Kelly’s Vacation in a LLC Ch. 02

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Kellly sat comfortably on a pillow in the car. She looked stunning, with a knee long skirt that revealed most of her beautiful legs, that was sliding up in the car seat. With a skin tone opaque pantyhose, covering her leg as well as her cast. Because of the long toe plate she cut off the toes.

After a 7 hour drive we stopped for a two day break. We were in a beautiful city in northern Bavaria and had booked a hotel in the old city centre. Years ago we had been there before with Paula. We knew her and her then boyfriend Sven from a castfetish forum. Sven was and is very active in the scene, organising meetings, castings, and providing and distributing cast supplies, today even around the world. At an early stage he saw the financial possibilities and right now Sven is involved in almost half of all castfetish picture and video sites. The two major cast supply webshops are both his. Kelly and Paula played in one of the first videos Sven ever made. Unfortunately this also led to them splitting up. It didn’t matter much to Paula. She was very independent, from a wealthy family, and it was due to her money Sven could start up his businesses at all. But it didn’t matter much to her, she got the money back she lent him and moreover, she wasn’t made to be monogamous.

Years ago Sven came up with the idea of a castfetish video of our girlfriends as lesbians. Kelly and Paula were both in a plaster long leg cast. Paula with a bent left legcast and on crutches. Kelly with a leg cast with cast heel and a long arm cast. They were filmed as being a couple at home, doing home stuff. Then going into the city, the same city we are in now. The attention and looks they both got were even more exciting and thrilling to them selves then to the guys at home jerking off watching the video. That particular evening they did a lesbian sex scene.

They had fun and ended up going all the way. I was as surprised and shocked as Sven was, and I guess even as the ladies themself. I never heard Kelly talking about lesbian feelings before. At the set that evening i was more aroused then i had ever been. Of course i was kind of jealous and insecure about this woman having the hottest sex with my girlfriend but Sven was furious. I remember Paula replying to him what he thought he was? David Lynch?

And they were Naomi Watts and Laura Harring? Hell, no. They were just 2 girls having fun. Exactly what HE wanted, what the buyers of the video wanted, and what they themselves wanted. The next day another video was planned. Kelly and Paula at the beach of a lake, in bathing suits doing lesbian things. Sven however quit and went home. I was left behind now with 2 young women in big casts. Well it could have been worse… That night I had great sex with Kelly, but my suggestion to involve Paula was ridiculous to Kelly, as if there was no lesbian connection earlier that day.

Paula was out anyway, having fun with men who loved her casted leg as much as she herself did. We agreed to go to the lake anyway. I bought a camera that morning and filmed just what I liked. I didn’t have a story in mind nor did I know anything about lightning. Still, once edited ( by Sven… ) it turned out to be a great video, selling almost as much as the first one. But that had some porn lesbian scenes, and it’s still considered as one of the best castfetish vids on the net. At the lake they did some kissing and nudity. Still hot, but not the hardcore a day before.

As Sven went home he took the cast saw with him so Kelly and Paula were stuck in the cast. We took Paula to the train station, to go to Munich and there her dad picked her up. She told him on the telephone, she had have an accident and that she was in cast. Later on she told us she kept to her story ending up 6 weeks in the cast before Sven cut it off. Their relationship however ended, and Kelly had a big part in it. The videos started the success of the biggest castfetish paysite that lasted for a decade. Once in a while Kelly did another video for Sven, earning quite some money.

Paula called and said she was in town already, and asked if we were interested in having dinner together. We arranged a table in the old city centre. The weather was beautiful and we sat on a table outside on the square. We hadn’t seen Paula for a while, but she hadn’t changed a lot. She seemed to be wearing the same clothes as then. Half calw long, unicolour, earth coloured, skirts. With a thin, skin toned pantyhose. Her shirts were always cleavage accentuated, bursa escort mostly white. And low heeled pumps, matching the colour of her skirt. It seemed old fashioned to us but most certainly was very expensive. She walked to us with a lot of self esteem. Didn’t have to look out for us, just walked straight to our table.

“Oh Kelly, what happened!?”

Guests around us turned their heads toward Paula and Kelly and saw her lifting Kelly’s casted leg on her lap as she sat down and touching the soft fiber of the pantyhose over it.

“How come you look even sexier with a leg cast, when you have two of the most beautiful legs?”

“Natural talent I guess.” Kelly said as she laid her other leg, without her shoe, also on Paula’s lap.

“Did you do this? Nice job, good toeplate. You are on the way to Hungary? I envy you, it’s beautiful there. You’re gonna have some pleasure there.” Paula said to me as she slapped Kelly’s cast.

“Yep, we had already great pleasure yesterday. And I enjoy the look of it every minute.”

“Looks great. Have you been in a cast yourself lately? Only being stuch in it is better than looking at it.” She asked me.

“To the Cebit in Hannover last April. Five days in a long arm cast. Had to go there for business and I took some private time. Have to admit, it feels good. In a crowd of thousands of people you are recognised and seen. Not only the helplessness restriction and help you get offered from total strangers feel nice. Also not being just anyone, being anonymous in such a crowd but the guy with the arm cast.”

“Yeah it’s great. Had some female attention I guess?”

Paula’s relationships were always very open but not so ours. But Paula was right. I never lack female attention but in a cast, conversation or interactions came very easily. During those 5 days I had many women flirting with me. Offering their help, asking me or giving me their phone numbers or hotel room number, or even offering instant sex. I didn’t cheat on Kelly but it was not easy.

“Attention yes. It’s by the way a bad idea to put your right arm in a cast when you are right handed and alone.”

“Yep, stick it between the sheets.”

“Did you?” Kelly asked Paula.

“Yeah, Glastonbury. Last month. Long leg like yours. Went there with Abigail. I had a wheelchair and a lot of friends. Had it for two weeks, was great.”

“Do i know Abigail?” Kelly asked with some disappointment in her voice.

“Know her since college. She is a surgeon in Liverpool.”


“Oh yeah, sure. But not so much in public. More of an SM type. Full body, that kind of stuff. She can be completely casted with a vibrator inserted, hanging on chains from the ceiling for 2 days. Very hot.”

“Did you try that too?” I asked Paula?

“I can’t bear my head and face covered, too claustrophobic. But a body cast… it is sooo different…. Nice though, you have to surrender yourself, give complete control to the other. Very sexual. Very thrilling and exciting. Maybe I should try head though. Have you tried bondage?” She asked us.

“Just basic i guess… tying down to the bed. Surrendering yourself and giving control to another for me is also… let’s say a double long arm. Being in public gives it an extra thrill.” I replied.

“Yes, you are right. That is nice too, should do that soon.”

“I have some extra supply with me, can be arranged.”

“Oh well… It is not necessary though. Sven now has: ordered today, delivered tomorrow!”

“Sven, the Amazon of castfetish…”

After dinner and went back. We had 2 rooms in the same hotel. I checked Sven’s webshop and Paula was right. Within Germany it was next day delivery when ordered before 11PM. I ordered some white and blue sets for long arms. To be delivered to the hotel. Just for the thought of it.

The next morning Paula came to our room as I was still helping Kelly to get ready.

“Is it ok for you if today is gonna be a girls day?” Paula asked. “There is a great Spa and Sauna we could go to.”

“Well yes, is it an all women’s sauna?”

“No but, you know, I guess this is a good start for some womens fun. Afterwards we can go to my room.” She said to Kelly.

I was confused, and Kelly was too. They have done it before but the matter of course of having sex with my girlfriend struck me. Paula saw our doubt.

“I guess you haven’t shared your fetish with others often?”

“No, you were the only one… back then.”

“Well listen, here is görükle escort how I see it. What the two share is love, obviously. You have been together for 10? 12 years…? Boy were we young back then… But anyway. This leg of yours however is a fetish, a sexual stimulation, other than the male and female genitals or phisical attraction. And it is a fetish you want to show out, be visible to others, that’s part of the sexual thrill. And you and I know other people get attracted to you just because you are in a cast. And although you both are very handsome, people do react differently. Relax in that matter, see sex as lovers apart from the fetish that can be consumed as well. Sure it is up to you guys how far you want to go with it.”

I knew Paula was right. During that days at the expo in Hannover i got so many female attention, sometimes even just plain sex offers. It was hard not to give in to, but it felt just as Paula explained. As an outcome of a fetish, not out of love or attraction to the other’s body. Hornyness besides male and female sex.

Kelly was looking at me, longing. It was clear she wanted this.

“You are right. If Kelly wants it too, go ahead.”

From that day on our lives changed.

Paula and Kelly went off to the Spa. The idea of them together turned me on. I took my laptop and searched for Pornhub. I knew where to find the old vid of them both. I watched it and my mind went back to that day, and then forth to what was to come tonight. I stayed in the hotel until the afternoon, and then went to the city to grab a beer at a cafe on the square. I walked up to find a free table as I saw Kelly and Paula sitting about 30 meters away. They were kissing without noticing anything or anyone around. I sat down where I could see them but not directly in their sight. Kelly’s leg was on Paula’s lap again. They were kissing and touching each other as if no one was looking. But actually they were a show couple and almost all of the square was watching.

After a while Kelly took her crutches to go to the hotel. Many heads turned as they walked and crutched by, male as well as female gazes. I paid for my bears and followed them from a distance, but Kelly was slowly crutching and I just joined them.

“Oh… hi mister. We were just on our way to the hotel. We had a wonderful spoiling women’s day.” Kelly said cheerfully. holding on to her crutches waiting for a kiss.

“I saw you sitting outside the cafe, having a good time.”

Kelly seemed somehow embarrassed, but Paula laughed out loud.

“Woooow, you have been spying on us, haven’t you, you dirty old man.”

“Yep, me and about 300 more who liked what they saw.”

“I likes it too.” Paula said, kissing Kelly on the mouth.

Kelly seemed overwhelmed. Did not expect me to approve, making out with Paula. I guess partly because she didn’t know how to react if things were the other way around.

We came to the hotel and at the desk a package was waiting for me.

“A package? What did you order?” Kelly asked.

“Something to have fun with. Let’s see later.”

We went up and Paula asked Kelly what room to take. For her it was clear that what happend at the square was just first base, and they would go all the way.

“Oh, yeah well…let’s go to your room” Kelly said with doubts in her eyes looking at me. “I don’t think Chris wants to… “

“Don’t mind me. You both turned me on yet so I would love to watch.”

“Gonna cost you some money pall. Just kidding, but if you don’t mind I’m not into a threesome today. Luckily mister right hand is OK.” Paula said laughing.

We went to her room. I sat down on a stool at the corner. Kelly was exhausted from all this crutching and fell down on the bed. Paula laid down beside her, starting kissing. Kelly’s hands went down to Paula’s breast, going under her blouse. She took it off over her head and revealed her breasts in a beautiful laced bra. She gained some weight but it looked good on her. Years ago she already had big breasts but now they were huge. Probably a G cup or bigger. They seemed to turn Kelly on and she lifted one boob to let her nipple touch her mouth. But Kelly couldn’t move the way she wanted, with her crutches still on the bed and the casted leg. Paula teased her, moving just an inch not to let her get close enough. Paula got out of bed, putting the crutches aside and turning Kelly on her back.

Her casted leg was not comfortable like this, due to the 90 degree escort bayan angle of her knee. Paula took some pillows from the coach to put under it and laid both legs on them. Kelly was wearing a knee long skirt, and leggings. Paula took off her one shoe, leggings and panty’s, and started nibbling the toes on both her feet. Her tits were hanging down. She moved up and down letting them wipe the cast while her tongue was licking it. She lifted Kelly’s skirt and took her own boobs in her hands, rubbing them around the cast. Her nipples striking the hard surface. Kelly wanted these milky, soft, hanging giants, to hold and feel them, but didn’t want to interrupt Paula’s pleasure. She just carefully touched the soft skin with her fingers.

Paula lifted up her own skirt. Still wearing her panties and pantyhose she sat down on the cast, not with her full weight but gently gliding her crotch up and down. Kelly was now able to touch and hold Paula’s tits and held them, weighing these giants in awe. Paula was moaning in ecstasy, riding Kelly’s leg up and down until her pantyhose was torn. She took it off, as well as her panties and went back on top of Kelly’s leg.

I lowered myself in my chair to see her pussy. Her labia were hanging and the fleshy skin went up and down the structured surface of the fiber cast leaving some vaginal secretion on it. Then Paula went down to Kelly’s foot and lowered herself with her slit on the width of the toeplate. Rubbing forth and back, the toeplate got inside her vagina letting her moan and scream even more. This went on for minutes before she got down between Kelly’s legs. Her face went upwards, licking in turns, the cast and the leg, until all the way up. Kelly spread her leg and layed down in ease, ready for what was to come. I knew that pose and hoped Paula would find her spot.

The lower part of her genitals were inner and outer labia joint, close to her poop hole. The upper spot was good too, but the lower one made her crazy. Licking from the inside of her vagina, down, circling with the tongue to that exact spot, then further down that small, hard, edged bit of skin between vulva and anus. I loved to lick her there. When i did she had to lift her bottom slightly, my nose and eyes exploring every inch of her private parts. Every hair, pimple, bump. All skin folds, fleshy, loose skin, and all in between. I loved how Kelly would raise her butt to let me reach all her pleasure spots.

Paula went on, licking the top, from the Venus down. Around the peehole, and up again. Her tongue went down, to the vagina, licking around, with her head making circling movements. Then further down where Kelly liked it most. She lifted her butt and Paula shoved some of the blankets under her bottocks, and went down on her knees. Like this, I could look right into her womanhood. She was wet. A little piece of inner labia peaked out between her full peachy round lips. Her butt was as beautiful as her tits. Fleshy round and wide at the hips, creating a traditional female hourglass figure with nice round and soft edges. Kelly was moaning out loud, a moaning that sounded like a mixture of pleasure and fear, tensed every inch of her body. With her heavy leg cast lying down firmly her body shocked up sideways with every lip movement of Paula. Kelly’s orgasm was intense. Rubbing her clit with her finger around very quickly. It lasted at least 4 or 5 minutes until she pushed Paula away, continuing rubbing her own clit, but slower now, pleased and with a smiling.

Paula however wasn’t ready yet. She went up to position 69, taking her own boobs in her hands and rubbing them against Kelly’s. With their tits now on top of each other they were facing their belly’s. With her tits hanging down Paula massaged Kelly’s belly, down to her Venus, around the lips, and the fold to the upper legs. Back again over her labia up around her belly button. This, while circling her hanging tits on top of Kelly’s. The view from my side was amazing. I like big hanging tits, and this sandwich was just a men’s dream. Her face went down with her mouth surrounding Kelly’s privates completely. Kelly did the same and started sucking.

I heard the air from between her mouth and Paula’s genitals with a moist sound splashing, while she screamed. Then it was Paula’s turn and she did just the same, sucking Kelly’s interns out. Kelly’s face came up roaring a yell of pleasure. This went on in turns with half a minute between each howl, lasting for about half an hour. They must have had an orgasm both, but slowly, intensely, and long lasting. After one and an half hour of sex Paula laid down beside Kelly. Exhausted but disappointed that this pleasure came to an end.

“Your box for pleasure, what’s in it?”

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