Keeva Ch. 01: The Fall

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As Keeva Van Buren pulled into the gated driveway of her family’s De Bosch estate mansion, she sighed with relief. Her parents were gone out to the beach house for their usual ‘parents Halloween’ getaway, the house staff had finished for the week and she would have the whole house to herself.

After easing the Maserati into the underground garage and taking the lift to the floor where her suite of rooms where, she removed her Christian Louboutin pumps and reveled in the feel of her feet on the deep plush pile carpet. She carefully stripped out of the designer pant suit and put every last trace of the working week away in its place in the huge custom walk in robe. Turning her phone to silent she put it on a shelf. Whatever went wrong with the world in the next 12 hours or so, she didn’t want to know about it.

Buck naked, the almost six foot tall blonde made her way to the bathroom, and slipped into a steaming hot shower. She stood there for minutes, letting the scalding hot water fall from the huge rain head and wash away her week’s troubles. Then, taking a razor, she tidied a few errant bits of body hair that had survived her booking at the salon a few day’s earlier.

Soaping up, the 19 year old looked down at the suds as they washed off her toned body, her lean but long shape earned from endless hours after work training with the South African women’s soccer squad. Her fine facial features and blonde hair came from her mothers amazing genes. Her mother came from a long line of beautiful Germanic women that could trace themselves back to medieval nobility and she had been a cover girl in the mid to late 90s. Her amazing athleticism came from her father, a one time international rugby player and now owner of Africa’s largest chain of sporting good stores.

Running a hand across her taunt abs to her hairless mound, she smiled as her finger honed in on her pussy lips. There she let her digit play, savouring the feeling of her excitement slowly growing. She paused, drew her hands back up to her breasts, then let one hand drift back down again. Teasingly she inched her finger slowly down the length on her slit, deep enough to feel some pleasure but shallow enough to drag out the pleasure at that level.

Pinching her nipple, she moved the finger deeper within her folds, moaning at the change that reverberated through her. Pausing again, she slowly began to gyrate her hips slightly, letting her body move against her hand. She started picturing her self with Dan, her newest boyfriend. She imagined it was his penis head within her and she was writhing, urging him to plunge within her.

“Just fuck me, goddamit!” she said to thin air as her urges built. She let the gyrations continue for another 20 seconds, feeling the wetness building within her with each movement. Progressing on, she went to let the finger slide within her deepness, but quickly adjusted and sent two, gasping at the violation. Slumping against the wall of the shower, her upped body clear of the steamy rain, she watched as her hand jammed home again, again and again.

Feeling her nerves start to tingle, she increased her speed and reveled in the sight of her carved abdomen and fit thighs glistening through the curtain of scalding water and steam. She started to feel the roll of the orgasm, and one of her long legs begins to shake with a small tremor which then moves to a shaking quiver.

“Fuck!,’ she cried as her legs gave way and she slipped down the wall, landing in a shaking mess amongst the pool of water and raising steam.


Lying on the king sized bed, covered with a single sheet, she considered the day ahead and the night beyond that. Tonight she’d let her boyfriend fuck her. She’d held out on him for months and her peers, the four other girls of the so called ‘Rich Bitch Club’, had stirred, cajoled and bullied her about it. She’d decided enough was enough, she’d give herself to him. Its not that Keeva was a virgin. She’d lost that cherry some time ago. It’s just that she’d regretted losing it, despite her bad girl reputation, and so she’d strung the last few men out, teasing them, finding their limits, as if it gave her some virginal power over them.

She wasn’t entirely sure that Dan Egerton, son of the famous Cape Town land developer, was her ‘Mr Right’, but her friends had worn her down with their relentless banter about her not giving him what he wanted. Dan’s seemingly good nature had also played a role in her deciding to give up her ultimate gift to him. The fact that he’d never pressured her to do anything had played in his favour. Sure he’d begged, pleaded and asked nicely, but he’d never shown an inclination of using force. She’d kept him happy with her amazing oral skills and by letting him fuck her in the ass, but he’d not been down that other entrance. So tonight, at an exclusive invite only, ‘A list’ Halloween party at one of Cape Town’s hottest nightclubs, she was going to get down and dirty with him. She’d blown him off bahis şirketleri all week, trying to make him more desperate, but had promised him a great night.

They’d traded some texts and calls and all sounded good with him. He even sounded more needy than usual. ‘Good’ she thought. Still, despite her bitchy reputation, she found herself with butterflies in her stomach and needing to finger herself a little more than usual over the last few days.

The RBC girls that she hung with were Cape Town’s hottest group of college age women. All five were roughly the same height, with roughly the same amazing body shape, including almost identical B cup breasts. They had the sort of figures that made men drool and women envious. There was maybe three quarters of an inch of height difference between them, and more than one person had asked the question whether there was some sort of genetic connection between them.

Truth be told, only Keeva’s nubile physique and blonde beauty was entirely natural. Ushanti, the brunette with blue eyes, kept her figure through using copious amounts of drugs and diet coke. Natalie, the most vain of the five, was not actually a blue eyed blonde but spent a fortune on cosmetic enhancements and nips and tucks to match the looks of her peers. Tania, the dark haired raven with eyes as dark as coal, kept her looks only through torturous dieting and an entourage of personal trainers and dieticians. This was probably the reason she was the bitchiest of them all. Stacy, the firey redhead, had a naturally toned body but had used breast implants and facial fillers to match the other four. All came from wealthy families and splashed cash around like there was no tomorrow. All acted like world class bitches. To those who had experienced the worst of their behaviour, they were not called the RBC but called by the word created by using the first letter of each of their names.

They had spent months planning tonight. They had booked and paid for an exclusive set of suites just above the club, complete with expensive room service staff on hand. Five quarts of super gloss liquid latex had been ordered in five different colours, along with matching chunky ankle boots. Each set of boots was custom heeled so that all five girls would end up exactly six foot one in height. Five coloured storm trooper helmets had been delivered. Each one sported one of the voice modulator units to make the wearer sound like one of the extras found in the original star wars movie.

She was going to lay around all morning. After lunch she planned to do some laps of the pool and then some time tanning at the beach. Late afternoon the RBC had a champagne session. Then GavinT, Cape Town’s best cosplay artist, had been booked to arrive at the suites to paint the girls in their assigned latex colour.

This would result in five different coloured, erotically dressed, storm troopers who not only looked identical but sounded the same. No one would be able to tell them apart unless they knew the colour of latex assigned to each, Keeva’s was green, and that was a secret they all promised to keep.

They had even practiced a quick tik tok routine that they would use upon their entry to the party that would get every male’s pulse racing and get every lesbian’s attention focused on them. It was after all fitting that everyone should focus on them. They were all that mattered. The night would finish with an encore performance, where upon each girl would publicly grab their partner and head on up to the suites to engage in whatever hedonistic activities they could think of. For Keeva, that would just be having sex with Dan. The other girls were likely to get a little dirtier and depraved, but that was ok with her. She rolled over and went back to sleep.

Waking a couple of hours later, she flicked the sheet off her body and went to get out of bed. Looking down across her breasts, to her toned body, she smiled and thought of another way to hopefully excite Dan. Keeva, despite her public notoriety in the youngish circles of her city, had kept a fairly clean online presence. Hence she thought if she shot a photo down the same angle under the sheet, no one could identify her room in the background.

Leaving her bed to retrieve her phone, almost made it to the shelf but decided food might be a better idea so she threw on a bikini and headed for the downstairs kitchen and then out to the pool.


Grabbing her phone on the way to the beach, Keeva was stunned at the number of notifications which awaited her and immediately regretted her decision to go offline from the world. There were a multiple missed calls, voicemails and messages.

Natalie voicemail 11.37pm yesterday: “Keeves, call me. Urgent.”

Natalie text message 11.41pm: “Btch where is u?”

Ushanti voicemail 11.48pm: “Listen, you are going to miss out. Where the fuck are you? Call us.”

Natalie messenger 11.51pm: “Call me!”

And so it went bahis firmaları until 12.15am when Natalie left a voicemail: “Keeva, everyone is pissed you haven’t made contact. We’ve had a change of plans. Stacy and Nat did some funky shit with some Greek rich boy and we’re all heading off to Dubai for the next few nights. He’s hosting some party at the Burj. You’ve got 30 minutes. If we haven’t heard from you we are taking off without you.”

Natalie 12.27am: “We are taxiing. We tried. Where the fuck are u?”


The knock on the door to her suite caused her to scull the remainder of her glass of expensive Clos du Mesnil Blanc de Blancs champagne and walk past the boxes of costume gear that the porters had brought up from her car. She opened the door and snarled at the small petite girl standing there with a wheeled bag at her side. The girl smiled and began to push past her into the rooms. “Who the fuck are you shorty?” she said as she moved to block her entry.

The woman stopped, went to say something, thought better of it, paused and then smiled again before saying, “So your party plans have gone to shit. Are you really going to treat me like this?”

Taken aback by the prescient retort, Keeva stepped back and let the small figure into the room, where she put her bag on a table, went to the wine bucket, retrieved the bottle of expensive bubbly, and swigged from it. “Fuck, that’s great,” she said, examining the label. “Expensive too.”

Part of her was pissed at the intruder, part of her admired the girl’s moxie at coming in like that. Her nonchalance was almost admirable.

“Like I said, Who the fuck are you shorty?”

The girl opened her phone and started going through an app.

“Ah, earth to midget, I’m talking to you. Do I need to call security? What are you doing here?”

Turning the screen around to Keeva, the girl stepped forward. “I think the question should be ‘Who am I doing here?'”.

Snatching the phone, Keeva read the message. “Tell the client I’ve been double booked and we’ll give them a 25% refund if they let you stand in for me. GavinT.”

Snarling at the phone as she returned it, Keeva let fly. “Fuck, first the girls, now the artist. Everyone is bailing on me. This is fucked! I should just call it all off and go home. Fuck this!” She pointed to the door. “Go on little one. Fuck off back to makeup school. I don’t want no apprentice and I think I’ve had enough of this shitty day.”

The girl calmly took the phone back and asked, “The girls bailed on you? Got a better offer did they?”

“They’re in Dubai. Last minute change of plans. Bitches!”

“All of them?”

Keeva’s face contorted into a snarl. “Do I look like I have friends here ready for partying and painting with me?”

“Calm down Beanstalk. This means you get me all to yourself.”

Keeva’s rage returned. “Get. The. Fuck. Out. Leave. Me. Alone!”

The girl slowly turned and went and put her phone on her bag. She then turned and strolled up to Keeva, smiling calmly, and entered her personal space and stood inches from her, looking up at her. She barely came up to her nipple line.

“You’ve got options. A: I can hug you and then paint you or B: paint you without the hug. Either way I can help your day to end well and your night to be awesome. C: I can go and leave you wallowing in your righteous pity and wonder how bad you get tonight, eating a tub of ice cream that you will regret for the next few training sessions. D: I could strip off here and now, jump you and give you an unforgettable Halloween.” She paused, continuing to stare up at her host. She raised an eyebrow, “Would you like me to repeat…”

Keeva was furious. “What the fuck? You don’t even know who I am. How would you know I might have training sessions?”

“Keeva Louise Van Buren, 19, lives with her parents in a 24 room De Bosch mansion. Trains three times a week with Banyana Banyana, but does another unofficial session late on Wednesday nights with an assistant coach. Drives a Maserati, fucking Dan Egerton, works for her father’s sports business.”

Keeva stepped back and raised her hands as if to protect herself from an assailant. “I’m not fucking him!”

“For someone with an amazing set of matriculation results, including the third best accounting result nationally, you don’t think fast.”

The girl’s bewildering approach had her head spinning. Keeva went to her glass, filled it with more champagne and took a long gulp. “How do you know all this?”

The girl hadn’t moved but her eyes sparkled. “We do our research on our clients. You don’t think you paid our obscene fee just to get painted did you? We offer discrete services and charge accordingly. We also like to know who it is we are doing business with.” She paused, letting the client process things. “I’m also a huge soccer fan. Now back to business,” she said, raising an eyebrow, “You realize I offered myself to you back there?”

Keeva returned kaçak bahis siteleri to bitch mode. “Fuck you. I’m no lesbo. Get out!”

Instead, the girl stepped up to her, grabbed her shirt, dropped slightly, slammed a foot in her groin and threw Keeva up and over. Keeva dropped to the ground, victim of the Judo tomoe nage throw. All this happened in the blink of an eye. She ended up flat on her back, winded, with the girl straddling her chest, pinning her hands on the floor above her head.

The girl cocked an eyebrow at Keeva, smiled at her opponent’s predicament, then darted down and placed a quick kiss on her lips, before bouncing up and stepping back.

“Want to play some more? I can do this all day you know. Next time I’ll land with my lips on yours!”

Keeva took several moments to regain the ability to breathe and several more to get back on her feet, looking flustered. Her opponent blew her a kiss.

‘Get the fuck out bitch!” She yelled.

The girl stayed put, but shook her head. “Women’s soccer player, admits to not fucking boyfriend, not repelled when older woman offers to strip for her and take her. Sounds lezzy to me.” She put her hand on her hips. “Are you telling me that none of dykes in the soccer squad has ever made a move on you? Or that Ushanti or Stacy has never felt you up?”

“You are painful! Soccer yes, but I declined. Ushanti? Stacy? Look, I’ve suspected U was bi but we’ve never done anything. Stace is touchy feely but that’s just who she is.”

The girl smiled a knowing smile. “Suuuure…. Juuuust touchey feely.” She then moved to her phone, insolently picked it up and searched for something. “Once again, lets get back to business. So you’ve had a bad day. Lets make it good from here and get you partied up, we can leave some girl on girl action as a late optional extra.”

She moved to Keeva and handed her the phone. “Just sign here, strip and lets get on with it.”

Keeva looked at the screen, at the girl and then froze, not able to make up her mind.

“Ok, Option A it is!” The girl said, then hugged her, giggling.

“If I sign this and we get on with it, will you get the hell out of here as soon as we are done?”

The girl clapped her hands in celebration, knowing she had now sealed the deal, and said “Sure!”

Keeva signed the screen, handed the phone back and sighed. “So? What do I do?”

The girl looked at her and shook her head and struck an angry school teacher pose. “Sharp as a bowling ball you are. I’ve already told you. Strip!” She moved to the champagne, lifted the bottle and skulled a good amount of what was left. “But first you might want to order up some food, and another bottle of this amazing bubbly.”


After scarfing down the last bite of her burger, Keeva looked at the girl. “Ok, before we get into it, I have a few questions.”




“So Arlene, how is it you are GavinT’s apprentice?”

Arlene wiped the corners of her mouth with a napkin in a graceful manner. “I’m no apprentice. I’m more like a business partner. He saw some artwork of mine, got to know me, and approached me to come onboard.”

Keeva moved to the sink and poured a glass of water, then another for Arlene. “So you’re an artist? Where did you learn to fuck with people’s heads? Art school?”

“Artist yes, but untrained. I’m a qualified clinical psychologist.”

Keeva looked at her with disbelief.

“Don’t say it, you think I look 18.”

“I was going to say 16.”

“I get that a bit,” She chuckled. “I’m actually 25.” She moved to her bag, pulled out a drivers license and proved the point. She then started pulling out a plethora of brushes, rags, drop sheets and other bits and pieces.”

“So where do we set up?” Keeva gestured towards a door. “In the bathroom?”

She shook her head. “I’m careful. Just here is fine. Start stripping.”

Keeva felt a flutter of uneasiness as she reached for the waistband of her bike shorts, her slides long ago having been removed from her feet. Arlene worked away, paying her no attention. Gripping the bottom of her shirt, she pulled that up and over her head and then removed her sports bra. She stood motionless, not knowing what to do next.

Arlene eventually finished her preparations and looked over her way. “Fuck, you are beautiful. Look at your pert breasts! And that toned stomach!” She then gazed further down her body, stopping at her shaved mound. She licked her lips. “Oh God…”

Keeva blushed. Arlene maneuvered her mini skirt around, unzipped it, letting it fall to the floor before kicking it towards her bag. She then pulled her shirt off, removed her bra and stood there in nothing but a flimsy see thru thong, a wet spot clearly evident at her lip point.

“I like to match my clients state of undress. Except the thong. Gotta have some final professional boundary with the clients who straight up reject my lewd offerings.”

“And do you offer yourself to all your clients?”

Arlene looked her in the eye. “Only the ones I’m instantly attracted to. So not many really.”

“You don’t intimidate me you know.” Keeva’s darker side flared again momentarily.

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