Jennifer Ch. 03

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Here is the final chapter to Jennifer. If you opened this and haven’t read the first two chapters it may be beneficial for you to do so. Enjoy! 🙂


“Jen, sweetie, you may need to hurry up. I don’t know that much about wedding etiquette, but a bridesmaid showing up late may not go over so well,” I said, looking at the time on my cell phone.

“I’m coming,” was the excited response.

I walked out of the hotel room and onto the balcony to look down at the people gathered for the ceremony. Here I was in Hawaii with my beautiful girlfriend for her brother’s wedding. My purple dress flowed in the breeze that came by as I watched the waves crash on the shore. The sun was getting close to setting. It was the perfect venue for a wedding and the perfect way to spend Thanksgiving break.

“Ready,” I heard from behind me. Did I say I had a beautiful girlfriend? I meant to say drop dead gorgeous. Her blonde hair was curled and cascading over her shoulder. The baby blue dress she wore that stopped just above her knees didn’t do her any justice at all. She made it look good. I saw she had on flip flops just to wear out of the hotel since the ceremony was going to be shoeless. I walked over to her and took her in my arms, lightly kissing her on the forehead so as not to mess up the little bit of lipstick she put on. “Not that I mind, but what was that for,” she asked, hugging me in return.

“You are absolutely gorgeous.”

She smiled. “You spoil me with too much affection.”

I laughed. “Come on before we’re late.”

“You’re just excited to see James,” she said as we walked out of the room.

It was true; I did miss him. I haven’t seen him since the day after we took him from his foster family.


“I’ll be there soon, sweetie,” I said into the phone.

“Alex, what’s going on,” Jennifer asked, as I scrambled to put my clothes on.

“The student that I drove home just called me because someone, I assume his foster mom, is going to hit him. I knew there was something off about her, so I gave him my cell number and told him to call if he needed help. There was the call.” I was dressed at this point and heading to get my car keys. Jennifer followed me out of the bedroom.

“I’m coming with you. I can help.”

“Okay, come on.”

We got in my car, and as we were pulling out of my complex, she grabbed her phone and called someone.

“Hey, Eric, get to this address.” I told her the address and she repeated it into the phone. “There’s a kid in trouble there. I’m on my way there now.” She paused. “Eric, please, I will owe you big time if I’m wrong, but I know I’m not.” She paused again. “Thank you. See you soon.”

“Who was that,” I questioned.

“That was my cop brother, Eric. He can help us when we get there. He does have some authority that we don’t.” I drive with one hand all the time so she took the hand that was sitting on the console and held it between hers. “Alex, I know you’re worried, but you have to slow down some, otherwise you can’t help him.”

I hadn’t even noticed that I was going 50 in a 35. I lessened the pressure on the gas and brought one of her hands to me, kissing the back of it. She smiled and continued stroking my hand as I drove.

We arrived to James’ house and saw that her brother was already there with another cop, I assumed his partner. We got out of the car and noticed that James’ foster mom was in the back of the police car along with an older man. James was sitting on the porch with two other kids, a boy and a girl. The girl looked to be about 10 and the boy couldn’t have been more than 5. When we walked over James jumped up.

“Ms. Johnson, you came for me,” he said hugging me.

“Of course I did. James, what happened?”

“She got mad. She hit Tim,” he pointed to the small boy on the porch. I noticed he had a bruise on his cheek. “She was coming for me. So I hid and called you.”

I looked over to Jennifer and she looked like she was going to cry. She was staring at Tim with her hand over her mouth in horror. She finally looked to her brother. He has the same blonde hair that Jennifer has, though it’s shorter. “What happens now, Eric,” she asked.

“Well,” he pointed to where James’ foster mom and the man were, “they’re going to jail. So, that means immediate foster care replacement for these three.” Just then, another police car pulled up. Two women emerged and Eric signaled them over. He kneeled down to the kids’ eye level. “This is Lisa and Amy,” he pointed to the two women. “You guys are going to go with them, okay?” All three nodded.

“Ms. Johnson, can you come with me,’ James asked.

I didn’t know what to say, so I looked at Eric. He understood and intervened. “She can meet up with you tomorrow, okay buddy? She needs to talk to me right now but she’ll be with you soon.”

The two women officers took the kids away leaving me and Jennifer there with her brother and his partner, who was by his police car on his phone.

“Ms. Johnson,” Eric started.

“Call casino şirketleri me Alex,” I interrupted.

“Alex, can you explain what happened?” I told him everything, from taking James home and his mom being upset all the way to the phone call. “So, you’re his teacher?”

“Yes. I know it was unprofessional but…”

“No,” he interrupted, “it’s not that. I was just clarifying. It’s a good thing you did what you did. You probably saved his life.”

“Eric,” Jennifer spoke, her voice cracking slightly, “you can’t let them put him back in foster care. The system already failed him once.”

“Jenny, I have no choice. There’s no other way. I’m sorry.”

She started shaking her head from side to side at him, so I pulled her in for a hug. I instantly regretted the decision because Eric looked at me with a confused expression.

“Where did they take the kids,” I asked.

“To the hospital. It’s just a precaution to check them to make sure they’re fine. If you want to see him tomorrow come by the station. He’ll be there before we take him to the foster care agency.”

We bid him goodbye and made our way back to my car. I put my arm around Jennifer’s waist as we walked and she leaned into me for support. I could tell that seeing the kids like that really shook her up. We didn’t talk on the way back to my apartment. I didn’t know what to say. I felt terrible for the boy that was hit, not understanding how someone could hurt a child. I could never do that. Poor James for being placed in that situation.

When we reached my apartment I went straight to my bed to lie down. I stared at the ceiling for a little while until I saw Jennifer standing at the door, arms crossed in front of her stomach. She had two tears sliding down both cheeks. I slid up on the bed leaning against the headboard. “Come here,” I said, holding my arms out to her.

She came over and fell easily into my arms, resting her head in the crook of my neck as she sobbed. I hated that she had to see that. I ran my hands up and down her back for a while until she started to calm down some. I sat up and laid her down on the bed so that I could get up to change into some pajamas. I quickly put on gray shorts and a white tank top. I then climbed back into bed, this time lying down on my side. Jennifer scooted closer, facing me, and took my hands in hers while intertwining our legs.

“What are you thinking about,” I asked, placing my forehead against hers.

“I just don’t understand. What can a child possibly do to deserve being hit like that? He’s a baby,” she started crying again.

I pulled her forward wrapping my arms around her. We stayed like that for a while as she calmed down again.

“I want to adopt James,” I blurted out. “I don’t know if can afford it or not, but I don’t want him going back into foster care.”

“I may have a solution. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not though,” she said, pulling back to look at me. “My brother, Nick, and his wife are foster parents. So, maybe Eric can arrange it so that they get custody of the kids, or at least James.”

“Do you think they would go for it?”

“It can’t hurt to ask.”

I hugged her to me again, placing a kiss on her lips. “Do it.”

“I’ll talk to them tomorrow.”

We sat in silence for a while. I didn’t want to ask, especially after the night we just had, but I needed to know where we stood. “Jen?”

“Yeah,” she answered.

“We’re girlfriends now, and don’t get me wrong, I’m completely thrilled, but what does this mean for you? Are you bi, gay, or what? I’m sorry to ask I just need to know.”

She sighed and thought for a while before finally speaking. “Before you, I never looked at woman and saw anything more than a friend. I’ve had boyfriends. That’s it. When I’m in my apartment with my roommates I look at them and see my best friends. When I look at you, I see something different. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s not a friendship with you. I’m happier when I’m around you. I smile more and laugh more, like I used to with my boyfriends. When you kiss me, I shiver. I feel safe when I’m in your arms. Does there have to be a label for it?”

“No,” I sighed. “I just don’t want to wake up in the morning and you change your mind and I become some huge mistake.”

“Alex, it’s not…”

“Look, Jennifer, I realize it’s only been a few days since we’ve met and that everything has happened. I get that, I really do. But, if you were to change your mind, I don’t think I could handle that. I’ve never felt this way about someone before.”

She cupped my face in her hands. “I’m not going anywhere. You are not a mistake now, nor will you be a mistake in the future.” She emphasized her point by leaning forward and giving me a soul-searing kiss, leaving me breathless. “Now, let’s get some shut-eye.”

I smiled. “Okay, babe.” We snuggled closer together and fell soundly asleep.


We walked down to the beach and I saw James in his suit. When he saw me he ran over casino firmaları much like he did that night at his house.

“Alex,” he screamed as we hugged.

“Hey, how are you?”

“I’m great. Nick and Bethany are great parents.” Since he lived with them, he had to go to a different school due to the districting. “I miss you as my teacher.”

“I miss you too.”

Just then Jennifer’s mother came over to us. She was a shorter woman with short gray hair in a green pants suit. “Jenny, sweetie, you need to go take your place. I’ll seat your friend.”

Friend. We haven’t told anyone in her family yet that we are a couple. Jennifer doesn’t know how they’ll react. She said things are tense between everyone and her mom, but that they are working to forgive her. The plan is to tell her parents first, then move to the siblings, because she feels that they will be more accepting.

We were seated and a few minutes later the ceremony began. I could not stop staring at Jen throughout it. I was really the luckiest girl alive. When I looked away from Jennifer long enough, I noticed that Will, Jen’s brother, and Samantha, his new wife, looked really good together and their wedding was amazing. The aisle was made by making two rows of seashells. There was an arch behind them, made of wood, shaped into a heart. Will, being romantic, sang to his new bride. It was the best wedding I have ever been to.

The reception afterwards was a few feet away on a dance floor surrounded by tiki torches. I stood off to the side, by the bar, with a glass of wine as I watched Jennifer make her rounds through the guests. I decided that now would be a good time to put together the romantic night I had planned. I took a quick peek at Jennifer again and saw her laughing with a group of people, probably around our age, so I ducked out at went upstairs to our room.

When I got back to the beach Jennifer’s father finally announced it was time for the family dinner, seeing that it was Thanksgiving break. Her dad is someone I am completely afraid of. He is huge and looks like he is very serious all the time. Almost like a professional wrestler with a booming voice. How he didn’t crush her mother, I’ll never know. We went to one of the conference rooms in the hotel and sat down for our meal. It was her parents, Will and Samantha, Eric and his wife Sarah, Charlotte, Jen’s sister, and her husband Matt, Nick, Bethany, and James, and then Jen and I. With all of them sitting in a room together it was easy to tell they were siblings. Each of them had blonde hair, Jen’s and Charlotte’s being long to just below their shoulders and the guys kept theirs short. We were seated at a round table so when one person started a conversation everyone heard it. I just happened to be the person that the conversation started with. By Jen’s mother.

“So, Alex, not that I mind that you’re here, but why did you not spend Thanksgiving with your parents?”

I took a sip of my water. “My parents are divorced and I don’t see much of them.”

“You don’t see much of them? Why not,” she asked.

“No ma’am. My mom moved to Washington State, and my dad moved to Maine. I guess they figured that opposite sides of the country was far enough from each other. Plus, it can get a little expensive to try to travel to them,” I laughed.

“Do you have any other family nearby?”

“No ma’am. I’m an only child and my grandpa was the only relative that lived close to me. He passed 2 years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. So, how did you and Jenny meet?”

Geez, what’s with the third degree questioning here? “Just around campus. We go to the same coffee shop.”

“Mom, you can chill with the questions now,” Jennifer cut in.

“I’m just getting to know your friend. But I’ll back off. Now on to you. When is my baby girl going to get married? Who’s the special guy in your life?”

Everyone looked at Jennifer then. “There’s no special guy in my life, mom.” No one noticed the emphasis on the word ‘guy,’ but she looked at me and smiled.

Charlotte interrupted now. “Mom, leave her be. She’s too young to get married anyway. She still has a year and half left of undergraduate studies.”

“I’m just asking, sweetheart,” her mom said. “What about you, Alex? Any special guy in your life?”

“No ma’am. I don’t think a guy can handle me,” I said as Jennifer stifled a laugh.

The rest of dinner went by smoothly and at the end Jen and I offered to help her parents clean up some while the rest of the family went to their rooms to wait until we finished. After everything was done down here we were going to meet in her parents room to talk more. This would be the perfect time to tell them about us before she told her siblings. Upstairs, it would just be her parents and siblings. Apparently there was a tradition where the in-laws went off and did something, so it was time to take Samantha through initiation. As we were gathering up all the plates and silverware Jen cleared her throat, signaling me to look at her. She nodded, indicating güvenilir casino she was going to tell them. I smiled back to let her know I was her for her and then she began.

“Mom? Dad? I have something to tell you.” She paused until they both looked at her. “I lied when I said there wasn’t anyone in my life.”

Her mother smiled and clasped her hands together. “Oh, goodie! Honey, who is he?”

“It’s Alex, Mom. I’m with Alex.”

“Alex? What’s his last name, sweetie,” her mother asked excitedly.

Jennifer sighed. “No, mom. This Alex,” she took my hand in hers. “Alex that had dinner with us. We’re together. She’s my girlfriend.”

“Is this some sort of joke,” her dad questioned. “Because your mother did this, now you decide you need to.”

“This isn’t because of mom,” Jennifer said. “Well, it sort of is. But I really care for her.

“Jennifer, I made a mistake,” her mother screamed. “Don’t do the same thing I did. I regret it every day. I don’t want you to do that as well.”

“I won’t regret it. I don’t regret it. She means a lot to me,” she sighed, squeezing my hand tighter.

“She must mean more than your family,” her mother, quipped.

“That’s not fair,” Jen said. “I care a lot about her, but you guys are my family. I want your approval.

“Well, you’re not going to get it.”

That set Jen off, so she started to walk out with tears falling down her face. I quickly stopped her.

“Can I say something,” I asked. “I know it’s not an ideal situation. Parents want their children to grow up, get married, and have children, all, preferably, with someone of the opposite sex. Obviously, I’m not someone of the opposite sex, but that doesn’t mean I care any less for her. I love seeing her happy. I would do anything to keep a smile on her face and to hear her laugh. I love seeing her excited, like she was about the wedding and seeing everyone. When she’s serious, the look in her eye is so fierce, so determined, and I know she honestly means whatever it is she says. Which is why I know her heart is going to break if you don’t accept what she just said to you. You mean everything to her, and so does your opinion of her. Don’t make her lose her family like I did. My parents got divorced because they fought after I came out to them. Wouldn’t you rather she be with someone that will treat her like she’s the best thing in their life, regardless of sex? That’s exactly what I do.”

As I finished Jennifer looked at me like she was going to kiss me. She refrained and pulled me in for hug whispering her thanks in my ear for what I said.

“Dad?” He had been pretty quiet during all of this. It seemed it was mainly her mom that was showing her anger.

He walked over to Jennifer and then started shaking his head. I watched as her face fell, hating the disapproval. He took us both by surprise. “Treat my baby girl well.” Jennifer’s face welled up with tears as she threw her arms around his neck. I could hear her murmuring ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’ over and over again in his ear.

She finished embracing him, smiling. All that was left was her mother. I don’t know if Jennifer was looking for her approval as much as she was just hoping her mother wasn’t a hypocrite.

“Mom,” Jen started, “I love you. I really do. But if you don’t approve of this or make me choose between you and her, I’ll choose her.” Jen put her arms around me waist and kissed me on the cheek. I returned the embrace as we looked at her mother.

“I’m sorry, Jennifer. I can’t accept this. You should be with a nice man. I’m truly disappointed in you.” With that her mom walked out of the room, leaving Jennifer speechless.

“Did she really…I mean how…I don’t understand,” Jen stammered.

“Babe,” I said, cupping her face, “it’s okay. She’ll come around.”

“No,” she screamed, moving away from me. “She won’t! She’s unbelievable! She fucks some woman one time and we’re just supposed to forgive her. I’m actually in a committed relationship with one and I’m the disappointment!”

“Jennifer, watch your language,” her father boomed. “It’s hard for her to take in. It’s hard for me to take in, but I’m willing to try.”

“Why don’t you just go ahead and say it dad? I’m a disappointment to you too, right? This is ridiculous. I can’t deal with this right now,” she huffed, walking toward the patio connected to the conference room and then out towards the beach.

“Jennifer! Get back here! You do not walk out…” her father started to say, but was interrupted by the door slamming shut. He sighed, sitting down at the table. We sat in silence for several minutes until he finally spoke. “You know, she’s right. I am disappointed. But, unlike her mother, I don’t want this family ripped apart any more than it already is.”

“Why does it have to rip your family apart,” I asked. “Sir, I care deeply for her. I would never do anything to hurt her. The only difference between me being with her and a man being with her is I don’t have a dick. Sorry for being so frank, but it’s true. I can give her everything a man can; I just don’t have a dick. Why does that bother people so much?”

“Because it’s not ‘natural,’ Alex. I know that you care for her. I can see that. That’s the only reason I’m willing to try.”

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