Julie’s Panties Ch. 10

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This was going to be a special weekend. Julie’s parents were going up to Vermont for a few days of skiing. They left mid-day Friday and weren’t going to return till late Sunday. The fox was going to raid the henhouse! Julie and I planned to get together after my work and her classes on Friday evening and spend the weekend together at her folk’s house.

I got home from work, showered, shaved, packed a few thing in my duffle, left a note for my mother telling her not to wait up for me. There was no need to explain what that meant, she wasn’t stupid and she spent most weekends with her boyfriend.

It was a cold late February day when there had been some light snow off and on all day. I stopped at the florist and bought some flowers and when I arrived at Julie’s house, it was quiet with no lights on even though it was early evening. I opened the door and walked in, no sign of Julie. I took off my snow covered shoes and went looking for her. Hoping to catch her in some form of undress, I quietly climbed the stairs, no lights there either.

I crept down the hall, Julie’s bedroom door was partially open. She was lying on her side in bed, on top of her covers, wearing just her bra and panties, sound asleep. The soft late afternoon light illuminated her room, I put the flowers on a table and stood for a moment, not wanting to disturb her slumber.

Julie’s bed room was, like her, soft and feminine. Lace curtains, a ruffled skirt and pillows on the bed. There was an upholstered chair to my left and I sat down to contemplate my next move. A pink satin half-slip was draped over the arm, I carefully picked it up. The cool liquid satin ran through my fingertips, the luxury fabric felt like heaven.

I immediately recognized the material as Barbizon Satin Remarque, now a favorite of ours. I loved how Barbizon named their lingerie. This tag said Barbizon Marcie, Sz Medium, 23″. It was the softest pink with the slightest hint of a blue cast. I ran the rippled waist band through my fingers, then held the slip up to get a good look. The front had a lace edged slit about half way up the center and there were the prettiest green, blue and dark pink embroidered flowers scattered on each side of the slit. What a beautiful creation, it shined and rippled in the light.

I imagined what it would look like on Julie, the silky satin draping over her soft hips, her graceful legs appearing as it ended just above her knees. Perhaps she would also be wearing a matching garter belt and stockings?

I didn’t need any imagination to see what her bra and panties looked like. The panties matched her half-slip, but her bra was snow white and most likely not made by Barbizon. Julie had told me that Barbizon wasn’t really a bra company and she preferred other brands. (When your girlfriend works in a lingerie store, you learn these things) I sat there admiring her graceful form, her long slender legs, one bent slightly at the knee, the soft curve of her hips, her slim waist, flat tummy and the swell of her breasts. Her oval face was framed by her long flowing hair. It tumbled down her shoulders and spread out on her pillow, a few tendrils spilling across her face. She looked so peaceful, her eyes closed, a slight hint of eyeshadow on her lids, maybe a little mascara in her lashes. She had applied a light pinkish gloss to her full lips, I was so lucky to be in love with this beautiful lady.

Lying there, just wearing her bra and panties, she looked so delicate and feminine. I was reminded about why I loved her so. One day we could be climbing a mountain or hiking in the forest, the next she was all girl in her silky pink panties and snow white, satin and lace bra. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, I decided then and there, I was going to ask her to marry me. I wasn’t sure when and where, her return to school was sure to delay things. But I was certain of one thing, I wanted her to be by my side forever.

I got up and walked over to her bed and carefully sat down next to her sleeping form, still afraid to awaken her. She sensed my presence and stirred, “Is that you Romeo?” she asked without opening her eyes “If not, then you had better scoot or my boyfriend will beat you up!”

“It’s just your favorite panty perv!” I replied “and he wants to know if you want to make love or to just fuck!”

“Ummmmmm” she said, “Making love sounds right just now, slow and easy. What do you think of my panties, Mr Perve?”

Her eyes remained closed and I gently kissed her graceful neck, smelling her sweet perfume. “I’ll give them a detailed inspection in a short while” I replied. “Just lay there and I will do the rest!”

Julie had stretched out on her stomach so I started on her neck, gently running my fingertips down her spine, just barely touching her skin. I remembered how aroused we both became the last time that I did this so tonight was going to start the same way.

The straps of Julie’s bra casino şirketleri were a stretchy satin like material, doubled up to run through a small ring and then back up to an adjustable slide. I ran my fingertips up and down the straps from her delicate shoulders, then down to the back band, across the band to the two hook catch. The tag had folded out from under the band and I could read the label, Olga Shimmerlillies, 34C. For some reason, even bra straps and the tags turned me on. I guess that it goes back to the forbidden view and private information about her size etc.

At any rate, I could tell that Julie was enjoying my light caresses, I saw the now familiar goose bumps beginning!

Finished with her bra straps, I lightly caressed the skin on her lower back while moving down to examine her panties. I loved the curve of her ass and the way that her panties followed the hollow of her back, the waist band encircling just above her hips. The elastic had gathered up the silky fabric in even wrinkles around the entire waistband. It was finished with the most delicate, looped, tiny Picot trim. I loved rubbing my fingers along the waistband and the silky fabric that was puckered up with it. Her panties followed the curve of her firm round ass, each cheek covered in satin, the edging around her legs kept it smooth. Even the leg openings formed a delicate ribbing and they had the same Picot edging. I followed each leg opening down to where the back panel and the gusset were joined by fine stitching.

I began gently caressing her ass through her panties, running my fingers underneath the waistband and the leg openings. I felt her breathing begin to speed up, especially when my fingers approached her crotch. I was getting turned on as well, just by feeling her panties, but I was focusing on Julie right now. I’d have my pleasure in due time.

I began very gently massaging the back of her thighs and calves. She must have just shaved her legs, her skin was so silky smooth, my hands just glided over her body as I my fingers returned upwards to her panty covered ass.

While she was trying to lie still, Julie began responding to my attention, first arching her ass up to my hands, then rolling over on to her side, beckoning me to kiss her lips. How could I refuse? I moved closer so I could take her into my arms, and gently kissed her soft pink lips and gazed into her beautiful brown eyes.

“That was wonderful” She softly said. “Now do my front!”

We lay side by side, I brushed the wisps of hair from her face, running my fingertips across her cheeks in the same motion. I spent a moment taking in the vision in front of me. Her firm breasts were adorned with the most beautiful white satin and lace underwired bra I had ever seen. I began running my fingertips down the straps and followed the perimeter of the satin and lace cups. The two inch wide lace ran on a diagonal, leading to the plunging V of the valley between her breasts. It even had a bow in the middle, attached to the lacy material between the cups. The balance was the silkiest nylon, covering everything below her nipples. While avoiding direct contact with her nipples, I gently kneaded her bra encased breasts. Past experience proved that this returned extra dividends a little later on, she loved the tease!

Man, whoever this Olga was, she knew how to dress a lady! This bra fit Julie like a glove and I loved the delicate features that were just there to adorn the wearer and, in my case anyway, arouse the interest of the beholder. This was during a time when lingerie makers were always trying to outdo each other with lacier lace and silkier satins. This was more than just practical underwear and Julie was certainly their target. She loved dressing in soft feminine things as much as I loved her in them. I always wanted her to keep her lingerie on as long as possible.

All of this attention was having the desired effect on Julie, her breathing got deeper and faster, her nipples began poking through the delicate lace of her bra. She began squirming her ass around on the sheets and I hadn’t touched anything but her bra! I couldn’t wait any more, I leaned over and kissed her nipples through the lace of her bra, gently rolling one between my fingertips while sucking on the other.

Julie finally spoke, “Are you going to get your pants off or do I have to do it for you?”

“Well” I shot back, “I was waiting until I had finished inspected your panties, I just got a good look at your bra!”

Julie unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and pushed them down my legs. My aching cock sprang up and poked out from my tighty whiteys, released from its prison. “We are going to have to get you some better underwear than this” she said, as she pushed them down and off as well. Grabbing my stiff cock with her hand, she engulfed the head with her sweet lips and began licking and sucking me with no hesitation.

I now casino firmaları had a good look at the front of Julie’s pink satin panties. They had a satin band on each hip that was about an inch and a half wide running from the rear panel, over her hips and joining the satin and lace front. The lace was about an inch wide running down the sides from her waist to the gusset. Like her half-slip, there were tiny embroidered flowers across the front panel. These were such incredibly beautiful panties, I even loved the way that the satin rippled across her pubic area. I just had to stare, almost unwilling to mess them up but Julie stopped sucking my cock long enough to ask, “Are you going to just stay there gauking at my panties or are you going to eat my pussy?”

I dove between her legs, planting a big kiss on the silky crotch of her satin panties. They were soaked and I inhaled the intoxicating aroma of an aroused woman. I began licking the material that was covering her pussy as Julie sucked my cock like it was a Popsicle. We both began humping each other’s mouth as I slid the crotch of her silky panties aside and slipped my tongue into her wet snatch, licking her from taint meat to clitoris. I’d take 4-5 five licks then slide my tongue in as far as I could, licking up as much of her juices as I could.

By now Julie had most of my cock in her mouth and she was sucking in and out, up and down, pausing occasionally to suck on my balls, then going back to her cock sucking. I licked up to the top of her pussy then placed my tongue flat on the hood of her clitoris. She began grinding against my tongue and I began gently sucking on her little button. She broke away from her blow job long enough to moan something like “Oh god that’s good, Oh fuck yeah!”

It was hard for me to hear, her thighs were now wrapped around my ears! She resumed sucking me, then paused to lick me from balls to tip, then plunging back down as far as she could on my cock. God she was good!

I had reached around her ass and was squeezing her cheeks through the satin of her pink panties, fuck I loved the way that they felt. Somehow I flipped over onto my back and Julie was grinding her pussy against my face and bobbing up and down on my pole. I was nearing the end, just waiting for Julie to get off before losing my load. I continued trying to eat a hole through the crotch of her panties and slid about two knuckles of my middle finger into her pussy. Julie ground down on my finger the started fucking herself on it. This was so fucking hot. I stuck a second finger in and she lost it, bucking like a bronco as I tried to keep my thumb on her clitoris. She had let my cock slip out of her mouth and was moaning and groaning as she came, her pussy squeezing my fingers like it was a cock.

I began humping my cock against her chest and I felt it sliding against her bra and her tits. This was incredible, Julie grabbed my cock and held it against her bra covered tits as I thrust it in and out. She took her breasts in both hands, squeezing them around my cock. I could feel the satin and lace of her bra sliding against my cock and it was more than I could handle. With one final thrust and a groan, I came, pumping my load onto her bra, her tits and her chest.

We lay there, basking in the post orgasmic glow, catching our breath. I started licking Julies juices off of my fingers, Julie ran one finger through the gob of semen between on her bra and licked it off. “Hum” she said, “that’s not too bad, but look at the mess that you made of my bra and panties!” She reached down and peeled her soggy panties off and used them to wipe the come off of her chest. “I’m not sure if this is where that stuff is supposed to go but there it is! You will have to continue inspecting the front of these panties some other time!”, and she dropped them on the floor.

I leaned over and kissed her on the lips, reached behind her and unhooked the clasp of her bra, slid the straps off of her shoulders and down her arms, dropping the come soaked garment on the floor next to her panties.

We lay there in bed for a few minutes and I realized that here we were, enjoying the comforts of home in Julies parents’ home. We had never spent the entire night together before and yet that was tonight’s plan. The other issue was that I was hungry and we had no plans to cook supper so I suggested that I go get a pizza.

Julie agreed, but my face was covered in love juice from eating Julie’s pussy, my dick had drying come all over it and I was going to need to shower before going to get the pizza. I got up, ordered the pizza and ran through the shower, feeling a little odd doing it in Julie’s house while her parents were away skiing. Actually it was a little sexy, I could already feel my batteries recharging.

It was busy at Anthony’s Pizza but after waiting 15 minutes, I got my pie and headed back to Julies “Love Nest” as I had named it. Julie had also güvenilir casino taken a shower and was standing in a beautiful pink satin robe drying her hair with a blow dryer. Her nipples made little peaks in the satin and I wanted her again, but first, we had pizza. As we sat at the table sharing the pizza, I told Julie “This will be the first time that we have spent the night together. We might actually sleep together as well.”

“Yeah” she said, “I wonder how much sleep we will get?”

Thinking about the double meaning of that statement, I added, “Not much I bet!”

We finished eating and we sat down to watch a little TV, nothing interested us and I suggested that we step outside and smoke a bone. “In this cold?” she asked.

“Yeah, your folks will smell it if we do it in here.”

We put on our coats, Julies satin robe showing below her jacket, and headed outside to fire it up. It was freezing and we didn’t waste any time getting back inside.

The weed was taking effect and the cold had made Julies nipples really stand out. I removed her coat and took her into my arms, we kissed like the passionate lovers that we were, my arms around Julie’s waist, hers around my neck.

As we kissed, I reached down and squeezed the firm cheeks of Julie’s ass, she unbuttoned my flannel shirt and pushed if off of my shoulders. Reluctantly, I released my grip on her firm ass and shrugged the shirt off, letting it fall. Julie took my hand and led me back upstairs to her bedroom. I dropped my pants and underwear then embraced Julie, my hard penis rubbing up against the satin of her robe. I reached down and untied the sash then slid the silky garment off of Julie’s shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. As much as I loved Julie in lingerie, I stood back to take in her now totally naked body. God she was beautiful, so tall and graceful, firm C cup breasts with their perky erect nipples. Her slender waist, the graceful swell of her hips and legs that went on for miles. Her long brown, slightly wavy hair reached halfway to her waist. I held her beautiful face in my hands and resumed kissing her rose colored lips.

As we stood there making out, I was feeling her right breast with my left hand, her nipples standing up at attention. With my other hand, I reached down between Julie’s legs, running my fingers through her soft pubic hair then gently reached for her pussy lips. They were already wet with her juices and my finger slipped inside. Julie let out a sigh and reached for my aching cock. I was already leaking fluid, nearly as juicy as Julie. We stood there masturbating each other, lost in the pure delight of it.

Finally, I couldn’t take any more, I picked Julie up in my arms and placed her on the edge of the bed. Still standing, I slid between her long open legs and entered her pussy. First just two inches or so but Julie began arching her hips up to meet me and I plunged into her. God was she wet and for the first time that night we were fucking like sex starved maniacs. My rapid thrusts were met by Julie rising up to meet me. Her legs were spread wide open, she had placed her feet on the side rails of the bed to get leverage as she met me thrust for thrust.

As I stood there fucking Julie, I just couldn’t help but stare at her beauty. Her long legs spread wide, her sweet juicy pussy grasping my hard cock as it slid in and out of her. She was cupping her firm breasts with both hands, eyes closed, lost in the moment. Her soft pink lips slightly open, silently mouthing words of ecstasy.

Our frantic coupling slowed down to a steadier more sensuous pace, Julie wrapped her long legs around mine. I reached down, my lower arms now supporting her thighs. I loved the silky feel of her skin as I slid in and out of her pussy. We had settled into a slow burn, both comfortable in the pace of our lovemaking.

My legs began to tire and I pulled out of Julie’s hot box and climbed into bed. Julie slid all the way into bed as well, climbed on top of me and lowered her juicy pussy back down on my erect cock. With one motion, I was balls deep and she began grinding up and down, this time she was setting the pace. I reached up, holding both breasts in my hands while also supporting her torso, her long hair brushing against my chest, her beautiful eyes closed, and her lips still murmuring sweet nothings. I began thrusting my hips, pushing into Julie, speeding up the tempo. I could feel Julie’s vagina squeezing my penis, her breathing getting faster and her silent murmuring getting louder. We were both gasping incoherent love babble in time to our fucking, but Julie began to orgasm “Oh, Oh, Oh,Ohhhhhhhhhhh” , she moaned “I’m commmmmmmmmmingggg!”

This was much as I could handle and with a long groan, I also came, filling her womb with the contents of my nuts, Julies vagina was still milking me dry as we collapsed, gasping for air, lost in our passion. My dick shrunk down, slipped out, I rolled on my back, took a deep breath. There was no need to talk, this had been incredible. I pulled Julie into my arms, she snuggled up, we exchanged I love yous’ and then we drifted off to sleep. I spent the night, dreaming of Julie, and her panties.

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