Karoake Kid

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Ann sucked on her pen. Her mind was a thousand miles away – as usual. Suddenly a soft voice called out her name.

“Excuse me, Miss!” said the voice

In her daydream, Ann had not noticed the figure in overalls standing beside her, studying her intently.

“Sorry! I was miles away! ” Replied Ann, a little disturbed.

“I’ve come to fix the cabling” He said, with a wry grin on his face. Ann thought that he was trying to look down the front of her blouse as he stood over her, so she tugged nervously at the back of the collar to her blouse to drag it down.

“No problem” she said, and pretended to focus upon the play list on her deck. But she felt her face flush red, and the more she felt silly, the more the felt her cheeks burn.

The guy was on his knees running some cabling along conduits and into the karaoke machine. The phone rang and Ann answered it. It was more grief, and so she addressed the caller and forgot all about the engineer.

The caller was droning on interminably about some problem with the license for songs, and Ann mind drifted away to the thoughts of summer, of warm weather, and the chance to get outside and work on her tan. She extended her long legs and stretched a long, slow stretch, watching her smart black work dress ride up as the lifted her legs horizontally in front of her as she sat at her desk.

She casually lay her hand on her thigh, and thought how nice it would be if she was on the beach instead of sitting at her desk. As she daydreamed, she imagined kicking off her shoes, and feeling the sand between her toes and the cool water on her feet.

While Ann day dreamed, the engineer was running the cabling to her machine and had followed the cable from the network connector in the wall to the front of Ann desk. Kneeling down, Ann could not see him.

But he could see her.

Kneeling stranded teens porno on the floor, the engineer was directly in front of Ann and from his vantage point could observe exactly what she was doing. Her knees slightly apart, her already short skirt had ridden up her legs so that it was up by her thighs. The engineer had taken a few sly glances at first, but then he realised that from his vantage point he could not be seen.

He knelt on all fours and looked up to see Ann long, languid limbs, her milky white thighs and, he thought, he could make out a flash of her red panties.

Ann daydream was coming real, and as she sucked on her pen, she dreamed she could feel a gentle sea breeze on her feet.

“Shit!” she said, as she dropped her pen out of her mouth. As she bent down to pick up the pen, her eyes met that of the engineer under the desk. She stared at him open eyed in amazement.

He smiled at her.

She flushed again, and pulled herself back up to her sitting position, tugging her skirt down and closing her thighs together.

But then she felt her left shoe being slowly undone! First the buckle, then it was slipped off her foot. Ann was outraged. What did he think he was doing?

Then she felt a warm and wet sensation, as the engineer took her foot and gently sucked on her big toe. Ann looked round to see who was watching this escapade. But club life continued as per normal. Phones were being answered. Drinks served. Workers chatting. No one seemed to be paying any attention to the drama that was unfolding underneath Ann desk!

She couldn’t remember exactly when she decided to let this continue. It may have been when each toe in turn was gently sucked and licked. I may have been when the engineer’s rough hands crept up her leg and flicked the inside of her thigh, student sex parties porno and she felt that electric thrill of excitement.

But soon the engineer had sucked each toe and licked her instep until she felt herself become moist with anticipation. What was next?

Gentle kisses and the engineer’s rough tongue continued to tease Ann as her phone rang.

She answered it abruptly. “Are you OK Ann?” said the caller “Yes!” she answered a little too quickly.

As the caller continued, the engineer’s tongue licked at Ann calves, then her knees. First the front, then the back, and then he licked her thighs, hot and wet tongue searching up her leg.

Ann shut her eyes as the teasing grew almost unbearable.

“Well, Ann, what do you think?” asked the caller. Ann had not been listening for how long she did not know. “I’m sorry” lied Ann, it is a bad line “What did you say?”

As the caller repeated their question, Ann felt stubble on her thigh, stubble like sandpaper scrape her leg. And then a hot wet tongue curled inside her knickers and she felt a pulse of sheer electric excitement course through her body like the engineer had connected her directly to the mains electricity supply. She gasped out loud, and the tongue was followed by a finger pulling her knickers to one side.

“Are you OK, Ann?” asked the caller

“I’m good” replied Ann, slightly breathless.

Her heart was pounding and she looked around, convinced that she would have an audience intrigued by the spectacle. But no one was paying her any attention. Apart, of course from the engineer.

By now her legs were sufficiently wide part for the engineer’s whole head to be positioned right in between her thighs. Her red knickers were moved to one side and his tongue was flicking her pussy as he gently submissive cuckolds porno kissed her moist lips. His hands encircled her body and clutched her bottom tightly so that his wet mouth pressed closely against her, and she could feel his hot breath alternating with his hot, wet tongue.

Ann chewed on her pen, biting hard against the intense pleasure searing her from below. His finger was now darting in and out of her, parting her lips and following with a soft kiss, a finger, then his tongue in a rhythmic cycle. Kiss, finger, tongue, kiss, finger, tongue, kiss, finger, tongue.

Now his finger drew circles around her clitoris, tracing a slow circle, his hot breath teasing her open lips. Ann clenched her teeth as the pleasure grew gradually inside her, the insistent secret pleasure burning her groin. She reached down and felt the engineer’s head and clutched it tightly to her, burying his head into her pussy. He moaned slightly, as she kept his head tightly between her legs, and she tightened her thighs to grasp his head tightly so he couldn’t move.

Her breaths were coming more quickly now as the pleasure built up inside her, like water welling up behind a dam. He had two fingers inside her now, and she was so moist, that his fingers glided easily in and out of her. His head was bobbing up and down, beating a gentle rhythm as his head knocked against the top of the desk. She could feel the beat, both as his tongue penetrated her, and as she felt the vibration of the desktop as his head out knocked its gentle rhythm.

Ann tensed all her muscles and tried hard to hold back the pleasure building up inside her. But it was too much now, and she gave in, and let the feeling of sweet surrender wash over her, as the crescendo of pleasure grew and grew until finally her whole body convulsed in a climactic shudder of orgasmic pleasure. She clenched her thighs together as the pleasure climaxed and gripped the engineer’s head tightly, and she heard him moan as she came right in his face.

Ann pushed his head away, and ruffled down her dress so that she was presentable. The phone rang, and Ann answered the call calmly. “Ann here” she said, and looked at the engineer, who grinned at her

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32