Just a Fun Game of Football?

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It is Saturday morning and I am lounging around my apartment. The holidays have warn me out. I had a great New Year celebration with my best friend, his wife, sister in law and her best friend. It is cold and blustery outside with flurries of snow flakes blowing around. I decide to play a game of college football on my game console.

Midway through the game my cellphone starts ringing. I look at the phone to see who is calling, but do not recognize the number. It is a local number so I swipe the phone and answer it.


“Hey, what are you doing?” says a young female voice.

I recognize the voice as my best friend’s sister in law. Confused by why she is calling and how she obtained my number, I answer, “Not much, just playing a game of football. What is up with you?”

“Not much here. Can I come over and play a game with you?” Lydia asks.

“Um, sure. How did you get my number?” I ask.

Matter of factly, Lydia answers, “From my sister. Well actually, she asked Dale and then gave it to me.”

Dale is Lydia’s brother in law. Dale and I have known each other for years and both attended the same school. We both rode the same bus to school since kindergarten. Lydia’s sister married him 5 years ago. I have known Lydia and her sister for a long time also. They grew up just down the road from me. The first time I met Lydia, she was seven or eight years old. She had definitely grown up since then and has blossomed into a beautiful young girl. She just turned 18 in November and is a Senior in high school.

“I see.” I reply.

She says with an enthusiastic voice, “I will see you in a few minutes.”

A few months ago, I moved into my own apartment about 6 blocks down the road from the house I grew up in. It is maybe a half mile away from Lydia’s parents house where she lives. I decided to quit my game that I was playing and wait for Lydia to arrive. I go into the laundry room and throw a load of laundry into the washer. The wind outside is blowing strong and making whistling noises as it blows against the apartment, windows and door.

About fifteen minutes later I hear my doorbell ring. Opening the door, I see Lydia standing on my porch, bundled up in a thick winter coat. She has the hood of her coat pulled over her head and a scarf over her mouth. When I open the screen door I feel the chilling wind hit me. Lydia rushes inside and begins shedding her winter wear.

This is the first time she has been at my apartment and it feels a little weird. The only time I have really seen her or hung out with her before this is when I am visiting Dale and she comes over. Lydia sheds her gloves, coat and scarf and reveals a red, long sleeve shirt covering her upper body. I glance at her and notice that the shirt hugs her body, showing off her breasts and flat stomach.

Her shirt hangs down over her red sweat pants that have “Alabama” written down the side of them. She kicks off her white tennis shoes with red stipes, next to the door and places her winter coat over the back of my couch. Her nose is bright red, showing effects of the cold, winter weather outside.

“Brrr. It is freezing outside.” She says as she leans in and gives me a hug.

I hold her cold body close to me, rubbing my hands up and down her back while feeling her breasts press against my chest. “I know it is. You should have gotten a ride or asked me to pick you up rather than walking.”

She giggles, “I didn’t think it would be this cold. I jogged the second half of the way though.”

Lydia looks around my living room, which is pretty bare except a couch I was given by my mom, a recliner chair, a small TV stand that hold my 25″ TV and a few cheap pictures on the wall.

“Wow, this is a big living room.” She comments as she walks around to the front of the couch and sits down.

As I grab two controllers and turn the game console one once more, I reply, “Thank you. It is pretty big even though it isn’t a great apartment, but hey, it is my own.”

We pick teams and are waiting for the game to load. I sit down next to Lydia on the couch and look at her as she stares at the TV. Her face is gorgeous, in my opinion. She has a cute little button nose and high pronounced cheek bones that reveal dimples underneath when she smiles. After staring at her face for a few seconds she turns toward me and laughs.

“What are you looking at? Do I have a zit on my face?”

She looks concerned and starts touching her face. I laugh and say, “No, you don’t have any zits on your face. I was just looking at your rosy, red nose and deep blue eyes. That is all.”

“Do you think I am cute?” Lydia asks out of the blue.

I start to blush. “Yes, you are cute. Actually, you are more than cute. You are very good looking.”

Feeling embarrassed by her question and even more so by my answer, I change the subject. “Are you ready to get your butt kicked? You know I play this game all the time, right?”

She says, “I don’t care if I lose. Want to bet on the game though?”

“Really?” I ask. “What type of bet? I know you don’t have much czech couples porno money, so I don’t want to take your money.”

“How about if I win, then you have to give me a kiss, but a much better one than you gave me at midnight on New Years. If you win, then I will make you a hamburger for lunch.”

“I just gave you a peck on the lips because you have a boyfriend.” I answer, defending the peck on the lips I gave her at midnight.

The reason I kissed her was two fold. For one, she is gorgeous and I have a little crush on her, even though I am six years older than her. Secondly, because she was the closest to me and I didn’t have anyone else to kiss for the ritual celebration of the new year, even though I suppose I could have kissed her best friend, which would have been even weirder.

Her boyfriend had ditched her for a party with his buddies and told her he would be there before midnight, but he never showed. She was feeling sad so it felt right to give her a quick kiss to make her feel better, not that I minded giving her a kiss.

Lydia’s sister freaked out when she saw me give Lydia a kiss. She said Lydia was too young for me and had a boyfriend. I didn’t care what Lydia’s sister said though, the expression on Lydia’s face was priceless. She had a look of shock at first, when I pulled away, but her expression quickly changed to a shy smile that lasted for several minutes.

I respond to Lydia’s wager. “That doesn’t seem fair for you. I mean, after all it would take you awhile to make me a hamburger and if by some chance you would happen to win, it would only take me a few seconds to give you a kiss.”

She ignores me and begins playing the game. It quickly becomes apparent that she is not very good at playing this game. I know she understands the concept of football because she has a lot of older brothers and is a tomboy. We have played tag football with the neighbors in her yard a few times over the years.

After I win the first game, even trying to play my worst, she challenges me to a second game. She says, If I win then you have to do whatever I ask and if you win, then I will do whatever you ask me to do.”

My mind is going crazy wondering what she has in mind. I know what I would want to ask her to do, but with her having a boyfriend and being young, I wouldn’t want to risk asking for sexual favors at this point. Even though she has flirted with me for years and may be willing to do something sexual, I don’t want to offend her or piss her off. The thought of having her do sexual favors for me or her asking me to do sexual favors stirs in my mind. I can feel my dick starting to grow as well. Not wanting her to see a boner forming in my sweat pants, I push away the thoughts and place my hands with the controller over my lap.

“What type of things do you have in mind if you win or when I win for that matter?” I ask her.

“Anything goes.” She replies.

Her answer really doesn’t tell me anything. The vague answer could be taken at face value, but I doubt that is what she means. I know she has been sexually active with her current boyfriend so the idea of her having sex isn’t out of the question. Her having a boyfriend, however, makes that idea seem illogical.

Lydia selects Alabama and I select LSU. While the game is loading, Lydia looks at me and gives me a sweet, seductive smile. I smile back at her then look at the TV. Why she has come over to visit me is still unclear. I could accept the face value that she just wanted to play a video game with me or that she wanted to visit me or even that she was bored at home and had nothing else to do. There is also a possibility that she is visiting with an ulterior motive.

As I kick the football off to her team I ask, “So what is Dale and your sister up to today?”

I tackle her player at the 15 yard line and she replies, “They are off shopping today. I was going to go, but I didn’t want to babysit for their kids in the store while they shopped.”

After selecting a pass defense play for my football players, I feel the heat kick on, blowing warm air down on us from the ceiling. My shoulders shrug for a moment as my eyes drift shut, enjoying the warmth. Lydia had called two run plays the entire first game so I am surprised to see her running back slash up the middle of the field for a seven yard gain.

The next play, she runs again, this time gaining six yards and a first down. The next play, she throws the ball for a seventeen yard gain and is driving down the field. I am impressed by her skill of play, but discount it as luck, simply believing that I didn’t call very good defensive plays. Having caught me off guard with a couple run plays, I concentrate on the game and call a blitz. Lydia’s quarterback quickly gets rid of the ball, just before my defender hits her quarterback. The pass is completed for ten yards.

I look over at Lydia who is laughing. I call another blitz and watch as her quarterback rolls out of the pocket and throws a bomb for a touchdown. I am dumbfounded by her level of play. She czech estrogenolit porno is playing so much better than she was the first game. At halftime, she is winning 17-14.

“Did you intentionally throw the first game to make me think you didn’t know how to play?” I ask her.

She is still laughing, “Why would you think that?”

I laugh with her and reply, “Well, because I killed you the first game and now you have suddenly learned how to play much better within a matter of minutes. I think I have been hoodwinked.”

She looks at me with a serious expression and says, “I do have brothers who play this game too.”

When she finishes speaking, she bursts into laughter. “I am going to enjoy getting you to do whatever I want when I finish beating you.”

“Alright, It is on!” I tell her as we start the second half of the football game. “How are things going between you and your boyfriend? Did you smooth things out?”

I return the kick to the twenty yard line and select a pass play, throwing the ball to my tight end across the middle of the field for a 9 yard gain. As I am scrolling through the plays to pick my next play, Lydia shocks me with her response.

“I don’t have a boyfriend anymore. I broke up with him last night because he was being a dick and I think he has been cheating on me with a skank from school.”

“Oh!” I reply. “I am sorry to hear that. Sorry I asked.”

She looks at me and smiles, “Don’t be sorry. He was a jerk anyways. I am glad I am single now.”

Things are starting to make a little more sense now. She is single and her sister is out of town so she came to hang out with me. While it is quite possible that she likes me as just a friend, her suggestive bets hint that she may want more than just a friendship.

I wonder to myself, “Now that she is single, is it possible that she wants to date me?”

Not really paying attention to the game with my full focus, I throw an interception. Two plays later, Lydia’s running back crosses the end zone and scores a touchdown. There is a little awkward silence between us for a few minutes as we continue playing the game. I am not sure what to say after learning that she has broken up with her boyfriend.

“Do you want a cup of hot chocolate?” I ask as the third quarter of the game comes to conclusion.

“Yeah, that would be great. I am still a little chilly.” she says. “I have to pee. Where is your bathroom?”

I walk her to the bathroom, which is next to the kitchen, then go into the kitchen and begin making us each a glass of hot chocolate. I microwave two mugs of water then pour the hot chocolate packets into the mugs and start stirring them. Lydia walks into the kitchen and grabs my bottle of whiskey off the counter.

“Can I have some of this in my hot chocolate?” she asks, looking at me with seductive eyes.

“You aren’t old enough, what will your parents say?” I ask, already knowing the answer, but acting responsible anyways.

She laughs, “I drink all the time, you know that. I drink with my parents and all the time at Dale’s. Remember when I got drunk while we were having a bon fire? That was so fun. You had to help carry me to the house.”

I take the bottle of whiskey and pour a little bit into her hot chocolate as we relive the memory of her drunken incident a few months prior. After stirring the whiskey in with her hot chocolate, we grab our mugs and return to the living room to finish the game.

Lydia’s team is winning with 2:30 left in the game. I have the ball and a chance to win by 1 if I score a touchdown. As I am selecting a play, Lydia takes a sip of her drink and says, “MMM! So good.”

Her hand moves to my right knee and begins moving in circles as I select a play. “Stop trying to distract me” I tell her.

Lydia laughs and removes her hand. “I am still a little cold” she says as she moves closer to me. Our bodies are now touching, her leg pressed against mine and her upper body leaning against me. She rests her head on my shoulder as I throw an incomplete pass. Normally, I would let her win, but I am scared to find out what her devious mind would come up with if she wins. Knowing that she is now single and flirting with me, I know what I will have her do, if I can just score a touch down.

With only 43 seconds left in the game and a little over 30 yards to go for a touchdown, I select a draw play, hoping to catch her team playing a pass protection defense. I snap the football and my running back is tackled for a three yard loss. She called a blitz and hit my running back in the backfield. After two quick pass plays and no timeouts left, I only need to gain 10 yards to score a touchdown. On the next play, I throw a pass to my receiver in the corner of the endzone, but her safety jumps in front of the pass and intercepts the ball.

“Fuck.” I exclaim, knowing she has won.

She looks at me and laughs. “Yes! You have to do whatever I want you to do. First, you have to give me a good kiss.”

I lean over and press my lips against her mouth. czech experiment porno I have wondered for a few years what it would be like to kiss her lips, but until recently, she was not old enough for me to find out. Now that she is finally eighteen, I am so happy to learn that her lips are soft. We kiss for several seconds, each kiss feeling more and more comfortable. I can taste her cherry lip gloss when I lick my lips, before sliding my tongue inside her mouth.

Lydia adjusts her body and sits on my lap. My hands move to her legs and I run them up and down her sweatpants, above her knees, while we continue kissing. Lydia wraps her hands around my neck and rests her elbows on my shoulders. I stop kissing her for a moment and look deep into her dreamy, blue eyes. She looks deep into my eyes and grins with a devilish expression.

She kisses me once more then starts tugging at my shirt and pulls it over my head. Her hands glide over my chest, feeling my muscles. She leans down and kisses my neck then slides her lips down to my nipple.

I have known that she is fiesty and devilish for awhile, but I am not expecting her to be this bold. Where she is going to take this is beyond me, but I am enjoying each moment of this teenage bombshell on my lap.

She pulls back a few inches and says.”Let’s play one more game. Winner takes all.”

“Fine” I answer. “I am not taking it easy on you this time though.”

My fingers move further up her legs and slide inside, massaging her inner groin. Lydia doesn’t react immediately, but after a few seconds, she pushes my hands away and says, “Quit, you are making me wet.”

I can feel my eyes grow wide open, surprised by the words that just left her mouth. I want to say, “Holy shit” but I do not say anything. The thought of my hands making her wet causes me to start growing hard. Just as quick as she has moved onto my lap, she slides back onto the couch beside me. While we are selecting teams, her phone starts ringing in her coat pocket. She stands up and rushes over to her coat which is resting on the back of the couch. I watch as she pulls her phone out of her coat and answers it.

I hear her say “I told you I don’t want to talk to you anymore” as she heads into the kitchen. It can easily be assumed that she is talking to her ex-boyfriend. I wonder why she even answered the phone at all. Her ex calling is sure to ruin her mood, which makes me mad. I can hear her cursing him out and telling him that she just wants her hoodie back from him.

A minute later, Lydia hangs up and returns to the living room. “He is such a fucking dickhead.” she says as she walks over to me and straddles my legs. “I have to run a quick errand and then I will be right back, if you will let me come back.”

I ask, “Where are you going?”

“To get my hoodie so I don’t have to deal with my ex anymore. He says he wants to talk. I told him I will talk to him for five minutes if he gives me the hoodie back. He agreed.”

I can see the look of disgust on her face as she talks about him. Her mood has definitely changed after taking the phone call.

“Do you want me to run you over there so you don’t have to walk in the cold?”

She smiles then leans in and gives me a warm, soft kiss on the lips. Even though she is young in age, she seems experienced at making out.

“No, I called my mom and she is coming to pick me up.”

I watch as she stands up and puts on her heavy coat, gloves and scarf. A horn outside honks and she opens the door. Just before she exits, she turns to me and gives me a warm smile. “When I come back, I am going to beat you in football and then you will do what I ask you to do.”

Before I have a chance to reply, she shuts the door behind her. A few moments later I hear the a car door close then the car drive away. Lydia’s suggestive words and actions have me aroused. I contemplate masturbating while she is gone, but decide against it, choosing to finish my load of laundry.

Less than 30 minutes later, I hear the ringing of my doorbell once more. When I open the door, Lydia walks into my apartment, holding a bag in her hand. She leans in and gives me a hard, passionate kiss on the lips then races into the kitchen. I follow her and watch her place the plastic bag from the grocery store on my kitchen table. She pulls out fresh, ground hamburger and a bag of buns.

“Mom ran me to the grocery store to get hamburger so I can make you the sandwich I owe you. Oh, I also picked up a movie. If you want, I can watch it here with you tonight.”

She turns and looks at me with a pouting face then starts to laugh. I cannot help but laugh at her silly facial expressions. She sometimes acts like such a little kid, but has the curves of a grown woman. It takes all my will power to keep from peeling every piece of clothing from her body. She has me feeling horny and wanting to take her to my bedroom.

“You can stay and we can watch the movie later if you want. That sounds like fun.”

As Lydia searches for a skillet in my cupboards, I approach her from behind and push her hair to the side then plant a soft kiss on the back of her neck while wrapping my arms around her waist. She puts the skillet on the stove top and turns on the heat. When she is finished making patties, she turns around toward me and gives me a kiss then pushes me away with the back of her hands and walks over to the sink to rinse off her hands.

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