Just an Experiment Pt. 02

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After Mike was with Jack, the rest of the day he was confused. He knew he wasn’t gay, however he was having gay thoughts. He liked sucking cock and having his cock sucked. He wasn’t too sure about having his ass fucked. But, with practice anything was possible.

With all these thoughts clouding his mind, he had to make sure he still liked women. He had to fuck a woman and make sure he was still straight. He loved pussy and needed to taste it on his mouth again. He needed to drill his cock deep up inside of a women’s loins. He needed to feel in charge and make her come. That’s what he liked to do.

After his shift, he decided to go down to his favorite bar. There were several women down there that he fucked often. He knew he’d be able to have a little fun. At this point, he thought he might be interested in a threesome. He liked one girl riding his pole and the other riding his face. He loved pleasing women and he thought this would make him feel better after being with Jack. He liked being with Jack. That was the problem.

Unfortunately, Jack gave him good head. Jack liked sucking his cock and drinking his come. Most of the ladies he went with, said they’d suck his cock, but would only do it for a little while. They never actually wanted him to come down their throats. They just did it for a little appetizer for him. With Jack, he loved cock and loved come. It was a win-win with Jack.

He couldn’t think about Jack. He needed to think about women. He needed to fuck a girl and make sure he wasn’t gay. One blow job and one anal fuck wasn’t going to turn him into a gay man. It was just a little experimenting. It wasn’t going to define him as a man. It was just a fun activity. An activity where he had his dick sucked and his ass fucked. It wasn’t a decision to become a gay man.


Mike drove over to his favorite bar. He walked in and already saw one of the girls he fucked sometimes. He’d buy her a few drinks and take her home. He needed a little girl action after being with a guy today. He hoped she had a girlfriend who could come too.

“Mike, how are you?”

“Good. Nice to see you Wendy. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure. I’ll have a rum and coke.”

“Larry, a rum and coke for the lady. I’ll have a Budweiser.”

“No problem. Here you go.”

“Thanks. So how are you doing?”

“I left my old job and am working at the new motel down the street. It’s decent money and I meet a lot of people.”

“That’s great. Glad to hear that. I could use a new job myself.”

“Swing by. They’re always looking for maids and other things.”

“I just might do that.”

“You look really pretty tonight. I love your outfit.”

“This old thing. You’re much too sweet.”

Mike and Wendy moved over to a booth. He bought her several more drinks. Wendy was all over him. She kissed him passionately while she rubbed the front of his pants.

“You keep that up, we’re going to have to leave. I’d love to be with you and another lady. You have any friends around?”

“My roommate is always home. She’s very sexual.”

“You’re making me hot baby. I’m so hard for you. Why don’t you take my dick out? You could play with it a little while.”

“Somebody might see.”

“Nobody will see. Come on Wendy. Please?”


Mike unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. Wendy wrapped her hands around his dick and jerked him off. Mike threw his head back güvenilir bahis and enjoyed her efforts. He was very excited while she played. He was super horny.

“Unbutton your shirt. I want to see your tits.”

“Somebody might see.”

“Baby, there’s nobody back here. Let me see your gorgeous tits. Please?”

“Okay, Mike.”

Wendy unbuttoned her shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Her beautiful tits were full and firm. Mike twisted her erect nipples. She was pulling and tugging on his cock.

“Sit on my lap, baby. We could fuck right here. Come on!”

Wendy lifted her skirt and climbed into Mike’s lap. She eased down on his thick dick and rolled her hips and fucked him right in the middle of the bar. Her pussy was so wet while she moved and rocked over his cock.

“You’re so sexy. God, I love your cunt.”

“You have a nice cock.”

“All for you baby. You make me so hard.”

Mike held her tits and squeezed them while she rode him in the booth. A few people passed by but didn’t even notice. Wendy was holding him while she moved her cunt up and down over his shaft.

“I’m going to come. Fucking hell.”

Mike blasted his come into her pussy. She continued to move while his balls emptied out.

“That was really hot. Why don’t you go under the table and clean me up with your hot mouth? Nobody will see. It would be hot.”

“Okay. I’m under your spell. You’re so sexy.”

Wendy pulled her skirt down and went under the table. She licked his cock up and down cleaning the come from his dick. She wrapped her mouth around his dick and took him into her mouth. She sucked him back into a hard cock. Mike was loving what she was doing to him.

He knew he still liked women. He was erect and hard and needed to fuck her again. He wanted to fuck her in a more domineering position.

“Baby, let’s go outside. I want to fuck you out there.”

“Okay. Let’s go.”

Wendy came up from under the table and fixed herself. Mike pulled his pants up. His cock hurt trying to get it back into his pants. She handed him her purse, and he put it in front of his bulge. They walked outside to where his car was. Wendy pulled her skirt around her waist and bent over Mike’s car.

She put her ass and pussy high into the air. Mike pulled his pants down and entered her pussy. He thrusted into her wet pussy and fucked her hard by his car. She was moaning and groaning while he drilled his dick up inside of her. He held her hips tight and thrusted in and out of her slick cunt.

“Wendy your pussy feels so good. I’m coming! Fuck!”

Mike blasted her pussy with his cum. He pulled out of her pussy and she got on her knees and licked his dick up and down and all around. He loved having his dick inside of her. He knew he still loved women. This is what he needed. He really wanted to taste her pussy.

“Let’s go back to your apartment. I want to be with you and your friend.”

“I want you all to myself. You’re such a good lover.”

“We just had sex. I want to have a threesome. I promise tomorrow it will just be you and me. Come on baby. I really want to be with two girls tonight.”

“Okay. Let me text my roommate. Can we drive in your car? I’m a little tipsy.”

“Sure. Just tell me where you live.”

Mike and Wendy got into Mike’s car. He drove them back to her house. Wendy sucked on Mike’s cock while they drove home. She was really liking his cock tonight. türkçe bahis He was really digging that. He knew he still liked women. Soon he’d be tasting her cunt. He needed to taste it. He needed to know he loved it still. He liked sucking Jack’s cock. He liked tasting his cum. Now he needed to think about pussies and cream. No thinking about dicks and balls.

Mike pulled into Wendy’s Apartment building. “I hope you like my friend. She is a dominant woman.”

“That’s hot baby. You like cunt too? I love it.”

Wendy just giggled.

“Brenda’s a butch lesbian. She’s never been with a guy before.”

“She only likes cunts?”

“Yes. But, she said she’ll experiment tonight.”

“That’s really hot. I’ll make her like dudes. She’ll love my dick.”


Wendy opened the door and they walked in. Brenda was sitting on the couch drinking wine waiting for them.

“Brenda, this is my friend Mike.”

Brenda extended her hand and shook Mike’s hand. She was sitting in a sheer white teddy. Mike could see her body. She had a nice set of breasts. He could see she had a shaved pussy. He was so horny for these two women. He hoped they’d get busy soon.

“You’re a sexy girl, Brenda. I like your teddy.”


“Let’s go into the bedroom. We can get started,” Brenda announced.

Brenda grabbed Wendy’s and Mike’s hand and they walked towards the bedroom. When they got there, Brenda started to undress Wendy. Her hands were all over her. Mike just watched the two of them.

“Mike, doesn’t Wendy have a great body?”

“She really does. I like her tits.”

“She does have great ones. She likes when I hold them. Her nipples get so hard.”

Brenda stood behind Wendy and played with her breasts. She squeezed them together and twisted her nipples around and around. Brenda moaned while her girlfriend played with her. Mike was horny while he watched.

“Get undressed, Mike. You can watch me fuck Brenda. Be a good boy and if you’re good, I’ll fuck that nice ass of yours too. I know you like dick!”

Mike didn’t waste a minute and took off his clothes. His cock was erect and hard. He sat on a chair near the bed and watched the girls play with each other. He was thinking about Jack and his cock. He now knew he enjoyed being fucked by Jack. He wondered how it would be to fuck Jack. He thought next time he might want to try that.

“Wendy, play with your pussy while I feel your tits,” Brenda screamed.

“You know Wendy is my bitch. She likes when I fuck her.”

“She said that you eat her pussy sometimes.”

“She likes my cock. She likes me to take her ass. Does she like you to fuck her ass too? I can’t wait to fuck your ass. You’re going to submit to me. I’m going to fuck that nice ass of yours.”

“That’s really hot. You can fuck my ass if you want to. I never had a girl fuck my ass before.”

“Have you had a guy fuck your ass? Are you gay? I think you like guys.”

Mike didn’t know how to answer that. He didn’t want them to know he’d been with a guy. He just looked at her with a weird look on his face. He wondered how she could possibly know that he had experienced sex with a guy.

“Watch and learn, Mike. Watch me fuck my whore.”

Wendy walked over to the bed and got on her hands and knees. Brenda took off her teddy and put her strap-on cock onto her body. She bent down and pulled Brenda’s buttocks apart and licked güvenilir bahis siteleri at her rose bud. She played with her pussy and tongue fucked her asshole. When she was nice and wet, she slid her silicone dick high into her pussy. She thrusted her cock in and out of Brenda’s pussy.

“Brenda, that feels so good. Fucking hell!”

“You like my cock, don’t you Wendy? You like girls! Tell Mike, you like when your butch girlfriend fucks your pussy. Tell Mikey boy that you like my dick!”

“I like Brenda fucking my pussy. I like girls. She has a big dick, Mike!”

“I’m going to fuck his ass next. He likes cocks too. I can tell.”

Mike looked confused. He wondered how Brenda knew he liked cock. Did she see him get fucked today? How the fuck would she know. Mike started to get nervous that Brenda knew he liked guys. He started sweating profusely.

“You want a dick up your ass, don’t you Mike? Tell my slut that you want me to fuck your ass.”

“I want you to fuck my ass. I want your big dick inside of my asshole.”

“Get your body on this bed,” Brenda screamed.

“I know you’re a submissive man. You like when cunts like me have their way with you.”

“Yes. I like being dominated by women like that.”

Mike got on the bed and pulled on his dick while Brenda slapped his ass and continued to fuck Wendy. He was wanting her to fuck him now. He was hard and needed her to fuck his asshole. He wanted her dick.

“Fuck me! Fuck my asshole. I want you to fuck my ass!”

“That’s right! You like cocks. You want my big dick?”

“Fuck my asshole! Use me like a boy toy!”

Brenda removed her cock out of Wendy’s pussy. She spat her palm with spit and rubbed it all over Mike’s anus. She eased her silicone cock up Mike’s butt. He moaned and groaned while he pulled on his dick. He liked the feeling of her cock up inside of his tight asshole.

He now was dreaming of Jack’s hard cock. He liked when he pushed his dick up inside of his asshole. He was moaning while yanking on his dick. Brenda was slapping his buttocks hard with her hand.

“You like this! You like my dick. I bet you like guys fucking your cute ass. You love it. Pull that cock now!”

“Yes! I like being a little bitch. I’m a submissive. I like your cock. Fucking hell. Use me like a bitch!”

“I knew you were. You love dick. I bet you get fucked up your ass all the time. You like my cock?”

Brenda was thrusting harder and faster into Mike’s asshole. She was slapping his buttocks hard while using him. He was screaming and yanking on his dick fast. He was loving what she was doing to him.

“Get on your knees! I want you to suck my big dick.”

Mike got off the bed and went on his knees. He opened his mouth and sucked on Brenda’s cock. He made all kinds of slurping noises. Brenda squeezed on the pump that was on her cock and came into his mouth. She had loaded yogurt inside of the fake dick. Mike swallowed it down like a good bitch.

“That was really hot. I never came so much. I liked being used like that.”

“You liked being a boy toy? I could tell.”

“I loved it. It made me so horny.”

Wendy was amazed on how Mike liked having her girlfriend fuck him. She wondered if they’d fuck again. She wondered if he’d want to have Brenda use his body.

“I best be going. I need to go to work tomorrow. Thanks for a hot night.”

Mike grabbed his clothes and left. He felt good after getting his ass fucked. He was happy that he still liked women. Mike felt now he was bisexual. He could like men and women. It would be okay to do them both. He was excited to see Jack again. Tomorrow was going to be great.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32