Lakeside Friends: Seduction of Maya

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Author note: Although this story can be read on its own, the reader may like to first read Lakeside Friends: Hot-Tub Seduction. This is considered the prequel.

Many thanks to SexyLdy1000 for your guidance, editing of draft versions and support.

* * * * *

The air was still this August morning with the sun barely above the tree line and casting its rays across the lake. Maya stood on the deck staring at the light mist that hovered over the warm waters offshore. This was always her favourite time of day; the cool air, the soft light, the birdsong and the stillness of the water.

The shorter days meant a later start to everything. It was just after 8:30 am and she had returned to their island cottage after dropping Brad off at the marina. It wasn’t often that she would spend the day on her own at the cottage but sometimes he had client meetings and other work to attend to back in the city, just like today. She didn’t mind the time alone as she could set her own pace for the day; quiet reading, sun-tanning, yoga, walk the dog and get under the covers to sleep or a little self-pleasure. She was hopeful that Brad would be able to return in the evening rather than spend the night back home. Spending the day alone was fine but she hated sleeping alone. The dog was no substitute for her husband’s warm body and strong arms wrapped around her, protecting her and keeping her warm against the cool night air.

Today promised to be a good one. It was late August, past the peak of summer but the forecast said it would be hot and sunny during the day with the slight possibility of thunderstorms and cool clear skies at night. Perfect for daytime cottage activities and good sleeping conditions too.

Maya, wearing only an oversized sweatshirt and her panties, wrapped herself in a blanket, then settled into a Muskoka chair on the deck with her coffee in one hand and a paperback novel in the other. It was some murder-mystery story set in 1920’s Australia that featured a strong female lead. Maya often pictured herself as a detective or forensic scientist leading a team of enthusiastic young investigators to find the undeniable facts of a murder case.

At the same time, she could see herself seducing a veteran, conservative, and muscular Police Captain. After a long day at the murder scene, she would eventually lead him into her bedroom, strip his uniform off, use his handcuffs to strap him to the bed and physically exhaust herself with a marathon session of vigorous sex. She had always been attracted to men in uniform; policemen, firemen, doctors, porters, and even waiters in fine dining restaurants. The starched fabric, shiny buttons, tight cropped pants and polished shoes or boots highlighting a well-groomed, muscular man underneath. A man who lives, understands and appreciates being in a command, and control environment. She often fantasized that she would be the one in control though, not some helpless woman falling desperately into her lover’s arms and carried into her bed to be gently handled like a glass doll the way it was so often depicted in romance novels. Within her fantasies, the men in uniform were always shocked at how this petite woman had taken charge and made them follow her orders.

Truth is, Maya exhibits high self-esteem with controlling tendencies, however, she wasn’t always this way. When she was much younger she often lacked confidence and at times doubted her abilities. She would often let others take the lead and submit to their needs and wants. She credits her husband, her yoga and karate teachers for helping her find her inner strength and power. Having said that, during playtime she could easily switch and occasionally allowed herself to be dominated by Brad enjoying the shifting power dynamic. At 5ft 1″ tall she was often the shortest in her karate or yoga class, but she could be a little dynamo with a strength of mind and muscle. Maya was of mixed Anglo-Mediterranean descent which gave her dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, and golden olive-toned skin that turned bronze with just the slightest exposure to the sun. She had a few light freckles on her face and just across her chest above her firm, perky breasts that never tanned due to her aversion to exposing them in public.

Awakening from her erotic thoughts, she realized that she had absentmindedly moved her hand between her legs and was rubbing herself to the point where her panties were soaking wet. Pleasantly surprised that her subconscious had led her that way she thought about having a warm shower followed by a lengthy session with her favourite vibrator. Pulling the soft fabric of her panties aside she could see her naked lips glistening so slid her index finger into herself and felt the warmth of her pussy. She closed her eyes and thought about her police captain while worming her finger deeper and then rapidly moving it in and out.

“Morning Maya!” She heard someone yell from down at the dock.

“Oh god, um, yeah, sorry Sara just give me a güvenilir bahis minute to get ready,” she stammered.

She got up to head inside then realized it was past 10 am. She had forgotten they planned to kayak this morning.

Having to bypass the shower, she did her best to wipe up with the wet panties and put on her crimson red bikini bottoms, a sports top and packed the top half of the bikini. It was one of her favourites with small yellow and blue flowers against the matching crimson red fabric. When they spoke yesterday, Sara suggested that her husband Ryan would make them some lunch so Maya should stay awhile after kayaking. She packed a light sundress and sandals in a dry-pack bag then grabbed her water bottle just as she heard Sara call from the dock.

“Hey, Maya, beautiful day for a leisurely kayak around South Bay. Are you ready to go?” her friend shouted.

“Meet me around the point by the beach launch,” Maya shouted back.

She knew it was going to be anything but leisurely. It seemed whenever the two women got together their competitive natures took over from all the niceties of their friendship. She knew at some point Sara would challenge her to race to the next point or around some island. Even by the time she got to the beach launch Sara was there and stepping out of her kayak. Maya watched her as she barely strained to pull it ashore: the muscles in her arms were tight and strong. When she bent over to lay down the paddle, Maya couldn’t help but notice the bright emerald green bikini barely covering her cheeks. Maya was never sure whether it was just her favourite colour or a tribute to her birthplace, Ireland. Sara often wore green and it suited her fair skin, ginger hair and blue eyes. Although at that moment all Maya could see was her hard-earned tanned athletic legs and tight ass as she bent over the kayak. A warm and tingling sensation returned to her pussy and a chill ran up her body.

Sara gave her a big hug and kissed both her cheeks, before inquiring, “Did I interrupt something?”

“Uh, no. I just had my head into a book and the time got away from me,” Maya explained, not sure if Sara believed her.

Maya felt her penetrating blue eyes and was a bit self-conscious that Sara could maybe sense she had been masturbating. No matter, they were friends and had few secrets. She would probably confess to her later.

Sara gave her a quick smack on her ass, “Let’s get moving before it gets too hot!”

They pushed their kayaks off together and headed east toward Sunrise Bay. The sun was climbing higher in the sky and it was surprisingly humid for August. They chatted aimlessly about the weather, family, and cottage renovations while cruising at a nice pace around the bay.

About an hour in and upon exit from the tranquil waters of the protected bay, Sara said, “Hey, race you around Blueberry Island to our dock!”

Maya looked down a second and shook her head realizing she had no choice.

Sensing a weakness, Sara dug in her paddle and took off, yelling, “Winner takes all!”

Maya shook her head and yelled after her, “Not a fair start. Winner takes all? What the fuck does that mean?”

Maya did her best to close the gap and they were side by side coming off the backside of the Island. Getting to within 100 metres of her dock, Sara kicked into another gear and while she did her best, Maya just couldn’t catch her.

Gliding into the shoreline, Maya acknowledged defeat and just tried to smile through the pain of all that effort. The two women grabbed their gear and headed up to the stone steps to the cottage.

“Why don’t you have a shower, while I check in with Ryan on lunch?” Sara suggested.

Pointing up the trail to the outdoor shower, she smirked and with satisfaction said, “Winner takes all!”

And with that, she kissed Maya’s cheek and squeezed her ass a bit harder than usual. Off she went swaying her hips to emphasize her tight ass and muscled thighs.

Maya stood and admired her body for a second. She hadn’t been with another woman since experimenting in college days but for some reason, she felt turned on by Sara and could easily see herself caressing her ass while her face was buried in her tits.

Beaten but not broken, she trudged up the trail and found the outdoor shower. She was thinking about all the horrible experiences with the outdoor shower at her parent’s cottage when she was younger. It was poorly built with wide gaps in the wood slats, an overhead rain-filled cistern for water, heated only by the sun, full of spiders, and the occasional snake. “God, I hated that shower,” she mumbled.

Maya swung open the door to a spacious cedar shower with a small bench, an overhead “rainfall” shower head supported by a cross beam with real water lines and a couple of leather straps looped over the beam on each side of it, the purpose of which escaped her.

Perched on a small shelf there was a nice selection of organic soaps, shampoos and body lotions. It was downright türkçe bahis luxurious and shaking her head she realized she shouldn’t be surprised. This is Sara’s place, not her parent’s well-worn cottage of her childhood. She reached into her dry sack and pulled out her little sundress and towel. Digging a bit deeper she found her light cream-coloured lace bra but no matching thong. “Oh, shit!” In her haste, she must have left it on her dresser. Trying to forget her mistake she stripped off her sweat-soaked sports bra and crimson red bikini bottom, rinsed it and hung it to dry on one of the remaining hooks. Maybe the bottoms will dry out soon enough to allow her to wear them under her dress, but the dark red colour will show through the light dress, she thought.

The cool water felt great on her body as she reached for the shampoo to wash her tangled hair, closed her eyes and ran her fingers through her dark brown tresses.

Hearing a creak of the door hinge, she opened her eyes to see Sara gazing at her body with a smile on her pretty face. Thank god it wasn’t the freckly little boy who used to try and peak at her in the shower way back in the old cottage days.

“Ryan has lunch under control and so I thought I would join you to wash up,” she announced matter-of-factly.

With that, Sara stepped into the shower and immediately removed her top exposing her firm milky white breasts in stark contrast to her summer tan than covered the rest of her body. Pivoting away she bent over and rolled her emerald green bikini down her legs and left it on the wooden slat floor. Maya was speechless as she got a full view of this beautiful women’s ass and bare pussy. She looked even more stunning than in her daydreams.

“Didn’t your mother tell you it’s rude to stare?” she smirked, “Now pass me that shampoo.”

Obeying her command Maya handed her the bottle of the natural herbal shampoo and hesitantly returned to washing her body with the coconut-based soap. She stepped aside a little to allow Sara some room under the “rainfall” shower head as the water continued to rinse away the soap on her body. Her eyes were transfixed on Sara as she watched her run her fingers through her ginger hair to loosen the tangles.

When Sara noticed her stare, she gave her a stern look then smirked, “Well, don’t just stand there, start washing me with that soap you are squeezing so tight.”

Without hesitation, Maya moved closer and began to gently rub Sara’s shoulders with her soapy hands, massaging in the coconut lather into her neck and upper back. Reaching around she moved her hands down her back touching every small hard vertebra with her hypersensitive fingertips until she reached the soft round curve of Sara’s ass. A tingling went through Maya’s body until it concentrated in a warm sensation between her legs. She watched Sara intently. While nothing was said she could tell that Sara was enjoying her touch and wanted more.

Facing her and smiling she placed her left hand on the top of her chest and held it there. She could feel Sara’s heart beating quickly so she took a deep breath and encouraged Sara to do the same. They were breathing deeply together and savouring the connection while Maya took the soap in her right hand and began massaging her breasts and then reached over and did the same to Sara. Sara wrapped her arms around Maya and pulled her in tightly, their breasts squeezed together and soap bubbled up and out of their cleavage. Giggling, Maya pushed back a bit, then cupped and held Sara’s perfectly shaped breasts in her hand. She enjoyed the soft skin and fullness of each breast and then lightly brushed each nipple with her fingers, pinching gently until they stiffened between her thumb and finger.

How she wanted to suck and pull on them with her lips and tongue, but instead she swept her hands away from those soft breasts to caress Sara’s abs and hips. It was so strange and wonderful to be feeling a women’s body after so many years. The softness of her skin and sweet scent were intoxicating.

Her hands glided across Sara’s hips and moved towards her inner thighs where she massaged all the sensitive pressure points that lead to her pussy. The relaxing strokes resulted in Sara spreading her legs wider inviting her towards her moist and warm vagina. Maya placed her hand between Sara’s legs cupping her pelvic bone and allowing her fingers to be enveloped by the soapy lips. Her forefinger resting in the middle with the other fingers outside the labia she squeezed them together and gently rubbed up and down. Sara was dripping and begging to suck those fingers into her deeply. Without waiting for any longer Maya inserted her finger deeply to the delight and moans of Sara.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good. Deeper, faster, fuck me!” Sara shouted in delight. Seconds later she had her first orgasm.

Maya continued to explore and rub Sara with both hands and reached around to massage the coconut soap into her butt cheeks, Maya used the fingers of güvenilir bahis siteleri her left hand to spread them and used the tip of her right index finger to rub her tight asshole. With small circular motions and a bit more pressure she sensed that Sara was enjoying the attention as a soft purring escaped her mouth. Sensing she wanted a bit more Sara pressed her finger into her up to the first knuckle, waited while her sphincter relaxed a bit more and then slid it a bit deeper.

“Oh, fuck that feels even better!” Sara exclaimed. Her legs buckled a bit as her second orgasm sent powerful shockwaves throughout her body.

Not wanting to give up total control, Sara grabbed Maya’s ass and pulled her in tight for a passionate kiss. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths while their hands explored each other’s soapy, wet bodies.

After a few more minutes of warm embraces, they allowed the “rainfall” shower to cascade over their bodies rinsing away all the soap from their bodies and clearing their minds.

Maya tipped her head back to allow the water to stream down her neck and over her olive skin-toned breasts when she noticed the leather straps on either side of the shower head again. She stepped back and inquired, “What are those leather straps for?”

Looking up Sara exclaimed, “Oh shit, I forgot about those. Thanks, I need to put those away before the girls get back from soccer camp.”

Intrigued, Maya asked again, “So, what are they for?”

After the sensual soap massage that buckled her legs, Sara wanted to get back in control and saw her chance. “Well, my inquisitive little pet since you asked, let me show you,” she snapped. She grabbed Maya by her wrists and lifted her arms over her head. Sara leaned in and whispered, “It’s your turn to surrender to me. Winner takes all after all!”

Taking Maya’s left hand, she slipped it through the loop, pulled on the strap to tighten it and then proceeded to do the same with her right hand. Standing on her toes, naked and exposed with her hands tied above her head was a bit nerve-racking for Maya, but she trusted Sara and was willing to keep going.

Sara began lightly stroking the sides of her body, grazing her tits with the lightest touch of the back of her hands and then bent down put her hands on Maya’s ankles and slid them upward with increasing pressure over her calves, outer thighs and then reached between her legs to forcefully spread them wide. “I’m so hungry for a taste of that sweet pussy, now open wide for me, “she stated.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Sara put her face between Maya’s legs and began licking the outer folds of her pussy. Gently sliding her tongue over the lips she moved up to her aching clit and flicked it gently with the tip of her tongue.

“Such a soft touch, come on, it won’t break you know,” Maya teased as she pulled and twisted against the restraints of the leather straps. The more she squirmed the more Sara attacked her clit and pussy with her mouth and lips. She was dripping with juices that ran down Sara’s cheeks. She felt her body start to contract as the orgasm began to build within her. It was like the rumbling of a train over the trestle and she was about to lose control. Biting her lip she arched back and pushed her pussy forward into Sara who responded by driving her tongue deeper. Maya exploded, her juices streaming like a waterfall and her knees buckled.

Sara instinctively stood up and wrapped her strong arms around her to protect her. After the waves of her orgasm subsided, Maya just held on and kissed her neck. Sara loosened the straps and released her hands from the restraints. Maya simply surrendered to her embrace.

“God, that was intense. Maybe we should get dressed and see what Ryan’s prepared for lunch,” Sara said as she reached for a towel, wrapped it around her body and left the shower to run up to the cottage.

A bit shaky, Maya took her towel and dried off quickly. She did not want to keep Sara waiting and realized how hungry she was. She fastened the lacy cream-coloured bra and slid the light sundress over her head and proceeded to brush out her hair. The bikini bottoms were still soaked so she decided to go without and maybe ask Sara if she could borrow a pair of her panties.

Maya entered the cottage by the back door that led through the mudroom/laundry room; a rather small dimly lit room that led to the living space with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lake. In contrast, the early afternoon sun-bathed the room in light and swirling colours from the 3 stained glass balls that were hung near the windows. Not surprisingly, Ryan was standing by the island counter that separated the kitchen from the dining room with its massive antique harvest table and wagon wheel-shaped chandeliers.

That table has hosted some large gatherings of family and friends over the years; Dinners, holiday parties, poker nights and countless games of monopoly. Ryan and Sara were gracious hosts to everyone.

Like a well-trained English butler, Ryan said, “Good afternoon Ms. Maya. I trust you found the shower to be comfortable and refreshing after your kayaking adventure? You look delightful in that summer dress. Do come in and have a drink.”

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