James’s Birthday Present for Others

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It was mid-July and my company had sent me to South Florida for a week to help out on an Everglades restoration project. Since my 30th birthday was coming up on the weekend, I decided I would stay down in Florida to celebrate.

A few weeks before the trip I logged onto gay.com and was doing some advance “scouting” of the locals, hoping to find some guys to go to the clubs with, eat dinner, and/or go to the beach. Turns out one of the guys I chatted with happened to work at the Holiday Inn in Fort Lauderdale. Initially, I had planned to stay out in Sunrise at the Hampton, where my company was putting me up, but Chris told me he could get me a really good rate at the Holiday Inn since it was July and thus off-peak, and they didn’t have many rooms booked. I decided to take him up on his offer.

A couple days later, when talking with my friends Max and Jack from Boston, I mentioned that I was planning to celebrate my 30th in South Florida. They decided they wanted to join me. “Perfect”, I thought.

The night of my birthday, I lobbied that we go to Boardwalk. It’s a bit of a cheesy go-go bar, but the dancers are mostly twinks and latinos; i.e., my type. Normally when we go out, I’m the designated driver among my friends (partly because I’m a bit of a ‘mother hen’ and partly because I just like my car too much to drive drunk). However, Max insisted that since it was my birthday, I should relax a little, and “I needed to drink,” as he put it.

The bartender working that night was this incredibly gorgeous latino young man. I think his name was Eduardo, or he was from Ecuador or El Salvador. All I remember is the letter “E”, as I must admit, my memories from that night are a bit fuzzy. He was working behind the bar shirtless. He had the most handsome face, with squarish features and an amazing smile. He had flawless golden tan skin and bahis firmaları a nicely toned chest and stomach. He had a tattoo of a sun around his navel (I’m not a fan of tattoos, but given all his other ‘pluses’, I was willing to overlook it) and his jeans hung low on his hips, revealing a nice tuft of silky black bush emerging from the top of his waistband.

He was a really friendly guy and spent a good portion of his time chatting with us. I couldn’t tell how much of his attention was “tip-oriented”, how much was simply because Jack, Max, and I were among the youngest customers in the bar, and/or whether he was as attracted to me as I was to him.

At some point, either Max or I mentioned that it was my birthday. Eduardo then declared that my drinks were ‘on the house’. It seemed that he made a point of refilling my rum & coke after every sip, never letting my glass get less than half full. While I normally count my drinks to make sure I never over-indulge, Eduardo’s complimentary topping off made it very difficult for me to keep track.

I probably would have asked, even if I were sober, but at some point in our conversation, I asked Eduardo if he was commando or if he was wearing underwear. Eduardo said, “I’ll make you a deal…if you and Max take off your shirts, I’ll show you.”

Well, that deal was a no-brainer. Shirtless in exchange for a glimpse of dick – of course! Max and I both agreed. Max had a really nice body; lots of people say he resembles Freddie Prince, Jr. Max works out a lot is always complimented on his biceps, and his pecs aren’t too shabby either. I’m not quite as buff as Max, with many people saying I resemble Doogie Howser (i.e., Neil Patrick Harris). My best feature is probably my legs. Unlike many men who work out and have an over-developed top half with very scrawny chicken legs, I have very well shaped kaçak iddaa legs.

So, we take off our shirts, and Eduardo in turn unbuttons his jeans. Out pops a gorgeous soft uncut cock with the cutest roll of foreskin just barely not covering up the tip of his penis. I was in heaven! Eduardo then offers to give us a massage. I ask, “How is that possible; you have to work the bar?”

Eduardo responds, “It’s a quiet night. I’ll have Michael cover the bar for a few minutes.” With that, Eduardo came around from behind the bar. He started rubbing my shoulders and neck. Then he exclaims, “Why are you so greasy?”

Well, I had gotten a bit of a sunburn at Sebastian Beach earlier in the day, so I had put on globs of Jergens moisturizer to prevent my sunburn from peeling. Eduardo seemed to lose interest in my shoulders.

Eduardo moved onto Max. Eduardo was complimenting Max on what nice shoulders and delts he has. Ok, I admit it – I was jealous!

To be honest, I don’t really remember much more about that night.

I recall at the end of the night, attempting to hop off the barstool. I don’t think I’ve ever had such ‘jelly’ legs in my life. I remember Max and Jack had to help me to my feet and carry me to the car.

I also vaguely remember them helping me out of the car, walking me back to my hotel room, and putting me in bed.

The next thing I remember is…bright light. I opened my eyes. I’m lying on a lounge chair out at the pool. I look down…I’m naked! “Oh my god,” I think to myself, “I must have sleep-walked!”

I quickly scamper back to my room. Jack and Max are eating breakfast at the little table in the room. “Look who’s finally awake,” Jack exclaims. I look over at the clock on the stool. It’s 9:30am.

“How long was I out there? Why did you not bring me inside?” These were among a number of questions kaçak bahis that I fired off machine gun style without giving Jack or Max time to respond.

Jack looked at me kinda sheepishly. “Come over here. Look at this,” he said, as he grabbed my hand and walked me over to his laptop.

Jack boots up his computer. He logs onto Craigslist. “Read this,” he says.

The title of the posting is “It’s our friend’s birthday – but you get the present”.

I continue reading. “Tonight was our friend’s 30th birthday. We took him out and showed him a good time. How does he reward us? By throwing up in the bar and getting us kicked out of Boardwalk! So, to get a little revenge, we decided to strip him naked (yes, I do mean completely naked) and leave him out by the pool. So, if you want to take a peek at the birthday boy in his birthday suit, swing by the Holiday Inn Fort Laud. Our present to you!”

“You didn’t,” I exclaimed!

“We did,” responds Max.

I couldn’t believe it. I walked out of the room. I needed to get away from them. I needed coffee.

I walked down to the lobby of the hotel. As I walk through the lobby, I feel like everyone is looking at me. “Well, good morning, Sunshine,” the young man behind the counter greets me. It’s my “friend” from gay.com. “I see you haven’t bothered to get dressed yet!”

“Oh my god!” I think to myself. I was so pissed at my friends; I had forgotten that I was still naked. I clamped my hands over my privates in shame.

“Oh, don’t cover up now, Sweetie. We’ve seen everything,” one guy comments from a table in the corner.

I look around the breakfast nook. It’s surprisingly full, considering the hotel had been seemingly empty the couple previous nights. As if he’s reading my mind, the desk attendant says “Oh, there was a gay cruise supposed to go out yesterday, but it got delayed because of a tropical storm, so we booked up quick. Good for us.”

“No, good for *us*,” jokes a definitely queeny older man sitting near the waffle maker.

“Did you enjoy your nap?” asks another man.

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