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“Babe, she’s just a friend. I don’t understand why you’re so adamant about not having dinner with her,” you groan, following me as I clean up around the house. I scoff at you, stalking into the kitchen and slamming plates into the sink. You stand in my peripheral vision with your arms across your chest. I turn to you and place a hand on my hip.

“Do you really want me to say it?” I mumble, glaring at you.

I see a hint of a smirk tug at your lips, and you raise your eyebrow at me. I grab your shirt and yank you toward the living room. I push you to sit on the couch and I straddle your lap. Your arms twitch and I can tell you want to touch me but don’t want to lose your ground. Ignoring your reluctance, I grasp for the zipper on your pants and undo it, my eyes never losing yours.

“I’m jealous,” I whisper as I pull your cock from your pants. I watch you suck in your breath and you allow yourself to push my skirt up over my thighs up around my waist and slide my panties to the side. I lean forward and bite your lip before kissing you hard. Your hips buck and I grab your hands and hold them against the couch.

“No. No touching me. I want you, how I want you, because I need you” I breathe into your ear. Your arms relax and I know that I don’t have to hold you down. I shift and raise myself before reaching for your cock. Your eyes bore into mine and I pout.

“I don’t like thinking of her making you laugh, or smile. I don’t like how awful I get when you mention her, or anyone else. czech streets porno You’re mine,” I sulked and wrapped my hand around your cock. I look up to see that same smirk almost entirely crossing your face now. Suddenly furious, I grab your chin with my free hand and pout.

“You’re not taking me seriously! My mind plays tricks on me and I assume the worst. I think of her doing this,” I breathe as I guide your cock inside me. You’re smiling fully now and lean up to kiss me. I pull back half-heartedly and buck my hips. Your hands are on my waist, pulling me down and pushing you into me. My eyes flutter and I strain not to lose my control. I lean my head so that I can bite your neck as you drive into me again. I bite down hard, desperately trying to mark you before I lose complete control. I wrap my hand around the back of your neck and slide a hand between us to still your cock.

“Fuck me,” I mutter looking again into your eyes. “Show me that you’re mine, all mine.”

You smile and I remove my hand allowing you to slam into me. I stop holding back and ride you, desperately whimpering and whining as you arch your hips to bury yourself inside me. Your hands grasp my hips again as you push my skirt farther up to watch your cock disappear as I continue to thrust against you.

“Mine…mine…” I pant, whimpering as I do when you’ve got me close to my limit. I bite my lip and hastily stagger off of you and to my feet. You frown and look up at me as if you want to protest.

“We czech taxi porno have to get to her house now. I won’t let you cum until I feel like I can’t stand it anymore.” I slide my panties down and smooth my skirt down.

“Baby…” you start, and then sigh. “I don’t know what you’re planning love, but you know I’m yours.” I say nothing, and you shake your head and I follow you out to the car.

We drive in silence, and I can feel you peering at me out of the corner of your eyes. I don’t move or say anything, and soon we reach the restaurant. I take a deep breath and get out of the car before you can say anything more.

As we’re driving back, I can see the smile on your face. You and your friend had a great time, and deep in my stomach I’m happy that my sour mood didn’t let you down. As jealous as I was when she would touch your arm as she laughed or catch your eye as if both of you were in on something, I can’t stop myself from feeling happy when I know you’ve enjoyed yourself. Suddenly, I can’t take it.

“Stop the car” I snap, and you pull over before turning to face me. I take my shoes off and climb atop you awkwardly.

“You didn’t even notice me all dinner. Tell me you’re mine, please my love,” I whine, placing your hand between my legs.

“Sweet pet, you know you’re mine and you know I’m yours,” you smile as your fingers plunge into my pussy and I flush at your words. You continue and brush your lips against mine before speaking again. digitalplayground porno “I ignored you because I know your game, baby. You wanted all my attention on you, because you want to be in control. Well, now you have me.”

And with that you lean your seat back and smile up at me. I try not to show how desperate I am to have you inside me again, to see that triumphant expression wiped from your face. I unbuckle your pants furiously and hitch my skirt up carelessly before lowering myself on your cock. You start to move your hips, but my hand on your chest stops you.

“I want to fuck myself on your cock. No help from you, and you only cum when I say so.”

You hesitate, thinking before relaxing again against the seat. I start riding you as the windows start to fog up. I can tell you’re trying your hardest not to touch me as I move my hips faster, flushing at the sounds of my pussy as I ride you. I see your eyes become heavy and I squeeze your shoulders roughly and slow my hips.

“No cumming, not until I say so,” I remind you, my hips moving slowly back and forth. I can barely maintain power, I’m panting and whimpering in my usual manner. I pick up the pace again before grabbing fistfuls of your shirt and letting out full moans and pleas.

“Please, Master…tell me you’re mine again. Tell me you’re mine and make me cum,” I breathe. Your hands slide up my thighs and you pull me tight against you before speaking.

“You’re mine, little puppy. You’re mine,” you gasp, and I squeeze my eyes shut as I cum around your cock. I hear your sharp intake of breath and feel your hands grip my hips as you cum too. You kiss me, and I melt in your arms.

“Do you believe me now, puppy?” I hear you murmur as you kiss my forehead. And I pout, but I do. You’re mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32