Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 03

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Katie was bored at work. She was president of her division at Xeytmew, the biggest computer corporation in the city, but there wasn’t a lot to do. Her settlement with the company over the poor treatment she received from her previous boss, Vida Reyes, made it clear that Katie was not to be overworked. Instead, the company hired two assistants who did the bulk of Katie’s work, letting her to sign documents and work on a couple projects per month at her leisure.

From time to time she called Vida at her group home, just to hear Vida’s marbled voice that was ruined during the last two months of her prison stay for defrauding the company of $53 million. Vida’s body was strewn with crude tattoos of the names of the women who fucked her relentlessly in prison at the direction of her last cell mate, Sally Ann.

Katie buzzed the phone of Amanda, her lover, her wife, and vice president of the division.

“Yes Katie, what can I do for you?”

“I’m bored. Can you make love to me?”

Katie heard a door open before she shut off the intercom. Amanda didn’t need to answer. She was in love with Katie and loved giving her multiple orgasms, at home or at work.

Amanda entered Katie’s office, closed the door and sat on the cushy leather sofa, using her finger to invite Katie amsterdam shemale to join her. Katie was a striking figure that day, wearing a white dress with spaghetti straps, scoop neck and no back, with a hem a couple inches above her knees. Before sitting down, Amanda pulled Katie’s dress off, leaving her in a matching lace bra and panties. Amanda got on her knees and sucked Katie’s pussy lips through the lace as Katie pressed her vagina against Amanda’s mouth.

Amanda pulled the little lace panties to the side of Katie’s pussy, and she sucked the clitoris until it was throbbing. Katie bucked and thrashed on the sofa, squirming in ecstasy. Amanda tore the little lace panties at the center and stuck her tongue through the hole into Katie’s pussy. Amanda gently licked her insides, causing Katie to moan and sigh and quietly say Amanda’s name.

Amanda was so turned on by Katie’s sounds that she grabbed her ass and started fucking Katie with her tongue.

Katie thrashed about on the sofa in the throes of a massive orgasm. Amanda also orgasmed and soaked her panties.

Katie’s body was glowing with a thin sheen of perspiration. Her cheeks were red and she smelled of sex. Amanda looked up at Katie with cum all over her face. Katie brought her closer and licked rotterdam shemale her own cum off, giving Amanda a big kiss, told her she was beautiful, and suggested she get back to work.

“Why would I go back to work when there is so much more to be done right here.”

Amanda sat up on the couch and leaned into Katie’s chest, her mouth opening over Katie’s right boob. Her hand went straight to Katie’s left boob and she was pinching and rubbing it. Katie was still in a state of arousal and couldn’t think straight. She held onto Amanda’s head even though she knew back in the depths of her mind that what they were doing was wrong. “But I don’t want this to stop,” she thought to herself.

Amanda moved her mouth over to Katie’s left nipple giving it the same as she did the right. Now she was pulling and pinching on the still wet right nipple. Soon Amanda started kissing my way down her body. She started kissing Katie’s wet pussy through the panties that she wore. Amanda reached up and with a quick tug ripped the panties off, causing Katie to arch her back in excitement. She lifted her firm ass off the sofa and presented her bare pussy to Amanda. Amanda started licking her sweet-tasting pussy, causing Katie to moan and squirm. Amanda her down by her hips, parted her pussy blog shemale and started tongue fucking her, diving deep into Katie’s vagina as far as she could go. Amanda replaced her tongue with two fingers and started gently sucking on her erect clit. Katie was moaning Amanda’s name and was fucking Amanda’s fingers in and out of her. Amanda picked up the pace with her fingers and started pushing in and out harder with every in stroke. Still sucking her clit Amanda started pulling it gently with her teeth. When she bit on the clit Katie cried out, “Oh gosh Amanda, Amanda, yes, yes.” Soon Katie was cuming all over Amanda’s face. Amanda leaned in for a kiss and Katie licked her face clean and said, “How was that for an afternoon snack.”

“The best tasting ever.”

Amanda stood up and started to leave until Katie asked her to return to the sofa. Katie reached under Amanda’s skirt and felt a heavy wetness in her panties.

“You will have to take these off and let them dry. I cannot have you go and catch a cold,” Katie said with a sly grin.

With Katie’s help, Amanda removed her panties and let them hang on the coat rack in the corner of Katie’s office and in front of an air vent.

“Well, as you like, but that should keep you horny for the rest of the day.”

Amanda walked out of the office, shaking her butt knowing Katie couldn’t help but stare. When she left, Katie put on her pantyhose, bra and dress. She couldn’t find her torn panties. Apparently Amanda had kept them to improve the smell of her own office.

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