudden that was I lose all train of thought as you bury your face in my pussy causing me to gasp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32