Kissing Cousin

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It’s been 6 months since my wife and I have moved to Orlando from Ohio. Currently Ros was back in Ohio for a visit, apparently her cousin Gina was unaware Ros was out of town. It was 11:00 AM Friday, and I had just retuned home from some appointments.

I had just walked in the back door when the front door bell rang. We didn’t know many neighbors yet so I was kind of surprised. I was even more surprised when I opened the door and there stood Gina. “Surprise” she said. She raised her arms and gave me a hug.

Come in I remember saying. Gina who had been divorced for some time had been seeing a guy in Tampa for a couple of years. Gina said she was down form Ohio visiting Jim but he was called out of town, so she thought she would surprise us with a visit.

I said great, but Ros is out of town. Gina was disappointed having driven 100 miles on a whim. I said no big deal come in let me show you around. Gina was always a looker but was a zero in the tits department. Something looked different about her though. Then it dawned on he see had a boob job. Nothing enormous, but then she had nothing to start with. She looked great had a bit of a tan going.

I showed her around the down stairs and our pool. It was a great day so we stood by the pool for a while. I told her why not stay and enjoy the Florida sun. She said that would be nice but she didn’t pack a swim suit. I thought well at least she had thought about staying over on her little surprise visit.

No problem I said Ros has a number of suits and I am sure we could find one to fit. Sheepishly she said, “Well why not, I don’t have anything going on in Tampa. I have to admit I got excited real quick. I said let’s go upstairs, I’ll show you the rest of the house and see what we could find. I show here the spare room which we had just bought two twin beds for guest but no linens yet. My son’s room had a double bed; I said your welcome to stay over.

We then went to the master suite which is pretty impressive, separate dressing area, whirlpool tub and all. WOW she said this is big, the same as the lump in my pants I thought. Let me pull out a bahis firmaları few suits and you can try them on. I pulled out 3 two piece suits and arranged them on the dressing table. One of which was a black thong I had bought for Ros as kind of a gag, even though she worn it a few late evenings which turned into a skinny dip session. The out fit had a sarong, which I laid on top.

I closed the door and told Gina my suit was in the dresser in the main part of the room and I told her I would change in there. As I closed the door I said no peeking thought he key hole. Gina said you’re bad. After a minute or two I head a little laugh come from the room. “You, devil you,” she said. I said thought the closed door, which even fit best. knowing the thongs strings could easily be adjusted.

She called out well it fits, but ahhh, does Ros have a razor in here. I said sure in the middle draw in the vanity. There are succors, razor and clippers we both use. Funny I said the cavemen had a need for body hair but it’s kind of useless for us. I asked you need any help with that? NOOOO she said but I will probably need a stiff drink. No problem, ever have a yellow bird I asked? She said No. Well I said take your time I’ll mix a few up, come down when you’re ready. Towels and lotion are by the pool I called out as I when downstairs.

I mixed up the yellow birds heavy on the rum, server them up frozen style. I had my Speedo under my black gym shorts. I felt if she was baring a little why not me too. Gina came down the steps and my jaw dropped. My God you look good. Her tits filled the C cups nicely the little triangle shapes showed her cleavage nicely. WOW I said again. Gina said I’m no longer the girl with the little titties. Nice I said, you always had a nice behind now you have the full package. Turn around I said, even with the sarong you could see how nice her ass was.

I think I need a drink, how about you? Yeah she said I am a little nervous being here without Ros. No worry I said I’ve been in candy store before. We took our drinks and stepped outside. We sat at the table Gina was looking at my hairless chest, she kaçak iddaa you look good as well, I don’t like hairy men. I said good as I stood up and pulled down my gym shorts, exposing the bulge in my Speedo but had no hair on my thighs.

Let’s enjoy the sun. Gina got up a remove her sarong, spun around to give me a view of her ass. Well I said, well what she said? Certainly you don’t spend that kind of money on a boob job and not show them off. She blushed, it’s getting hot here and not from the sun. Yeah I said I know. She said well what the hell, Jim has pissed me off lately and it will make me feel even.

She undid her top and tossed it in my lap. Her nipples were gorgeous and rock hard. Alls I could say was Nice Nice. She pinched her nipples just to excite me. Lets’ cool down as I hopped into the pool. The cool water help ease the pain in my groin. Gina followed, the cool water did wonder for her nipps. I dove under water and came up beside her.

I stood beside her in the pool, my mind was racing. Gina’s here with me alone, she has bared everything but her cunt. I told Gina that our marriage was a little strained with the move and hoped I wasn’t being offensive in anyway. She said having gone through one divorce she could understand.

I told her I love my wife, but lately it hasn’t been much of a marriage, especially in the bedroom. I also said I was having a hard time keeping my mind off sex, standing next to her. She smiled and said, “You know women think about sex, too.” She raised her hands to my chest and massaged my nipples. I like a smooth chest, your nipples could be a little harder. Compared to hers mine were soft. Well help me out I said. With that she began pinching my nipples. She pinched them between her index finger and thumb, rolling them like they were radio dials. I have played with nipples and know how they arouse women, didn’t realize it works for us too.

There she said much better, next she lower her head to my chest and began nippling on my erect nipples. I started to moan. I raised my hands and gently cupped her new tits. Are they sturdy I asked? She said they were kaçak bahis tender at first but that has passed.

I squeezed both nipples and shook her tits up and down. They had a nice bounce. I reach around her back and dropped my hands to her ass. I pulled her slower. We stood there face to face. She had a smile looking up at me. She reached around my back side and slide her hands under my suit and squeezed my ass.

She raised her lips and murmured what ever happens here, Ros can’t find out. I stretched my neck and put my lips to hers. Our tongues swirled around each other. I’ve always like a woman who forces he tongue in your mouth. We held that kiss for a long time.

When we released, her hands worked their way around the front of my suit. She took my cock in her hand stroked me. She then pulls my trunks down and exposed my dick. I felt good to have the cool water removing the weight of my swollen cock.

I tugged on her thong bottom and found my way to her love nest. This was trimmed quite well now. You did a nice job I said, as I massaged her pussy folds. My finger found its way to her clit. I thrust my finger deep inside her; she responded my moaning a bit.

We made our way over to the pool step where we sat down. We continued to kiss and fondle each other. She was getting pretty arouse as was I. I pulled her in front of me and then had her straddle my legs. With her legs spread I vigorously worker her pussy.

She guided my cock towards her cunt, rubbing my head on her clit. I reach around to hold her ass. She raised herself up and positioned her pussy over my cock. She continued to guide me into her. Slowly she lowered herself on to my shaft. I used my arms to thrust her up and down. Her feet were on one step and she wildly pumped my cock. Her tits bounce up and down.

I bent my head toward her hand latched on to one of her tits with my lips; I sucked one tit then the other. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah she said. Fuck me, fuck me. She picked up the pace and she moaned out I’m coming, I’m coming. Timing was good because I couldn’t hold back any longer either. I leaned back on the step and she collapsed against me. We sat there, I was still inside her, but I was in no hurry to move.

I kissed her deeply and said thank you that was fantastic. “I’m glad you liked it, it was good for me as well.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32