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A story was inspired by a gif set and video found on Tumblr that featured a woman being snubbed by her boyfriend on the kiss cam at a Knicks’ game. She ends up kissing the guy next to her instead in retaliation. I do not know any of the people in the video, nor am I implying that this was the outcome. The occasion caught on film was merely my muse.


William took me a Knicks game for our third date. Basketball does nothing for me, but he seemed like a sweet guy and as I was eager to get to know him better, I decided to indulge him. Once we arrived, I began to wonder why he even suggested it. He spent most of the game looking at his phone rather than watching the action, or even talking to me. Sports arenas in general are highly unromantic, what with the hyperactive macho fans, obnoxious children, overpriced microwave heated food, watery beer, and seats crammed so closely together you’re practically sitting on each other laps. As I sat there being ignored by my date and annoyed by my environment, my only source of entertainment was the guy sitting to my left, who was heavily invested the game and repeatedly made me laugh with snarky comments shouted at referees, coaches, and players or even other fans.

My neighbor was the exact opposite of clean cut, preppy William, keeping it casual in a Knicks’ jersey and jeans with a scruffy beard and a buzz cut I could see hidden under his backward cap. He had a long, but thickly muscular frame that caught my eye whenever he jumped up for an exciting play. His brown eyes were full of mischief whenever he smiled at me during our brief, friendly glances. I was more than happy to let him distract me during what would have otherwise been a fairly boring evening out.

However, by the fourth quarter with the Knicks down by fifteen points, I was nearly bored to tears and in desperate need of a more intense distraction. I found myself mindless watching the kiss cam on the jumbotron screen and feeling envious of the sweetly amorous couples putting on a show of mutual affection. Suddenly, I saw my own face and the top of Williams’ head as he was once again playing on his phone.

“Oh my God, babe, look! Kiss cam, we’re on the kiss cam!”

People around us were pointing and cheering us on, happy to even be sitting near someone on the screen. William, however, couldn’t even be bothered to respond. He gave me a brief glance, but went right back to his phone. Several thoughts ran through my head, most of them involved doing bodily harm to William for being such a dick. Nearly furious, I looked back at the screen and saw that the camera was still pointed at us. My neighbor, who had been so deliciously distracting all evening, flashed in my peripheral vision and I turned toward him. He smiled wide, his eyes full of understanding, and he held his hands out in an inviting gesture.

So, I thought, fuck it. I shrugged and dove in, leaning across our shared armrest to press my lips against his. His hand came up to stroke the skin behind my ear and along my neck sending shivers through my body. In the midst of cheers güvenilir bahis dripping both shock and encouragement, I opened my mouth and met his tongue with my own. Faintly over the din of the crowd, I heard him groan as he responded by delving deeper into the depths of my mouth. I started smiling against his lips when I felt William shifting angrily in his seat to see what was happening.

When I broke the kiss, my sexy stranger gave me a cheeky grin and a wink, then threw a thumbs up at William. My date, complacent and oblivious three seconds earlier was now livid and practically shouting.

“Seriously? What the fuck was that?”

I shrugged once more. “You were ignoring me and he was willing…and cute.” I heard my partner in crime roar out a laugh and I had to stifle a giggle myself, which only made William lean forward to glare at him.

If William had any balls or sense of pride, he might have punched the random guy who was brave enough to kiss his date. Instead, he stood up, straightened his button-down shirt and unceremoniously said, “This is bullshit. I’m out of here.”

I stood up with him, “Ok, well…” I wasn’t sure if I should go with him or apologize or whatnot. Truthfully I wasn’t inclined to do either since I wasn’t sorry at all and had no desire to spend more time with him that day. Luckily, William decided for both of us.

“I think we’re done. Don’t call me again.” Instead of moving passed just me and my kiss cam buddy to the aisle, he made his way through the entire row of people to take the other set of stairs out.

I stood there, dumbfounded only for a moment, more to do with the abrupt nature of his exit than any sort of emotional upset. It wasn’t like I couldn’t get home without him and we hadn’t been a serious item, either. So, after a mere second of regret, I issued the universe my third shrug of the night and resumed my seat.

I instantly felt a hand on my arm. “Hey, I’m really sorry if that fucked things up with your boyfriend.”

I met his brown eyes that reflected genuine concern and I smiled to reassure him. His kiss had incited something incredibly lustful and his sudden sweetness toward me was only adding fuel to the fire. I told him truthfully, “He wasn’t my boyfriend, this was just our third date. We hadn’t even slept together.”

His concerned erased, he gave me a satisfied smile and his outstretched hand. “Jacob.”

“Danielle, you can call me Dani.”

“Nice to meet you. You’re a great kisser, Dani.”

“You too.” Even after I released his hand, his eyes did not return to the game, but instead took me in. Growing flush and breathy under his gaze, I licked my lips and eyed him as well. He was damn cute and had the sort of neatly packaged, unforced physique characteristic of men who stay in shape running or playing sports, as opposed to lifting weights. His broad shoulders and wide biceps were particularly distracting and I resisted the urge to reach out and stroke them.

He seemed unable or unwilling to tear his eyes off of me as well, so I broke our stalemate first and türkçe bahis looked up at the score. “Jacob, I hate to tell you this, but I’m pretty sure the Knicks are gonna lose.”

He nodded, as disinterested in the game as I had seen him all night. “As usual.”

“You wanna get outta here, make sure I get home ok?”

He stood immediately and I followed suit. “I’d love to.”

I don’t remember the cab ride very well, though I’m sure the driver does. My retroactive embarrassment seems to have blocked it from memory, but I do recall Jacob’s mouth on mine, his hand on my thigh, my moans that I was unable to keep inside, the driver’s cough when we reached my apartment building.

Once inside my apartment, however, my memory is crystal clear. His kisses were relentless, hardly allowing either of us a full and complete breath. Our lips and tongues still engaged we kicked off shoes, he flipped off his cap, and we broke apart for just a moment as he nearly ripped his shirt off while still in empty space between my door and the living room. Now shirtless, I returned my body flush against his and resumed our kiss that had my skin burning with desire.

By the time I got my hands on his bare chest my pulse was pumping through my veins and my moans and gasps coming in closer bursts. We shuffled, tripped, and finally brought our tangle of bodies to my bedroom. I very quickly ended up on the bed, peeling off my shirt and wiggling out of my skirt and panties with frantic hands. I watched him coolly undo his belt and drop his pants to expose his long, pulsating cock, fat with blood and arousal. I was in no mood for foreplay and I was happy to see he wanted to get down to business as well.

Sliding up the mattress to make room for him, he planked his body over mine as his face came up to meet the tender flesh of my neck. Between deep groans of contentment, he nibbled my skin and sucked open mouth kisses along my neck, collarbones, and the tops of my breasts, which he exposed by quickly stripping me of my bra. I could feel his hardness first against my hot, wet cunt and then, as he moved lower, against the inside of my thigh. When he sucked a nipple into his mouth, I let out a whimper that surprised even me with its neediness.

I lifted my hips to grind against him and he let out a strangled breath. He shifted up to lick my earlobe and huffed out, “Condom?”

Nodding, I kept my eyes on him and blindly groped for the nightstand, yanking the drawer open when my fingers hit the metal handle. I grabbed the whole sheet of them, passing it off to Jacob, who seemed slightly more in control and functional, though only slightly.

The few seconds it took for him to roll it on were torture and by the time he pressed his hips against mine once more I wasted no time before reaching down to guide him inside me.

“Ugh, Goddamn, Dani.”

I had no words and even if I had them, I was too busy biting his shoulder and running my tongue across the indentations I created there. My arms wrapped around his expansive shoulders and back as he began to thrust into güvenilir bahis siteleri me. Arching my back, I used my hands to keep his chest pressed against mine and ran my nails along his flexing muscles.

Without missing a beat, he pressed his hands into the mattress to pull himself up and then brought one soft palm to cup my breast. I spread my legs further to accommodate his new angle and watched as he sucked one pebbled peak of a nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue over it before biting down slightly.

My head thrust back into the pillow. “Fuck, yes, like that. Harder.”

He hummed a giggle around the taut peak. “Fuck you harder or bit you harder?”

“Shit, both.”

“Mmmm.” He did both, plunging into me with renewed force, with hip bones digging into my thighs, his cock and the rest of him stretching me in the best way. Finding his tempo once more, his mouth was back at my nipples, biting, licking, sucking one and then the other and then back again. Whatever side was without his mouth was tended to by his pinching, grasping fingers until I was tender and raw and wriggling under him, ready to come.

His breathing was rough and hot on my skin, his pace quickening. “Babe, are you gonna come?”

I nearly did so immediately when he called me “babe.”

Instead I managed to choke out a gasping, “Yeah, yes, so close.”

He rose up again, creating room to run his hand down my torso and meet my clit with an eager thumb. One rotation, two, three and I was done, coming hard with my dripping pussy still wrapped tightly around his cock that never stopped pounding into me. By the time I came down, he was still going, bring his hand up to cup my face and press his forehead to mine.

Our breath mingled until he stopped for a moment of ecstasy as he released inside me. When his hips jerked his conclusion, he took a gasping breath of air before kissing me once again.

Collapsing at my side, he used one arm to pull me toward him as he kept his eyes closed. “Shit.”

I agreed, “Mmm-hmm.”

He opened his eyes to meet my gaze. “I’m really glad that asshole didn’t kiss you when he had the chance.”

A small laugh escaped my lips. “Me too.”

I ran my hands through the fine hair on his arms and grinned when his scruffy beard nuzzled into the crook of my neck. “Mmm, give me ten minutes and we can go again.”

I was starting to really like Jacob already. “Again?”

“Again. And then I’m taking you out for a midnight snack.”

“And then?”

“And then…” He grabbed my hand and kissed my palm, working his way along my wrist and up my forearm, his tongue jutting out to lick between his lips pressed against my skin. “Then we come back here and I make you come at least three more times tonight.”

I let out a resounding laugh and he joined me. “Jacob, you are gift.”

He rolled on top of me, lazily brushing his lips against mine as I felt his cock beginning to harden between my thighs already. “And you, sweet Dani, are a peach. One that I really need to taste.”

My pussy clenched at the mere thought and then the sight of him working his mouth down my body to lick between my folds was heady. I sent out a silent thank you to the universe for bad dates and good seat selection as Jacob ate his fill of my juicy offering.

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