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act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind,

—–Fiction is: imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator. of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator.


Writer JCW


Story Werewolf Guard

A retired army man. Well he had been in the army. His job was more in the line of a spy. You know sneaky Pete. Learned how to kill, with nothing left behind to say he had been there. He was real good at his job for quite a few years. Then it became harder to sleep with some of the spooks in his mind. The army, or who ever was in charge decided to make him a major, and retire him.

His head had too many secrets wondering around in it to trust him to far. The house he bought to live in soon had cameras, and bugs all over the place. Sure they were good but he smelled all of them out. He know they had two chooses. Kill him, or watch him. He was happy they decided to watch him. Major Jake had to sleep with a light on, don”t make a loud noise behind him, don”t touch him to wake him up. Hell he was a mess.

As most of the time the Service fucks men up but can”t fix them.

As often happens work for ever, and can”t relax. Yep, got to find a job. Something to do without all the thinking. He retired from Ft Bliss in El Paso Texas.

His cover from the army was as clean as any. It was one long lie as it didn”t say a thing about what he really did.

Oh well he was hired as a security guard for a missile range west of Fort Bliss about 30 miles.


A horse, a gun, hot dry patrol. He loved it.

Months later he started to notice some dogs watching him as he was on patrol. One now and then, then two, others just glimpses of them. He started to buy some meat, and then dog food. They never took it from his hands but it was always ate. One day he decided to set, and hold the meat in his hand till one of the dogs ate it out of his hand. The dog set, and stared at him till at last his whispered words led it to eat it out of his hand. It licked his hand when done.

One day he was checking the lock on a van on his rounds, and looked at it closely. It was an old one, a batch of numbers to push. He noticed that some of the numbers konyaaltı sınırsız escort were lighter in color then others. His mind went into action at once. He know that the four numbers were the code. The third try opened it. He stepped in side to see some kind of wild ass machine standing there almost filling the van. “Jesus Christ what the shit are they doing in here?” He locked the door and went on with the patrol.

A few days later Mr. Jake was riding his horse on a trail far from the guard van. The group of dogs appeared blocking the trail. They set there looking at him. Jake dismounted and started to get the feed out of the saddlebags. A growl was heard as one of them moved its head from side to side. It looked like a no? He paused as one dog picked up a stick in its mouth. The sand was smooth at his feet, and the stick was used to write a word. He stood there watching as one after the other was wrote in the sand. Talk about weird.

At last he started to ask questions, then demanded proof. One of the larger dogs nodded its head, and held out a paw to his hand. He took it in his hand, and watched as the paw changed into a child”s hand, it shook his hand, then changed back to a paw. “Holy shit this has to be WOW. What the hell?”

The whole group of dogs looked like they were laughing at him. The sounds almost were the same. After awhile he asked them if any of them can talk? One of the ankle biters nodded its head as it whispered a word.

Oh boy was there a load of shit spoke there that evening.

Jake got back on his horse, and rode off with a lot to think about. He had swore he would help them out. It took a week to get everything he needed together.

1. A truck

2. A group of three wheel motor bikes, that a dog can drive.

3. a fork lift.

4. A trailer,

5. Tools

6. Heck a lot more.

The dogs met him at the van with the padlock on it. The machine is taken apart, and lifted onto the trailer. It is is escorted to the truck at a hotel near the camp. All the junk is loaded aboard. A buddy he has with him drives it to his house for him. The dogs were in the back too.

After his guard shift he hurried home to let the dogs out of the truck. He fed, and watered them. “Look guys I built a large shed for you to live in.” The law will not let me have you guys in the house. At least in the day, or when they can see you.

That evening was a busy one. The man had over time found all the wee bugs, and cameras that were in his house. He had long since had plans in his mind on how to keep them from seeing, or hearing him, without them knowing he had done it. A out of view switch was thrown. A batch of cameras switched to some films he had made of himself wondering around the house. An other switch took care of the bugs. “There you clumsy fools see how bad you are.”

He walked konyaaltı türbanlı escort to the kitchen door, and called out to the dogs to tell them to come inside. “Okay I blinded all the fools. The place is safe now.” He led them around the house to show them where they can sleep, where the food was stored, and so on.

The next item to do was to unload the truck of the machine parts into one of the spare rooms. The dogs used their paws, and barked as he put it together. They had seen the machine in use often. and paid attention to it. Yes the machine was how some young kids became young dogs.

A doctor had been kidnapping young gay boys, raping them, and experimenting with changing them so they can”t tell anyone about the rape, and his other crimes.

Yes there was some cats out there too. “Where are they?” One of the ankle biters rushed over to a map on the wall to nose a spot. “Okay can you get them to come to my truck to come home with me?” A head nodded yes.

The next day one of the dogs was left out of the truck near the spot that had been pointed out. Eight hours later as the man got off duty he found a young dog with a group of cats in the back seat of the truck.

That night was fun, a group of cats can be good bedmates. Knowing they are really boys, and not cats can mess with a gay mans mind. “Don”t lay there!” Dogs okay, they don”t mess up a mind so much, but a cat WOW!

The machine took a week to get back together. Three weeks later it was able to unlock the lockout that kept the animals from changing back to boys, or cats doing the same. Well the lock was gone, but a boy, can be a dog if he wants to be. A cat too. They can also chose to age, to be a blond, a redhead. Maybe a girl, or an old clown.

Okay what to do with all these kids/whatever? Well first there is a doctor in hiding that really needs s lead enema.

But first lets teach some time animals how to be rough tough solders. Oh boy did the mats get a workout. Then the larger dogs learned to be guard dogs. Oh boy where is all this going? Well some friends in the army decided that guard dogs were needed on the range. Yes, with a whisper in his ear he did.

Jake met the truck delivering the dogs, and soon had them under his command. “Hell he had trained them so they know how to act.”

While Jake took some of the dogs out on patrol the rest watched the guards. It took a week playing guard dog before the doctor turned up to pass out some cash. The dogs noted the ones that got the cash. A slap on the back, and laughter was noted to. One of the dogs slipped its lash to trail the doctor. It was led to the same place that Jake had parked the truck when he picked up the dogs. It was a small, almost a town.

Three people on a list to be removed. Well Jake was known to leave more then a few dead bodies laying around. Lets see the doctor konyaaltı ucuz escort left a hairdryer running, and burned down his room with him in it. The guard commander got in a gunfight with one of his guards, and both died. Too bad you should not play with guns.

Oh well, Jake worked out his contract on the post. He did not renew it. He spent part of the time picking out some fine samples of cactus to transplant along his fence line. It do make it nasty if you climb a fence, and run into a cactus garden.

Jake went into full force training of the boys. Spies that can change shape are needed to stop some of the evil in the world.

The next thing that needs to be done is to visit his old commander. A call to make an appointment. He shows up for the appointment with a cat in his arms, and two Doberman dogs on his heels. “What the hell? “Oh I cured my PBS bullshit. I just need to sleep with a batch of animals.”

“Okay but you can”t take them with you?” “Sure I can, let me show you why.” The cat jumped down, and changed into a nice looked naked boy as he landed on the floor. The two dogs joined him, in changing form. Three naked boys in front of the head man. Jake took off his back pack, and handed out some clothes. “Well do you need some wee little spies?” “How the hell?” “You don”t want to know. The man that figured it out died in a fire.” “Oh!” The man went for a ride with Jake, and met many a strange young men. And many a cute dog, or cat , as it struck them to be.

“Okay tell me what you think they can do?”

“Well lets think of a party. A cat curls up with the ambassador on a chair. The cat has a mike on him. Okay we hear everything. A cute dog playing with a son, or daughter, near the parents. Oops more talk overheard.”

“Lets see how about my old job. Poison is easy to be place where it can do the job. I would keep that as a last choice.”

A nice jet was giver to Jake. It was set up with all he asked for. Radios, of course. Minders for the kids, yeah agents as cover. The kids were hid in plain sight. If a dog was needed, a backpack was needed for clothes. A small mike in a collar was on all. A scratch can turn it on or off.

Jake was always near by, with a few of the larger well trained dogs, either in fur or clothes. If the shit hit the wall, he would hit back in spades.

As always shit happens. A cat was given to a kid. and wondered into an office. It started to hear what it had came for. It scratched the mike switch, and bells went off at once. The cat cut it off at once, but it was too late. A wand was waved around to zero in on the collar. It was ripped off to find the mike.

Jake with four large dogs hit the door breaking it open, and the dogs went ahead to take out the guards as Jake took down the head man. The cat ran out of sight to change form, and came back in to point at a hidden lock box, then ran out of the room.

The head man and his three guards were dragged out of the room with the police man on the take. The man had kept good records of every payment with what the cop had done for him. The cat was never spoke of.

I”m sure you can see what was going to happen in the rest of their life.

The end


The end



Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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