Jess and the Professor

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I stood outside, cigarette in hand, breathing in the summer air and the smoke and the traffic fumes. I’d finally found the pub, hidden among the narrow back streets of central Sheffield, buried under suffocating ivy. I was shaking, and sweating. It was unusually warm, even for July, and my jacket and nerves weren’t doing me any favours.

Removing the jacket and slinging it over my shoulder in what I hoped was a casual manner, I checked my watch. I was late. So was he. I took out my phone and absent mindedly looked at Facebook, trying not to get lipstick on my fingers as I smoked my cigarette.

“Oh, hello there,” came a voice from behind me.

Fuck. He wasn’t late. “Hey, Gareth!” I exclaimed, probably too enthusiastically given the situation.

I’d usually greet friends with a hug or even a kiss on the cheek, but that seemed inappropriate. Gareth wasn’t my friend, he was my professor. He’d got his first teaching job at the University of Sheffield, where I recently finished my Archaeology degree. Bones and stuff. I love it, somewhat ironically, given the size of me. I’d never been a slim girl, but four years at University had really seen me pile on the pounds. People talk about the ‘Freshers’ Fifteen’. More like the Fresher’s hundred. At 5 foot 7, I tipped the scales at 250lbs. I hated my body, but the student lifestyle dictated that I drank beers, stayed up late and survived on a diet of junk food and energy drinks. I’ll get rid of it, once I’m a postgraduate, I kept telling myself.

Anyway, Gareth. Postgraduate. That’s why we were meeting, we’d arranged to meet to discuss my options for a PhD at the University. Most students did a Master’s Degree first, but Gareth seemed adamant that I’d apply to doctoral training straight away. I was pretty nervous about the meeting, especially since I’d had absolutely no idea what to base my thesis proposal on.

“So, had any thoughts about the proposal?” he asked, plonking a pint of cider down in front of me and splashing it on his hand.

“Umm…” I panicked, trying to think of something intelligent to say. Gareth licked the splash of cider off his hand. God, he had lovely hands. Gareth had lovely everything. He was easily six feet tall with a chiselled, handsome face and a real hard body. I wondered if people thought we were on a date. This Greek God, a chubby chaser. I laughed to myself at the idea.

“Funny, huh?” he asked.

“Sorry, I just… no, I’ve no idea where my proposal is going to be honest”

“Not to worry. That’s why I’m here. So you’re going to continue with your research on the skeletal, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so”. The way he said the word ‘skeletal’ made me uncomfortable. As I sipped the sugary cider, I became increasingly aware of the sheer size of my body. Especially next to him.

“Well, that’s a start. Let’s take a look at some of these course guides.”

The next hour or so passed in a blur. Gareth showed me the prospectus for the University’s PhD programme for archaeologists, along with other similar coursers in the area. He bought me another drink, and another. We smoked, and drank, and made nerdy archaeology jokes.

I could feel myself getting drunk. Not seriously hammered, but certainly not sober. As my head became fuzzier, I moved closer to him. Or maybe he moved toward me? I couldn’t tell. But in the couple of hours meet suck and fuck we spent talking, we went from sitting at least a foot apart on the bench to sitting side by side, thighs touching. He went to pull a cigarette filter from his pocket and his hand brushed against my leg.

“Sorry”, he mumbled as he rolled his cigarette. I watched his deft hands as he twisted the paper, popped it into his mouth and lit up.

“No worries”, I laughed. I was laughing at myself, really. How ridiculous I was. He had accidentally touched my thigh and I was practically swimming in my own wetness. I was lucky I had a padded bra on, as my nipples had stiffened to attention. God, he turned me on so much.

“So, fancy another drink?” he asked me as he drained his glass.

“Oh, I should probably be getting off soon. I mean, going home,” I awkwardly stumbled over my words. I wanted to go home soon, SO I could get off. Sitting in this close proximity to Gareth for an extended period of time had got me ready for a solo session.

“Go on, Jess. One more won’t hurt. It’s on me.” he insisted. I smiled, accepting silently, and Gareth got up and went inside to the bar. Minutes later, he returned empty handed. “Fucking hell, sorry. I’ve not got any cash left, and their card machine is down.”

“Never mind!” I replied, slightly relieved at the opportunity to, well, relieve myself.

“Hang on, I’ve got an idea. My place is only around the corner and I’ve got a few beers in the fridge. You could come back to mine for a couple, if you like?”

Gareth. Gareth Philips. As in, Gorgeous Gareth, the dreamiest lecturer on campus. He’d just invited me back to his house for a drink. This was not happening. Except, I guess, it was. Just a drink, though. As colleagues, practically!

“Why not?” I stood up and pulled my jacket around myself, shoving my cigarettes into my bag and swinging it over my shoulder. “Let’s go”.

Gareth and I ambled back to his place, around a ten minute walk away. We laughed and joked as we walked, and in our slightly tipsy states, kept walking into each other. His hand brushed against mine at one point and I thought I was going to explode on the spot. “This is it” he said, as we reached his front door. He unlocked it and I stepped inside. He followed and locked the door behind us. He kicked off his shoes and chucked the bag full of prospectuses into the hallway. I bent down to remove my shoes, cursing myself for wearing buckle ups so fiddly. Suddenly, I became aware of a shadow over me. Gareth stood tall in the hallway, hand leaning on the wall, so close to me. I caught his eye and he smirked.

“Oh, Jess” he laughed. I blinked, confused. “You’re so cute.”

I laughed, nervously. I had absolutely no idea how to respond to that, and besides, with my ballooning stomach stretching against my t shirt and my plump thighs spread out as I crouched, I was far from cute. Finally wrestling my shoes off, I stood back up. Gareth reached his hand toward me and cupped my face.

“So. Cute.” he repeated.

The next thing I knew, he was kissing me. And I was kissing him back. Our tongues explored each others mouths, the scent of booze and cigarettes on both of our breaths. I didn’t care. He tasted like heaven to me. He brushed his hand against my ample breast and I sighed audibly.

“Oh mobil porno Jess. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this” he breathed.

“I’ve wanted this since I met you” I managed to utter between urgent, seeking kisses.

His strong hands worked their way over my body, feeling every curve, roll and lump. He kneaded my huge gut and groaned. I was mortified. What the fuck was he doing, touching my disgusting belly like this? But then I felt his suddenly erect penis probing my leg. Oh my god, I thought to myself. He’s into this. He likes fat chicks. That explained a lot, his obsession with old fertility goddesses in his archaeogical research.

“Oh god, Jess. Your body is incredible” he sighed as he felt every inch of my mid section, belly, hips, love handles. My suspicions were confirmed, then.

“G-Gareth, I…I don’t think we should do this” I pulled away, embarrassed. Embarrassed that he saw my enormous weight gain as a turn on. Embarrassed that he knew how soft my flesh was, how much my stomach jiggled. I pulled my top back down, it strained against my belly as I struggled to hide myself from him.

“Jess, I’m sorry, I…I just think you’re beautiful. I could never do this with you when you were my student, but I thought you liked me that way. I’m sorry. I didn’t realise you didn’t want to”, he ran his hands through his hair, obviously also embarrassed at his advances.

“No, Gareth, I do like you, how could I not? I mean look at you. And look at me!” I signalled towards my expansive body.

“Yeah, look at you. You’re beautiful” he replied, staring straight at my belly. Despite rearranging my t shirt, my vast belly button was still clearly visible through the taut fabric. “Just…beautiful”.

“Really?” I scoffed.

“Really. I know you’re not the most slender of girls, and I’ve seen how you try to hide yourself away. But you shouldn’t. You’re magnificent, honestly.” he responded.

Fuck it, I thought. I kissed him again, more aggressively this time. Fumbling, I found his belt and began to undo it. He groaned as my hand brushed against the tip of his hard cock through his boxer shorts. I dropped to my knees and did what I did best. Freeing his cock from its’ confines, I took all of him in my watering mouth and began to suck and slurp. “Oh fuck, Jess. Fuck, that’s amazing” he moaned as I twisted my tongue and lips around his shaft and head. He reached his hands down and took my enormous breasts in his hands, pinching my stiffening nipples as I continued to bob my head up and down on his large, stiff cock. “Stop, Jess”, he suddenly insisted, pushing my head away, leaving a trail of saliva from my lips to his glistening head. “That was amazing. But I don’t want this to be about me. You obviously don’t know how amazing your body is, so I’m going to show you”, he told me, with a glint in his eye.

He took my hand and led me up the stairs and onto a double bed. He playfully pushed me down onto the duvet and pinned me with his hands. “Take your top off” he ordered. I sat up, but hesitated. “No, please. Take it off. I want to see that belly in all its glory”. His eyes twinkled. I couldn’t believe he was actually into my fat. I gingerly removed my t-shirt and he grabbed it and threw it across the room. “Now, your bra” he coaxed. I unclipped the hooks of the huge, heavy-duty bra and let my enormous tits go mofos porno free. They sagged immediately, their sheer weight causing them to slap against my belly as they made for the floor. I could actually see his cock get even harder.

“My fucking god. You are absolutely delicious” he practically drooled, as he looked me up and down. My massive breasts hung in front of him, while my broad, soft hips were interrupted by the tight cut-in of my jeans. He looked at me lustfully and pushed me back down onto the bed, kissing my lips and then my neck and then my shoulders, decolete, breasts, oh my breasts…he sucked and bit gently on a nipple whilst twirling and pinching the other with his fingers. My knickers were absolutely soaking, it was probably visible through the thick denim of my jeans. “Oh, Gareth”, I moaned as he suckled.

“Yes, Jess?” he looked up at me.

“Nothing..don’t…stop” I breathed, writhing in pleasure.

He gave my rigid nipple a final suck and carried on licking his way down my body. I watched his head rise up from the bed as he kissed the enormous curve of my distended belly. That was where I carried most of my weight. My thighs and hips and tits had swelled as I packed on the pounds, but good god, my belly was huge. And so, so round. He kissed it all over, enjoying every inch of my flesh. Fuck, this felt amazing.

He looked up and grinned. I didn’t realise I’d said that out loud. I cringed, feeling my face turn red.

“You know what’ll feel more amazing?” he teased, lowering his face toward my soaking crotch.

I held my breath in anticipation. He popped the button on my jeans and the lower part of my belly sprung free. This seemed to really get him going, as he wrestled off my jeans as quick as he could and thrust two fingers into my dripping pussy. I cried out, in awe of the sensation. I’d masturbated before, of course I had, over Gareth mostly, but I’d never been touched like this. He pushed my panties to the side and slowly, teasingly licked my glistening slit, starting low down and moving slowly up towards my clit. I felt a familiar burn in my stomach, like I was going to come, but I’d never felt it this intensely.

Still moving slowly, Gareth sucked my clit into his mouth. He ran his tongue over the hard nub in circles, whilst still pumping his fingers in and out of my cunt. I had never felt anything like this in all my life. He licked and sucked my clit as my moans became louder and louder, and fucked me with his fingers with his left hand. I felt his right hand move across my mound and toward my belly. He fucking loves my belly, I chuckled to myself. And god, he did.

He grabbed a chunk of my flab and began to shake it, watching from his vantage point in my cunt as the flesh jiggled in time with his fingers’ thrusting. He let out a moan of excitement, which sent shivers through my clit and up my spine. It was happening.

I screamed out as I came, the orgasm causing my whole body and all of its flab to shake.

Gareth surfaced and slowly rubbed my belly as he slid himself up the bed, smiling.

“Enjoy yourself, gorgeous?” he teased, watching as my stomach continued to ripple in the aftershocks of that orgasm.

“Y-yeah..” I managed to utter, almost breathless. He stroked my stomach as it became still and my breathing became less ragged. “I think I’d quite like to fuck you” he said, calmly and confidently, as if he’d just chosen a dish off a menu.

“But first”, he announced, standing up “I think we should eat something. A girl can’t be fucked on an empty stomach. Fancy a takeaway?” he grinned.

(To Be Continued…)

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