Large Lifestyle Ch. 08 – Not a Crowd

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In Part 1, Carol and Rick met for drinks… then retreated to a dark parking lot for some extra curricular activities. In part 2, Rick got to take a more active participatory role. In part 3, the couple retreated to Carol’s hotel room for a little more action. In part 4, Carol invited Rick over for dinner and the sex escalated to a whole new level. In Part 5, the couple got in a few more sex sessions before Carol had to leave. In Part 6, Rick visited Carol at school and told her he was having trouble finishing. In Part 7, Jessica has a side adventure and then walks in on Carol and Rick.

Rick woke up at a little after 7 am, completely disoriented at first due to a combination of waking up in a strange place, being hungover or partially still drunk, and not knowing where Carol was. He looked around and remembered that he had fallen asleep in the living room of Carol and Jessica’s apartment. He took a deep breath to clear a few more of the cobwebs away and walked into the kitchen to make some coffee. If Carol felt anything like he did, she was going to need it.

It took him a little while to figure out that Carol and Jessica use a French press to make their coffee, but he got it figured out and made enough for him and Carol, with more left over. He made her a cup with a light amount of cream and sugar. He wasn’t exactly sure how she normally drank her coffee, which was weird considering all the disgusting things they’d engaged in, but oh well. Plenty of time to figure stuff like that out.

Rick brought the cup to her and placed it by her nightstand along with two headache medicine pills. Rick gently shook her and woke her up, her head turning to greet him, “Hey baby.”

“Hey, I made you some coffee if you want it.”

“Your the best.” With that, Carol sat up, sipped the coffee, took the pills, kissed him, thanked him again, and then put her head back down and seemingly went right back to sleep.

Rick now realized that he didn’t have a whole lot of luggage with him and that all of his clean clothes were in his rental car. He wanted to take a shower but really didn’t feel like walking to the car right now, which was a pretty good distance away across campus.

He decided he would just go ahead and take a shower and then temporarily put his old clothes on so that he could go retrieve his luggage. Rick finished his coffee and took two headache pills for himself, jumped into the shower next to Carols room and got to work.

The water felt so good falling across his back and he started to feel a little less like a zombie. Why had they drank so much last night. Then his mind started working through the other things they’d done at the party. Fucking in a bedroom, fucking what basically amounted to a stranger in the bedroom, grinding all over each other in front of everyone. Plus what they had done the day before, fucking in the library and getting walked in on by that same stranger, Lacey.

He was thrilled that he had finally managed to cum, but he wasn’t sure how he felt that it had basically taken two women letting him do whatever he wanted to make it happen. He wanted Carol only for himself and didn’t want to have to rely on craziness just to have an orgasm. That wasn’t fair to her and it wasn’t what he wanted. Last night’s experience was amazing, but hopefully they could get back to a more normal love life and this mental block was over.

But… last night was amazing. He’d never experienced anything remotely close to that. Two women at the same time, both of them practically begging him to cum for them. Both of them having massive orgasms all over his dick. What more could any guy want? Within a few seconds, his dick was massive and hard again. Great.

Rick finished his shower, grabbed a towel and got himself mostly dry. He rapped the towel around his waste and moved out into the living room. He laid down on the couch and closed his eyes. He felt so much better. His headache was starting to fade and he felt much more civilized after the shower. He thought maybe it was probably still early enough that he could fall asleep for another couple of hours, but he also worried that Jessica would come home and find him sleeping half naked on their couch and get offended. That probably wasn’t something Jessica was banking on finding when she came home.

Despite his best intentions, he fell asleep. While he slept, he dreamed and since the last 24 hours had featured a rather large amount of sex, naturally that’s what his brain had to process while he slept. He dreamt of cumming all over Carol and Lacey, of blowing load after load in each other bodies while they begged for more and told him how amazing he was. In his dream they had orgasm after orgasm, never stopping.

He slowly woke up, again having no idea what time it was and still feeling extremely sexual from his dream. He could feel that his dick was rock hard again and his body still felt like it was in the throes of sexual pleasure left over from bahis firmaları he dream. When he opened his eyes he realized this wasn’t left over from the dream, his dick felt amazing because it was inside Carol’s mouth and she was giving him a thorough blow job.

Rick sat up and took a deep breath as Carol rolled her tongue around he head of his dick. She let up and said, “Good morning sweety. Thanks for the coffee. It was nice to wake up to that, even though it was a little cool by the time I got up. I’m sorry if I startled you, I just can’t resist putting that dick in my mouth when I see how hard it is.

Rick looked at himself and realized the towel he had wrapped around his waste must have come undone while he was sleeping and his dick was on display for anyone in the apartment to see. Which thankfully for now seemed to be only Carol and Rick.

“That’s OK, I liked it, I’m just kinda getting used to waking up in a strange place is all.”

Without any further conversation, Carol went back to her blow job. She slowly placed the full head of his long dick in her mouth and ran her luscious lips all over it, kissing it and running her hands all over it. Rick looked at her, loving the view, taking in the rest of her naked body, her beautiful tits, her face as it bopped up and down gently on his dick. He was even starting to appreciate he way her back looked. He loved watching the way her muscles moved on her back, especially when he was behind her and fucking her for dear life. He sat up a little so he could see over her head and look down at her plump rear end. What a great way to start the day. Carol’s lips and tongue running all over his dick felt amazing.

Rick grabbed Carols head and held it in place while he thrust hard and fast a few times into her mouth. On the last thrust he pushed it in as deep as he dared, hearing Carol gag some on his long dick before she relaxed and took it deeper, looking up at him for approval as he felt his head move past her mouth and into her throat. Holy shit, that felt amazing. He thrust into her throat a few times before pulling out and hearing her take a deep breath, then she grabbed a hold of it again and began aggressively licking and sucking it.

“Holy shit that was amazing,” Rick said and again he felt the head of his dick move past her mouth and into her tight, wet throat where she bobbed up and down on it several times. This time instead of gagging slightly she seemed much more relaxed and smiled as she took it out. Taking a few breaths she put it back in her mouth and immediately he felt himself sink deeper into her throat, the pleasure exploding from his dick all over his body as he began lightly moaning.

“Sssshhhhh keep it down. It’s normal daylight hours and the walls are thin.” Carol said.

“You probably should have thought about that before we fucked like rabbits in here yesterday.” Rick said, feeling his dick sink down into her throat again as she began bobbing up and down on his dick faster and harder. He couldn’t hold back, his moans got louder and his breath became ragged. But, he was facing a nagging feeling that was growing into a fear.

Although it felt amazing, he didn’t have that tell tale feeling that told him he was going to cum any time soon. Instead, he had the same feeling he’d been having for the last several months when either jerking off, or in the last 24 hours, fucking Carol. Sure it felt amazing, but he didn’t feel any kind of urgency that he was going to have an orgasm. None at all. What the hell was goin on with him.

He decided to take control. He pushed back on Carol’s head and grabbed her shoulders, spinning her around so that she faced the doorway. He’d always felt like doggy style was the best, he loved bending women over beds or tables or just standing and fucking them with everything he had. It always, in the past anyway, made him feel like he absolutely had to cum. So he decided to try and force the issue and get over this fear he had.

Spinning her around he bent her over and probed her with his dick.

“Careful Rick, I’m kinda sore from yesterday.”

Sore she may have been, but her pussy was ready for action as he slid his dick in and started thrusting in to her, not starting slow, not holding back. Just grabbing her hips and going to town right away, thrusting hard and fast. Carol’s moans elevating quickly to incomprehensible shouts.

Thrust after thrust he pounded his hard dick into her, still not feeling like he was ready. He grabbed hold of her tits and squeezed them tight, closing his eyes and picturing the scene from last night when he was finally able to explode inside her, Lacey’s body pressed up against him, begging him to cum.

“Do it, explode in her. Breed that bitch. Fill her up with your cum.” That’s what Lacey had said to him, that’s what he’d needed to hear. What was wrong with him? All of his fantasies lately centered around breeding women, Carol especially. Impregnating them, spilling kaçak iddaa in his seed in them over and over again and then covering them in it. Dreaming about watching them walk around campus, fat with his baby. Is this normal?

Whatever, he went with it. He closed his eyes and envisioned himself cumming deep inside Carol over and over again, then switching to Lacey and breeding her too. Imagined the both of them saying disgusting things like, “Please, please cum in us, we need your seed so bad. It feels so good. Fill us up so we have your children.”

Just then, as if from his dream, Carol shouted at him, “Cum inside me please!” And her body was rocked by an orgasm as she collapsed on the floor, her face looking back at him contorted in a combination of pain and pleasure. “Give it to me, fuck, it feels so good when you do.”

Fuck, she wanted it. She wanted him to breed her too, but it just wasn’t happening. No matter how much he imagined it, no matter how good it felt, he just didn’t feel like cumming. Determined, he kept fucking her and using her body however he pleased. He pulled her hair with one hand and used the other to grab her pussy, roughly rubbing her clit as he fucked into her over and over.

He imagined cumming so hard inside of her that he filled her up and still had enough left over to paint her back. Imagined there still being enough that she turned around, grabbed hold of his dick and began swallowing the rest, desperate for his cum inside her anyway she could get it.

He could tell Carol was going to orgasm again a few minutes later when she looked back at him, tears streaming down her face. Just then, they both heard the door lock being turned. He didn’t care. Nothing was going to stop him now until he came.

The door opened and Jessica came in, looking rather disheveled.

Jessica dropped her purse and stood there, frozen. Carol screamed, “Oh My God, don’t stop!” And Jessica saw her friends body shudder and convulse as an orgasm slammed through Carol.

Well, this was an interesting development. He still didn’t care. Jessica could go to her room or whatever. He wasn’t stopping. He grabbed Carol’s shoulders and picked her up slightly so that her torso was off the floor and she was posted up on her hands and knees again, giving him easier access to fuck her and grab her butt. Sweat was forming on Carol’s back and in her hair.

The door shut, being held slightly ajar by Jessica’s purse on the floor preventing it from closing. Jessica came further into the room, staring at them, oddly clutching her tits. Carol waved her away, not able to form a sentence telling Jessica to scram or get lost, just a mindless wave. Carol probably hadn’t planned on ever being exposed this way to her roommate, but by now she had figured out that Rick was having trouble cumming again and was willing to do whatever it took to let him to continue until he was satisfied. Even if that meant getting fucked on the floor of her living room like an animal.

Jessica walked down the hall towards her bedroom and shut the door behind her. Holy Shit. She smiled, not believing what she’d just walked in on. She’d just watched Carol convulse through a massive orgasm. She laughed picturing the scene again. But then she felt something else. That need in her body that had been growing the whole way to her apartment while she thought about the way she herself had been fucked the night before. She started thinking, dirty things. Risky things. Things that might change her relationship with Carol forever.

But she needed to get fucked again so badly. She felt like such a disgusting slut. She’d just had a pretty thorough fucking a few hours ago and she was seriously considering going out there and offering herself to Rick. She wanted to feel that long dick inside her, but Carol was right there. Could she really go out there and ask if it was OK for Rick to fuck her, as if that was totally normal? That would be crazy.

What was also crazy was how she felt, like she needed to do it, no matter the risk. Her body felt crazy, like she absolutely had to be fucked again. Like gravity was pulling her back towards the living room where she could clearly hear the both of them grunting and groaning, and the unending slapping sound Rick’s body was making as he slammed into Carol over and over. She wanted to be fucked like that. Used. Like a fucking sex doll.

Jesus Christ, what was wrong with her? She just had sex a few hours ago and now she was seriously contemplating what the consequences would be if she went out and basically threw herself in front of Carol and Rick, begging to be fucked? Was she crazy? She had more self control than this, right?

Then she thought back to what she had seen while she was, ok lets admit it, spying on Rick and Carol. That Rick was having trouble cumming, she had seen him fuck the shit out of Carol and have to tap out because he wasn’t able to finish. Clearly that was still going on right? They kaçak bahis looked like they had been at it for a while before she got there and they were still going at it, she was pretty sure Carol had another orgasm while she was in her room. So Rick was going to town on her, doing whatever he wanted, as openly as possible so that he could cum. He was practically begging someone else to join them by being so open about it wasn’t he? What if Carol needed a break from being fucked? How much longer could she keep going like this before she would have to tell Rick to stop?

Jessica made up her mind. She took her clothes off, her tits standing out proudly, begging to be touched again. She took a deep breath and opened the door, ready to give herself to Rick and his long dick.

As soon as she opened the door, she lost a lot of her nerve. The sound of Carol moaning was even louder now. She slowly walked down the hall until she came to the entrance to the living room. She peeked her head around the corner and saw that not much had changed. Rick was still behind Carol, thrusting over and over into her body. Rick and Carol both were covered in sweat. Tears were streaming down Carol’s face and her arms were shaking from the efforts of holding herself up and from exhaustion from being so thoroughly fucked.

While she watched, she saw Carol’s eyes roll into the back of her head as Rick said, “Yea, that’s it baby, cum all over my big dick again.” Carol grunted and her whole body shook and she finally collapsed to the ground, her whole body face down and flat as she rode out another orgasm and barely said, “Don’t stop baby keep going please.”

Jesus Christ. Carol was clearly exhausted, but she was doing her best to keep taking it so that Rick would blow a load inside her. Rick barely had to change his thrusting as he laid his body down on top of Carol and continued fucking her from behind and on top of her. He reached his hands around her neck, gently turning Carols head towards him and kissing her mouth. He practically enveloped it with his face as his whole body covered her and pounded into her.

Fuck. She couldn’t do it. She walked back to her room and closed the door. She closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down, but all she saw when she closed her eyes was Rick’s shredded, sweaty body pounding into Carol over and over again. Carol’s body shaking repeatedly as it was swept through the throws of yet another orgasm. How many had Carol had already today? Certainly more than Jessica had in the last several months. Would it really be so bad if Rick used his obviously pent up energy to share the wealth and give her a mind breaking orgasm the way he was giving Carol over and over?

Fuck, she needed it so bad. She steeled up her courage again and opened up the door. This time she was determined to make herself known. If it failed, she’d apologize to Carol later, not like she could really blame her when she was so openly getting fucked in their apartment.

She walked down the hall to see the same situation she’d seen before. Carol was flat on her stomach, her body pinned to the floor by Rick who was relentlessly fucking her, only he had slowed down. Now she could see every inch of his dick as it pulled out of Carol before plunging back in. Sweat was glistening off Ricks face as he fucked her, one hand on the back of Carol’s head, pulling her hair up so that her face was off the ground, mouth agape and eyes closed.

Jessica walked up to them and lay down on her back next to Carol, gently stroking her arm so she’d know she was there. Carol’s eyes lazily turned towards her, took a second to register what was happening and then got real big in surprise.

“I’m sorry Carol. I can leave if you want me to. I just need to be fucked so badly and I feel like you could use some help.”

Carol didn’t even say anything at first, just waved her hand dismissively. Jessica wasn’t sure what that meant. Rick slowed down and pulled out of Carol, taking a deep breath before saying, “Open your legs. I hope your ready for this.”

Well. Okay. Not a lot of introduction for this then. Jessica looked at Carol again for approval and saw her shake her head up and down and mouth the word “Yes.”

Jessica spread her legs and watched as Rick’s long, thick dick exited Carol’s used up vagina. Rick looked into her eyes as he moved his body over to her, then he examined her naked form, stopping on her huge tits before proceeding down her torso to her pussy where Jessica was using her fingers to open herself for him.

For his part, Rick felt his dick get harder than ever as he stared Jessica up and down. He would never have thought that he would be this type of person, a guy who needed or wanted more than one woman at a time. But apparently he was. He needed this. He had been giving everything he had to Carol and hadn’t felt like he was going to cum at all. As soon as Jessica lay down, he knew her body was what he needed. It wasn’t Carol, she felt amazing. There was obviously something wrong with Rick, but he didn’t have time to consider what yet. The only thing he was considering was how Jessica felt as he slid his long dick inside her exposed pussy.

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