Julie’s Sex Saga Ch. 01

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My name is Julie, and I’m a 24 year old woman originally from a small mid-western town. I want to tell you how I became the cock hungry sex bomb that I am today.

Growing up in that small town, there really wasn’t much to do, and all the girls were raised to be “good girls”. That meant no slutty dress, no heavy make-up, no wild parties, no staying out late on a date, and above all No Sex! There were two definite reasons to abide by the rules. First, there was your reputation. Word travels fast in a small town, and if a girl was to break the rules, it wouldn’t take any time at all for the whole town to know. Once this happened, you were guaranteed to be scorned. Second, no girl wanted to explain to their parents why she was being talked about all over town. Funny though that these rules didn’t apply to the boys. They were granted the “boys will be boys” pardon.

Sure there were the occasional dalliances, but never for myself. I had a few close girlfriends, but I never dated. The only time I actually went out with a boy was for Senior Prom. Bobby Kendall asked me to go with him when it became evident we were about the only two left without a date. Why? You might ask. Well, let me explain. Bobby was a nice guy, but definitely a farm boy. His family had a large pig farm, and he spent all of his spare time working on the farm. One thing you learn about pig farms, or most any animal farm for that matter, is they are very odorous. Needless to say, this isn’t something you can wash off your body in a matter of minutes. Bobby was also a bit on the chunky side, and none of it was very toned despite his chores around the farm.

As for myself, I’m 5’5″ with a small set of boobs, an OK butt, somewhat heavier than I would like to be and I lacked the will and/or creativity to make myself up to draw attention. My view was why bother. I didn’t want to challenge the rules. Despite my lackadaisical approach to my appearance I do have to admit that my greatest asset is my legs. They are well toned from the amount of walking I do, and if I put on a pair of shorts or a dress, they can definitely draw attention. I would imagine a nice pair of Cum Fuck Me heels would enhance them even more, but I never had a reason to try to find out.

As for the Prom, Bobby picked me up in his Dad’s pickup truck. We spent the majority of the night as 2 wall flowers, and by 10:30 I was delivered home with a quick handshake from Bobby.

While I may have “plain Jane” looks, I was fortunate enough to have a good head on my shoulders, and getting good grades came pretty easy to me. What was even more fortunate about it, was this would provide me an escape from the mundane life I had lived to that point.

I applied to several colleges, and by the time the applications were processed, there were 3 schools which I had been accepted to. Wanting to break free, but hesitant to make a big leap, I chose a school that was a couple hundred miles away from home. This put some distance between myself and home, but not so much that I would feel totally isolated.

When school started, I was put in a dorm room with Pamela Delgado. Pam was an absolutely stunning blonde. She has the looks that will make every guy in the school want to get in to her panties. I was horrified! Here I am with someone who is the complete opposite of myself. I had no idea what I was going to do. I hadn’t even been to my first class and I already wanted to turn and run.

Turns out I had no reason to be concerned. Pam was a really great, down to earth girl, and we became really good friends. Together we made a really great team. I was able to help Pam with her classes, and she slowly started teaching me how to become the woman that I had kept hidden.

Don’t get me wrong. Pam was not a slut. She knew how to dress, how to make herself up, how to be sociable, and how to handle the guys. She could drive a guy crazy and then knock him down like a 5 ton wrecking ball. She could become a really good friend to a guy without offering any other part of herself. Or, she could get a guy to fuck her brains casino şirketleri out whenever she felt like it.

One day Pam and I were just talking in our room. As the conversation progressed, I mentioned how much I envied her. She couldn’t understand. In her mind I was the really the bright girl who had a tremendous future ahead of her.

I had to explain how I felt very inferior as a woman, versus how together she was. As we continued to talk I explained my lack of experience with the male gender, my disregard to my personal appearance, and my reluctance to “break the rules” I had been raised on. Pam was a great listener, and I poured my heart out.

By the time my conversation ran out of gas, Pam asked me if I really wanted to change. Obviously I told her ” YES”. Pam then told me that we were going to work together to make me the total opposite of what I was today. To say I was skeptical would be a mild understatement.

The first thing we did was to work on losing some weight, and toning up what was there. Believe me when I tell you it took a lot of encouragement from Pam to keep me focused. By the time school finished for the year I had lost just over 15 pounds. I have to admit I was starting to feel pretty good about my new figure. By the time the next school year started, I had shed another 5 pounds. I was looking and feeling great.

When Pam saw me for the first time she was ecstatic. She told me how proud she was of me, and it was now time to work on the next phase of my makeover. This involved a visit to a stylist to have my hair done, and several lessons on makeup. The hair styling was easy. All I had to do was sit there. Pam and the stylist put their heads together, and by the time they were done I didn’t even recognize myself. It was simple, it was elegant, and it was easy to maintain. Unfortunately, makeup wasn’t as easy. The foundation and coloring I caught on to easily. The eyes were the problem. By the time I would get done with them, I would either look like a walking zombie, or a clown going to a child’s Birthday party. Pam again was very patient and encouraging. Eventually I did get the results I was happy with.

With my physical makeover now complete, the only problem left was guys. I do have to admit that I did notice guys were now paying a lot more attention to me. There was a lot more talking and flirting than I had ever been exposed to. Again, my mentor was there to help me through. Pam made sure I understood that it is virtually every guy’s goal to get in your pants. This isn’t a bad thing if that’s what you want and are willing. All you have to do is pick out who you want, and give them the subtle hints to let them know.

It was somewhat of a slow process, but I finally decided it was time to give up my virginity. I wanted to experience the ecstasy the other girls were always talking about.

Scott was my partner in my Computer Science class. He was a good looking guy with a nice body, and he had been flirting with me for several weeks. On Tuesday just as class was letting out, Scott told me he would really like to spend some time with me outside of the classroom. He asked me if I would go out with him on Friday. Outwardly I was very timid and reserved when I accepted his offer. Inside I was screaming… YES, YES this is it.

When Friday arrived, Pam was there to encourage me, check my makeup, and help me with an outfit. I ended up with a very nice somewhat low cut top, a short little tight fitting skirt, and some 3″ heels to show off my legs. Just in case, I made sure I had a nice lacy bra and matching thong. This was all topped off with a simple necklace and some stud earrings. As Pam stood there giving me my final inspection, she told me I looked good enough to eat.

Scott arrived right on time. When I opened the door, I thought we were going to need to take him to the emergency room to get his mouth closed. He finally snapped back to reality and was gushing about how hot I looked. We headed out and our first stop was Guido’s for some Italian cuisine. Since this type casino firmaları of food wasn’t really part of my plan to maintain my shapely figure, I stuck to a salad. Scott had no such reservations. He ordered big and ate big.

After dinner, Scott suggested we go to his friend’s house since there was a party going on with music and drinks. I was ready to throw up my salad, but I agreed, making believe this was the greatest idea ever.

When we arrived at the house, Scott parked the car but before we got out he turned to me to again tell me how great I looked. He also said he just couldn’t wait until later, and he leaned in and kissed me. It wasn’t a long lasting sensual kiss, but it was enough to get my heart to skip a beat and my body to start to tingle.

We went in to the house, and made our way through the crowd. Along the way Scott gave some high fives to his friends and they told him how lucky he was to have such a sexy date. This gave me a little more courage, and made me feel like I really wanted to act the part. Finally we made our way to the bar. Scott got a beer for himself and offered me one. I convinced him wine would be a better choice for me if there was any. He did find some and poured me a glass.

As the night progressed, Scott and I made several trips to the dance floor, each followed by more trips to the bar. Each time we started dancing Scott would move in a little closer to me. Between the alcohol and the heat building up in my pussy I made no effort to stop him. When the music turned to a slow song, Scott put his arms around the small of my back. I put my arms around his neck and snuggled in a little closer. Before I knew it, Scott’s hands started to wander toward my butt. When he finally had both cheeks firmly in his grasp, I moved in even closer. That’s when I felt something hard pressed against my stomach.

While my mind was screaming Oh My God, my body was screaming for more. My body won out and I started rubbing myself against him like a wanton slut. Truth was this is what I felt like. My pussy was already getting wet and all I could think about was getting my hands on that cock, spreading my legs and guiding it to my love opening.

Scott was a more than willing partner to my desires. As I rubbed myself against him he grabbed my butt even harder and bent down to give me a real kiss. Our lips met and my body really lit the fire. When he stuck his tongue in my mouth I thought I was going to cum right there on the dance floor. Our tongues continued their own dance, and all the while I kept rubbing myself against him like I could get him inside of me right through our clothes.

Finally we broke our kiss and he took my hand leading me to the stairway. Already my body felt empty. I wanted that tongue back in my mouth, and that cock rubbing against my pussy. At the top of the stairs, Scott found an empty bedroom and led me in, locking the door behind us. In a flash we were locked in each other’s arms again. My body felt relieved of the emptiness as soon as our tongues began exploring each other’s mouths again, and my pussy could feel the hardness of his cock. I was floating in the clouds thinking of how wonderful this was going to be and all the things we could do to each other. I wanted to stroke his cock. I wanted to suck his cock. I wanted him to lick my pussy. Finally, I wanted him inside me while we made passionate love.

Scott moved me to the bed, and laid me down. He then dropped his pants to his ankles not even bothering to take them off. He quickly reached under my skirt and found the elastic for my thong. In a flash he had the thong off my legs. I was so shocked I couldn’t even think or move. This left Scott the perfect opening. He jumped between my legs, grabbed his cock and began pushing it in to me. Luckily I was pretty wet from my previous excitement or he would have ripped me apart. As soon as he was in, he began to fuck me. This was not a loving fuck; it was pure and simple animal lust and rutting. Within two minutes he had drained his balls and he was pulling his pants back on. güvenilir casino I can’t ever remember when I have felt so used. For Scott, he was quite content and proud of his manliness.

I finally came to my senses and looked for my thong. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up.

When I went back downstairs, Scott was there to meet me at the bottom of the steps. I no sooner stepped off the last step then he suggested we head home. Off we went to the car.

When Scott dropped me off, he leaned over, gave me a quick kiss and asked when we could do it again. Needless to say I wasn’t jumping at the opportunity and just gave him a very vague open ended answer.

As soon as I opened the door, Pam was waiting and anxious to hear how my night went. I went in to great detail about the whole evening. Just as I finished my story, I couldn’t hold it back anymore, and I burst in to tears. Pam came over and wrapped her arms around me to console me. I just continued to cry. When the tears finally stopped, Pam took her finger to wipe the tears still sitting on my cheek. As she was doing this we ended up looking in to each other’s eyes. All of a sudden we were in a lip lock. We started out with just short kisses, but they grew more and more passionate until we were exploring each other’s mouth with our tongue.

I don’t know if it was the pent up frustration, or the fact Pam was a great kisser, but I knew I was not going to let her out of my arms. As we continued to kiss, my hands started to roam. First they found her ass and I pulled her close to me. Then I moved to her breasts. When she touched my breasts I knew for sure we were going to finish what had just started.

As we continued to fondle and kiss, I moved my hand to her pants. I started to rub her pussy from outside and she gave me a soft moan. Encouraged by this, I put my hand inside her pants. I found her pussy to already be wet, and her clit was ready and waiting for me when I touched it. The more I played with her clit, the more she began to moan. Pam lifted my skirt, and pushed the thong to the side. I was in ecstasy when she put her finger inside me. Feeling an orgasm rapidly approaching, I wanted to get more comfortable so I could enjoy it.

We broke apart just long enough to strip out of our clothes and lay on the couch. As soon as Pam laid down, I was on top of her. Our passionate kissing continued while I played with her nipples and fingered her pussy. As I broke our kiss, I started my way down her body. I stopped to give each nipple some well-deserved attention, but I knew my main goal still lay ahead. I continued to work my way down teasing her along the way. I wanted this to last so I planted kisses on her inner thighs. This just made her more excited and I could smell the fragrance she was giving off. I knew I wanted to taste it. I couldn’t wait any longer and I dove in to her pussy smothering it with licks and kisses. As soon as I started, Pam grabbed my head and pulled it in to her womanhood. I licked feverishly and could tell by her moaning and thrashing she was close to cuming. I wanted to bring her to orgasm more than I had ever wanted anything. She did not disappoint. She let out something between a moan and a scream and I was rewarded with a wonderful tasting surprise. I licked up every drop of that sweet juice.

Once Pam came down from her orgasm, she pulled me up and told me “now it’s your turn”. Pam began to give me the same attention I had given her. Her tongue did things to me I could never even dream about. She was a fantastic lover. Once she started eating my pussy I knew I was gone. I had about 3 orgasms in a row. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I had to tell her to stop.

She came up to me and gave me a kiss that was so tender I wanted to crawl inside her. We both agreed it was wonderful and that we wanted to do it again and often, but we still wanted more and different sexual exploits. We fell asleep snuggled in each other’s arms.

I woke up holding Pam in my arms, realizing I had finally broken through my sexual barrier. I now knew I wanted more pussy and that Pam’s wouldn’t be the only one. However, I also could sense I wanted to experience all the joy and passion of a nice hard hot cock. One that would leave me just as satisfied as I planned to leave it.

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